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Chapter 2096 Raw 2201 : Parting

Chapter 2096 (Raw 2201): Parting

“Pu ci!”

The Eighth Prince screamed in agony. His eyes ruptured as the dazzling saber light pierced them.

The Eighth Prince held his eyes, suffering a pain that made him wish for death. He let out a heart-wrenching cry.

“Royal Uncle, kill him for me. Kill him! I have gone blind!”

Sang and Qin Zhuolin startled awake from their shock. Their expressions changed considerably. There is still someone else here?


Just as everyone felt puzzled, someone tossed a wretched old man to the ground. Chu Xiang and an old woman slowly landed with Qing Chen after flying over from the sky.

QIn Zhuolin felt greatly startled. It turned out that this Eighth Prince had shrouded Azure Mountain Town in demonic clouds at the start to give his royal uncle a chance to steal Qing Chen away.

However, the Eighth Prince did not know that Xiao Chen had already arranged a countermeasure long ago. Now, not only did he lose his sight, but his only other reliance was also in dire straits.

“Xiao Chen, this is?” Qin Zhuolin prompted, still somewhat confused.

Xiao Chen pointed to Chu Xiang and said, “This is the Heavenly Fragrance Holy Land’s Miss Chu Xiang. And this other lady is a senior of the Heavenly Fragrance Holy Land. After hearing that Qing Chen possesses an Extreme Yin Body, she rushed over especially. They arrived yesterday and were very satisfied with Qing Chen’s aptitude.”

Sang and Qin Zhuolin suddenly understood. It turned out that Xiao Chen had long since planned for this.

Xiao Chen was well aware that the key to the conflict between himself and the Eighth Prince was Qing Chen.

As long as Xiao Chen did not make arrangements for Qing Chen, the other party would keep seeking trouble for him. Each time would be even more difficult to deal with than the last.

So, Xiao Chen handed Qing Chen over to the Heavenly Fragrance Holy Land. As long as they took an interest in Qing Chen, even if the Eighth Prince were twice as bold, the Eighth Prince would not dare to come and seek trouble.

Even if the Eighth Prince wanted to seek Qing Chen out, he would not know where the Heavenly Fragrance was.

Despite losing his sight, the Eighth Prince could still sense his surroundings through Soul Energy.

When he saw someone tossing down his royal uncle, he knew that it was over.

The Heavenly Fragrance Holy Land had intervened. He could forget about this Extreme Yin Body. As for seeking trouble for Xiao Chen, he did not even need to think about it.

Right now, his greatest reliance, his Divine Vein Realm royal uncle, clearly was not a match for that Heavenly Fragrance Holy Land Supreme Elder.

“Royal Uncle, let’s go!”

Although the Eighth Prince felt sullen, he knew that remaining here would not lead to a good end, so he decisively chose to leave now.

The Eighth Prince would return in the future to take revenge. His eyes were destroyed; he would end up losing all his face in the royal court.

“Did I say you can go? You are too presumptuous, wanting to leave after killing my hostage!” Xiao Chen shouted coldly when he saw the Eighth Prince wanting to leave. He had no intention of letting the other party off.

“What do you mean? Are you thinking of trying to keep this prince here? Xiao Chen, let me tell you this: don’t go overboard. Otherwise, even the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor cannot protect you!”

Xiao Chen’s words immediately frustrated and infuriated the Eighth Prince.

Xiao Chen retorted calmly, “I do not have any intention of making things difficult for Your Highness. I just want to emphasize that even trash has value. This was, after all, Great Perfection Sovereign Personage trash. You just killed him like that without any compensation, and you want to leave?”

When Qin Zhuolin heard that, he felt like laughing. Xiao Chen was simply too interesting.

The scarlet-clad, middle-aged man had been the Eighth Prince’s subordinate. Even though the Eighth Prince killed him, it was Xiao Chen asking for justice.

When the Eighth Prince heard this explanation, he felt like vomiting blood from the anger. “No one has ever dared to speak to this prince like this before. Xiao Chen, do you really want to offend the entire Xuewu Dynasty’s royal court?”

With an expression of disdain, Xiao Chen retorted indifferently, “Cut the crap. You are just a prince. The Xuewu Dynasty has a few hundred princes. Since when could you represent the royal court? Hand over five million Primeval Heavenly Pills. Otherwise, you can forget about leaving Azure Mountain Town. If you are not afraid of being a joke in the royal court, I don’t mind spreading your fiasco in Azure Mountain Town throughout the Desolate Sea.”

“Five million?!”

The Eighth Prince’s rage skyrocketed as he yelled, “Dream on! My total accumulated wealth is only about five million. If you dare to, then just kill me!”

“As you wish.”

To everyone’s surprise, Xiao Chen did not even think, instantly drawing his Tyrant Saber. Then, his figure flashed, and a resplendent saber light shot towards the Eighth Prince.

The severely injured Eighth Prince immediately paled in fright. His entire body chilled as the fear of death swamped his mind. This terror was like an invisible mountain pressing against his throat.

In the time it took for a spark to fly, a figure shielded the Eighth Prince. It was the Sovereign Emperor that the Heavenly Fragrance Holy Land Elder injured.

The Sovereign Emperor casually neutralized Xiao Chen’s killing move. Then, he threw a palm strike to force Xiao Chen back.

After that, the old man glanced at the old woman beside Chu Xiang. The other party was keeping her aura locked on him, so he did not dare to go too far.

