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Chapter 2090 Raw 2195 : Leaving

Chapter 2090 (Raw 2195): Leaving

I have a treasure that can help me cultivate the state of cycle in the Great Thousand Realms?

It clearly is not the Cycle Throne.

I already altered the Cycle Throne once, but its grade is too low, not even a Dao Tool.

It was not that Xiao Chen did not use it. However, aside from traveling, it was not useful for anything.

What could it be?

Xiao Chen felt somewhat depressed. He could not think of the item immediately, so he shook his head and dismissed the matter.

He could sense the blood moon mark on his forehead slowly fading.

He probably would not be able to remain in this dragon city for much longer.

The blazing sun in the distance slowly set into the golden sea, showing only some lingering light.

Who knew what would happen when the Desolate Slaves and the army of the dead returned to the city?

Even if Xiao Chen could remain, it was better to leave first.

In any case, he had the Divine Universe Stele. He could come back to the land of the blood moon any time he wanted, provided that he had sufficient resources.

When thinking about resources, Xiao Chen got a headache. He had experienced a complete transformation in this land of the blood moon.

Xiao Chen’s strength had undergone a qualitative improvement, with his Divine Body having awakened once. He had grasped the Martial and Soul as One, perfectly merged and linked his three Great Dao, and attained the Heavenly Dragon Body.

He had thoroughly mastered Breaking the Mundane, Resolving the Mundane, and Entering Hell, the first three moves of the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique.

He also obtained the Ten Thousand Dragons Art and gained a copy of the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture in his mind.

The combat experience from fighting the Black and White Eggs was extremely precious.

Xiao Chen gained plenty of benefits, including an overwhelming increase in strength.

However, he did not acquire a single practical resource. There were no Primeval Heavenly Pills, Superior Grade Spirit Jades, natural treasures, or Medicinal Pills.

Thinking of it was maddening. That Heavenly Dragon did not need to be so extreme.

That Heavenly Dragon could have casually left some trash for Xiao Chen in the palace’s treasury. At least Xiao Chen would not be this poor.

Without resources, Xiao Chen could not do many things.

He could not cultivate the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation or the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art. It would be difficult for him to make breakthroughs in cultivation. He could not activate the Dao Platform in his Divine Universe Stele.

“This ancient city is so large. It should be enough if I search casually.”

Xiao Chen could not get the Azure Dragon’s inheritance. However, this ancient city was already equal to a vast treasury.

There were many intact courtyards, shops, appraiser halls, auction halls, alchemy halls, and some large clan residences in the ancient city. These definitely would have some treasures.


Xiao Chen jumped off the Dao Platform and turned into a lightning bolt tearing through the ancient city.

After selecting his target, he started searching.


Xiao Chen just arrived before a courtyard, and he already felt flabbergasted. There were restrictions on it.

More restrictions!

He reached a grand auction hall after much difficulty. When he searched around, he found restrictions again.

After one hour, Xiao Chen finally gave in to despair. Restrictions riddled the ancient city.

It looked like he would not obtain any other benefits in this ancient city without passing the dragon spirit’s test.

Never mind. I have a copy of the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture and obtained the Ten Thousand Dragons Art. This harvest is enough already.


When the mark on Xiao Chen’s forehead disappeared, he immediately felt a repulsive force in the city.

He found flying—even walking—extremely difficult. His strength became restricted. Left without a choice, he could only leave the city.

When Xiao Chen exited the city gates, he saw that the blazing sun had already sunk completely into the golden sea at the edge of the land of the blood moon.

Soul Reaper had failed to crush the blazing golden figure. The blazing golden figure managed to escape, although the golden-armored army had nearly gotten wiped out.

A quick look around found scars covering the land of this small world. Many clumps of land floated in the air, shattered and drifting about.

Lingering terrifying scenes were everywhere.

The place looked bleak and desolate. It was no longer the world that Xiao Chen was familiar with.

Even the blood moon in the sky had dimmed significantly.

Xiao Chen had personally seen the collision of the blazing sun and the blood moon. The entire small world had nearly crumbled.

Shattered pieces of the blazing sun and the blood moon littered the place, each piece containing great destructive force.

The world before Xiao Chen ended up so broken mainly because the blazing sun and the blood moon crashed into each other.


