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Chapter 2083 Raw 2188 : Strange Ligh

Chapter 2083 (Raw 2188): Strange Light

The Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries cultivation method, which the Heavenly Dragon left behind, not only provided a path for Xiao Chen but also gave him many options for leaving this land of the blood moon.

With Xiao Chen’s current strength, he could not possibly enter the blood moon. The might and pressure of the blood moon were extremely strong.

When jumping in this place, one felt a pressure as heavy as a mountain.

One could forget about soaring to the blood moon.

If Xiao Chen successfully cultivated the Heavenly Dragon Body and further advanced his Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries, it might be possible for him to get to the blood moon.

The Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries were something boundlessly ethereal in the first place, something vaster than the heavens. Even against a stronger might and pressure, Xiao Chen’s aura would not scatter.

The Heavenly Dragon probably managed to leave because of the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries.

“You did not even leave anything for me. I hope that your Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries can help me leave at least,” Xiao Chen said sullenly as he looked at the blood moon.

Anyone would feel extremely upset at being trapped for three years. Naturally, Xiao Chen was no exception.

The sun did not rise, and the moon did not set.

Xiao Chen cultivated bitterly once again in Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun’s small world, this time working on the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries.

When he encountered hurdles with the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries and felt fatigued, he would temper his Saber Dao.

Xiao Chen’s Saber Dao had already reached the peak, but he could not break through to the Saber Dao Domain.

He pondered on the reason for this. Perhaps he had lost something.

Xiao Chen had formed his Saber Dao in the Kunlun Realm. His Flawless saber Dao, his state of cycle, his Taiji force field, and many of his other skills had been shoved aside in his distraction with this world after entering the Great Thousand Realms. The strong and mighty Martial Techniques had dazzled him.

He had single-mindedly pursued new Saber Techniques and new Martial Techniques and forgotten his foundation.

It was easy to lose things, but how could it be easy to find them again?

The path of Martial Cultivation was like a boundless sea. Xiao Chen was like a boat traveling against the current. To make the boat move faster, he had tossed some things into the sea.

By the time the boat moved far away, and Xiao Chen looked back, all he saw was the boundless sea. He could only feel powerless and incompetent when he wanted to find the things he lost.

The various causes sown many years ago resulted in the effects of today.

Xiao Chen could not blame anyone but himself.


Ice! Xiao Chen thought in his heart on a particular day, half a year later. The strand of Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries in his body immediately merged with his Ice Dao’s Great Dao Energy. They changed continuously, forming various profound imprints.

In the next moment, Xiao Chen’s physical body started transforming into ice crystals.


Then, his body suddenly shattered, turning into flowing ice crystals flickering with a faint light.

“So, this is the Heavenly Dragon Body.”


Although Xiao Chen’s physical body turned into flowing ice crystals, his thoughts remained, and he could easily control this drift of ice crystals.

With a thought, the ice crystals turned into a beam of light, flying in the sky.

Xiao Chen controlled his new body, wandering around the sky. The might and pressure he faced now were significantly less than what his physical body faced.

Even more mysteriously, he found that controlling the ice-attributed energy in the world was more than a hundred times easier than with his physical body.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

As Xiao Chen’s thoughts wandered, his ice crystal body immediately materialized a snowstorm.

Everywhere he passed, fat snowflakes danced in the air. Soon, heavy snow fell all over the land of the blood moon.

A one-meter-thick layer of snow accumulated on the ground.

Aside from the ancient Azure Dragon city, a thick, silver sheen covered the land of the blood moon.


A clump of ice crystals landed, and Xiao Chen’s physical body appeared. He stretched out his hand and caught a cold snowflake drifting down from the sky.

The blood moon hanging high in the sky amid the heavy snow made the scene appear sad but beautiful.

“What is this?”

“It’s beautiful!”

The Black and White Eggs walked out and saw the heavy snow, feeling pleasantly surprised.

This was the first time the two puppets, who only grasped a single Great Dao each, saw such a scene.

“This is snow.”

It would take a lot of effort to cover the land of the blood moon in a silver sheen without the Heavenly Dragon Body.

After Xiao Chen turned the Heavenly Dragon Body into ice, his usage of the Ice Dao reached a whole new level.

However, it was still better to use his physical body in a fight.

