Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2112 Raw 2217 : Fighting to the Bitter End

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Chapter 2112 Raw 2217 : Fighting to the Bitter End

Chapter 2112 (Raw 2217): Fighting to the Bitter End

He’s coming!

Xiao Chen, who had his eyes closed while regulating his energy, felt a strong aura approaching from a distance, rushing towards him.

When he opened his eyes, an azure figure slowly landed at the limits of his vision.

Gong Liangyu’s figure turned from blurry to clear in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he finally arrived within one kilometer away.

Gong Liangyu looked at Xiao Chen without any emotion on his face. He said indifferently, “You are rather smart. You did not jump around like the others, knowing that the faster you fled, the faster you would die. You also did not behave like those fools, taking the initiative to seek death. I am honored to tell you that you are the last person in Secret Realm 97 that I want to kill!”


The many eliminated participants on Desolate City’s Dao Platform tensed up when they saw this scene.

Even the Sovereign Emperors showed grave expressions. They watched the light screen for Secret Realm 97 without blinking, not wanting to miss out on any minute detail.

City Lord Shangguan frowned slightly, his thoughts indiscernible.

However, most people could make a rough guess. Xiao Chen was a rare powerful demonic genius and happened to come from the Desolate City test zone.

Naturally, Shangguan Yun hoped for such an outstanding talent to achieve more, to help gain glory for the Desolate City test zone.


Inside the secret realm:

Xiao Chen slowly stood up. Gong Liangyu’s words dripped with absolute confidence. They also provided more in-depth information, information that would inspire fear. It meant that he had already eliminated all the other participants in this region, leaving only Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen calmly faced Gong Liangyu and said, “That should be the first words you have said in the past three days. It looks like you think quite highly of me. Many thanks. However, there is no need to try and pressure me with words; they are ineffective.”

Gong Liangyu found this reaction slightly strange. A complicated look flashed in his eyes, a mix of envy and disappointment. He said softly, “Who would underestimate a Sovereign Personage that has grasped Martial and Soul as One? I can feel the surging battle hunger in you and the burning hot-bloodedness. Such a mental state—such will—is truly rare!

“Unfortunately, the more this is so, the more I have to take this seriously, and the faster you will lose. It is fated that things will not go as you wish.”

Gong Liangyu quickly raised his hand after speaking. His jade-white hand looked even more elegant from up close like a piece of divine work, exquisitely sculpted. Yet, it was something natural. This was a hand that countless people would envy.


Gong Liangyu flicked his finger, and a strand of pure, dense sword Qi shot at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. He felt the horror of this sword Qi only at such a close distance.

When in its perfect state, the Earth Great Dao was not flashy at all. It was just dense, firm, bold, and suppressive.

Gong Liangyu had probably spread his Earth Dao Domain while he spoke.

If Xiao Chen tried to use his Movement Technique to dodge this strand of sword Qi, he would definitely die.

Having seen Gong Liangyu attack before, Xiao Chen had anticipated this.

Even so, he still felt heavy pressure when he faced it himself.

Xiao Chen did not feel any fear in his heart. At worst, he would get defeated. Who could remain undefeated forever? All he sought was to do his best without any fear.


Xiao Chen drew his Tyrant Saber in the time it took for a spark to fly. A melodious saber hum ignited his hot-bloodedness. Boundless battle hunger instantly surged.

His Dragon Might and Dao Might merged and formed his aura, erupting as he fully focused.

Just as that strand of sword Qi got close, Xiao Chen calmly swung his Tyrant Saber.



When the saber blade and the sword Qi clashed, the collision produced a dazzling light that instantly turned the light screen for Secret Realm 97 a piercing white.

“Did he block it?”

“Why did this happen? To think that it turned blank at the crucial moment.”

“Gong Liangyu’s sword Qi may look casual, but in reality, he launched it at full power. The Earth Great Dao is innately dense and heavy. It seems ordinary but is actually vast and boundless, as heavy as a mountain. He defeated many of the participants with just one strand of sword Qi.