“Junior, don’t go overboard. Here are the Primeval Heavenly Pills. Let’s go.”

The old man boasted a Divine Vein Realm cultivation. However, the old woman from the Heavenly Fragrance Holy Land firmly suppressed him. After handing a storage ring to Xiao Chen, he bore the Eighth Prince away.

The Eighth Prince had already been scared stiff, spooked out of his mind. If he could choose again, he would not come to Azure Mountain Town.

Initially, he thought that this trip would not take much effort. However, his eyes ended up destroyed, which left an incredibly huge trauma in his heart.

“Hehe! Big Brother Xiao, you are really bold. To think that you even dare to extort the Xuewu Empire’s prince,” Chu Xiang teased with a faint smile after seeing the old man and the Eighth Prince going far away.

Xiao Chen checked the storage ring and saw a mountain of Primeval Heavenly Pills inside. He swept through the pills with his Spiritual Sense and confirmed that the numbers were right.

Putting away the storage ring, he said softly, “Since a grudge has already formed, it would be a waste if I didn’t extort him now.”

More importantly, Xiao Chen was dead broke and desperately needed Primeval Heavenly Pills.

These five million Primeval Heavenly Pills satisfied his urgent need.

“This child is pretty good. I would like to bring her back to the Heavenly Fragrance Holy Land. I already spoke to her about it. It is just that she is worried about her younger brother.”

The Heavenly Fragrance Holy Land old woman looked at Qing Chen with favor as she spoke to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen looked at Qing Chen and said, “Go with them; they are good people. The people here will help take care of your younger brother.”

Qing Chen teared up. Now that she had grown up, she knew that she was the cause of all this trouble.

Xiao Chen paid too high a price for her.

“Big Brother, thank you. Little Qing Chen will listen. You take care of yourself, as well.”

Xiao Chen smiled and nodded. This was a perfect end for an Extreme Yin Body.

“Oh, right, Chu Xiang, here is the jade pendant that your Holy Daughter wants.”


No sooner had Xiao Chen taken out the jade pendant than the old woman reached out and sucked it over. After taking a look, she raised her head and exclaimed in surprise, “It really is the Heavenly Fragrance Jade Pendant! How did you do it? Even I cannot barge through that Heavenly Dao Killing Formation.”

It seemed that this jade pendant was something important. Xiao Chen thought for a moment, then said, “I was just lucky. I only managed to find it with Brother Qin’s help.”

“What about the previous Holy Daughter’s body?” Chu Xiang asked.

Qin Zhuolin exchanged looks with Xiao Chen. Then, he said gloomily, “Sorry, she already became a Desolate Slave. There was nothing we could do.”

On hearing that, Chu Xiang and the old woman showed sorrowful looks in their eyes.

A Heavenly Fragrance Holy Daughter turned into a Desolate Slave, who could imagine such an end?

“How unfortunate…” The old woman stopped speaking about this topic here, her eyes brimming with regret. After a moment of silence, she looked at Xiao Chen and said, “No matter what, you two made a huge contribution to my Heavenly Fragrance Holy Land by finding the Heavenly Fragrance Jade Pendant. As the Holy Master is not here, I will agree to a request from each of you in her place.”

Qin Zhuolin waved his hand and said, “There’s no need for me. Just give it to Xiao Chen.”

Xiao Chen felt stunned on hearing this. However, he quickly understood. Not many things could interest Qin Zhuolin.

Back then, Qin Zhuolin was unwilling to give face to the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter.

Xiao Chen thought for a while before saying, “Senior, just help me take good care of Little Qing Chen. The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter already promised me a favor. There’s no need to promise me anything more.”

The old woman smiled and said, “Child, your character is pretty good. No wonder Chu Xiang kept singing your praises along the way. How about this? I’ll give you a Desolate City Medallion. It is useless in my hands, after all.”

A Desolate City Medallion?

Xiao Chen received an ancient medallion. Although slightly puzzled, he still said politely, “Many thanks, Senior.”

“You are too polite. We should go now. Goodbye.”

After Chu Xiang and Qing Chen said their goodbyes to Xiao Chen, they left with the old woman.

“Hehe! To think that it is the Desolate City Medallion! Had I known it would be this treasure, I would not have stood on ceremony,” Qin Zhuolin said playfully as he watched Xiao Chen fiddle with the Desolate City Medallion.

Xiao Chen held the Desolate City Medallion out and said straightforwardly, “If you need it, you can have it.”

“Haha! Thanks, but you should keep it for yourself. You need it more than I do,” Qin Zhuolin refused with a smile. After a pause, he said, “I have to go.”

Xiao Chen and Sang felt somewhat surprised. Qin Zhuolin’s decision was too sudden.

“I have already stayed here for four years. Since you are fine, I don’t have to worry anymore. Seeing the opportunities you obtained, I felt really happy for you. Do you remember what I said to you when we first met?”

Qin Zhuolin looked at Xiao Chen and smiled. “I said that one day, your name would shake the world.”

Xiao Chen and Sang wanted to ask Qin Zhuolin to stay. However, the other party had already decided; they could not change his mind.

As a Geomaster, he had an innate desire for adventure. Qin Zhuolin already demonstrated that he was a good friend by suppressing his restlessness and staying in Azure Mountain Town for four years.

“Take care. I’ll see you again in the future.

“We will meet again.” Qin Zhuolin turned and left with a guffaw.