Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2116 Raw 2221 : Final Lightning Tribulation

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Chapter 2116 Raw 2221 : Final Lightning Tribulation

Chapter 2116 (Raw 2221): Final Lightning Tribulation

In the land of the blood moon:

Before Xiao Chen landed, he saw the Black and White Eggs flying over to him.

“It has not been long. How come you returned already?” Black Egg asked Xiao Chen after they landed, finding his return strange.

White Egg cackled, “Could it be that you are really itching for a beating?”

Xiao Chen said, “With your current strengths, you are not a match for me. If anyone were to get beaten up, it would be you two.”

“Nonsense. Come, come, come. Let’s exchange some moves.”

The Black and White Eggs immediately refused to submit. They put up a fighting stance and wanted to fight Xiao Chen on the spot.

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “There’s no rush. Wait until I break through to the Great Perfection Sovereign Stage and grasp a Dao Domain before fighting you two.”

“When you become a Great Perfection Sovereign Personage, we can raise our strength to Peak Sovereign Personage. When working together, we are practically unrivaled among Sovereign Personages. Are you sure you want to fight against us, then?”

The Black and White Eggs gave Xiao Chen strange looks. They both possessed the strength of a Faux God; they would always be one cultivation grade higher than him.

Battle hunger flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he said seriously, “Is that so? I’ll look forward to it. I hope you two can give me a pleasant surprise, then.”

The stronger the Black and White Eggs were, the higher his chances of passing the second stage of the Heavenly Alliance’s test.

“Are you serious? So little time passed, and you already got hold of an astronomical amount of resources? Could it be that you are being pursued and came here to hide?”

Xiao Chen looked around and chose a place for his breakthrough. He replied casually, “I borrowed the resources and have to return them in the future.”

The Black and White Eggs found the situation strange as they watched Xiao Chen go into the distance. So, they softly discussed this.

“He is rushing too much. I wonder what he experienced outside that he wants to break through to the Great Perfection Sovereign Stage now.”

“Right. Although he reached the bottleneck of Small Perfection Sovereign Personage long ago, his chances of breaking through would be much higher if he settled down and firmed his strength up for a few years.”

“Let’s wait, then. I hope nothing will happen to Egg Egg. Otherwise, it would not be fun.”

There were risks to breaking through to the Great Perfection Sovereign Stage. If one failed, one would have to recuperate for several months at the least. At the worst, one’s cultivation could regress.

There were many experts and strong people in the Heavenly Alliance’s test. Xiao Chen pushed himself into a corner and gambled everything on this.

In any case, there was no retreating. If Xiao Chen did not advance to the Great Perfection Sovereign Stage and grasp a Dao Domain, he would have no hope of passing the Heavenly Alliance’s test.

Since that was so, Xiao Chen might as well gamble on it.

Breaking through in the land of the blood moon was harder than outside as the Spiritual Energy there was much thinner.

However, the advantages were evident. It was quiet and isolated. No matter how big the commotion, Xiao Chen did not have to be afraid.

After picking a spot, he laid a Spirit Gathering Formation. Then, he waved casually, and more than ten million Primeval Heavenly Pills immediately blanketed the formation.

Dense Spiritual Energy spread out. However, the Spirit Gathering Formation absorbed all of it, not letting any of it go to waste.

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed as he entered the center of the formation. Primeval Heavenly Pills floated in his surroundings.

He closed his eyes and sat cross-legged, slowly circulating his energy.

Ten million Primeval Heavenly Pills sank in an instant, entering the Spirit Gathering Formation. Then, the formation compressed and refined the Spiritual Energy as it flowed into Xiao Chen, charging in wave after wave.

The Spiritual Energy flowed through Xiao Chen’s meridians like a flash flood of ferocious beasts, gushing and roiling.

A regular Sovereign Personage’s physical body could not withstand the impact; however, Xiao Chen’s could easily do so as he had acquired a Divine Body. He calmly let his physical body endure the impact and drew the Spiritual Energy into his Primal Core.

In the cultivation of cultivators, the Primal Core was a container. The so-called breaking through was, simply put, enlarging the container and making it sturdier.

However, in reality, it was much more complicated. After breaking through, not only could one contain more Veritable Essence Energy, but most importantly, the quality of Veritable Essence Energy would also change, becoming purer and denser.

Veritable Essence Energy was the foundation of Martial Techniques, Cultivation Techniques, and Secret Techniques.

Under circumstances where two people had the same cultivation realm, the same Cultivation Technique, the same Martial Techniques, and the same Secret Techniques, if the quality of their Veritable Essence Energy were different, there would be a stark difference in strength.

There were four substages in the Sovereign Stage. Each breakthrough was as difficult as ascending to heaven.

If Xiao Chen did not have extraordinary talent, a Great Desolate Eon bloodline, and an acquired Divine Body, he could not possibly have a chance to break through to the Great Perfection Sovereign Stage within four years.

Time crawled by. Xiao Chen’s breakthrough to the Great Perfection Sovereign Stage did not proceed smoothly.

In just two days, he had already used thirty million Primeval Heavenly Pills.

In the meantime, he encountered many dangers. His complexion turned bright, then dark suddenly, and his lifeforce weakened slightly. This worried the Black and White Eggs, who were watching from afar, for a while.