The Dao Platform turned noisy. Everyone felt anxious, wanting to know the results.

Fortunately, the magnificent light lasted for only an instant before rapidly fading.

When the scene reappeared, the white-clad Xiao Chen was holding his saber with one hand. He looked slightly pale, but dragon images surrounded him, and his aura was unaffected; he was clearly uninjured.

“He blocked it!”

Xiao Chen not only blocked this sword strike but also remained unscathed. This result triggered loud cheers, as it surpassed expectations.

“Excellent!” The purple-haired old man could not resist praising as well.


Gong Liangyu’s expression remained unchanging. He kept silent, not speaking, as his figure flashed forward and threw a palm strike.

Many layers of mountain images coalesced into an ancient and heavy stone stele as this palm strike descended. As it smashed down, it carried an absolute pressure.


It was not over yet. Gong Liangyu’s left hand moved at this moment. He held two fingers together and formed a beam of sword light, thrusting it at Xiao Chen’s face.


On seeing Gong Liangyu’s attacks, everyone watching inhaled sharply.

These attacks were exquisite. In the previous move, Gong Liangyu showed everyone a perfect merger of the Earth Dao and sword Qi. In this move, he exhibited perfect multitasking, not giving Xiao Chen a chance at all.

“This Gong Liangyu is not giving Xiao Chen a chance,” a Sovereign Emperor seated on a throne sighed. Clearly, Gong Liangyu did not want to waste time with Xiao Chen. He fought at full power, not underestimating Xiao Chen at all.

Xiao Chen was under heavy pressure from the Earth Dao Domain, which restricted his movements.

The stone stele image that descended completely suppressed him. If not for his acquired Divine Body, his physical body would be crushed.

The more crucial thing was the beam of sword light gathered in Gong Liangyu’s left hand that headed for Xiao Chen’s body.

That lethal sword light was already less than ten meters away from Xiao Chen. However, not only did Xiao Chen remain still, but he even sheathed his saber.

This scene scared everyone outside, their hearts pounding heavily. It was over.


The world is infinite, using the body as a cauldron. Sharp Spirit Finger.

Xiao Chen did not hold back any of his Veritable Essence Energy, Soul Energy, and Vital Qi. After merging them and saturating his body with them, he stretched out two fingers. Under circumstances that no one expected, he caught that sword light with two fingers.

As the other party’s left hand headed for Xiao Chen’s head and Xiao Chen’s body turned into a cauldron, Xiao Chen blocked the other party’s sword Qi and the suppression from the stone stele.


“That…works as well?”

The way Xiao Chen blocked the other party’s attack was completely unheard-of and unseen. This startled everyone.



Gong Liangyu felt that he could not move any closer. Thus, he decisively scattered the stone stele and sword Qi, retreating quickly.

“Pu ci!”

After blocking this wave of attacks with some difficulty, Xiao Chen moved back three steps as some blood leaked out between his lips.


Gong Liangyu did not give Xiao Chen any breathing room. The next second after he retreated, he arrived before Xiao Chen again.


“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Gong Liangyu relentlessly threw palm strike after palm strike. With each palm strike, the entire light screen shook for a long time.


The Palm Technique was plain and simple, but it was heavy and dense, as though Gong Liangyu was tossing out mountains, one after another.

Amid the endless chain of palm strikes, Gong Liangyu occasionally switched to a Sword Technique, making this assault even trickier and more vicious.

The most frustrating thing was the restriction on Xiao Chen’s movements while in the other party’s Earth Dao Domain. He could not bring out even eighty percent of his strength.

Ten moves passed in mere moments. Xiao Chen’s white robes were already dyed with blood. His wounds looked heart-wrenching, a startling sight.

“He’s not dead yet?”

Gong Liangyu frowned slightly. Each of his ten moves had been more ferocious than the one before it; he had not held anything back.

After ten moves, Gong Liangyu’s momentum had already reached its peak. His momentum and aura could not rise any further; moreover, they would slowly decline.

