Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2104 Raw 2209 : Test in the Secret Realms

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Chapter 2104 Raw 2209 : Test in the Secret Realms

Chapter 2104 (Raw 2209): Test in the Secret Realms

“It surpassed one million already?”

“This is absolutely ridiculous. I heard that there were only hundreds of thousands of people in the past few tests.”

“This is probably the most participants in the Heavenly Alliance’s test since the previous great war between the righteous factions and the demonic factions.”

“Difficult, difficult, difficult. Given that the number surpassed one million, it will be even harder to enter the Heavenly Alliance.”

The number of one million provoked loud discussions. Even the Sovereign Emperors sitting on the thrones in the Starry Heavens discussed it with each other, clearly finding this figure inconceivable.

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor frowned slightly. Actually, he did not care too much about the Heavenly Alliance’s test.

Even if Xiao Chen, Yun Fei, and Lei Hao failed to enter the Heavenly Alliance, he would not be that disappointed. His emotions would not be significantly affected.

On the other hand, the other Sovereign Personages here were associate Elders of the Heavenly Alliance. As long as their disciples or followers entered the Heavenly Alliance, they would be rewarded.

Those who performed well could climb the ranks, entering the circle of core Elders in the Heavenly Alliance.

Unlike the other Sovereign Personages, the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor did not care about this. Back then, he had already been a core Elder. Now that he had stepped down, he was indifferent about this.

However, when the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor heard the purple-haired old man say that more than one million cultivators were participating in the test, his expression instantly changed.

With such a large number, it means that the Martial Epoch has completely recovered from the previous great war between the righteous factions and demonic factions, reaching a new peak. If the Heavenly Alliance can attract so many people, the other super factions would only be stronger and not weaker. That is not a good thing.

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor entered deep thought but did not say anything to the other Sovereign Emperors.

The purple-haired old man looked around, and everyone quieted down again. The old man said indifferently, “Let me explain now. During the first stage of the Heavenly Alliance’s test, all the participants will be randomly sent into special secret realms, where you will remain for one month. There is a total of one hundred secret realms. Everyone can attack without worry in these secret realms. The Heavenly Dao and laws in the secret realms will send one out when one is on the verge of death. You will not be in danger of dying.

“The secret realms will have Spirit Jades specially refined by my Heavenly Alliance. These have the mark of a Faux God on them, which cannot be faked. What you need to do is to find these Faux God Spirit Jades; the more, the better. If the number of Faux God Spirit Jades you hold does not reach the top hundred of the secret realm you are in, you cannot advance to the second stage of the test.”

Xiao Chen entered deep thought on hearing this. One hundred special realms mean that each will have about ten thousand people.

Simply put, one needs to rank within the top one hundred out of ten thousand before one can advance to the next stage.

How ruthless!

After the first stage, only ten thousand people will remain. The other nine hundred ninety thousand will be eliminated.

When Lei Hao heard the old man’s words, he sucked in a cold breath and muttered, “That’s too cruel.”

Yun Fei said seriously, “Randomly sent…then, the three of us might not be in the same secret realm.”

A strong fighting spirit blazed in Lei Hao’s eyes. “No matter what, the three of us need to pass this stage. Let’s all meet in the second stage!”


The purple-haired old man did not give the cultivators on the Dao Platform much time to think before activating the Dao Platform.

After a flash of dazzling white light, the ten thousand-odd participants on the Dao Platform vanished simultaneously. Then, talisman scripts appeared on the Dao Platform, continuously gathering together.

Finally, light screens appeared on the Dao Platform, a round hundred in total.

The purple-haired old man waved casually, and the light screens expanded a thousand times. They flew up into the Starry Heavens and circled the many Sovereign Emperors seated on thrones.

The light screens displayed the scenes within the secret realms. Not a single tiny detail that happened after the participants entered could escape these Sovereign Emperors’ eyes.

Simultaneously, similar scenes happened at the Heavenly Alliance’s other test zones spread across the Great Thousand Realms.

After the purple-haired old man did all this, he turned around and smiled. “I can rest for a while now. I hope that the followers that everyone brought will not lose the face of my Desolate City. Same old rules, I will give out rewards to those whose followers clear the first stage. Little Brother Peach Blossom, if I recall right, this is your first time personally leading a group over, isn’t it? Did you happen to have a follower you are proud of this time?”

