Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2108 Raw 2213 : Intense Fight with Qiong Ying

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Chapter 2108 Raw 2213 : Intense Fight with Qiong Ying

Chapter 2108 (Raw 2213): Intense Fight with Qiong Ying

Qiong Ying, the strongest expert of the Ink Sea Cluster. Age: four hundred. Advanced to Peak Sovereign Personage one hundred years ago. Good with the spear.

When Qiong Ying felt the battle hunger Xiao Chen radiated, he was slightly surprised. Initially, he disdained to act against a Small Perfection Sovereign Personage.

However, when Qiong Ying’s Soul Energy sensed the Faux God Spirit Jades’ light coming from Xiao Chen, and he noticed Xiao Chen’s ranking, his expression slowly turned grave.

A forty-seven-year-old Small Perfection Sovereign Personage under the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor, ranked eight hundred. This was a demonic genius.

Having lived for four hundred years, Qiong Ying had seen all sorts of talented geniuses. Several Great Perfection Sovereign Personages had managed to eliminate Peak Sovereign Personages, so this was no longer strange to him.

Everyone in this secret realm understood this principle. The Great Perfection Sovereign Personages ranked within the top hundred were even more horrifying than Peak Sovereign Personages.

The same principle applied to Small Perfection Sovereign Personages who made it into the top one thousand. These people definitely had powerful trump cards.

Such people could not be underestimated.

“Are you challenging me?” Qiong Ying asked as he looked at Xiao Chen.

Battle hunger filled Xiao Chen. His answer went without saying. He just nodded silently.

“This is only the first stage of the test, and it is not time to bring out our true strength. The people within the top hundred are already avoiding fighting among each other. Otherwise, other people would take advantage. Just think about it. Challenging me now is not wise.”

Qiong Ying showed a calm expression. He not only did not show the arrogance that a Peak Sovereign Personage would show a Small Perfection Sovereign Personage but even lowered himself and started negotiating with Xiao Chen.

“There is no returning a drawn saber. After my battle hunger blazes, it can only blaze stronger. It will not die out!”

The other party made sense. If both sides got injured, others could easily take advantage.

Only ten days had passed. It was not the time for the final struggle yet.

However, right now, Xiao Chen was not thinking about how to pass the test. He just wanted to fight and have a delightful battle.

“Ink Sea Cluster’s Qiong Ying, make your move.”

“You will regret it.”

Qiong Ying’s eyes slowly turned cold. The previously calm and soft-spoken man suddenly erupted with a terrifying chill.

Bright, cold lights flickering like stars appeared behind Qiong Ying, materializing a vast and boundless mysterious phenomenon.


Amid the burst of cold stars, Qiong Ying’s spear moved even faster than flowing light as he thrust it towards Xiao Chen.

As the spear moved, the vast and boundless multitude of cold stars pressed over, covering the sky.


Xiao Chen did not retreat. He took one step forward and pulled out the Tyrant Saber that was stabbed into the ground.

The instant Xiao Chen unleashed his saber light, countless bolts of lightning flashed in the sky. Three Dao Might layered over each other behind him.

A dragon roar came from Xiao Chen’s chest. Then, he charged forward fearlessly, appearing like a Divine Dragon.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

The two materialized different mysterious phenomena, pressing against each other. Their figures flashed as their weapons continuously clashed.

Shortly after, the two had already exchanged one hundred moves in a battle of wits and courage.

Qiong Ying’s eyes always remained cold as ice, his feet as steady as icebergs, his every move impeccable and perfect.

When facing someone two cultivation grades higher than himself, Xiao Chen could not remain unperturbed. He could only do his best, bringing out one hundred and ten percent of his strength in every move, even one hundred and twenty percent.

Xiao Chen was like someone at the edge of a cliff facing ravenous wolves and hungry tigers. He could only force himself to exceed his limits.

This was not the same for Xiao Chen’s opponent. His opponent only needed to remain firm and not make any mistakes, to wait for him to make a mistake.

As the two fought, one was stable, and one was ferocious.


While Xiao Chen appeared mighty and relentless, with his saber light resplendent and his aura oppressive, the spectating Sovereign Emperors knew that the Ink Sea Cluster’s Qiong Ying actually held the advantage.

One could not possibly sustain moves that exceeded one’s strength. There would eventually be a mistake. It was just a matter of how big a mistake.

If Xiao Chen maintained his relentless attacks and still could not break Qiong Ying’s momentum to gain a real advantage, the battle might instantly end when Xiao Chen made a mistake, over in one move.

“Truly reckless,” Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge said indifferently in the Starry Heavens above Desolate City.

In reality, most of the Sovereign Emperors thought the same. However, they would not say it aloud.

After all, Xiao Chen’s courage was already praiseworthy, no matter what. There was no need to ask for more.

After all, the other party was a Peak Sovereign Personage. There was not much of a chance of victory against such an opponent in the first place.



Just at this moment, a drastic change suddenly happened in the battle between Xiao Chen and Qiong Ying.

Qiong Yin, who had been fighting a stable battle, suddenly erupted with one hundred and thirty percent of his combat prowess.

The stars in the sky shone with a cold light as Qiong Ying roared. When his spear burst forward, it made the glistening starry sky appear like it was burning.

Oh no!

Xiao Chen’s expression flickered. Before he could change his move, Qiong Ying forcibly broke his momentum.

The spot of cold light on the tip of the spear flared with a sunlike light as Xiao Chen watched.


The spear pressed increasingly closer. The scene Xiao Chen saw turned blurry. The light became so dazzling that he could not clearly see the spear’s tip.


Xiao Chen saw Qiong Yin’s aura and momentum continuously soaring. With each step Qiong Ying took, a freezing cold spread further.