Returning in victory, the Desolate Slave Soul Reaper led the other Desolate Slaves and the army of the dead back to the ancient Azure Dragon city.

Xiao Chen withdrew, for now, returning to the palace.

He vaguely sensed the Desolate Slave Soul Reaper glancing at him before it entered the city.

“Egg Egg, tell us, what did you see in the city?”

Seeing Xiao Chen return, the Black and White Eggs felt incredibly excited and rushed over.

Xiao Chen hid the matter of the Ten Thousand Dragons Art but explained everything else. He did not need to hide too much from these two puppets.

White Egg guffawed after he heard everything. “No wonder you have such a bitter expression. It turns out that you failed to get anything.”

“Haha! I was saying, you are still too weak. Going in too early is not a good thing. If our master entered, breaking all those restrictions would be easy.”

On hearing about Xiao Chen’s failure to obtain anything, the Black and White Eggs reveled in schadenfreude, ruthlessly scorning and humiliating him.

“Had you known, you might as well have remained here and collected the shattered pieces of the blood moon and the blazing sun,” White Egg murmured with a smirk.

“Shattered pieces? Are these shattered pieces valuable?” Xiao Chen felt somewhat confused. He had seen the blazing sun and the blood moon crash into each other. Indeed, the collision had produced a lot of debris.

Black Egg looked at Xiao Chen with disdain as it exclaimed, “How stupid! Didn’t you bring out a flame diagram when we were fighting? I could tell that the flame diagram was formed by two kinds of flames, Yin and Yang. It was very profound, and the flames’ grades were pretty high—both Primal Chaos Grade flames. Unfortunately, they are only at Rank 4. If your flames could evolve into items, they would be incredible.”

Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up. “Are the two of you telling me that the shattered pieces of the blazing sun and the blood moon can raise the rank of my flames?”

“Of course, that is natural, isn’t it? Be it the blood moon in the sky or that blazing golden sun, they were formed by using a Secret Technique and gathering the essence of the sun and the moon of the real world for at least one thousand years. The people who refined them were definitely peak Faux Gods. Our master once said that the people who made them definitely entered the sun and the moon to obtain the cores.”

After White Egg finished speaking, it looked at Xiao Chen and asked indifferently, “So tell me, are these shattered pieces valuable?”

Xiao Chen’s face glowed with joy as he looked around. The debris littering the battlefield from the blood moon and the blazing sun turned out to be very valuable.

Xiao Chen quickly gave thanks and promptly left to collect the shattered pieces.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Black Egg muttered, “This battle was truly intense. Be it the blood moon or the blazing sun, their cores were damaged and would need at least five hundred years to recover.”

“It is too unfortunate for Bitchy Egg. It nearly managed to destroy Foolish Egg, but it fell short by a little and let Foolish Egg run.”

“Haha! It is good that it ran. Otherwise, this big show that happens every few centuries would be over. Both of us would have nothing interesting to watch.”

The Black and White Eggs chatted happily, not minding Xiao Chen’s departure.

Three days passed. Xiao Chen collected all the debris of the blazing sun and the blood moon in this small world, gathering more than one hundred thousand pieces altogether.

It was as the Black and White Eggs said; these shattered pieces were worth cities. They allowed both the Heavenly Snow Divine Flame and the Universe Origin True Flame to reach Rank 5.

The Universe Origin True Flame was the Heavenly Flame, the Primal Chaos Grade Flame that only the royal clan disciples of the Tianwu Dynasty could obtain.

Primal Chaos Grade flames had a total of nine ranks. After Xiao Chen’s Heavenly Snow Divine Flame and Universe Origin True Flame reached Rank 5, no one would ever say that they were too low ranked.

With a thought, Xiao Chen opened both his palms, and a stream of flames soared up from each of them.

The flames condensed continuously. After they reached their limits, they became like a full moon and a sun in his hands.

Absorbing the shattered pieces did not just help the two flames reach Rank 5; more profoundly, it also allowed them to absorb the mysteries contained in the blood moon and the blazing sun.

When Xiao Chen fully brought out the Heavenly Snow Divine Flame and the Universe Origin True Flame, they already showed a vague form of the blazing sun and the blood moon.

This was a pleasant surprise for Xiao Chen.

