Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2117 Raw 2222 : Formless Lightning

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Chapter 2117 Raw 2222 : Formless Lightning

Chapter 2117 (Raw 2222): Formless Lightning

The final Lightning Tribulation of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation. After that, Xiao Chen’s Purple Thunder Divine Incantation would be at the twelfth layer.

Then, Xiao Chen’s Purple Thunder Divine Incantation would attain peak Consummation. This was a Cultivation Technique that he had used from the start; it would finally reach the peak.

Xiao Chen had experienced the danger of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation many times before. He nearly died most of the times he took the tribulation.

Of those attempts, if Ao Jiao had not helped him block the final tribulation lightning, Xiao Chen would definitely have died.

The last Lightning Tribulation would be extremely dangerous, something hard to survive.

However, Xiao Chen held no fear in his heart. This was not like when he took the tribulation for the first time in the Sky Dome Realm. Now, he had already undergone this tribulation several times.

He had some experience. Furthermore, he had advanced to the Great Perfection Sovereign Stage and cultivated his Thunder Great Dao to its peak.

Xiao Chen felt very confident of clearing the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation’s final Lightning Tribulation, barring the unexpected.

The thunderclouds in the sky continued churning, presenting a grand scene. It looked like a vast army would arrive at any moment and waves roaring. Then, it became like the vast army crossed realms.

“It’s coming,” Xiao Chen sighed. He opened his eyes and looked to the front. Suddenly, a flash of bright light appeared.

That was a lightning bolt falling from the sky, tearing through the darkness and illuminating the surroundings.

With a calm expression, Xiao Chen closed his eyes once more and let the lightning bolt fall on his physical body.


In that instant, his body shone with resplendent electric light. The light looked dazzling and piercing, so bright that it rivaled the sun.

Far in the distance, the Black and White Eggs were surprised but not shocked.

Xiao Chen had attained the Azure Dragon Divine Body and awakened it once. The strength of his physical body was already twenty percent of a pure-blood Azure Dragon’s. It was more than enough to rely purely on his physical body to endure a few bolts of tribulation lightning.

After all, this was just the start. The interesting part had yet to come.

“Not bad. He needs to preserve his Veritable Essence Energy and Soul Energy at this time. Who knows how many waves this lightning tribulation will have? It would be problematic if his Veritable Essence Energy and Soul Energy dried up at the end,” White Egg said softly as it nodded slightly.

However, doubt appeared in Black Egg’s eyes. It said, “Strange. Why is it different from what we imagined? White Egg, look.”

“What’s wrong?”

The Black and White Eggs saw a Dao disk appear behind Xiao Chen, who was bathed in the light of the tribulation lightning. That was the Thunder Great Dao’s Dao disk. As the tribulation lightning’s energy entered it, it flickered with holy light.

The sky was like an upside-down sea with overwhelming waves roaring, a grand scene of boundless thunderclouds.

The air flickered with lightning, and strong winds howled. The place was oppressively dark.

Sand and stone covered the ground; dust flew about like snow. A boundless desert covered the entire secret realm.

However, this Dao disk made Xiao Chen look very calm and peaceful amid this dangerous and oppressive mysterious phenomenon. He looked like a holy man bathed in divine light.

“He is using the tribulation lightning to break through into the Dao Domain!”

White Egg felt greatly startled. It had not at all expected Xiao Chen to be so ambitious.

To think that Xiao Chen dared to multitask while undergoing a tribulation, to use the tribulation lightning to break through to the Thunder Dao Domain.

Xiao Chen was indeed a genius. There was nothing more effective than using tribulation lightning to stimulate the Thunder Dao to break through to the Dao Domain.

No Divine Pill or natural treasure could compare to a lightning tribulation.

There was only one downside: if one could not handle it, one would die.


The bolts of tribulation lightning fell in surges. All sorts of mysterious phenomena appeared in the land of the blood moon. Xiao Chen closed his eyes and endured it, not blocking any of it, just letting the tribulation lightning cleanse his physical body.

The terrifying tribulation lightning inflicted unimaginable pain on the physical body. With each cleansing, Xiao Chen gave off resplendent light, looking dignified and holy. However, in reality, it was even more painful than being stabbed by thousands of knives as he did not resist at all.

This was equivalent to a soldier removing their armor and walking in a rain of arrows.

Xiao Chen’s Dao Might grew increasingly stronger. The aura that the Dao disk radiated formed an invisible barrier around Xiao Chen.

“He is placing all of his hopes and betting on the Thunder Great Dao. If the Thunder Great Dao cannot break through and form a Dao Domain, the lightning tribulation will kill him. How ruthless!” Black Egg sighed, his words suffused with worry.

The benefit of giving up resistance was clear. It allowed the energy of the tribulation lightning to perfectly infuse into the Great Dao Energy.

This had the highest efficiency when relying on tribulation lightning to break through the bottleneck.

However, the drawback was equally obvious. Right now, Xiao Chen could only rely purely on his physical body and Dao Might to resist the tribulation lightning.

The tribulation lightning might kill him before he comprehended the Dao Domain.

“The second wave of tribulation lightning is coming!”

White Egg looked at the sky. An unfathomable electric black hole had formed above Xiao Chen. When looking through the black hole, one could vaguely see an ocean of pure tribulation lightning.

