Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2129 Raw 2234 : Alloy Battle Armor

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Chapter 2129 Raw 2234 : Alloy Battle Armor

Chapter 2129 (Raw 2234): Alloy Battle Armor

The various luxuries of the ship’s cabin deeply shocked the four. This was truly extravagant.

They felt like country bumpkins entering the city for the first time, shocked at everything and not recovering for a long time.

“I really hope that the journey to the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters will take longer. There is no loss in remaining in this room forever,” Nangong Feng said in awe.

Indeed, such a cultivation environment was a great eye-opener.

This was more than one hundred times better than Xiao Chen’s previous residence in the Heavenly Dragon Palace. More importantly, he could casually use any of the resources here.

“Should we pour out some of this oil? When we sell it in the future, we might get an astronomical price for it,” Yun Fei suggested softly as he looked at the dreamy lamp oil.

Xiao Chen countered calmly, “Best not to. Right now, we might think of all these as precious treasures. However, this is just because our ken is too low. After we enter the Heavenly Alliance, we might not feel this way anymore.”

“That’s true. Right, have you all checked on the storage space in the Heavenly Alliance medallion? The things in there seem pretty good,” Yun Fei said in reminder.

With this reminder, Xiao Chen and the others remembered to check their prizes in the Heavenly Alliance medallion’s storage space.

The four went back to the living room and took seats there. Then, they took out the items in the medallions’ storage spaces.

As none of them reached the top ten ranks, their ranking rewards were very similar. Xiao Chen’s ranking reward was ten million Primeval Heavenly Pills, nine different Medicinal Pills for treating injuries, and a jade bottle containing an unknown liquid.

Aside from these, there were the basic items one would receive upon joining the Heavenly Alliance.

There were two books. One book introduced the Heavenly Alliance’s structure, how to handle any work to be done, and other matters. This was a primer to familiarize newcomers with the Heavenly Alliance. There were also detailed records of the other super factions.

The other book, titled Myriad Item Register, was pretty much an encyclopedia that detailed the various aspects of the Martial Epoch. This included the origin of the Martial Epoch, the history of the past wars between the righteous factions and the demonic factions, information on many precious herbs, divine materials, stars, and strange matters.

“Not bad. These two books can answer most of our questions. This is especially so for this Myriad Item Register. It will help significantly with widening our ken.”

Xiao Chen gave the two books a quick look and immediately became engrossed in them.

The Myriad Item Register introduced various resources and gave essential explanations for various Martial Techniques, Secret Techniques, and Cultivation Techniques. Since these were all the musings of Faux Gods, the book did not just serve to widen one’s ken but also provided significant help for one’s Martial Cultivation.

Yun Fei opened the bottle and gently sniffed it. However, he did not feel any change, so he asked in confusion, “What is this liquid?”

Everyone had received a bottle of liquid. However, due to the ranking, the volume differed.

Xiao Chen put down the Myriad Item Register in his hand and picked up his jade bottle. Then, he said, “This should be Origin Liquid. More accurately, this is Spirit Jade Origin, the origin spring that generates Spirit Jade mines. If one takes away all of the Spirit Jade Origin, the Spirit Jade mine will dry up and stop producing new Spirit Jades. Typically, one would take away only one-third and collect more in the future. However, it would take at least one thousand years for the Spirit Jade Origin to recover.

“The physical body can perfectly absorb such unrefined natural liquid without any side effects. There are endless uses for it, like strengthening the physical body, transforming one’s bloodline, aiding cultivation, and recovering from severe injuries. Sovereign Emperors can even use it to restore their Divine Energy quickly.”

When Yun Fei heard that, he immediately recapped the bottle. Unexpectedly, the reward for the ranking battles was this extremely precious Origin Liquid.

Even Sovereign Emperors cherished this treasure. With so many uses to it, it could be considered an elixir of life.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly as he continued, “Although there are many uses for it, it does not stand out for any particular use precisely because of its universal application. That can be considered a drawback. However, the main thing is that it does not have any side effects and does not require further refinement.”

