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Chapter 2118 Raw 2223 : Lightning Sea

Chapter 2118 (Raw 2223): Lightning Sea

Formless lightning, invisible and formless.

Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run.

Xiao Chen gritted his teeth and did his best to remain calm, maintaining his Thunder Great Dao.

He had never seen this kind of tribulation lightning before, never even heard of it.

He did not know how to deal with it. But if he could not figure out a way, this formless lightning would grind down his physical body, not even leaving scraps.

Calm down! Calm down!

At the crucial moment, Xiao Chen regained his composure. This matter involved his life and death. He needed to think of a way to deal with this formless lightning.

Xiao Chen’s thoughts raced. Thousands of ideas appeared in his mind within an instant.

Firstly, the term formless lightning is definitely a false proposition. If it were genuinely formless, it would not hurt me.

The crux is how to understand this.

Is the lightning merged with the wind?

Xiao Chen thought about this possibility. When the wind moved slightly, it cut his body. This was the most objective explanation.

If so, blocking the formless lightning was still possible.

Xiao Chen took a deep breath. His Vital Qi gushed around, and he endured the intense pain while his entire body trembled.


A strong wind blew from Xiao Chen’s body, forming an invisible howling wind wall in front of him.

“Ka! Ka! Ka!”

However, when the terrifying formless lightning charged over again, the wind wall had no effect. He could not help crying out again.

Wrong! I thought wrong!

The formless lightning is not tribulation lightning merged with the wind.

“Do I have to give up?”

Right now, continuing to work on advancing to the Dao Domain by letting his physical body endure the tribulation lightning was no longer very realistic.

If I die, what would be the point of talking about a Dao Domain?

Damn it!

However, it is unsatisfying to give up here!

Xiao Chen had endured seven waves of tribulation lightning. His body was already in unimaginable pain. After so much difficulty, his Thunder Dao was just a step shy of the Dao Domain.

If he gave up on this chance, who knew when he would get another opportunity to attain a Dao Domain?

The Black and White Eggs worried. Right now, Xiao Chen, who was in midair, was suffering from endless torture by the formless lightning.

The eighth wave of tribulation lightning seemed somewhat excessive. His physical body could crumble at any moment.

“I’ve already gotten this far. I absolutely cannot give up!”

Was the path of cultivation not like this?

Since ancient times, those who succeeded had ruled the world. Which of them were not ambitious and ruthless people, people who had not trod the line of life and death countless times?

Xiao Chen thought seriously, I have to unravel the mystery behind this formless lightning.

If it is not merged with the wind, then where is this formless lightning hiding?

Xiao Chen’s thoughts raced again; thousands of ideas appeared in an instant before he rejected them all.

Suddenly, inspiration struck Xiao Chen.


That’s right. It has to be space. This formless lightning perfectly merged with space. It has nothing to do with the wind. This wave of tribulation lightning is a perfect merger between the Thunder Dao and Space Dao, resulting in it being formless and invisible.

Now that I know its origins, figuring how to dodge is crucial.

Right now, the crucial thing is that my physical body can no longer hold on. I need to buy some time for my physical body.

I have to think of a way! I have to think of a way! I can do it! I can do it! I can definitely do it!

Xiao Chen gritted his teeth, enduring the torture of the formless lightning. His eyes turned bloodshot as he stubbornly refused to admit defeat.

The Death God Mask!

In the time it took for a spark to fly, Xiao Chen remembered the Death God Mask. Without even thinking, he quickly took it out.

Besides isolating his aura, the Death God Mask had three Secret Techniques: Death God Scythe, Void Shadow, and Masked Clone.


Xiao Chen executed the Void Shadow Secret Technique. His physical body slowly immaterialized and disappeared.

The time Xiao Chen remained immaterial was extremely short, just two or three seconds.

However, it was these two or three seconds—these two or three precious seconds—that gave Xiao Chen a chance to catch his breath and pull his physical body back from the edge of collapse.

When Xiao Chen reappeared, a portion of his injuries had already recovered. He managed to pull himself back from death; he was like wild grass with new life, displaying vigorous lifeforce. Under the mask, his eyes were calm and determined.

“After executing the Secret Technique once, I cannot execute it again for a while. I can only rely on myself for the rest.”

Xiao Chen analyzed calmly in his heart. Since it is merged with space, it is already impossible to dodge.

He needed to reach the Dao Domain quickly while his physical body could still endure.

Under the impact of the formless lightning, his body probably could last for another fifteen minutes.

Fifteen minutes is enough!

If I do not break through to the Dao Domain in these fifteen minutes, I can only blame my luck and my fate.

Xiao Chen’s heart calmed down again. The surrounding terrifying mysterious phenomenon and the enormous and horrifying lightning black hole lurking above could no longer disturb his thoughts.

He took off the Death God Mask and sat down cross-legged, making his final gamble.

The formless lightning dealt destructive damage to Xiao Chen’s body. However, it also greatly helped with breaking into the Dao Domain.

With every strike of the formless lightning, he could clearly feel the bottleneck to the Dao Domain loosening.

The Heavenly Dao was merciless. The formless lightning emotionlessly continued to torture Xiao Chen.

The Black and White Eggs in the distance looked at Xiao Chen, who chose to persist. They did not know what to say.

