Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2088 Raw 2193 : Hacking the Dao Platform

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Chapter 2088 Raw 2193 : Hacking the Dao Platform

Chapter 2088 (Raw 2193): Hacking the Dao Platform

Xiao Chen could excuse losing to anyone in the world. Only losing to himself was unforgivable.

He crushed his heart demon and defeated himself, persevering like before.

Whether he could hack this ancient Dao Platform or not depended on his ability. However, whether he could persevere or not depended on his attitude.

This was the way Xiao Chen always did things. If he persisted to the end and did not get the result he wanted, he would feel at peace as he had done his best.

This was all the more so now. Under his dogged persistence, the mysterious energy that the Divine Universe Stele radiated covered half of the Dao Platform already. However, he was already spent at this moment, feeling incredibly fatigued.

This Dao Platform before him was simply too vast. The many ancient talisman scripts in it were as countless as the stars.

Xiao Chen continued to persist, forcing out his potential.

He gritted his teeth. Even if he was a spent force, he did not have any intention of giving up.

Even though Xiao Chen was both physically and mentally fatigued, even though this heart demon never stopped tempting him to abandon the effort, he never gave in.


Suddenly, Xiao Chen felt his will of soul explode.

Endless Soul Energy gushed out from his will of soul.

The blazing sun and bright moon rose in Xiao Chen’s Soul Pool again.

The Sun and Moon Shining Together gave off resplendent light.

“It broke through!”

Excitement filled Xiao Chen. Before the boundless pressure, his Great Perfection Sovereign Personage will of soul broke through to Peak Sovereign Personage. His previously dried-up Soul Pool was instantly saturated with Soul Energy.

The sea that his Soul Pool formed was much larger than before.

Indeed, heaven does not close off all paths. He showed a faint smile. Initially, he had been at the end of his rope. His Veritable Essence Energy drained, and his Soul Energy depleted; he no longer had any means to continue driving the Divine Universe Stele.

Who knew, Xiao Chen’s will of soul broke through at the crucial moment.

The torrential Soul Energy poured into the Divine Universe Stele. The Sun and Moon Shining Together mysterious phenomenon appeared behind him.


When Xiao Chen’s Soul Energy replenished the Divine Universe Stele, it came as a significant boost. With one spurt, the mysterious energy from the Divine Universe Stele covered two-thirds of the Dao Platform.

The ancient talisman scripts lit up like stars, entering the Divine Universe Stele.

“Pu ci!”

The situation seemed good when Xiao Chen suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood. His complexion paled.

His Veritable Essence Energy had dried up. By pushing himself hard earlier, he ended up injuring the foundations of his physical body.

This mouthful of blood was not due to internal injuries but the loss of a hundred years—perhaps even hundreds of years—of lifespan.

The injuries to the foundation were nearly irrecoverable. If his lifespan were damaged, advancement to Sovereign Emperor would be even more difficult. The primary focus of a Sovereign Emperor was to create an undying body.

If one’s lifespan were damaged, forming an undying body would be a fatal challenge.

“I can’t be bothered so much. If I let this opportunity slip, who knows when I can hack this Dao Platform?!”

Xiao Chen had already paid a considerable price, not permitting himself to hesitate. Steeling his heart, he decided to continue.

Just then, Xiao Chen suddenly felt a mighty force arrive. Then, space froze in the next moment.

The mysterious energy from the Divine Universe Stele stopped spreading. The talisman scripts in the air stilled.

It was like time came to a halt.

Xiao Chen could not help feeling startled. He could not move his body, only look up.

He saw the Azure Dragon statue’s eyes burning, as if it had opened its eyes.

This mighty force came from the Azure Dragon statue.

What’s going on?

Xiao Chen felt incredibly shocked. Confusion flooded his heart.

It looked like he would hack this Dao Platform soon. Would he fail at the very last step?

I’m not resigned to this!

Xiao Chen felt unresigned. He drove his Vital Qi and will of soul, preparing to make a final push.


Just as Xiao Chen was about to make his move, the Azure Dragon statue opened its mouth and spewed out a beam of azure-colored Dragon Essence.

Before Xiao Chen could understand what was going on, the Dragon Essence entered his body and fixed the injuries to his lifespan’s foundation.

Moreover, when the Dragon Essence entered Xiao Chen’s body, his Veritable Essence Energy immediately returned to its peak state.


Xiao Chen felt very confused. In the next moment, his physical body recovered, and time started moving again.

However, when he looked up at the top of the mountains, at that Azure Dragon statue, he discovered that the Azure Dragon statue was just a statue.

The strange vision from earlier was nowhere in sight.