Xiao Chen had the most Origin Liquid. While others had only five kilograms or so, Xiao Chen had more than two hundred fifty kilograms.

“How did you know?” Yun Fei and the others asked out of curiosity.

Xiao Chen pointed to the Myriad Item Register and smiled, answering without any words.

“What is this trinket?” Qiong Ying asked in confusion as he put on a pair of black gloves. These gloves were very light, and they exposed the fingers midway. There were seven golden fragments on their backs, which formed ancient divine characters that were identical to the obverse of the Heavenly Alliance medallion, just without the bronze mirror.

This was not a prize. It was a tool given to all the newcomers of the Heavenly Alliance.

There were no records of the gloves on the Myriad Item Register. After Xiao Chen put them on, he felt that they were quite strange.

Nangong Feng smiled and said, “Let me tell you what this is. I guarantee that this will greatly widen your horizons.”

Faint Soul Energy fluctuations appeared on Nangong Feng’s body. Then, the ancient divine characters on the backs of the gloves started flashing.

In the next moment, silver metal flowed out from the cuffs of the gloves, looking very mystical.

After that, the liquid metal started to cover the arms, forming vambraces, gauntlets, pauldrons. It continued to spread, covering the entire body, creating an entire set of silver battle armor shining with a flowing light.

Cuirass, pauldrons, greaves, sabatons, and others—the silver armor was complete, with nothing missing, flashing endlessly with silver flowing light.

Xiao Chen felt startled. The parts of the battle armor—pauldrons, vambraces, greaves, and all the rest—were all inherited Dao Tools.

This was a perfect set of armor composed entirely of inherited Dao Tools. Not only that, but the material of the battle armor seemed to be formed of countless divine materials alloyed together, similar to the material of this warship they rode on now. This shocked the group.

Nangong Feng stood up, and the silver battle armor covering his entire body shone with flowing light. The spirituality of every part of the armor combined into a coherent whole. This set of battle armor made him look very valiant and gave off a pressing aura.

After Nangong Feng activated this mysterious battle armor, Xiao Chen, Yun Fei, and Qiong Ying felt a strangely intense pressure.


Even Xiao Chen, who possessed an extraordinary mental state, felt somewhat shocked. Once, he had seen someone wearing an entire set of inherited Dao Tools in the Divine Dragon Empire.

However, that set of inherited Dao Tools had been pieced together from various places. Not only was the quality of the individual parts of this silver set better, but there was no comparison when it came to its cohesiveness.

After seeing the battle armor Nangong Feng wore, Xiao Chen thought back to the Golden Dragon Race’s Qin Aotian’s battle armor. In contrast, Qin Aotian’s battle armor seemed like the product of a poor rural place.

“Xiao Chen, now that I am wearing this set of Alloy Battle Armor, you will not stand a chance against me,” Nangong Feng said confidently. Indeed, this set of battle armor appeared extraordinary, inspiring shock.

Xiao Chen did not acknowledge or deny anything. This set of battle armor seemed to be much stronger than it appeared to be. If the two fought, the result would be hard to predict.

However, these were mere words by Nangong Feng. After all, Nangong Feng was not the only one with the battle armor; Xiao Chen and the others had it as well.

“Alloy Battle Armor?” Xiao Chen asked in confusion when he heard Nangong Feng mention these words.

“That’s right, Alloy Battle Armor.” Nangong Feng smiled faintly and dismissed the battle armor. The silver battle armor immediately reverted to its liquid form and flowed back into the unremarkable black gloves.

On seeing the others looking curiously at him, Nangong Feng smiled and continued to explain, “The so-called alloy is made up of hundreds—perhaps thousands or tens of thousands—of divine materials. They are mixed in an extremely precise ratio. Then, a grandmaster blacksmith tempered the alloy countless times for tens—maybe hundreds—of years before forming it.”

During the Martial Epoch, materials that could be called divine materials had already reached the peak and were extremely valuable. Divine materials were the strongest materials that existed in the Great Thousand Realms.

