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Chapter 2106 Raw 2211 : Long Way to Go

Chapter 2106 (Raw 2211): Long Way to Go

“Everyone, look. The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor’s follower jumped more than five thousand ranks within half a day!”

Just as the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor wondered if he saw wrong, the other Sovereign Emperors seated on the thrones cried out in shock.

After all, everyone had a rather deep impression of Xiao Chen from earlier. They knew that he was one of the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor’s followers and ranked last. They also knew that he was young. The various factors inevitably made an impression on all the Sovereign Emperors.

Now, everyone discovered that this person who ranked last had suddenly jumped to the two thousandth-odd rank. Anyone would be shocked at this.

“Strange. How did he do it?”

“This is too shocking. He jumped more than five thousand ranks in half a day. Was he hiding his strength previously?”

“It is possible. However, even if he was, it should not result in him jumping more than five thousand-odd ranks in half a day. This is too drastic.”

“It is still climbing! He is now ranked one thousand eight hundredth!”

“My goodness. How long has passed since we began speaking? This…this…this…Lord Shangguan, please shift the light screen for Secret Realm 97 to focus on Xiao Chen.”

Everyone here was a Sovereign Emperor and had seen countless grand scenes. They no longer found many things strange.

The Heavenly Alliance had also conducted many such tests before. However, no one had seen such a strange scene as this: someone jumping the ranks so quickly that no one could react to it.

The crucial point was that the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor’s follower was only forty-seven years old. As far as they knew, Xiao Chen should be the youngest participant in this test.

Many of the Sovereign Emperors immediately requested the purple-haired old man to have Secret Realm 97’s Realm Spirit focus the light screen on Xiao Chen.

Previously, the Realm Spirit showed random scenes on the light screen. However, if the purple-haired old man intervened, he could get the Realm Spirit to fix the scene on the specific participant.

“Peach Blossom, your follower is rather interesting. Introduce him to me after he comes out.”

The purple-haired old man smiled as he fulfilled everyone’s wishes, fixing the light screen for Secret Realm 97 on Xiao Chen.


The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor smiled faintly. Xiao Chen, whom he had not placed that much hope on, actually managed to attract Shangguan Yun’s attention, helping the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor gain some face. This was good. Even if Xiao Chen did not pass the test, Shangguan Yun had the authority to bring Xiao Chen directly into the Heavenly Alliance if Shangguan Yun thought highly of him.

Of course, this was just a possibility. It should only remain as thoughts.

Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge’s lips curled up. “That’s nothing amazing; he is not even in the top thousand. It is still unknown whether he can enter the top hundred by the end of the month. My disciple Nangong Feng already reached the top ten in Secret Realm 10; he will definitely pass this stage.”

Shangguan Yun smiled as he said, “Xing Ge, you can’t say that. The main thing is that this Xiao Chen is young, not even one hundred years old, yet he already possesses such strength. Compared to the other factions, my Heavenly Alliance lacks such powerful demonic geniuses. If he has a persevering heart, it would be worth the Heavenly Alliance nurturing him even if he does not produce results now.”

Compared to the other super factions, the Heavenly Alliance was an alliance of peak merchant associations, after all, even if it was already an existence that the other super factions could not look down on.

The Heavenly Alliance’s accumulations in the Martial Dao were inferior to those of the Xuewu Dynasty’s Demonic Dao Hall, the Abyssal Underworld’s Underworld God Hall, the Tianwu Dynasty’s Universe Origin Sect, the Yanwu Dynasty’s Hidden Spirit Temple, the Shenwu Dynasty’s Profound Heaven Holy Land, and the Martial God Palace that controlled the eight great empires.

Naturally, the attraction the Heavenly Alliance held for powerful demonic geniuses was weaker.

“Look! Xiao Chen is now ranked nine-hundredth!”

Just at this moment, the scene of Xiao Chen killing a Great Perfection Sovereign Personage appeared on the light screen for Secret Realm 97.

The vast light screen that had the Starry Heavens as a backdrop immediately filled with Faux God Spirit Jades—the Spirit Jades left by the eliminated participant, sent out right before he died. This scene appeared shocking.

Xiao Chen extended his hand and waved, storing all the Faux God Spirit Jades. His ranking leaped up again.

Now, Xiao Chen entered the top thousand at a rank of nine-hundredth.

“So, that’s how it is! His Spirit Jades were obtained by killing others and snatching their Spirit Jades. What a tyrannical fellow.”

“He probably thought of this plan long ago, letting others search for Spirit Jades first, which he would then snatch away. While waiting, he rested and honed his strength, allowing most of the Spirit Jades in the secret realms to be found before making a move. Then, he kills whoever has Spirit Jades!”

“Hahaha! This Xiao Chen fellow has some of the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor’s style from back then. Direct and decisive. An interesting fellow!”

“This plan depends on strength. If he were not strong enough, he would not dare to do this, as he would have been killed by someone long ago.”

“Truly incredible. Who could have thought that he could make it into the top thousand before this?”

Xing Ge, who had just said that Xiao Chen was not amazing for not even being in the top thousand, had a stunned look on his face, unable to control his expression.