I need to use the Cloud Breaking Pill. Xiao Chen flicked his finger and popped the Rank 7 Cloud Breaking Pill Heavenly Pill the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor gave him into his mouth.

The moment the pill entered Xiao Chen’s mouth, it felt like a clump of flames ignited the Spiritual Energy in his body.

The intensity of the Spiritual Energy instantly increased severalfold. After using the Cloud Breaking Pill, Xiao Chen needed to go all in and bet everything on this.

Otherwise, once this momentum was gone, all his previous efforts would be wasted, and he would not be able to continue.

“This Egg Egg really makes others worry,” Black Egg said somewhat anxiously.

“The best way to break through would be to wait for all the conditions and the time to be right. There would be no need to force it. Egg Egg could do that. Unfortunately, he is in too much of a rush. Since he is using resources to force a breakthrough, he needs to endure this risk,” White Egg muttered. However, it could not hide the worry in its tone.

Although the two combat puppets were thoughtless and did not hold back when beating Xiao Chen up, they had interacted with him for a few years and had some feelings for him. Thus, they did not want anything to happen to Xiao Chen.


As the two combat puppets chatted with each other, a terrifying might and pressure burst out of Xiao Chen, and a dragon roar from his body echoed in the surroundings.

Xiao Chen’s aura underwent an overwhelming change, a complete transformation.

“Great Perfection Sovereign Personage!”

“Egg Egg succeeded!”

The Black and White Eggs immediately rejoiced. Their figures flashed as they rushed forward to congratulate him.

Even though Xiao Chen had already hit the bottleneck two years ago, had deep accumulations already, and had the Cloud Breaking Pill’s aid, there was only an even chance of successfully breaking through, so this feat was worth congratulations.


Black Egg quickly pulled White Egg back, and they moved back together.

In the next moment, tribulation clouds coalesced in the surroundings. Roiling thunderclouds flickering with electric light appeared above Xiao Chen and spread out.

Soon, these incredibly suppressive black thunderclouds covered half the sky of the land of the blood moon.

The thunderclouds even covered up the blood moon. The ancient Azure Dragon city secret realm turned pitch-black.

The Black and White Eggs stopped only after moving far away. They both felt shocked. What is happening?

“A lightning tribulation? What is Egg Egg doing? He has already broken through to the Great Perfection Sovereign Stage. To think that he wants to go further.”

“It’s probably some kind of Cultivation Technique. However, why does this lightning tribulation feel ridiculously strong?”

The Black and White Eggs muttered in soft voices. They discovered that the tribulation clouds above were not ordinary tribulation clouds.

These terrifyingly strong tribulation clouds even provoked unrest and fear in the two combat puppets.

“It is even storing up power! This lightning tribulation is too ridiculous!”

The entire land of the blood moon suddenly turned incredibly suppressed. The roiling thunderclouds presented a grand scene, looking like they could swallow everything up.

The black thunderclouds looked extremely dense, like a vast sea hanging upside down in the sky, surging with waves.

Xiao Chen needed to clear this lightning tribulation to break past the eleventh layer.

Once he did so, his Purple Thunder Divine Incantation would reach the twelfth and highest layer.

This was the final lightning tribulation of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation.

Xiao Chen dared to take this lightning tribulation only after reaching the Great Perfection Sovereign Stage. If he had taken it as a Small Perfection Sovereign Personage, he would not have had any hope of success at all.

“Chi! Chi!”

Suddenly, two black lightning bolts streaked out of the sky, tearing through the darkness. They looked like the vicious claws of a ferocious beast amid thunderclouds, charging at the Black and White Eggs.

“Bang!” The black lightning bolts crushed the Black and White Eggs. Their shattered pieces fell to the ground.


It was not over yet. Another two lightning bolts plunged from the sky towards the shattered pieces on the ground.

This startled the Black and White Eggs, who were playing dead. They quickly reformed and fled.

“Let’s go.”

The Black and White Eggs felt horrified as they retreated hastily all the way to the edge of this secret realm.

Only then did the Black and White Eggs manage to truly escape the lightning bolts.

“Why do I still feel some anxiety?”

White Egg eyed the thunderclouds in the sky somewhat nervously. Then, it looked at Xiao Chen in the middle of the storm.

“This lightning tribulation is unprecedented. Given the composition of the secret realm, it cannot possibly have such terrifying lightning-attributed Spiritual Energy.”

“This can only mean that Egg Egg’s Cultivation Technique pulled over the core Tribulation Lightning of the Martial Epoch, disregarding the secret realm’s existence.”

The Desolate Slave Soul Reaper had appeared above the ancient Azure Dragon city’s city gates at some point during the Black and White Eggs’ discussion. It looked at Xiao Chen with misgivings.

Suddenly, the Azure Dragon statue appeared in the Azure Dragon city’s mountain range, where the ancient Dao Platform was.

The Azure Dragon statue swam around the mountains, its intelligent eyes scrutinizing the thunderclouds in confusion.


The dragon spirit controlling the ancient Azure Dragon statue made it move around continuously until its entire body emerged from the mountain range.

Countless wandering dragon souls entered the Azure Dragon statue. In the next moment, the statue’s colossal body encased the whole ancient Azure Dragon city.

Even when the golden-armored army attacked, the dragon spirit had not made a move.

However, the dragon spirit seemed to fear this lightning tribulation, so it brought out its final measure lest the shockwaves damage the ancient Azure Dragon city.