If not for the injuries to Xiao Chen’s foundation healing, returning him to his peak, he might have thought that he hallucinated.

“I can’t be bothered anymore!” Xiao Chen stopped thinking and worked on finishing hacking the Dao Platform in one final spurt.

Back in his peak state, he found driving the Divine Universe Stele extremely easy, with plenty of energy to spare.

After one hour, the mysterious energy released by the Divine Universe Stele covered the Dao Platform completely.

A bright light suddenly gathered on the Divine Universe Stele, looking piercing and dazzling.

Xiao Chen waved his hand, dispersing the light on the Divine Universe Stele. Then, the stele slowly descended to his hand.

He needed to use all of his Vital Qi to grasp the heavy Divine Universe Stele firmly.

“Let’s see if you are as miraculous as the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor thinks.”

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed as he entered the Divine Universe Stele with some anticipation.


The scene that appeared before Xiao Chen startled him: there was a Dao Platform in the boundlessly vast Divine Universe Stele.

This Dao Platform looked precisely the same as the one outside. However, it was not forged of divine materials but recreated with energy.

Nevertheless, the internal structure and its Dao were precisely the same. As Xiao Chen stood there, he felt very shocked.

“Can it be used?”

Xiao Chen reached the center of the Dao Platform, feeling somewhat skeptical and uncertain.

Let’s give it a try.

Xiao Chen’s Veritable Essence Energy and Soul Energy gushed into the Dao Platform through his feet. The formation lines of the Dao Platform flickered for a moment before stopping.

Xiao Chen rubbed his chin and pondered. This Dao Platform does not have a totem, after all. It is like a dead object.

I need an energy source to make it come to life.

“That’s it!”

Xiao Chen spread his palm, and a Spirit Jade filled with the power of the world, shining with resplendent light, appeared.

A Peak Grade Spirit Jade!

That was one of the treasures that Xiao Chen obtained from the Scarlet Blood Pirate King’s treasury. He had not put it to use all the while.

Today, he could finally make use of it.

A Peak Grade Spirit Jade was also known as a Sub-Divine Crystal. It contained a vast amount of the power of the world. Even a Sovereign Emperor would find obtaining one extremely challenging.

“Ka ca!” Xiao Chen placed the Peak Grade Spirit Jade in the center of the Dao Platform’s formation.

The entire Dao Platform flashed with light. Then, it turned extremely plain, washed of its brilliance. Only a faint spiritual light flickered occasionally.

Success. Xiao Chen poured his Soul Energy and Veritable Essence Energy into the Dao Platform once again.

The scene before him changed dramatically. An azure-colored ocean appeared.

Spots of light representing the Dragon Race’s secret realms and the Divine Dragon Empire’s transportation formations appeared one by one. The image of a totem appeared at the end of the ocean, at the limits of Xiao Chen’s vision.

I succeeded!

Xiao Chen released his bated breath and stopped driving his Veritable Essence Energy. His eyes shone with excitement.

I succeeded. The Divine Universe Stele successfully hacked the Dao Platform and copied it.

From here on, even if I am not in this ancient Azure Dragon city, I can use this Dao Platform.

I can enter the Dragon Race’s secret realms and return to the Divine Dragon Empire at any time. I can return to the Kunlun Realm and meet my old friends. I might be able to go anywhere in the Great Thousand Realms.

As long as I have the Divine Universe Stele, anything is possible!

After the excitement, Xiao Chen slowly calmed down. Success was success, but he would still require resources to drive the Dao Platform under him.

It was not realistic for him to drive this Dao Platform to use the trans-realm transportation formation by relying on only his Veritable Essence Energy and Soul Energy.

From the vastness of the Dao Platform, it would need a large amount of resources to completely activate it.

Right now, Xiao Chen was dead broke. He would find the upkeep difficult.

There should be resources in the ancient Azure Dragon city. Xiao Chen entered deep thought. Since he already hacked the Dao Platform, it was time for him to search the ancient city for resources.


Xiao Chen immediately acted on his thoughts. He exited the Divine Universe Stele and returned it to his body.

Then, he landed on the ancient city’s Dao Platform again. Just as about he was about to move away, the Azure Dragon statue towering above the mountains caught his gaze.

Xiao Chen’s feet paused. This Azure Dragon statue felt extremely strange. If not for that breath of Dragon Essence earlier, he would have failed to hack the Dao Platform.

Was it helping me?

It feared my foundations getting damaged, sustaining an irreversible injury. Could there be someone in there?

“I should go and take a look.”

Xiao Chen thought for a while, and then his figure flashed. He flew towards the mouth of the Azure Dragon statue, which seemed to hold an independent world.