Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2122 Raw 2227 : The Slaughter Intensifies

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Chapter 2122 Raw 2227 : The Slaughter Intensifies

Chapter 2122 (Raw 2227): The Slaughter Intensifies

The chaotic battle began. This was Xiao Chen’s first time fighting at full force since his tribulation.

Bringing out his full strength, Xiao Chen destroyed two Peak Sovereign Personages in ten moves.

“Great!” The purple-haired old man could not help shouting praises as his eyes lit up.

Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge immediately lost confidence. He smiled coldly to himself. This is just the start. The best is yet to come.

If this fellow wants to succeed in this stage, this insignificant strength is far from sufficient.


“Flawless Saber Technique, Falling Moon Stance!”

Xiao Chen’s figure soared across the sky, and a bright moon descended. The participant fighting Xiao Chen felt slightly stunned and quickly retreated. Then, this participant unleashed a strand of resplendent sword light to crush this bright moon.


However, when the bright moon shattered, a loud sound rang out, and this participant vomited a mouthful of blood as the energy shock wave sent him flying.

“Why is this saber intent so strong?”

Horror flashed in the eyes of this cultivator. Xiao Chen clearly had not comprehended the Saber Dao Domain. However, his saber intent was somewhat ridiculously strong.


Heartbreaking Stance!

Xiao Chen’s heart shattered, and intense pain filled his whole body. Then, he roared. Amid the boundless intense pain, he burst forth with his full power. Turning into a lightning bolt, he charged over.

It was too fast, simply too fast. Xiao Chen’s opponent could not see him.

Xiao Chen’s opponent could not tell whether what came was a saber light or an electric light. By the time he startled to his senses, the saber in Xiao Chen’s hand had stabbed into his forehead.

“Pu ci!”

The saber pierced through the participant’s head. The terrifying impact made him burst.

Even the Realm Spirit could not save that participant in time; he died on the spot.

Xiao Chen could not be blamed for being ruthless. No one would hide their strength in this final stage. Everyone did their best for the sake of the Heavenly Alliance’s membership, not holding anything back.

If one showed mercy, one might be the one dying instead.


The ground started to crack and crumble at the edges, the continent shrinking. This forced the remaining participants to fly to the middle. The cruel killing only just started; even more intense clashes had yet to come.

The continent below them was all the participants had to survive on.

Earlier, the Realm Spirit said that the continent would continuously shrink until it could hold only one person.

It could be anticipated that as the space shrank, the slaughter could get increasingly intense.

“How strong!”

Several people paying attention to Xiao Chen felt their hearts skip a beat, their expressions changing drastically.

Xiao Chen had finished off two Peak Sovereign Personages in ten moves and then aggressively killed another participant; the other party could not even retaliate.

After all, those who could succeed in the first stage were all outstanding talents, elites among Sovereign Personages. All of them could be considered peak existences among Sovereign Personages, not people who could be easily killed.

Was Yun Fei, who used the Thirteen Wind Controlling Swords, strong?

However, even a strong Sovereign Personage like Yun Fei did not pass the first stage. This showed how horrifying the Sovereign Personages who passed the first stage were.

However, the more this was so, the more it proved Xiao Chen’s current strength.

Xiao Chen was a Great Perfection Sovereign Personage. However, he was no ordinary Great Perfection Sovereign Personage.

During his startling lightning tribulation, he had relied on his physical body all the way to the end. Who could understand that pain, that bitterness?

What was it all for?

So that Xiao Chen could go on a massacre now, to rely on his strength to enter the Heavenly Alliance.

To whoever said that I couldn’t make it, I will prove you wrong.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Figures flickered in the air. Xiao Chen’s performance inspired horror in the other participants. They needed to join hands to deal with him.

Ten-odd participants soared into the air, charging at Xiao Chen and surrounding him.

One should not begrudge him for being too dazzling. The powerhouses of the Heavenly Alliance wanted true elites, powerful Sovereign Personages that could not be found anywhere else.

Not only should a Sovereign Personage be able to handle themself in a one-on-one fight and crush their opponent, but they should also be strong enough to handle fighting against many.

As a Heavenly Alliance member, one would only face even greater danger.

The people ranked in the overall top one hundred were good examples. Ten or twenty other participants had similarly surrounded both Gong Liangyu and Lin Xi.

If they were geniuses, they would not need to fear envy or being surrounded by others.

If one could pull through this, one would be qualified for the final fight. If not, one could only be called a false genius, not someone the Heavenly Alliance needed.

As Xiao Chen watched ten-odd participants charge over, his expression did not change; he remained remarkably calm.

As long as he did not get completely surrounded, he would not fall into an absolute disadvantage; there would be a chance.

The Purple Thunder Divine Incantation circulated wildly in Xiao Chen’s body. With each step, the sky changed color. Boundless electric light burst out of his body.

