Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2084 Raw 2189 : This Is My City

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Chapter 2084 Raw 2189 : This Is My City

Chapter 2084 (Raw 2189): This Is My City

I will know in a while?

As Xiao Chen waited in puzzlement, that majestic, blazing sun soared into the air.

The sun and moon shone together in the sky.

Although Xiao Chen could materialize the Sun and Moon Shining Together mysterious phenomenon with his will of soul, it was just a soul mysterious phenomenon in the end.

It could not compare to this sun and moon shining together before Xiao Chen.

The sun and moon before Xiao Chen looked like the blood moon and the blazing sun of the Desolate Sea appearing at the same time.

“Sun and Moon Shining Together! This is the true Sun and Moon Shining Together!” Xiao Chen muttered to himself, feeling deeply moved. However, he did not understand where this blazing sun came from.

In the Desolate Sea, the blood moon hung high during the night, and the blazing sun soared up during the day.

The lingering light of the setting sun was terrifyingly vast, much larger than the sun outside.

The sun and moon reached the peak in the Desolate Sea, possibly more than a hundred times larger than outside.

Since Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun could use the blood moon as the energy source for the blood sacrifice formation, the mysterious person who opposed him might have used the blazing sun to suppress him.

Xiao Chen had guessed this long ago.

This scene that appeared before him verified some of his guesses.

However, where did the blazing sun come from? This was Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun’s small world.

What was the purpose of the blazing sun appearing here?

The blazing sun could not possibly appear without reason. Since it existed, there had to be a reason.


As Xiao Chen watched, the blazing sun rose high, casting down a sea of gold. This sea looked like thick paint, flickering with golden light.

That was not the important thing. The important thing was that rows of golden-armored figures stood on the sea.

These figures were tightly clad in golden armor, showing only empty eyes.

Strangely, these golden-armored figures were like the army of the dead patrolling the ancient Azure Dragon city’s surroundings; no signs of life were detectable from them.

The only difference was that Xiao Chen could sense some weak divine nature in the golden-armored figures.

That was right, divine nature.

Xiao Chen once went to a city left by a True God. These golden-armored figures seemed very similar to the damned corpses in that city, only much weaker.

Aside from the divine nature, Xiao Chen could not detect any sign of life or emotion from the golden-armored figures.

These golden-armored figures were different from the Black and White Eggs, the two combat puppets.

Besides the golden-armored figures, there were some strong existences, riding golden mutated beasts and wearing scarlet capes, that boasted even scarier auras.


A one-hundred-meter-tall golden-armored figure slowly descended from the blazing golden sun.

A golden banner stuck out behind this gigantic figure, which held an enormous saber in its hand, radiating an extremely cold and detached aura. There were empty eye sockets under its helmet, and intense golden flames blazed on its body.

The powerful aura inspired fear. Xiao Chen finally understood why the Black and White Eggs hid.


Just at this moment, dragon roars came from the ancient Azure Dragon City. The roars shook the place, sounding earsplitting.

Soul Reaper—one of the ten great Desolate Slaves of the Desolate Sea—leaped out of the ancient city.

After Soul Reaper appeared, the initially somewhat dim blood moon burst out with astonishingly bright light. The scene of the sun and moon shining together reached its peak.

The world shook. Tiny cracks appeared in this incredibly stable small world.

Many visible tears appeared in the aura. Terrifying energy storms surged out from the tears and spread throughout the land of the blood moon.


The blazing figure held up its enormous saber and charged forward on its mount, leading the golden-armored army in a grand charge towards the ancient Azure Dragon city.

The Desolate Slave Soul Reaper snorted coldly, and the army of the dead sallied forth, together with countless Desolate Slaves soaring into the air.

The Sovereign Emperors once skewered on Soul Reaper’s iron hook had already turned into Desolate Slaves and joined the fight.

Both sides immediately waged war on each other.

A startling battle commenced, presenting a terrifying war scene. Xiao Chen could not possibly participate, given his strength. Every fighter in the army of the dead and the golden-armored figures possessed the strength of a Great Perfection Sovereign Personage.

Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun’s small world was already very vast, more than tens of millions of kilometers across.

However, after the battle started, it spread to every corner of the land of the blood moon.

The palace where Xiao Chen and the Black and White Eggs were was no exception.

However, the Black and White Eggs seemed to have activated some kind of formation that made Xiao Chen, the Black and White Eggs, and the mysterious palace blend with the mountain and nearby rivers.

The dilapidated palace endured wave after wave of shock but did not fall.

The battle was incredibly intense, inspiring one’s hot-bloodedness to surge and making one wish to participate and charge in to kill.

The blazing sun in the sky approached slowly.

The blazing figure held up its enormous saber and fought a great battle with Soul Reaper.

Xiao Chen could not comprehend the fight between these two; it already surpassed his understanding.

One was bathed in fierce golden flames, and the other was clad in an aura of death. Every time they attacked, this vast land of the blood moon shook violently.

This made one worry that this small world might break.

However, Xiao Chen could be sure of one thing. Several of the Martial Techniques Soul Reaper used were the Azure Dragon Race’s Secret Techniques.

He had seen these Secret Techniques in the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor’s memories. Now, the things he saw in his mind appeared in reality.

Who exactly is this…this Soul Reaper?!

“Bitchy Egg seems to be losing ground already. It looks like Foolish Egg prepared after the miserable defeat last time and intends to break into the dragon city!”

“We cannot remain here anymore. Egg Egg, let’s go out together. We will hang out with you.”

The Black and White Eggs babbled on by Xiao Chen’s ear as they observed the battle.

Although Xiao Chen could not comprehend the fight between Soul Reaper and the blazing figure, he could feel the gradual approach of the blazing sun in the sky.