A dazzling, cold light burst out of Qiong Ying’s body. Before the spear tip arrived, the vast aura pressed Xiao Chen into a continuous retreat.

Under this disadvantage, the other party’s Peak Sovereign Personage’s will of soul forcefully suppressed him.

It was like Qiong Ying wanted to chop down Xiao Chen in one strike, not giving Xiao Chen a chance or hope of turning things around.

I cannot keep retreating. If I keep retreating, only death awaits!

Desperation. This was a desperate situation. Xiao Chen already stood at the edge of a cliff. If he took another step back, he would fall into a bottomless abyss.

However, this desperate situation provided a small chance at life. For the sake of killing his opponent in one strike, Qiong Ying frantically burst out, and his moves were no longer as smooth as before.

This was a desperate situation and also an opportunity.

Should I use a Secret Technique?

It was not time yet. Not to mention the other party having yet to use a Secret Technique, Xiao Chen did not fight to obtain victory but to recover the saber Dao he once lost, amid a life-and-death battle.

Sun and Moon Shining Together!

As Xiao Chen was moving back quickly, he suddenly stopped. Simultaneously, the Sun and Moon Shining Together mysterious phenomenon appeared. This instantly neutralized the pressure from the other party’s will of soul.

“ Flawless saber Dao, Heartbreaking Stance!”

Xiao Chen had not tasted the pain of heartbreak for a long time already. His old wounds had long since healed. If he broke his heart again, the extreme pain would be several times worse than before.

Xiao Chen had tried a few times, but he could not endure it. However, he chose to use it at this moment of life and death.

“Ka ca!” Xiao Chen’s heart shattered. His complexion instantly paled. However, at this instant, he forced out boundless potential from his physical body amid boundless pain.

Xiao Chen, whose aura hit rock bottom in that moment of imminent peril, immediately erupted. A broken bright moon soared out of his body.


Saber light surged out, and a crisp, loud sound shook the surroundings. At the crucial moment, the Tyrant Saber’s blade forcefully blocked the other party’s powerful attack, which appeared as resplendent as the sun.

The instant the two weapons clashed, the land of this special secret realm cracked and tore apart. The two pushed themselves to the extreme.


“He blocked it?”

Outside the light screen, the many Sovereign Emperors gazed incredulously at this scene, feeling shocked.

“He actually blocked this spear strike?”

“I thought that he would be blasted to bits by this spear strike. I was even worrying whether the Realm Spirit could save him or not. To think that he managed to block it!”


In the secret realm, Qiong Ying also felt greatly started. His thoughts raced as fast as lightning as he rapidly came to a decision.

I cannot let him counterattack. He quickly retracted his spear, and his figure soared into the air. The countless burning cold stars in the sky instantly entered his body.

“Secret Technique, Endlessly Burning Stars!”

This Qiong Ying was also a ruthless person. He knew that if he gave Xiao Chen a chance to counterattack after blocking the spear strike, things would be difficult later.

So, Qiong Ying might as well end the battle with one move while he still held some advantage.


Outside, the many Sovereign Emperors who had released their bated breaths held their breaths once more.

The battle between the two was simply too brilliant. Many changes happened in an instant. One could not miss a single second at all.


Qiong Ying, who soared into the air, had the endlessly burning cold stars enter his body. Then, he thrust out the spear again with an even more ferocious aura.

This thrust appeared boundlessly unyielding. It felt like the boundless aura would sweep through the world, not sparing the grass and trees, not even leaving fragments.


Amid loud sounds, the land around Xiao Chen continuously exploded. Shock waves spread out, shocking the heart. When the participants saw this scene from a distance, they were terrified.

If struck by the shock wave, they would sustain severe injuries even if they did not die. It was easy to imagine the pressure that Xiao Chen faced at the eye of the storm.


As Xiao Chen held the Tyrant Saber, he did not fluster as he repelled the shock waves around him. Then, he pushed off with his feet and easily moved back.


“What is he doing?”

“Trying to flee?”

“He is too naive. After being so smart, he made such a muddled mistake at the end.”

On seeing this scene, several Sovereign Emperors nearly could not hold themselves back, wanting to jump up.

This was a crucial moment; victory could be decided in one move, yet Xiao Chen wanted to retreat. That was hard to understand.


Xiao Chen gently leaped fifty kilometers back to land on a mound.

In the opening created when Xiao Chen retreated, Qiong Ying’s spear strike more than tripled in might compared to before he moved back.

In the next moment, Xiao Chen would have to face the peak strike of this Secret Technique. There was already no room to retreat.

This was the price of moving back earlier.

However, Xiao Chen did not move back to flee or give up. He did so only to bring out his strength more perfectly.

Right now, he did not have any fear in his heart; victory was at hand. Did it matter if he took a step back?

Martial and Soul as One! “Entering Hell!”

The white-clad Xiao Chen showed a calm expression on the mound as he faced the spear strike that might tear him into pieces in the next moment.

He easily entered the state of Martial and Soul as One. He had already started to circulate his energy silently for the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique as he retreated, creating the best opportunity to execute it.



A Buddhist swastika appeared on Xiao Chen’s forehead. Then, an eternal hell swallowed him up. Just as everyone felt confused, they saw the world suddenly lose color, leaving only black and white.

The white-clad Xiao Chen held a World Destroying Evil Dragon and clashed with the sure-kill spear strike in this black-and-white world.

“Martial and Soul as One!”

Now, the Sovereign Emperors could no longer hold back; they truly jumped to their feet this time as they stared in shock at the light screen that had the Starry Heavens as a backdrop. This state was something that they, as Sovereign Emperors, sought, even in their dreams.

To think that this appeared in the hands of a Small Perfection Sovereign Personage!