The black hole spun continuously, storing up power for the second wave of tribulation lightning.

After White Egg spoke, it saw weapons materiali zed from lightning shooting towards Xiao Chen from the sky.

The tribulation lightning took the forms of spears, sabers, swords, daggers, and many other weapons as they flew towards Xiao Chen.

Each of these weapons materialized by tribulation lightning contained strong Dao Might, even more terrifying than real Dao Tools.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

In the next moment, thousands of weapons arrived. Xiao Chen opened his eyes and clenched his right fist. His Veritable Essence Energy and Vital Qi surged as an indistinct Ten Thousand Dragons Picture appeared behind him.

However, as the lightning Dao Tools arrived, determination flashed in his eyes as he relaxed his right fist.

Then, Xiao Chen let those thousands of lightning weapons charge at his body.

“Bring it on, then.”

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The surface of the weapons started crackling and exploded. With every explosion, the weapons left terrifying wounds on Xiao Chen; anyone seeing this would be shocked.

However, Xiao Chen gritted his teeth and did not let out any sound, enduring silently.

After this wave of tribulation lightning, holes riddled Xiao Chen’s body. There was no place left intact.

Xiao Chen’s entire body was charred, looking like a beggar in a sorry state, a cruel sight.

Only the Dao disk behind him remained holy and divine, giving off even more resplendent light. The powerful Dao Might had strengthened significantly again.

“It is still not enough.”

Xiao Chen checked and found that there was still an indistinct door between him and the Dao Domain.

He still could not break down that door.

He could see it but could not do anything about it. This inspired helplessness and some despair.

“For others who comprehended the Dao Domain, the faster ones took one century to comprehend it. The slower ones spent four to five centuries. Furthermore, this is with good talent and comprehension ability. I do not have that much time. I can only persist like this and bet on the tribulation lightning’s power. I have to believe in myself!”

Determination flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he used his acquired Divine Body to repair his physical body quickly.

Even in despair and helplessness, I cannot give up hope.

No sooner had Xiao Chen’s physical body recovered than the third wave of tribulation lightning arrived.

This time, the falling tribulation lightning materialized a famous mountain. It looked like it would suppress the world, not showing any mercy as it endlessly pressed down towards Xiao Chen.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The lightning mountain fell as fast as hail, not giving Xiao Chen any breathing space. Soon, this lightning mountain pressed him into the ground.

The impact was endless, each surge stronger than the one before it. Strong winds blew, and the lightning mountain continuously pressed down amid flying sand. This completely obscured Xiao Chen’s figure, his life status unknown.

“He’s not dead, right?”

White Egg felt startled at this scene. It could not help wanting to go forward, but Black Egg pulled it back. Black Egg advised, “Don’t act rashly. Look, that old dragon is not moving, either.”

White Egg looked around and saw the eyes of the Azure Dragon statue, which encircled the ancient city, flash with spiritual light. As it looked at the lightning mountain, it did not move.


Suddenly, a flash of light surged over. A terrifying Dao Might shattered the descending lightning mountain.

A figure soared up in the darkness. This figure had a resolute look, showing no expression.

It was Xiao Chen.

His Thunder Dao had taken another step closer to the Dao Domain. He could already clearly see that previously indistinct door.

His comprehension increased, and his Dao Might instantly strengthened, blocking the descending lightning mountain.

Xiao Chen grasped hold of the time to recover from his injuries, not wasting even a second.

Soon the fourth wave of tribulation lightning descended. This time, it was a huge cauldron filled with Dao Might.

Xiao Chen’s body had just recovered. He had yet to forget the pain from the lightning mountain but had to endure what came from the huge cauldron.

Fifth wave! Sixth wave! Seventh wave!

With each wave of tribulation lightning, Xiao Chen looked like he would collapse. However, he managed to stand up at the last moment every time.

He used his strong Azure Dragon Divine Body and forcefully endured the waves of tribulation lightning.

Others might feel that Xiao Chen passed the first stage of the Heavenly Alliance’s test by relying on luck despite facing Gong Liangyu.

However, no one knew the price that Xiao Chen had paid to reach where he was today.

Who in that secret realm knew the pain and perseverance behind all of Xiao Chen’s shocking trump cards?

After Xiao Chen forcefully endured the seventh wave of tribulation lightning, his physical body could no longer fully recover, and injuries started accumulating.

After getting wrecked and restored so many times, his Azure Dragon Divine Body became dull, despite having awakened once; it could no longer provide much help to Xiao Chen.

The eighth wave of tribulation lightning arrived—formless lightning!

Xiao Chen, who was preparing to deal with the tribulation lightning, suddenly cried out. The tribulation lightning of this wave hid in the wind, in the air. It was formless and invisible. He could not see it or touch it, but it was everywhere.

The wind blew gently, and thousands of tribulation lightning cut his body like knives.

Xiao Chen could not block this wave of tribulation lightning at all. He had never seen it or heard of it before.

“Oh, no!”

White Egg exclaimed, “This is the formless lightning that Master mentioned before. Even if Xiao Chen puts in his full effort, he might not survive if he tries to endure it. He needs to give up on breaking through to the Dao Domain. Otherwise, he will die.”