Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2124 Raw 2229 : Successfully Surviving

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Chapter 2124 Raw 2229 : Successfully Surviving

Chapter 2124 (Raw 2229): Successfully Surviving


Gong Liangyu and his opponent attacked at the same time, charging at Xiao Chen.

Might and pressure spread out, roiling. It looked like they would force Xiao Chen out.

Both of these two were as strong as Xiao Chen. If they worked together, he could not possibly win.

Furthermore, the continent had already shrunk significantly. As long as the two could force Xiao Chen back, they could eliminate him.

The end seemed predictable.

However, was luck really on Gong Liangyu’s side?

After catching hold of Lin Xi’s opening and defeating him, Xiao Chen anticipated that Gong Liangyu and Gong Liangyu’s opponent would attack him simultaneously.

Since Xiao Chen already expected this, why did he show that hard-to-detect fluster in his eyes?

Naturally, it was to fake an opening.

Gong Liangyu and his opponent charged towards Xiao Chen. When they saw Xiao Chen already at the edge of the continent, joy shone in their eyes. If they pushed Xiao Chen farther out, they could eliminate him.

Suddenly, the two’s expressions changed. They looked up and saw twenty-odd tribulation clouds descending rapidly as they charged towards Xiao Chen.


The twenty-odd tribulation clouds merged as they descended.

It seemed that Xiao Chen had expected the two to charge over. To others, it did not look like the tribulation lightning striking the two but the two running into the tribulation lightning as they charged towards him.

If the two worked together, Xiao Chen would have a sure path to death with no chance of victory.

However, since Xiao Chen anticipated this and laid a trap before him, this desperate situation became his opportunity.

The Divine Lightning Eye’s sixth layer was Xiao Chen’s trap. The fluster that flashed in his eyes was just a pretense for the sake of luring the two towards him.

The instant the tribulation lightning struck the two, Xiao Chen gently waved his hand. The Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram covered the sky and descended, together with the tribulation lightning.

Taiji Burst!

The two had just survived the tribulation lightning. However, before they could catch their breaths, they suffered Xiao Chen’s Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram’s explosion.

The two coughed endlessly amid boundless dust clouds, severely injured on the spot.

Great Desolate Eon bloodline, activate!

Xiao Chen naturally would not miss the opportunity before him. He activated his bloodline, entering his peak state.

One side was severely injured, and the other side was in the peak state. At this moment, Xiao Chen held the initiative.

This was a genuine countless-changes-in-an-instant, truly flabbergasting. No one could react to it.

Xiao Chen’s eyes flickered with golden light as he formed the Seven Kill Seal with his left hand. Under the effect of the Seven Kill Seal, he smoothly executed Resolving the Mundane.


A light flashed, and Xiao Chen flew into the cloud of dust. When the dust settled, Gong Liangyu’s initial opponent was already decapitated, and his body started immaterializing, getting sent out by the Realm Spirit.

The two were severely injured. Xiao Chen decisively chose to deal with the one worse off. He used the Seven Kill Seal with Resolving the Mundane to kill him.

This left only one opponent: Gong Liangyu.


Absolute silence.

The many Sovereign Emperors in Desolate City’s Starry Heavens held their breath, not saying anything.

The Sovereign Emperors previously missed out on a tiny detail in the splendid scene on the light screen for Secret Realm 8.

No one expected that aside from his pride and persistence, Xiao Chen was also smart. At the crucial moment, he used exquisite pretense to control his opponent’s actions, turning a desperate situation into an opportunity for himself and turning the situation around.

A genius. This was a true genius. Xiao Chen possessed both courage and smarts, an extraordinary mental state and excellent talent.


The pale Gong Liangyu looked at Xiao Chen. Earlier, the tribulation lightning caught him off guard. Then, he suffered from the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram’s explosion.

Although Gong Liangyu’s situation was better than his initial opponent’s, he knew that he was no longer a match for Xiao Chen in his current state.

Gong Liangyu showed a self-mocking smile. Then, he snickered, “How laughable, how truly laughable. I thought you only managed to survive until the end of the first stage because of luck. However, when luck fell on my side, I still lost.”

Gong Liangyu’s intelligence was extremely terrifying. This was clear from the first stage. Even after obtaining an absolute advantage, he had not shown any pride. He had remained cold and emotionless, cautious at all times.

However, this time, Xiao Chen had grown stronger much too quickly. Seeing him easily kill Lin Xi had shaken Gong Liangyu’s mental state.

After Gong Liangyu noticed the fluster in Xiao Chen’s eyes, he only thought about grabbing hold of this opportunity to trounce Xiao Chen.

In reality, Gong Liangyu lost his confidence the moment Xiao Chen defeated Lin Xi.

Even Lin Xi lost to Xiao Chen; could Gong Liangyu defeat Xiao Chen?

