Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2099 Raw 2204 : Entering Peach Blossom City Again

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Chapter 2099 Raw 2204 : Entering Peach Blossom City Again

Chapter 2099 (Raw 2204): Entering Peach Blossom City Again

After meeting the Third Palace Master and hearing that the First Palace Master was fine, Xiao Chen asked about his friends in the Heavenly Dragon Palace.

He learned that most of them had entered Ancestor Dragon City and were doing pretty well.

Xiao Chen missed the times with the Red Dragon Palace’s Murong Yan, the Blue Dragon Palace’s Situ Changfeng, and the Golden Dragon Palace’s Wei Hongfei. He wistfully remembered the sect mission in the Abyssal Underworld with them and exploring the ancient city with them. They had relied on each other and shared life and death.

Since everyone was fine, Xiao Chen felt at peace.

“Third Palace Master, if you have time, tell them for me that I am well.”

“Sure, are you leaving now?”

The Third Palace Master felt quite curious about how Xiao Chen would leave. This herb garden secret realm was tightly guarded, covered in formations. How did Xiao Chen sneak in?

“I have to go. If I have time in the future, I will return.”

“I think you had better not come that often. What if you feel tempted by the things here? I would not know even if you emptied out my secret realm,” the Third Palace Master teased.

“Haha! You reminded me.”

Xiao Chen smiled happily. Then, he performed a cupped-fist salute and vanished into thin air, leaving only the Divine Universe Stele floating in the air.

“This is?!”

The Third Palace Master’s eyes lit up. This is a spatial treasure that could contain living beings. Is this an inherited Dao Tool? A Soul Treasure?

What is its rank for it to contain living beings? More importantly, the Third Palace Master had not heard of any treasures that could contain living beings.


Before the Third Palace Master’s shocked eyes, the Divine Universe Stele vanished silently.

The Third Palace Master spread out his Soul Energy, covering the entire secret realm, and discovered that besides him, there was no one else around.

With some disbelief, he circulated his Divine Energy and thoroughly searched the secret realm. Only then was he forced to believe that Xiao Chen had truly left.

“What fortuitous encounter did this fellow run into?”

After the shock, the Third Palace Master revealed a smile. Then, he sighed, “Unfortunately, he did not enter Ancestor Dragon City but became an independent cultivator. It is too hard for him to grow.”


In the next moment, the Divine Universe Stele appeared in Desolate Sea’s Azure Mountain Town. After Xiao Chen came out, he marveled at the Divine Universe Stele.

This incident was truly shocking. Not to mention the Third Palace Master, even Xiao Chen felt like it was like a dream.

Xiao Chen simply did not dare to imagine this. No matter where he was, he could return to the Divine Dragon Empire with a thought.

Not even a Sovereign Emperor could do this. At the very least, it had shocked the Third Palace Master, a Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperor.

However, this round trip used one million Primeval Heavenly Pills, causing Xiao Chen heartache.

After all, that Xuewu Dynasty’s Eighth Prince’s wealth came only to about five million Primeval Heavenly Pills in total.

After chatting with the Third Palace Master, Xiao Chen deeply felt the importance of strength. Sovereign Emperor! Sovereign Emperor!

One possessed no influence without advancing to Sovereign Emperor.

A Sovereign Personage was already considered an expert. With Xiao Chen’s current strength, he could live a good life in the outer regions. For example, he would be respected in the Grave Sea Cluster, able to live an aloof life. He could determine a person’s life or death with a thought.

However, he could not possibly limit his sights to Sovereign Personage. Even the Divine Vein Realm might not be his end goal.

Xiao Chen knew that his weakness was too obvious when compared to the Dragon God Crown Prince or others.

Xiao Chen hated this, hated that he had been chased out of the Divine Dragon Empire, unable to enter Ancestor Dragon City. Otherwise, he would not be in his current situation.

“If there is a chance, I should go and seek advice from the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor. He is someone who can rival the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor.”

Xiao Chen thought to himself, No matter what the future holds, since I cannot figure out my path, I should seek advance from an expert.

Xiao Chen did not know where to go in the vast Desolate Sea for experiential training; where to go to improve his saber skills and make up for his deficiencies in his Saber Dao; where to get resources; where to improve his Heavenly Snow Divine Flame and Universe Origin True Flame…

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor’s ken was significantly greater than Xiao Chen’s. He could be said to stand at the peak of the Martial Epoch.

It would be illogical for Xiao Chen not to seek advice.

Feeling the pressure and the urgency, Xiao Chen did not hesitate. He wrote a letter that night and got the Demon Blood Vulture to deliver it to Peach Blossom City’s Senior Cui.

Half a month later, he received a reply from Senior Cui. There were only two words: come quickly.

Xiao Chen revealed a smile at this reply. It looked like he would have no problem meeting the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor.

After getting some fine wine from Grandpa Seven, Xiao Chen went outside the town and said his goodbyes to Sang.