The number of materials that could be called divine materials in the Great Thousand Realms only numbered in the thousands. Without exception, all of them were extremely scarce.

Following a secret recipe, these divine materials were mixed and tempered for tens—even hundreds—of years to form the alloy. Furthermore, it required a grandmaster blacksmith to guarantee its success and form the strongest metal in the Martial Epoch.

As the adage went, iron turned into steel after being tempered for hundreds of times. The terrifying result could be imagined just from the countless rounds of tempering done on the alloy.

Of the eight super factions, only the Heavenly Alliance had the wealth and the workforce of grandmaster blacksmiths to produce the Alloy Battle Armor on a large scale, able to give every member one set.

Regarding accumulations, geniuses, outstanding talents, and peak fighting force, the Heavenly Alliance was weaker than the other super factions. Without this Alloy Battle Armor, it could not compete with the other super factions and would have been destroyed long ago for its immense wealth.

Nangong Feng’s introduction did indeed widen the horizons of the other three.

The alloy was already extremely precious. However, the Heavenly Alliance used the alloy to forge such battle armor and gave one set to every member.

The Heavenly Alliance lived up to being a super faction. In hindsight, the stringency of the Heavenly Alliance’s entry requirements made sense. Yet, more than one million Sovereign Personages risked their lives to participate in the test. The charm and attraction of a super faction were simply too great for cultivators.

“I came to know about all this from my master, Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge. He once showed me his Alloy Battle Armor and explained it a little. The alloy has a total of three levels, Transcendent Alloy, Immortal Alloy, and Eternal Alloy. Every level can be divided into nine stars. If we make sufficient contributions and collect the divine materials, we can upgrade the Transcendent Alloy Battle Armor that we have.”

Nangong Feng’s explanation revealed a small portion of the Heavenly Alliance’s charm, making one fantasize further about it.

Xiao Chen activated his Alloy Battle Armor, and the shining silver battle armor covered his entire body. This battle armor complemented his delicate and handsome appearance, making him look very valiant and extraordinary. He looked like a celestial general from a painting.

Elegant, icily arrogant, noble, and extraordinary.

“Damn! Xiao Chen, you look completely different after wearing this battle armor.

Nangong Feng gave Xiao Chen a somewhat incredulous look. This set of battle armor completely changed Xiao Chen’s air, putting all his normally withdrawn sharpness, his extraordinary pride, and hidden tyranny on full display.

The other three moved back. The pressure coming from Xiao Chen was far more intense than Nangong Feng’s when he was wearing his armor. This prompted the other three to quickly activate their Alloy Battle Armor. Otherwise, they could not stand next to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly at Nangong Feng’s praise. Then, he carefully sensed the various mysteries of the Alloy Battle Armor.

Interesting. Every part is an inherited Dao Tool. However, when combined, it is not disorderly at all. Every one of these is a lightning-attributed inherited Dao Tool, perfectly compatible with my body.

The Heavenly Alliance’s people are really meticulous.

This battle armor can amplify the might of my Thunder Dao Domain by at least thirty percent.

The even more mystical thing was Xiao Chen’s discovery that his strength could influence the battle armor. For example, his once-awakened Azure Dragon Divine Body seemed to supplement the Alloy Battle Armor, further improving its defenses.

Suddenly, inspiration flashed in Xiao Chen’s mind. He figured it out. This Alloy Battle Armor’s Thunder Dao was not due to it being lightning-attributed. Instead, it was because it sensed Xiao Chen’s Thunder Dao Domain and automatically brought out the Thunder Dao.

It was just like how its defenses became stronger when it sensed Xiao Chen’s Azure Dragon Divine Body.

That was to say, if Xiao Chen comprehended the Ice Dao Domain, the Great Dao that the Alloy Battle Armor supported might be the Ice Dao.

Yun Fei and Qiong Ying also discovered this point. They could see the shock in each other’s eyes.

The blacksmith that forged this Alloy Battle Armor was indeed a grandmaster. His blacksmithing skills had already reached an inconceivable level.