If Xiao Chen could raise the two flames to Rank 9 in the future, he might be able to control a sun and a moon simultaneously.

He would surpass Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun and the mysterious person opposing Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun.

This thought was fleeting. Xiao Chen knew that he had a long way to go. Those two people had refined the blood moon and the blazing sun utilizing Secret Techniques.

Xiao Chen did not have such a Secret Technique. Unless he directly swallowed up the blood moon and the blazing sun that the two refined, he would not be able to surpass them.

“Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram!”

Xiao Chen thrust both palms out. Using his Taiji Dao, he pushed the Universe Origin True Flame and the Heavenly Snow Divine Flame forward at the same time.

The two flames—one pale white and one golden—were extremes of Yin and Yang.

Then, the two flames chased each other before him. Soon, a Taiji diagram materialized.

Closely following that, the four divisions and the eight trigrams appeared around the Taiji diagram.


In that instant, golden light spread out. The Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram soared into the sky, spreading out infinitely.

Soon, this Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram stretched across the sky, covering half the sky of this small world.

Xiao Chen entered deep thought. Then, the Azure Dragon Seal representing the will of soul in his Soul Pool flickered with light.

The Sun and Moon Shining Together mysterious phenomenon appeared, and Xiao Chen merged this soul mysterious phenomenon with the flame diagram in the sky.

Surging Soul Energy continuously poured into the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram.


Four hours later, the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram in the sky turned thoroughly substantial. Xiao Chen waved his hand, and the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram rolled up into a plain and simple painting in his hand.

“Interesting! I should have thought of infusing my Soul Energy into the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram before,” Xiao Chen muttered to himself. The scene before him gave him a pleasant surprise.

Although Xiao Chen said this, his Soul Energy had not manifested a mysterious phenomenon previously. His Heavenly Snow Divine Flame and Universe Origin True Flame had not reached Rank 5, either, unable to manifest like this. Hence, he might not have been able to produce the scene before him.

He gently unrolled the painting in his hand. Then, a plain but exquisite Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram appeared before him.

The deep Starry Heavens served as the flame diagram’s background. However, there was no flickering starlight. The pitch-black Starry Heavens had only a vague blood moon.

With a thought, the painting rippled like water, entering Xiao Chen’s physical body.

With this, the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram experienced a qualitative change.

Xiao Chen felt confident of blocking even a Sovereign Emperor’s strike with the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram.

“It is time to leave.”

If not for the golden-armored army attacking, Xiao Chen would have left much earlier; he had delayed for too long already.

This time, Xiao Chen had to go. After he said simple goodbyes to the Black and White Eggs, his physical body turned into flowing ice crystals and soared into the air.

The blood moon appeared dim, giving off significantly less might and pressure compared to before.

After Xiao Chen brought out the Heavenly Dragon Body and turned into ice, he successfully entered the blood moon.

There, he revealed his true form. He did not rush to leave using the Heavenly Dragon’s method.

He took out the Divine Universe Stele. After forming hand seals with his right hand, scriptures appeared on the stele.

After all the scriptures appeared, the mysterious energy radiated from the Divine Universe Stele again. As this energy spread out, scarlet talisman scripts flew over from the surroundings and entered the stele.

When Xiao Chen sensed that a blood moon had been copied above the Dao Platform in the Divine Universe Stele, he stopped.

He carefully put away the Divine Universe Stele and started looking around, seeking a way out in this murky and chaotic scarlet world.

One hour later, Xiao Chen came in contact with the hidden spatial tunnel in the blood moon by following the Heavenly Dragon’s method.

His body immediately and uncontrollably soared upwards, moving extremely fast—more than one hundred times faster than with his Movement Techniques.

The world around Xiao Chen spun, and space turned vague. He could not get his bearings at all.

When Xiao Chen startled to his senses, he felt his body plummeting to the ground.

When he looked around, the night sky appeared hazy and sinister, giving off a pressing cold Qi. This startled Xiao Chen somewhat, a familiar yet strange feeling; this was the night of the Desolate Sea.

When he looked up, there was a blood moon above him, one that was significantly larger than the blood moon in the small world.

The blood moon in the sky seemed close enough to touch if he just stretched out his hand.

Xiao Chen felt an incredibly realistic misperception that he had fallen out of the blood moon.