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Chapter 2107 Raw 2212 : Fight!

Chapter 2107 (Raw 2212): Fight!

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Not long after the little light figure vanished, figures flashed in Xiao Chen’s vision.

In the next moment, around sixty or seventy people appeared before him.

“Peach Blossom City’s Xiao Chen?”

“The light coming from him is strong. He probably has at least one hundred thousand Faux God Spirit Jades!”

“That’s more than all of ours added together!”

“He truly lives up to being someone who jumped over eight thousand ranks in one day.”

The seventy-odd participants arrived before Xiao Chen, greed gleaming in their eyes.

The leader of the group wore blue clothes and held a sword in his hand. With a ferocious expression, he said seriously, “I’ll cut to the chase. If you want to remain in this secret realm, hand over all your Faux God Spirit Jades.”

The seventy-odd cultivators merged their auras, forming a vast Dao Might that looked scary.

That infinite aura locked on to Xiao Chen. Should he make any strange movement, they would launch all sorts of killing moves at once.

Xiao Chen glanced at them cursorily and felt disappointed. Even the strongest five of this group were not in the top one thousand.

“You think you can win with numbers?”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, and dragon roars burst out of his body. These dragon roars spread in all directions, along with his Azure Dragon’s Dragon Might.

Three Dao Might layered over each other behind Xiao Chen, making his Dragon Might seem substantial and impactful.

Compared to this, the seemingly incredibly vast aura and merged Dao Might of the other side were like paper.

Xiao Chen’s aura easily tore through the other side’s aura and dispersed it.

The seventy-odd people immediately felt somewhat flustered. They scattered from each other to stabilize their own auras.

However, Xiao Chen was already like a flash flood or ferocious beast. How could he allow them to regain their momentum?

“Die, then. All of you can forget about leaving!”

An indistinct Ten Thousand Dragons Picture appeared behind Xiao Chen as he gave a war cry, quickly executing the Supreme Dragon Fist.

When he executed the Supreme Dragon Fist now, it was no longer like when he did so in the Divine Dragon Empire. The two like night and day.

When Xiao Chen attacked, he threw three punches of the Supreme Dragon Fist in a smooth flow, executing them as a set.

The vast and mighty group of dragons wanders the world, entering the sky and the sea. Who is honored?

The group of dragons is leaderless in the four seas and eight cardinal directions. The world is unfair, and the evil dragon rules. Why is he honored? Fate is unfavorable; life is like paper… What is supreme, who is honored?

I am supreme; only I am honored!

When Xiao Chen executed this set of Supreme Dragon Fist punches and combined it with the spreading killing Qi from his body and the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture in his mind, he mercilessly crushed the seventy-odd Great Perfection Sovereign Personages. They could neither advance nor retreat.

Ten thousand dragons soared, moving like shadows. The other side could not leave even if they wanted to, and they could not hope to win.

The rage in the sky was the Heavenly Dragon roaring. Killing Qi filled the air, and hot-bloodedness coursed through Xiao Chen’s body.

Die! Die! Die!

Miserable screams kept sounding. The Realm Spirit continually ejected participants, leaving behind Faux God Spirit Jades.

Xiao Chen turned into the grim reaper, moving like a roaming dragon. As electricity flickered, he punched relentlessly, pursuing the participants attempting to flee.

With every punch, ten thousand dragons roared. The sky shook, the ground trembled, the mountains and rivers exploded.

These people were already frightened out of their wits. They simply could not stop the berserk Xiao Chen.

“Run! Run! Run!”

Earlier, these people were incredibly arrogant, wanting Xiao Chen to surrender his Faux God Spirit Jades. In the next moment, they plunged into hell, screaming miserably.

Several participants saw this scene from a distance. Their bodies trembled reflexively, their eyes wide with horror.

“How ruthless!”

“It is best not to antagonize this person. For him to advance eight thousand-odd ranks in one day, how could he be a sitting duck?!”

“Indeed. Those people were too naive. They saw that Xiao Chen was only a Small Perfection Sovereign Personage and wanted to go over to bully him. Facts prove that the lower the cultivation of people in the top ranks, the scarier they are. This is just like those Great Perfection Sovereign Personages in the top one hundred.”


At the same time, in the Starry Heavens above Desolate City, the Sovereign Emperors watching the light screen for Secret Realm 97 felt incredibly shocked.

“That is the Supreme Dragon Fist! Right now, it is one of the three strongest offensive Martial Techniques in the world!”

“How incredible! The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor truly picked up a powerful demonic genius this time. He is too strong!”

