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Chapter 2089 Raw 2194 : What Treasure?

Chapter 2089 (Raw 2194): What Treasure?

The Azure Dragon statue emanated intense might and pressure. However, Xiao Chen found these extremely comfortable.

It was like warm sunlight during winter. When it shone on one, one unconsciously relaxed.


Xiao Chen soared above the tall mountain peaks, executing Freedom of Light.

The Azure Dragon statue had its gigantic mouth open, which made it look like a cave entrance. When Xiao Chen stood in front and looked in, it felt unfathomable.

He stopped in the air in front of the statue, finding it somewhat strange.

“This junior is Xiao Chen. Might I ask if Senior was the one who made a move earlier?”

If there was someone, there should be a reply. If there was no one, then Xiao Chen would enter.

“Come in, then.” A deep and resonant voice came out of the dragon mouth, startling Xiao Chen.

There really was someone in the Azure Dragon statue!

There was a person, an intelligent person, unlike the Desolate Slaves defending the dragon city. No matter how deep their affection for the dragon city, they only relied on a will to protect the place and live on.

Xiao Chen hesitated for a moment before entering the dragon mouth with a flash.

Inside was pitch-black. Just as he was about to ask something, the dragon mouth quickly shut.

Within the darkness, Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense and Soul Energy could not probe his surroundings at all.

However, he did not feel flustered. The person inside was much stronger than him. That person had had many opportunities to kill him if that person wanted to.

Xiao Chen felt the space around him changing. Soon, his surroundings lit up; he appeared in a large palace.

Ancient Divine Dragons were carved on the stone pillars around the ancient palace.

These were all carvings of the pure-blooded Dragon Race. This was a dignified dragon palace with many years of history, even more ancient than the ancient city.

As Xiao Chen stood there, his Azure Dragon bloodline felt greatly suppressed.

A Ten Thousand Dragons Picture was carved on the frontmost wall of the palace. Every one of the dragons was different.

This Ten Thousand Dragons Picture encompassed every dragon, including the Heavenly Dragon. Xiao Chen even saw a terrifying black dragon hidden in the shadows.

The Seven Colored Divine Dragons were in the middle. There were the Azure Dragon, the Gold Dragon, the White Dragon, the Green Dragon, the Blue Dragon, the Red Dragon, and the Silver Dragon. Seven dragon heads gathered together, roaring as one.

As Xiao Chen stood before the Seven Colored Divine Dragons, it was like seven Divine Dragons truly appeared before him and roared.


This turned Xiao Chen’s bloodline restless. There was a dragon roar, and an indistinct dragon image appeared before him, furiously roaring in irritation.

Xiao Chen’s footing turned somewhat unstable like a light casual breeze could blow him over. However, he did not fall.

“Not bad. If you could not stand before this Ten Thousand Dragons Picture, you would not be qualified to see me.”

The deep and resonant voice sounded again. An azure-colored dragon image appeared within the ancient palace. Its body wound around several dragon pillars, and a dragon head appeared before Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen found this slightly strange. This existence was not human.

From the looks of it, it was a dragon spirit.

“You are the person Little Dragon Horse found?” the dragon image asked Xiao Chen, speaking once more.

Little Dragon Horse?

Xiao Chen felt stunned for a while. Then, he understood. The dragon spirit was referring to the old Dragon Horse in the Azure Dragon Palace.

“Yes. I came from the Kunlun Realm. Following the old Dragon Horse’s instruction, I came to the Great Thousand Realms,” Xiao Chen answered honestly, not hiding anything.

“You came early. What are you doing, coming to this dragon city with your strength? You are not even a Sovereign Emperor. To think you vainly tried to use the Divine Universe Stele to hack the Dao Platform! If not for fearing your foundations getting injured, which would prevent you from advancing to Sovereign Emperor, I would not have bothered with you. You can succeed to the inheritance and treasures of this ancient Azure Dragon City only after you advance to the Divine Vein Realm.”

The dragon spirit still appeared somewhat doubtful. It said seriously, “I don’t know what that Soul Reaper is doing that it actually let you in.”

As the dragon spirit spoke, its body swayed. However, its eyes remained fixed on Xiao Chen all the while.


Suddenly, the dragon spirit seemed to have discovered something and started laughing.

Xiao Chen remained silent, not knowing what to say. However, the other party did not give him a chance to interrupt.

“The Azure Dragon bloodline is bizarre. This is uncanny. An extraordinary and talented person ended up dual-cultivating both the Righteous Dao and Demonic Dao. However, this makes sense, as well. If you did not cultivate a Demonic Dao Cultivation Technique, I would doubt your qualifications to take on this responsibility.” The dragon spirit seemed to be speaking to itself, not showing any intention of communicating with Xiao Chen.

Then, it said lazily, “Study the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture and then leave. When you reach the Divine Vein Realm and pass the test, I will acknowledge you as master and hand over the Azure Dragon Race’s inheritance.”

Feeling somewhat awkward, Xiao Chen probed, “Senior, look, I’m here already. You could at least give me some resources, right?”

The dragon spirit smiled and said, “Interesting. You really don’t know to be content. After gaining a breath of my Dragon Essence, fifty percent of your bloodline has already transformed. It is not just recovering your injuries; there is also this Ten Thousand Dragons Picture. Even Sovereign Emperors rarely get a chance to study this Ten Thousand Dragons Picture.”

Fifty percent of my bloodline has transformed?

Xiao Chen felt shocked. He quickly checked and found that it was true. Great Desolate Eon bloodline bearers very rarely managed to transform thirty percent of their bloodline. Transforming fifty percent was even rarer.