“Surround him!”

Xiao Chen’s fast movements shocked the others. They wanted to suppress and kill him.

The most direct way would be to surround him, then merge their auras to suppress him.

At that time, no matter who it was, no one would be able to breathe or move under the pressure of ten-odd Peak Sovereign Personages.

Even Gong Liangyu would be helpless in such a situation, a sure path to death.

As Xiao Chen ran, his feet gently pushed off the ground. The ground split and winds howled. Sand flew into the air amid spreading lightning.

“Five Element Divine Lightning, Thunder Monarch Spear!”

Xiao Chen used his Thunder Dao Domain to drive the Five Element Divine Lightning. Then, a short spear of boundless electric light coalesced in his palm.


Xiao Chen ferociously tossed out the short spear. In that instant, the resplendent electric light appeared dazzling and piercing, so much so that no one could keep their eyes open.

The intense electric light shot out like a laser beam, crossing the distance in an instant. The short spear was swift; those people chasing Xiao Chen could not dodge it.

Someone immediately shrieked in agony. After the short spear struck him, his body exploded, mangling his flesh and blood.

The short spear pierced his chest with massive force before knocking that person back.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

As Xiao Chen leaped about and ran, he occasionally looked back and used his Thunder Dao Domain to drive the Five Element Divine Lightning to form short spears, then tossed them out.

The reason why Xiao Chen altered the Thunder Monarch Spear from a long spear to a short spear became apparent now.

Although the resulting Thunder Monarch Spear was weaker, it could be materialized much more quickly and drained less energy. Furthermore, it could be formed continuously. In sufficient quantity, the destruction would be even greater.

The many short spears became like nightmares to the pursuing participants.

Their initially high morale fell to rock bottom as people screamed miserably.

“Something’s wrong! Quickly scatter!”

Soon, the pursuers realized that something was wrong. Xiao Chen did not flee out of fear. He intended to kill them all.

However, it was already too late. When these people noticed something wrong, Xiao Chen quickly turned around.

“Firmament’s Rage!”

The roar of a Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon spread out. Then, a gigantic hand infused with saber light and electricity swooped down from the sky.


After Xiao Chen comprehended the Thunder Dao Domain, both Firmament’s Rage and Thunder Monarch Spear more than doubled in strength.

The gigantic palm containing a Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon’s rage descended swiftly. None of the participants pursuing Xiao Chen managed to leave.

Xiao Chen remained expressionless as he grabbed with his fingers. A huge suction immediately came from his palm.

All the participants injured by the gigantic palm entered Xiao Chen’s palm.

Lightning and boundless saber light surged about in Xiao Chen’s palm, making for a hellish small world.

Then, he ferociously clenched his hand. When he opened it again, boundless lightning and saber light burst out. Blood continuously spilled, together with a strong wind.

Xiao Chen eradicated all his pursuers, leaving none alive.

Many of Xiao Chen’s Martial Techniques were connected to the Thunder Dao. After he comprehended the Thunder Dao Domain, his increase in strength was incomprehensible. It was not as simple as advancing from Small Perfection Sovereign Personage to Great Perfection Sovereign Personage. It was a qualitative change.

At this moment, a little over thirty percent of the participants remained.

However, the crumbling continent did not leave enough space for everyone. The space underfoot could not contain thirty-odd people.

Someone needed to be eliminated or be killed for there to be enough space.


This was a truly intense and miserable slaughter, far scarier than the first stage. The continuously shrinking space brought everyone into proximity, forcing them to fight.

The participants who managed to last longer were definitely the stronger ones.

The killing would only intensify. Everyone would have to bring out their full potential.

Right now, no one could think of anything else.

A desperate killing intent hung in the air. With the continuously shrinking space, everyone could only keep fighting without taking a breather.

Right now, this was not just a test of strength. The demand on their mental state was equally cruel.

Many of the remaining participants were pale. Sweat covered their heads as they panted.

These participants could not adjust to this tragic scene. Even their hands trembled while holding their weapons.


The chaotic battle intensified. Xiao Chen showed a cold expression as he held his Tyrant Saber. Despite the tragic and desperate scene, he showed no fear.

His superior mental state allowed him to face this situation calmly, his aura entirely unaffected.

In contrast, some experts with weaker mental states could bring out only eighty to ninety percent of their strength.


The Sovereign Emperors seated on thrones in Desolate City’s Starry Heavens could not say a word.

They stared at the light screen. Xiao Chen genuinely gave them all an unexpectedly pleasant surprise.

Such a strong mental state. Such strength. This showed everyone what a truly powerful demonic genius was.

No wonder Xiao Chen dared to reject Lord Suiren Ji’s invitation. He really wanted to rely on his own strength to make his way into the Heavenly Alliance.

Xiao Chen wanted to shut up everyone who was unconvinced of him.