In the end, Gong Liangyu’s mental state was still lacking. He could not maintain his absolute calm in a desperate situation. Hence, he fell into Xiao Chen’s trap, giving Xiao Chen a chance.

In reality, extremely few could maintain an absolute calm towards the end of this second stage’s battle royal, when only a few people remained.

Most people were similarly strong. They could not easily crush countless Sovereign Personages in two or three moves like they had in the first stage.

Those who could make it this far were not weaklings. Everyone could win.

It was just a matter of whether one could grasp the opportunity or not.

Of course, this still needed strength as a foundation. If Xiao Chen had not advanced to Great Perfection Sovereign Personage and comprehended the Thunder Dao Domain, allowing his lightning-attribute-related Secret Techniques and Martial Techniques to strengthen significantly, he could not have withstood the absolute strength of the others, no matter how strong his mental state was.

Xiao Chen looked at the other party calmly. A vague painting appeared behind him, showing ten thousand dragons soaring.

He emanated an ancient Azure Dragon’s Dragon Might. Together with his aura, it made his white robes and long hair flutter about, appearing very tyrannical.

After the activation of his bloodline, Xiao Chen’s aura changed. His normally hidden sharpness and tyranny appeared in full.

When looking at Gong Liangyu’s expression, Xiao Chen already knew what the other party wanted to say.

“I admit defeat,” Gong Liangyu stated calmly. Then, his figure promptly immaterialized. Only Xiao Chen remained in Secret Realm 8.


“He won?”

In the Starry Heavens above Desolate City, the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor felt like he was dreaming. He did not dare believe his eyes.

Old Cui said with wild joy, “City Lord, he really won. Xiao Chen qualified to enter the Heavenly Alliance!”

“Hahaha!” The purple-haired old man guffawed, his hearty laughter filled with delight.

“Congratulations, Lord Shangguan!” the other Sovereign Emperors congratulated in unison, showing happiness on their faces.

Only Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge showed an unsightly expression, feeling very bitter. It seemed that he had said that he would give Xiao Chen another seventy million Primeval Heavenly Pills as a reward if Xiao Chen managed to enter the Heavenly Alliance.

With this thought, Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge could not help feeling a pang in his heart.

Primeval Heavenly Pills were not crucial to Sovereign Emperors. However, a Sovereign Emperor would still suffer heartache when the sum reached such numbers.

“Milord, Nangong Feng also succeeded.” Just at this moment, Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge’s escort reported joyfully while pointing to the light screen for Secret Realm 9.

Only Nangong Feng remained on the light screen for Secret Realm 9. The two remaining people from Desolate City both passed the second stage.

Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge immediately rejoiced, his depression easing somewhat. However, he still felt a little bitter.

If Nangong Feng alone entered the Heavenly Alliance, Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge would be the focus of attention.

However, now, the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor stole the spotlight. Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge could not help his dismay.

He did not feel as happy as he imagined about his disciple entering the Heavenly Alliance.


Light flickered. Xiao Chen and Nangong Feng appeared at the same time. The two exchanged looks and nodded slightly to each other. Then, they went over to the purple-haired old man and performed cupped-fist salutes. “Greetings, City Lord.”

Shangguan Yun continued smiling as he said seriously, “Good! Very good! Both of you brought glory to me. This is my reward for you two!”

Two storage rings flew over, each of them containing twenty million Primeval Heavenly Pills.

Shangguan Yun casually awarded forty million Primeval Heavenly Pills in one go. He truly lived up to being a Faux God, giving out rewards like this without blinking.

“Congratulations. This old man’s word is gold. Since you passed the test and will enter the Heavenly Alliance, this is my reward for you.”

Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge showed a sullen expression. The many Sovereign Emperors suppressed smiles as they watched the unsightly Sovereign Emperor hand seventy million Primeval Heavenly Pills to Xiao Chen.

“Master, you are biased. I am your disciple, but I did not gain such a reward,” Nangong Feng grumbled with a bitter smile, appearing somewhat helpless.

“Haha!” The many Sovereign Emperors could not suppress their laughter. This was the consequence of making big promises.

Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge felt embarrassed as he said awkwardly, “I’ll explain when we return. Master will not mistreat you.”

Shangguan Yun smiled faintly and said, “Alright. That will do. Xing Ge, you may withdraw first. I have something to say to them.”


The purple-haired old man looked at Xiao Chen and Nangong Feng. Then, he said, “Someone will come three days later to receive you and bring you to the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters. At that time, you will formally become a Heavenly Alliance member. Although our accumulations cannot compare to the other super factions we still have substantial resources. The authority and resources you gain by becoming formal members will surpass your imagination.

“However, authority comes hand in hand with duty. For however much authority you have, you will have however much responsibility. I hope you understand that…”

When the purple-haired old man finished speaking, Xiao Chen and Nangong Feng said simultaneously, “I will definitely remember Lord Shangguan’s lesson.”

“Good. You may withdraw first.”