The Realm Spirit still had not transported Xiao Chen away. This proved that he could still fight.

“I’ll send you out with one last move!”

Gong Liangyu did not want to delay any further. While his momentum was at its peak, he threw a palm strike with his left hand. Then, he pressed his right hand into the back of his left hand practically instantly.

With the layered strength of two palms, the might of this palm strike surpassed the ones before.


The horrifying explosive force did not give Xiao Chen any time at all to react. The palm wind drove him into the ground.

Only his head remained above the ground.

If the ground did not have the Dao Domain spread through it, the might of this palm strike would have blasted the ground for five hundred kilometers around into nothing.


The light screen for Secret Realm 97, which had the Starry Heavens as a backdrop, showed the azure-clad Gong Liangyu standing upright with his hands held behind his back. His long hair fluttered everywhere. Bare ground lay before him, with only Xiao Chen’s head above it.

The intense contrast served to make Gong Liangyu appear stronger. Xiao Chen not only looked like he was in a sorry state but also appeared humiliated.

The somewhat humiliating scene felt unbearable for the eliminated participants on the Desolate City Dao Platform.

The more unbearable thing was that Gong Liangyu still did not choose to show mercy even at this moment.

Gong Liangyu’s expression remained calm and emotionless. As he walked over, his fallen momentum slowly rose with his steps. Strong winds blew, and the sky changed color.

Now that things had gotten this far, Gong Liangyu needed to deal a sure-kill blow to Xiao Chen, to prevent him from turning the situation around.

Gong Liangyu did not bother with any unnecessary words. His coldness and lack of emotion inspired despair. His demeanor chilled one’s body, making one shiver as though one plunged into an icy cave when one watched him.

Everyone felt heartache. Moved by this scene, the purple-haired old man felt his eyes turn wet, even though he had lived for tens of thousands of years.

Why is this child so persistent?

This fight had never been fair from the start. Gong Liangyu had lived for more than four hundred years. He had already reached the limits of a Sovereign Personage in various aspects.

Gong Liangyu became a Peak Sovereign Personage two centuries ago. His strength was beyond doubt.

Xiao Chen was merely forty-seven years old. He also had not been a Sovereign Personage for long. His disadvantage was too great; the outcome had been decided from the start.

Was there a need to fight so hard in the face of guaranteed defeat? Shouldn’t he just admit defeat?

No one could understand why Xiao Chen persisted like this.

Only the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor could hazard a guess. Xiao Chen was a powerful demonic genius, but the Divine Dragon Empire had chased him out in a humiliating fashion. Up until now, Xiao Chen probably still felt frustrated. He wanted to prove himself, wanted to return to the Divine Dragon Empire.

The Dragon Race bloodline in Xiao Chen’s body made him long for the empire that chased him out.

Back in Divine Dragon City, when Xiao Chen persisted in using the Supreme Dragon Fist to defeat Qin Ming, who executed the Emperor Dragon Fist, he already proved his stance.

Xiao Chen’s heart was pure, straightforward, and upright, open.

If he was not in the wrong, he would not lower his head or bend his back. Even in the face of difficulty, he showed no fear or regret in his heart.

Despite the difficulties, Xiao Chen would persist on his chosen road. He would use his own methods to return to the empire, to prove himself.

It was just like now. Even though Xiao Chen knew that this Heavenly Alliance test was not fair, he would not hold any grudge since he came. Even if he had to crawl, he would persist on the road he chose. He would not lower his head or bend his back. Even if he were kicked into the dust and humbled, he would not give up.

“It’s over,” Gong Liangyu said indifferently. Then, he stepped forward, wanting to crush Xiao Chen’s head.

“I am still breathing. Why do you think that it is over?”

Xiao Chen, who had only his head above the ground, showed clear eyes as bright as stars or gems. From start to end, he did not show cowardice or fear.

His eyes slowly turned golden.

The Great Desolate Divine Eyes. Xiao Chen had activated his bloodline. He would fight to the bitter end!