Indeed, the mysterious golden-armored army held the upper hand in this battle.

“Who is that blazing figure? Why does he want to occupy the dragon city?” Xiao Chen asked gravely. For some reason, he felt somewhat worried about the dragon city.

White Egg replied softly, “Who knows? Both sides are made up of the dead. We have no idea why they are fighting. Ever since we came here, Foolish Egg has been bringing over a group of little Foolish Eggs every few centuries. On their most successful attempt, they managed to charge over to the city gates. The last attempt was the most miserable. Only Foolish Egg managed to escape.”

Black Egg continued, “However, Foolish Egg made ample preparations this time. He gathered many little Foolish Eggs.”


As the two spoke, the blazing sun and the blood moon collided in the sky for the first time.

Boundless flames and blood rain fell immediately.

When the flames and blood rain splashed the golden-armored figures and the army of the dead, they shattered the combatants. A one-kilometer-long crack appeared in the small world for the first time.

“Be careful!”

The Black and White Eggs simultaneously threw themselves over Xiao Chen.

“Rumble…!” Many more holes appeared in the dilapidated palace.

“Egg Egg, are you alright?”

Xiao Chen felt some warmth. Although these two fools lacked intelligence and possessed vicious tongues, they were dependable at the crucial moment.

“I’m fine.”

When Xiao Chen saw thousands of holes appear in the palace that could endure a Faux God’s attack, he felt some fear.

“They will break into the city this time,” Black Egg sighed.

Xiao Chen looked over carefully. He saw that the blood moon had dimmed significantly and retreated to above the ancient city.

The golden-armored army pressed forward, charging to the dragon city.

When one side advanced, the other side could only withdraw. The ancient Azure Dragon city’s army of the dead was in a passive position.

“Bitchy Egg is in trouble!” White Egg suddenly exclaimed in shock.


Right after White Egg spoke, the blazing figure with the enormous saber pulled out the golden banner from behind and hurled it.

The banner struck Soul Reaper, piercing its body and sending it flying before pinning it to the majestic, ancient Azure Dragon city’s wall.

Soul Reaper let out a miserable shriek. Black smoke came from Soul Reaper’s wound.

Soul Reaper released the iron hook it held and grabbed the golden banner with both hands. Its hands immediately burned.

The flames spread to its arms, burning them.

The Desolate Slave Soul Reaper pulled with considerable effort, showing great pain on its face.

It suffered inhumane torture with every bit of the banner it pulled out. The flame burned not only its physical body but also its soul.

With Soul Reaper’s interference gone, the blazing figure charged forward, leading the golden-armored army to beat back the ancient Azure Dragon city’s army of the dead.

The one-hundred-meter-tall golden figure blazed with an intense flame. Although it appeared bright, it gave off a cold and indifferent feeling that chilled the bones.

Wielding its enormous saber, it attacked dispassionately. No one in the army of the dead could block it.

At this moment, Xiao Chen was horrified to discover that the Desolate Slave Soul Reaper showed an unresigned expression.

This…how could this be? Desolate Slaves are dead people. How could the dead have emotions?

That was not right. Soul Reaper was indeed dead, and it was indeed a Desolate Slave.

However, its will remained in its heart before it died. Similar to the Black and White Eggs, its purpose was to guard the dragon city.

However, Soul Reaper was previously human. The Black and White Eggs could not compare to its affection and yearning for the ancient city.

Soul Reaper’s yearning and its heart were all in the ancient city.

Even though pulling out the golden banner was unbearably painful, it persisted in doing so.

The Dragon’s Gate’s War Venerates never rest, even after death!

Suddenly, Xiao Chen recalled the group of Dragon’s Gate’s War Venerates that the Azure Emperor left behind.

No, I have to think of something. I cannot let them break into that ancient Azure Dragon city.

“Strange. Where did that golden banner come from? I have never seen Foolish Egg use it before.”

“The golden banner utterly restrains Bitchy Egg. This is too cruel. It is strong but cannot use its strength.”

The Black and White Eggs sighed softly, finding this situation somewhat cruel.

Xiao Chen thought of something. Then, he begged earnestly, “Black and White Eggs, I know you possess the strength of Faux Gods and are not weaker than that blazing figure. If the two of you make a move, you definitely can change the situation. Please, make a move!”

The Black and White Eggs exchanged looks. After remaining silent for a while, they explained helplessly, “We cannot make a move. Master designed us to always only be one cultivation grade higher than the challenger. You are a Small Perfection Sovereign Personage, so we can only be Great Perfection Sovereign Personages. Right now, we can only bring out the strength of a Great Perfection Sovereign Personage. We can bring out the strength of Faux Gods only when a peak Sovereign Emperor challenges us.”


As the two spoke, the golden-armored army started scaling the city walls. That one-hundred-meter-tall blazing figure stood next to the two statues at the city gates.

However, the two statues were no match for the blazing figure. After a short fight, they fell into a disadvantage.

The city gates were about to fall.

“Is there no other way?” Xiao Chen asked sullenly, feeling anxious and somewhat desperate.

White Egg replied seriously, “It is not that there is none. If you are not afraid of death, the two of us can temporarily lend our strength to you, allowing you to burst out with the combat prowess of a Faux God. Perhaps you can turn the situation around.”

“That’s right. We still have our strength; we just cannot use it. However, even though you already awakened your Divine Body once, it is still perilous for you to endure a Faux God’s power. Egg Egg, think carefully,” Black Egg explained with a nod.

Xiao Chen did not hesitate. With a resolute look in his eyes, he quickly said, “Do it, then. This is my city. Even if it breaks, I will be the one to break it. A group of outsiders can’t do as they please!”

“As you wish!”

The Black and White Eggs exchanged looks and simultaneously took action, each throwing a palm strike at Xiao Chen.