Although the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor was not as petty as Xing Ge, verbally attacking the other party, the more indifferent he appeared, the more upset Xing Ge felt.

This Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor must be mocking me in his heart right now, Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge thought in anger. Damn it! Why hasn’t someone come and killed this fellow? Is everyone in Secret Realm 97 trash?!

“City Lord, Yun Fei’s and Lei Hao’s results are pretty good. They both entered the top one thousand as well. This is especially so for Yun Fei. He is already among the top three hundred. It looks like his chances of entering the top one hundred are good.”

Old Cui took time to pay attention to the other Peach Blossom City participants’ results. Then, he reported the good news to the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor.

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor smiled faintly and said, “Not bad. It has been worth it, then.”

Initially, the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor had taken an indifferent attitude to this. Having such unexpected results already made him feel very satisfied.

This was how the human heart was. One would find joy in contentment.

On the other hand, Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge did not feel happy even though his disciples and followers reached the top ten.


Inside Secret Realm 97:

Once Xiao Chen reached the nine-hundredth rank, his increase in ranking slowed down. The people in the secret realm were Sovereign Personages, after all.

Those who could enter the top one thousand were all experts and held many Faux God Spirit Jades. Xiao Chen could not surpass them quickly.

Furthermore, Xiao Chen managed to pull off his plan smoothly due to his initially unremarkable appearance.

However, his ranking had risen rapidly earlier, jumping more than eight thousand ranks to the top one thousand. He had already created a considerable sensation in Secret Realm 97 and could no longer maintain a low profile.

Xiao Chen called for the Realm Spirit in his heart, and a little light figure shining with a divine light immediately appeared before him.

“Congratulations, Participant Xiao Chen, you jumped up to the nine-hundredth rank in half a day. Earlier, I received Desolate City’s City Lord’s request to focus the Desolate City test zone’s light screen on you,” the Realm Spirit immediately said after it appeared, before Xiao Chen could speak.

Xiao Chen felt slightly stunned on hearing that; then, he understood. Being noticed was not a bad thing. “Thank you. However, you can save the congratulations. Everything is pointless before reaching the top one hundred.”

The little light figure corrected, “It is still worth congratulating before reaching the top one hundred. After this is over, you can use the Faux God Spirit Jades to exchange for various resources and treasures with the Heavenly Alliance. Why else do you think everyone is doing their best to protect their Faux God Spirit Jades? Even if they do not exchange these Faux God Spirit Jades for things, they will benefit a lot by directly absorbing them.

“Speaking of the top one hundred, do you think entering it is that easy? There are Sovereign Personages from all over the Great Thousand Realms here. Those who can enter the top one hundred in any secret realm are all absolute experts among experts. They are people who can rule a cluster.”

It turned out that the Faux God Spirit Jades had such uses. In that case, it would not be a loss even if one failed to enter the top one hundred.

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “I called you out because I wanted to know what the people in the top one hundred are like.”

The little light figure said softly, “Alright, I will tell you about the top one hundred participants. I will tell you how many Faux God Spirit Jades they have, their cultivations, weapons, appearances, and ages. However, I cannot provide you with other information.”

“That’s enough. Sorry to trouble you.”

Soon, the little light figure displayed the top one hundred participants’ information for Xiao Chen.

After looking through the information, Xiao Chen showed a somewhat grave expression. Most of the people in the top one hundred were Peak Sovereign Personages more than three hundred years old; several of them were over four hundred years old—ten times his age.

However, the people in the top one hundred who were not Peak Sovereign Personages could not be underestimated, either.

These people could hold their own in the top one hundred with Peak Sovereign Personages. Perhaps they were people who comprehended Dao Domains.

The one that captured Xiao Chen’s attention in particular was the top-ranked person. That person possessed a startling amount of Faux God Spirit Jades, more than two million—double the second-ranked.

Gong Liangyu. I wonder how he obtained his Faux God Spirit Jades.

Xiao Chen took a look at his own Faux God Spirit Jades. There was barely one hundred thousand, twenty-odd times less than the top-ranked.

Even the last of the top one hundred had more than four hundred thousand Faux God Spirit Jades. Xiao Chen still had a long way to go.

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor had said the same thing as the little light figure. This test attracted people from all over the Great Thousand Realms, a super grand scene that Xiao Chen had never experienced before.

This was completely different from the arena battles of Xiao Chen’s past.

This was a stage consisting of people of diverse ages. Xiao Chen’s age was his greatest disadvantage.

One could not call this unfair. This was the rule of the Heavenly Alliance. One could always come a few hundred years later. Since one chose to come now, one should not complain.

“Can you tell me where this Gong Liangyu got his Faux God Spirit Jades?” Xiao Chen asked the little light figure. He felt that the number of this person’s Faux God Spirit Jades was abnormally high.

The little light figure explained, “He killed the ten strongest ferocious beasts in the secret realm. He also killed ten Peak Sovereign Personages. Now, no one dares to fight him. I advise that you not target him.”

A ruthless person.

“Someone is coming towards you. I wish you good luck.”

The little light figure vanished. Xiao Chen looked around and could not help frowning.

There were five groups, each a small team of at least ten participants. It looked like his abnormal movements had provoked some trouble.