A body of ice was too focused. Xiao Chen could not control another Great Dao. He could bring up significant effects only under certain circumstances.

“Black Egg, White Egg, I will be leaving in a while,” Xiao Chen said, after hesitating while looking at the Black and White Eggs, who were immersed in watching the snowy scene.

After wandering the place, he felt that he could already reach the blood moon.

Xiao Chen had stayed in this land of the blood moon for four years already.

Now that he was suddenly leaving, he felt a little reluctant.

“You are leaving already?”

The Black and White Eggs turned around. They felt shocked but quickly understood.

That which needed to go had to go. Xiao Chen did not belong to this land of the blood moon in the first place.

Xiao Chen nodded. “I will remain here for a while longer, but not more than a month.”

White Egg smiled and said, “After you leave, remember to come and look for us when you have time. Fifty years ago, Dragon Egg said that he would return, but he still has not done so.”

Xiao Chen said seriously, “He is locked up in the Starry Heavens Dragon Prison and is in a difficult situation. He did not intend to lie to the two of you.”

“The Starry Heavens Dragon Prison?”

The Black and White Eggs felt confused on hearing that, so Xiao Chen explained until they understood.

“That Purple Gold Dragon Emperor, could he be the Tortoise Egg that you mentioned? He definitely is!”

“To think that he locked up Dragon Egg. He truly lives up to being Tortoise Egg, truly strong.”

The Black and White Eggs exchanged looks, feeling very angry. They even said that if they could go out, they would definitely test out this Tortoise Egg.

The snowstorm lasted for an entire month before slowly coming to a stop.

For one month, Xiao Chen practiced the Flawless Saber Technique in the snowstorm—the Dragon Subduing Stance, the Void Breaking Stance, the Cloud Reaching Stance, the Falling Moon Stance, the Heartbreaking Stance, and the Heaven Swallowing Stance.

For many things, finding what was lost was a challenge.

This applied even to the Saber Technique deeply ingrained in Xiao Chen’s bones, something he could not possibly forget. He still felt unfamiliar with it despite spending half a year recalling it.

This was especially so for the strongest Heartbreaking Stance. When he tried to execute it, he suffered unbearable pain, which resulted in him failing to complete the move.

After the past wounds healed, it took great courage to open them up again.

However, Xiao Chen had to regain his Dao in order to find what he had lost and achieve a Dao Domain. No matter how painful it was, he had to get it back bit by bit.

“It’s time to leave!”

The snowstorm had stopped. The hazy blood moon appeared before Xiao Chen.

One month had already passed. Xiao Chen’s final attachments to this place had to end.

However, he would return someday.

This was the final dragon city of the Azure Dragon Race. He had to find a way to get in at least once.

“Take care.”

The two fools, the Black and White Eggs, showed some reluctance when they said goodbye.

It was rare for these two vicious-tongued puppets to show serious and solemn expressions.

Should I tell them that the palace is already empty, and there is no point in guarding the place anymore?

After thinking for a while, Xiao Chen chose to keep his own counsel.

The puppets had their purpose for being created. If the Black and White Eggs knew that their purpose was over, who knew what would happen?

Just let them continue guarding this place. At the very least, they have a purpose and meaning for existence.

They can continue to guard the inheritance that their master left.


Parting always felt somewhat unacceptable, even if Xiao Chen had been trapped here for four years and was really going to leave.

Suddenly, just as he was about to bring out his Heavenly Dragon Body to soar into the air, something strange happened.

An intense light appeared from behind. The eternally dim land of the blood moon suddenly turned bright.

Sunlight! This is sunlight!

Xiao Chen’s expression flickered. When he turned his head back, he saw a blazing sun slowly rising from the horizon of the vast desolate plain behind the cliff. The light was piercing and dazzling, preventing him from opening his eyes.

This strange sight was simply too shocking.

“Let’s go. We should hide somewhere first.”

The Black and White Eggs—two powerful puppets—appeared quite alarmed, as though seeing something terrifying.

They quickly picked up Xiao Chen and landed above the dilapidated palace.

A special light barrier immediately covered the Black and White Eggs, as well as Xiao Chen.

It made them appear to have become one with the palace, an ingenious concealment.

“What’s going on?” Xiao Chen had never seen the Black and White Eggs so anxious. They did not act this way even when they faced Soul Reaper.

“Stop speaking. You will understand in a while.”