Right after the purple-haired old man spoke, he looked at the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor. Clearly, these two had a deep friendship.

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor replied calmly, “They are still alright. I have not come out for so long, so I came to take a look.”

“Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor, back then, you were someone with outstanding accomplishments. You were one of the rare experts among the Heavenly Alliance’s Sovereign Personages. How come none of your followers entered the Heavenly Alliance after your retirement, despite so many years passing? No matter what, you were once a Heavenly Alliance core Elder. Your standards should not drop so low!”

The one who spoke was Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge. Back then, he had been unhappy with the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor because the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor always came out on top of him. Since the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor made a rare appearance, Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge started to mock him.

As of now, Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge had already brought ten followers into the Heavenly Alliance. Among the people under City Lord Shangguan, he was considered incredible.

In contrast, the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor had no comeback. He had no advantages in such an argument.

The purple-haired old man smiled and said, “Xing Ge has put in a lot of effort, which has allowed my Desolate City not to be too embarrassed in the Heavenly Alliance’s test. Peach Blossom, you should put in a little more effort. After all, the Heavenly Alliance needs new blood to continue developing. In terms of outstanding talents, we are too inferior to the other super factions. If our new members cannot compare to theirs, the Heavenly Alliance will fall sooner or later.”

“Lord Shangguan is right.”

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor felt helpless in his heart. However, this purple-haired old man was a peak Faux God expert and was also once his mentor. The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor held Shangguan Yun in respect and reverence and had to submit.

Seeing the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor showing such a subdued attitude, Sovereign Emperor Xing Ge felt very cocky.

Peach Blossom, don’t pay too much mind to it. Xing Ge has indeed contributed a lot in recent years, so I need to use him as an example. You made a rare trip here. Don’t mind this too much; just give way to him a little. The purple-haired old man sent a voice projection to the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor’s mind.

I know. Milord, there’s no need to worry, the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor replied casually. His initially indifferent expression turned slightly unsightly; he apparently found the purple-haired old man’s consoling words earlier a little distasteful.

“Old Cui, which secret realms are Yun Fei and the rest in?”

Old Cui pointed to various light screens, saying, “Xiao Chen is in Secret Realm 97, Yun Fei is in Secret Realm 98, and Lei Hao is in Secret Realm 8. Currently, they are all familiarizing themselves with the new environment, and no rankings have shown up yet.”

The light screen could show not only the scene of the participants in the secret realm but also the ranking of all the participants.


Inside Secret Realm 97:

Xiao Chen discovered himself to be in a dilapidated ancient city. The secret realm appeared vast and boundless. There was no one in sight. Of course, he did not know if anyone was hiding nearby.

“Participant Xiao Chen, hello. I am Secret Realm 97’s administrator.”

As Xiao Chen was familiarizing himself with the surroundings, a small figure of light formed by energy essence appeared before him. A faint Divine Might came from the light.

“Hello,” the suspicious Xiao Chen replied softly.

The little light figure continued in a monotone, “Everyone will be able to enjoy my services. I can inform you of your ranking in the secret realm, provide a map of the secret realm, and tell you the ranking of other people. If you feel that your life is threatened, you may get me to bring you out. However, all the Faux God Spirit Jades on you will remain in this secret realm when you go out.”

Xiao Chen entered deep thought. This secret realm should be a small world created by a Faux God.

The little light figure before him seemed akin to an Item Spirit. However, it was much stronger than a regular one.

“I wish you good luck, Participant Xiao Chen.”

The little light figure vanished after handing a map to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen opened the map and discovered that it showed not only the terrain of the entire secret realm but also the locations of the Faux God Spirit Jades.

As he stared at a mark pinpointing a Faux God Spirit Jade, he could easily imagine the intense battle that would ensue.

“These locations that hide the Faux God Spirit Jades might contain other dangers.”

Besides the auras of human cultivators, Xiao Chen could sense the auras of some terrifying ferocious beasts in the secret realm.

However, compared to ferocious beasts, human cultivators would pose more of a threat.

The rules of the first stage forced the participants to kill each other and snatch each other’s Faux God Spirit Jades.

One could not possibly reach the top hundred out of ten thousand just by searching for Faux God Spirit Jades.

“I have one month. There is no need to rush.”

Xiao Chen made up his mind to remain still and observe the situation first.