“It was the right decision to let him participate in the Heavenly Alliance’s test. Such a powerful demonic genius can only truly grow after experiencing such intense fights.”

“That’s right. The Heavenly Alliance’s test gathers the Sovereign Personage experts of the entire Great Thousand Realms. Even if Xiao Chen ends up defeated, he will reap great benefits.”

Upon hearing the Sovereign Emperors praising the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor’s selection of followers, Xing Ge showed an unsightly expression, feeling upset in his heart.

This group of people only know how to suck up to the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor. Nangong Feng, the disciple of this great me, made it into the top ten, but I don’t see any of you talking about it!

Xiao Chen waved his hand on the light screen and collected all the falling Faux God Spirit Jades in the air.

His rank then jumped from nine hundred to eight hundred. Within the top one thousand, making large jumps in rank was quite difficult.


Xiao Chen already felt satisfied with advancing one hundred ranks.

“One ran!”

After Xiao Chen collected the Faux God Spirit Jades, he looked around and noticed the ferocious-looking, blue-clad cultivator who had arrogantly shouted at him at the start.

After him!

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed as he executed Freedom of Light. He turned into lightning, quickly giving chase.

“Damn it! Damn it!”

The blue-clad Sovereign Personage wiped off the blood on his lips. As he looked at the pursuing Xiao Chen, he cursed continuously.

The blue-clad Sovereign Personage had never imagined that a Small Perfection Sovereign Personage could burst out with such terrifying combat prowess.

Not only that but the mentality Xiao Chen displayed surpassed that of the Sovereign Personages a few hundred years old—he was experienced and calm.

The blue-clad cultivator could not believe that Xiao Chen was a forty-seven-year-old Small Perfection Sovereign Personage.

“Pu ci!”

As the blue-clad cultivator worried about whether he could escape Xiao Chen or not, a spear suddenly stabbed into his chest.

A terrifying force surged out from the spear, threatening to annihilate the blue-clad cultivator’s physical body in the next moment.

At the crucial moment, the Realm Spirit sent the blue-clad cultivator out.


Xiao Chen revealed himself, and his eyes fell on a cultivator holding a spear. The other party had just flown over and finished off the blue-clad Sovereign Personage in an instant, snatching away his target.

This person’s aura far surpassed a Great Perfection Sovereign Personage’s. An even stronger Sovereign Personage Will spread out amid the strong aura.

This person gave off a sharpness that deterred others from looking straight at him.

Peak Sovereign Personage!

This spearman before Xiao Chen was a Peak Sovereign Personage. After some thought, Xiao Chen realized who this person was.

Ink Sea Cluster’s Qiong Ying!

This person was the three hundred and fifty-eighth in the ranking list that the little light figure gave him. He was a Peak Sovereign Personage, and an image of him was provided.

Holding the black spear, Qiong Ying collected the falling Faux God Spirit Jades in the air. However, his gaze remained fixed on Xiao Chen all the while.

Qiong Ying’s gaze gave off intense pressure.

With one glance, it felt like an overwhelming aura was pressing over endlessly at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen knew that this pressure came from the difference in cultivations.

Unfortunately for Qiong Ying, while Xiao Chen’s cultivation was not high, his will of soul already rivaled that of a Peak Sovereign Personage.

Before the other party’s boundless pressure, Xiao Chen’s expression remained even as he calmly faced the other party.

Since leaving the land of the blood moon, he had not faced such a strong opponent.

Xiao Chen’s breathing turned slightly heavy, not from anxiety but excitement.

Xiao Chen found himself slowly falling in love with this secret realm. This was a land filled with fighting, like what Sang mentioned to him.


“This is interesting. Brother Peach Blossom, your little follower should run right away. Otherwise, he will be killed,” Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge said quickly and loudly.

Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge’s eyes lit up upon seeing this scene. What a fellow. You finally ran into an opponent that can deal with you.

The other Sovereign Emperors had noticed this scene long ago.

A Peak Sovereign Personage. This was going to be interesting. Xiao Chen, who showed strong momentum, finally encountered a challenge.

At this moment, Xiao Chen could either fight or run. Whichever he chose, he needed to be decisive. The worst thing would be to hesitate, frightened into inaction.


Right after Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge spoke, the light screen showed Xiao Chen stabbing the drawn Tyrant Saber into the ground. His battle hunger blazed like a fierce flame; others could even feel it through the light screen.

“What a fellow! He has a temper!” the purple-haired old man blurted out in praise, delighted by Xiao Chen’s decisive choice.