After transforming fifty percent of the bloodline, the Dragon Might would demonstrate a stark difference. The Azure Dragon’s aura within Xiao Chen’s Veritable Essence Energy would also show a qualitative change.

“Many thanks, Senior.” Xiao Chen quickly expressed his gratitude.

The dragon spirit said indifferently, “Go study the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture. How much you can comprehend depends on yourself.”

Xiao Chen did not dare to tarry. The Ten Thousand Dragons Picture gave him an unfathomable feeling. He just had not had the chance to examine it yet.

The dragon spirit disappeared silently from the ancient palace, leaving only Xiao Chen to study the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture seriously.

Every dragon in the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture was different. Each dragon had its merits. Completely understanding one might take a hundred years. However, Xiao Chen knew that he could not stay for long.

He first focused his attention on the Heavenly Dragon, Azure Dragon, and Gold Dragon. The first two pertained to himself, and the last one involved his opponent.

Xiao Chen carefully pondered the mysteries behind them. Soon, he felt like he gained a lot.

Then he slowly shifted his gaze to the group of dragons. He experienced the aura and the air of ten thousand dragons all together.

“What a strange picture. Every dragon is different, but when they appear in the picture together, their auras merge and perfectly form a perfect whole. If I can simulate this Ten Thousand Dragons Picture and gain just ten percent of its mysteries, even Sovereign Emperors would have to avoid my sharpness.”

The more Xiao Chen studied the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture, the more incredible he found it. He immersed himself in it, completely engrossed.

When he startled to his senses, he suddenly discovered that a similar Ten Thousand Dragons Picture had appeared in his mind.

However, this Ten Thousand Dragons Picture was blurry, as though hidden in fog.

“Ten Thousand Dragons Art?”

The information of a Cultivation Technique appeared in Xiao Chen’s mind at the same time. This ancient text seemed like it was imprinted deeply in his mind.

He thought about it for a while. Then, the mantra of this Cultivation Technique flowed through his mind like a river.

When he finished reading through it, he felt somewhat horrified. This Ten Thousand Dragons Art was of an even higher level than his Purple Thunder Divine Incantation and Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art.

Xiao Chen had gained an additional Cultivation Technique and imprinted the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture in his mind. He felt incredible joy at this.

Indeed, the dragon spirit had not lied to him.

Even without receiving any resources, just viewing this Ten Thousand Dragons Picture and obtaining the Ten Thousand Dragons Art alone was a significant gain.

The dragon spirit returned silently, its dragon head suddenly appearing before Xiao Chen. Then, it said indifferently, “I did not lie to you, right?”

Xiao Chen smiled and replied, “Many thanks, Senior. How strong is this Ten Thousand Dragons Art? I feel that no Cultivation Technique in the Martial Epoch can compare to it.”

The dragon spirit explained proudly, “The Ten Thousand Dragons Art was birthed during the Great Desolate Eon. As the epochs rose and fell, it was passed on endlessly. Dragon Race powerhouses always appeared and continuously improved it. Naturally, it would not be weak. However, you say that none in the Martial Epoch can compare to it; that is only because your ken is too low and you are too weak.”

“Is that so?” Xiao Chen felt like he had received a blow, not daring to believe it.

“That is natural. There are still a few Cultivation Techniques that can rival it. However, practically none can surpass it,” the dragon spirit said overbearingly and confidently.

“Alright. You can leave now. Come back when you are a Sovereign Emperor.” After that, the dragon spirit shooed Xiao Chen away.

Xiao Chen felt somewhat reluctant to leave and also somewhat dissatisfied. It had taken him a lot of effort to get here; he could not let his opportunity end here.

He quickly said, “One last question. Can Senior give me some pointers for my Martial Dao?”

“How troublesome…” the dragon spirit muttered but still did as asked. Its spiritual eyes scanned Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen immediately felt like the other party figured out all his secrets.

“Not bad. You surpass my expectations. I can see that you grasped the true meaning behind many of your Martial Techniques. You did not blindly follow in your predecessors’ footsteps but walked your own path. Just keep following your heart. However, I do not understand this. Since you comprehend the state of cycle, why did you not continue down that path? That is a reckless waste of a great thing. You should know that the state of cycle is very rare in the world. It can lead to the ultimate Great Dao.”

The dragon spirit’s eyes were like lanterns. Everything that Xiao Chen learned was visible to its eyes, unconcealable.

At the mention of the state of cycle, Xiao Chen felt somewhat helpless. He explained, “I am simply unable to bring out my state of cycle in the Thousand Great Realms. I have no way to continue cultivating it.”

“Is that so? Why do I feel that you have a treasure on you that can help you cultivate the state of cycle? This is a state that can lead you to the ultimate Great Dao. Unless you reach the Faux God Realm, cultivating and comprehending it on your own is impossible. You can only use a treasure to aid you with its comprehension. However, you happen to have such a treasure.”

Xiao Chen found this strange. He asked, “I have such a treasure on me? Why do I not know?”

This was really strange. Xiao Chen did not know that he had such a treasure, but the dragon spirit felt it.

“Slowly think about it yourself. You are really stupid.”


The dragon spirit did not give Xiao Chen a chance to continue asking questions, quickly sending him out.

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed. When he regained his sight, he was standing on the Dao Platform once more.

He looked up, but the Azure Dragon statue had already gone off somewhere.

What is it?

Xiao Chen still could not figure it out. What treasure could help him execute the state of cycle in this Great Thousand Realms?