Sang was tending to the Propping Mulberry Tree beside the ancient well. He looked at Xiao Chen and said, “I have a feeling that we won’t meet again for a long time after your departure. However, I will always be at Azure Mountain Town. You can find me as long as you come back.”

“Tell me, what resources does the Propping Mulberry Tree need? I will be sure to bring them the next time we meet.”

Sang smiled faintly and said softly, “I’ll just accept your kind intentions. Go quickly, then.”

“We will meet again in the future.”

Xiao Chen leaped up and soared into the air. A beam of red light descended from the sky and caught him. It was the Demon Blood Vulture.

Sang saw off the distant Xiao Chen before turning to the now-ten-meter-tall Propping Mulberry Tree beside him. Then, he murmured, “I wonder who will grow faster, you or him? He will probably be a Sovereign Emperor the next time we meet.”


Xiao Chen traveled day and night on the Demon Blood Vulture. Seven days later, a familiar scene appeared before his eyes.

Five thousand kilometers of peach blossoms hiding mountains and rivers looked poetic amidst the desolate wilderness. This was Peach Blossom City.

By traveling on the Demon Blood Vulture, not to mention speed, Xiao Chen did not get dirty in any way when he landed.

Xiao Chen saw Senior Cui on his boat at the old place.

Peach blossoms covered both sides of the river. Senior Cui had waited in the wind for an old friend, seeking an old dream for thirty years, only to get a cup of wine.

Senior Cui had not changed, still wearing his woven rush raincoat. His boat was parked at the riverside, but no one dared to get close.

Xiao Chen boarded the small boat and said softly, “Senior Cui, it’s time to set sail.”

“Same old rules. No setting sail without wine. Satisfy me first.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. Then, he tossed a jar of Waning Moon to Senior Cui. Senior Cui caught the jar and started drinking, then cried out in delight.

After drinking to his heart’s content, Senior Cui looked at Xiao Chen and scolded jokingly, “You brat, where did you go for the past four years? Then returning after so long, you remembered me and came to meet me only now.”

Xiao Chen explained helplessly, “I got delayed by something.”

Then, he spoke about the Xuewu Dynasty’s Eighth Prince’s coming to Senior Cui.

“Such a thing happened? A Xuewu Dynasty prince went to Azure Mountain Town? That is quite strange. Although things are relatively simple between the Righteous Dao factions and Demonic Dao factions, they will kill each other, given the opportunity. The Eighth Prince should not have dared to show up. This is really inconceivable. Perhaps you did not meet his true body,” Senior Cui said, feeling somewhat suspicious when he heard that.

“Not his true body?”

Xiao Chen entered deep thought when he heard that. From what Senior Cui said, the situation indeed seemed somewhat suspicious.

Back then, when the Eighth Prince heard that Xiao Chen wanted to extort him for five million Primeval Heavenly Pills, he directly told Xiao Chen to kill him.

In the end, that Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperor old man took out five million Primeval Heavenly Pills to smooth things over, in fear of the Heavenly Fragrance Holy Land’s Supreme Elder.

Senior Cui said seriously, “My impression of the royal court disciples of the Xuewu Dynasty is that they are all terrifyingly strong; there are practically no weaklings among them. Of course, it is possible that this Eighth Prince is indeed not an incredible character. His royal bloodline might be thin, and he ended up marginalized and had to enter the Desolate Sea.”

“Are the people of the Righteous Dao and the Demonic Dao really that intolerant of each other?” Xiao Chen asked, finding it somewhat strange.

The people of the Righteous Dao and the Demonic Dao had not appeared to have any major conflicts with each other the last time he came to Peach Blossom City.

In fact, the Righteous Dao sect disciples showed enmity to Xiao Chen on learning that he was the one who destroyed the Heavenly Slaughter Sect branch strongholds.

Senior Cui explained as he rowed the boat, “This was something from one hundred thousand years ago. The Righteous Dao factions and the Demonic Dao factions killed each other until the sky blacked out. Even the Heavenly Realm got destroyed. Tell me, do you think such a grudge can be resolved? It seems like you barely came out of Azure Mountain Town while you were in the Desolate Sea, right? Everything you saw was just superficial; there are many deep undercurrents. Things are much more intense than you imagine.”

Xiao Chen entered deep thought on hearing that. Indeed, he had barely come out of Azure Mountain Town and did not understand much about the relationship between the Righteous Dao factions and the Demonic Dao factions in the Desolate Sea.

“We have arrived. The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor felt quite happy on hearing that you were coming,” Senior Cui said happily as the boat entered the city. Clearly, he was in a good mood.

Xiao Chen followed Senior Cui to the City Lord’s Residence. Despite so many years passing, Peach Blossom City had not changed much.

Wine fragrance still filled the air, and there were taverns everywhere. The place was noisy and extraordinarily bustling.