This was the crucial moment, but they could not help Xiao Chen with anything. They could only pray for him.

Where the tribulation was happening, Xiao Chen’s newly recovered physical body quickly sustained injuries again, holes appearing once more.

However, the Dao disk behind Xiao Chen remained resplendent and dazzling from start to end, flashing with bright light.

Right now, the light of that Dao disk was already at its peak radiance.

This felt like a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon, making the final efforts to struggle.

“It seems like it is breaking through?” White Egg said joyfully as it watched the Dao disk behind Xiao Chen contract slowly.

“This wave of tribulation lightning is about to end!”

Good things came in pairs. The Dao disk behind Xiao Chen gradually condensed, gathering and compressing into a spot.

The light that the Dao disk gave off made the dark world look like it was day again.

The eighth wave of tribulation lightning slowly faded at this moment, significantly weakened.

“Good! With this, as long as Xiao Chen breaks through to the Dao Domain, the Veritable Essence Energy and Soul Energy he saved will be more than enough to deal with the last wave of tribulation lightning!”

The Black and White Eggs were overjoyed. Typically, lightning tribulations consisted of nine waves. After nine waves, it would be over.

Xiao Chen’s persistence finally looked like it would pay off; it seemed he would get his wish.


Suddenly, without any warning—before the eighth wave of tribulation lightning completely vanished—the ninth wave of tribulation lightning descended. It was so fast that no one could react.

A sea of silver light poured down from the terrifying lightning black hole in the sky.

The sea consisted entirely out of pure tribulation lightning. The speed of its descent could not be evaluated with logic.


The lightning sea immediately submerged Xiao Chen, then continued to spread out.


Waves surged on this sea of lightning as it cascaded from the black hole in the sky in an endless torrent. It looked like a hole appeared in the sky, and silver seawater with electric light poured down.

The water fell without pause.

This flabbergasted the Black and White Eggs as they saw the sea swallow up Xiao Chen, who could not react.

“Leave quickly.”

After the Black and White Eggs startled awake, they felt a chill. It seemed like this terrifying flood-like sea wanted to swallow up the entire secret realm as it surged out in all directions.

The tribulation lightning formed a sea, manifesting this boundless ocean. No one knew how mighty this sea of lightning was.

The Black and White Eggs leaped up in a rush and flew to the Azure Dragon statue.

Right now, no place in this secret realm guaranteed safety. Only the ancient city encircled by the Azure Dragon statue was slightly safer.

The water spread out. Soon, the entire secret realm was an ocean.

The ocean that manifested from lightning even covered up most of the Azure Dragon statue.

The Black and White Eggs felt stunned and speechless as they stood on the dragon head. At this moment, these two chatterboxes were at a loss for words.

A boundless ocean. This was the ninth wave of tribulation lightning.

If there were any living beings in this secret realm, all of them would have died a moment earlier.

The black clouds slowly scattered in the sky; then, the lightning black hole closed.

The terrifying mysterious phenomenon in the sky vanished. After the storm passed, the blood moon reappeared in the sky of this world.

“What Cultivation Technique does Egg Egg cultivate? The formless lightning is already sufficiently terrifying. However, what exactly was this ninth wave of tribulation lightning?!”

“A sea appeared!”

The Black and White Eggs softly discussed the situation. The scene before them already surpassed their understanding.

When they followed their master in the past, they never experienced such tribulation lightning. They did not know anything about it.

“This is the lightning sea that comes from the Primal Chaos space. It’s normal that you two idiots do not know about it.”

Just at this moment, another voice rang out near the White and White Eggs, startling them.

After the Black and White Eggs realized that it was the Azure Dragon statue’s dragon spirit speaking, White Egg retorted with an upset expression, “Who says we don’t know about it? We just did not want to say it.”

“Cut the crap. If you continue, I’ll toss the two of you down.”

The Black and White Eggs promptly shut up. The lightning sea was below. Although the two would not die if they went down, they did not want to suffer this torture.

“Can Egg Egg survive?” Black Egg asked carefully after a period of silence.

“If he comprehended the Thunder Dao Domain at the last moment, he should have survived. You two are forged of divine materials and do not have a body of flesh. You can go down and take a look,” the dragon spirit said. It wanted the Black and White Eggs to check out the situation. It had to figure out whether Xiao Chen was dead or alive.

On hearing that they had to go into the lightning sea, the Black and White Eggs started pushing the work to each other. Black Egg wanted White Egg to go down, and White Egg wanted Black Egg to go down.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

As the two combat puppets argued, a piercing sound of sparks flying rang out. The Desolate Slave Soul Reaper plunged into the lightning sea, kicking up a huge splash. The water that splashed its huge body crackled and flickered endlessly.

The Desolate Slave Soul Reaper seemed unaffected as it walked on the lightning sea, heading towards Xiao Chen’s location.

“Good. Bitchy Egg went down; the two of us don’t have to.”

The Black and White Eggs immediately celebrated and stopped arguing, opting to watch quietly instead.

“Cut the crap. You two, go down and help.”

The dragon spirit snorted coldly, and the Azure Dragon statue shook. With startled cries, the Black and White Eggs fell into the lightning sea.