Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2081 Raw 2186 : Entering the Palace

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Chapter 2081 Raw 2186 : Entering the Palace

Chapter 2081 (Raw 2186): Entering the Palace

After Xiao Chen activated his Great Desolate Eon bloodline, he sent the fatigued Black and White Eggs flying.

“It’s over. This fellow’s bloodline power is erupting!”

“No! It has only been three years. I am not yet satisfied!”

The Black and White Eggs saw Xiao Chen’s Great Desolate Eon bloodline erupt. His aura burgeoned infinitely, reaching the level of a Peak Sovereign Personage despite him being only a Small Perfection Sovereign Personage.

This showed how horrifying this eruption was. It raised a person’s strength by several orders of magnitude.

However, the Black and White Eggs did not choose to give up. They roared and simultaneously attacked.

It was another classic saber-and-spear combination. The puppets’ Saber Dao Domain and Spear Dao Domain layered over each other.

This made it look like the two powerful puppets both possessed two Dao Domains.

This was the Black and White Eggs’ final decisive battle. Previously, they had been successful in every battle. No matter what opportunity Xiao Chen grasped, they would layer their Dao Domains and use a saber-spear combination attack to defeat him.

However, Xiao Chen felt very confident this time. He said seriously, “Bring it on!”


Xiao Chen’s blood gushed in his body. Enduring the might of the Dao Domains, he charged over.

Gripping the Tyrant Saber tight, he started exchanging blows with the Black and White Eggs. The fighting spirit filling his body surged to the heavens.

With every saber strike, Xiao Chen infused his Sovereign Personage Will into the saber.

As the saber light flickered, only the colors black and white remained in the world. Aside from the bright saber light, there were no other colors.

During the past three years, Xiao Chen could not make a breakthrough in his Saber Dao to comprehend a Dao Domain.

However, that did not mean that Xiao Chen’s saber skills had not improved.

On the contrary, his saber skills advanced rapidly.

Previously, Xiao Chen could only perfectly merge his will of soul into his saber strikes when he was in his peak state. Now, he could easily accomplish that at any moment. He could control it as he pleased.

This inspiration came from the saber light the Azure Emperor left in the Yellow Springs Road.

After thinking for many years, Xiao Chen finally could accomplish the same thing easily, far surpassing the Azure Emperor from back then.

“He perfectly merged his will of soul into his Saber Technique, a fusion of the will of soul and the Martial Dao. This is a state that even Sovereign Emperors dream of: Martial and Soul as One!”

“This fellow is really troublesome!”

The world turned lightless; the blood moon lost its color. Now that Xiao Chen had entered a state of Martial and Soul as One and his Great Desolate Eon bloodline erupted, he was not disadvantaged when fighting against two. Even if the other parties layered their Dao Domains, he still suppressed them.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The flashing of the saber light increased in speed, knocking back the Black and White Eggs step by step. Xiao Chen’s aura continued to grow stronger.

“Breaking Vast Armies!”

Seizing the opportunity, Xiao Chen gave a war cry and executed the Army Breaking Saber Technique’s Breaking Vast Armies.

The saber light coalesced on the tip of the saber. Then, an aura that could break vast armies burst out in this black-and-white world—an aura that only bravely charged forward.

“Dang!” Xiao Chen sent the Black and White Eggs flying.

Break! Break! Break! Break! “Breaking Vast Armies! Breaking Mountains and Rivers! Breaking Stars! Breaking the World!”

Xiao Chen perfectly executed the entire Army Breaking Saber Technique. He felt very contented and delighted, his blood surging.

The Black and White Eggs suffered unspeakable misery. Despite their layering their Dao Domains, Xiao Chen completely suppressed them. Their momentum hit rock bottom.

The Black and White Eggs were puppets, after all. Even though they could execute strong and exquisite Martial Techniques, they could not comprehend the techniques’ true meaning; on the other hand, Xiao Chen did and merged the true meaning with the hot-bloodedness in his heart and his Great Desolate Eon Dragon Might.

When executing a Martial Technique in the state of Martial and Soul as One, Xiao Chen erupted with a power that far surpassed the original.

“Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique, Entering Hell!”

Xiao Chen immediately followed up after gaining the upper hand, not giving the Black and White Eggs a chance to recover.

He executed his strongest killing move, Entering Hell.

Buddha said, “If I don’t enter hell, who will?!”

This saber strike contained the state of disregarding death and had a far vaster and boundless boldness and broadness of heart than Breaking the Mundane and Resolving the Mundane.

Driven by Xiao Chen’s Sovereign Personage Will, the fearless saber move swept through the place.

The two puppets heard the saber wind surge out, sounding like the cries of ghosts. A scene of hell descending upon the mortal realm materialized.

The howling saber blade sounded like ghosts and malicious spirits shrieking in pain. The Black and White Eggs found the saber wind alone already tough to block.

In the next moment, a Buddhist swastika appeared on Xiao Chen’s forehead.

Within this scene of hell, Xiao Chen did not look like he held a saber but an evil dragon from hell that could swallow up the world, ruling the world.

This evil dragon was the World Destroying Evil Dragon of Buddhist legends. This evil power could tempt one’s heart and even make gods and Buddhas fall.

Regular people would find this hard to control. However, Xiao Chen had already reached Great Perfection with this move. His heart would not change, allowing him to control this move easily.

When Xiao Chen pointed with his saber, the evil dragon flew out from hell and immediately knocked the Black and White Eggs into the air.

This move broke the previously successful combination of saber, spear, and layered Dao Domains.

Shock filled the Black and White Eggs’ eyes when they landed on the ground.

“Thunder Monarch Spear!”

Xiao Chen waved his left hand, and the Five Element Divine Lightning turned substantial in his palm, coalescing into a short spear.

That was right, a short spear.

Compared to the previous long spear, the short spear was denser and mightier, on top of being easier to execute.

It was no longer like before when Xiao Chen could use it only once.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!” Whoosh!”

As Xiao Chen waved his left hand, many short spears formed by the Five Element Divine Lightning shot out, carrying the terrifying power of lightning.

This startled the Black and White Eggs. They dodged continuously lest they get struck by the short spears.

“Candle Dragon Eyes!”

A spot of starlight appeared in Xiao Chen’s eyes. When a Candle Dragon image appeared behind him and opened its eyes, the spot of starlight turned into candle flames.

The Great Dao Energy of Xiao Chen’s Ice Dao quickly drained. The swaying candle flames shot out ice-attributed Soul Energy, spraying onto everything he saw.

The Black and White Eggs’ movements immediately slowed significantly.

“Crack! Crack!”

Many short spears struck the two puppets, riddling them.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!”

“We admit defeat! We lost!”

The Black and White Eggs no longer dared to fight back. They loudly conceded defeat.

Xiao Chen deactivated his Great Desolate Eon bloodline, quickly withdrew his aura, and sheathed his saber. After landing, he walked a few steps and arrived in front of the two combat puppets.

After three and a half years, he had finally defeated the Black and White Eggs.

This victory was swift and straightforward, inspiring delight.

Nevertheless, Xiao Chen’s heart remained as calm as still water. Previously, he had considered taking revenge on the two puppets.

However, if not for the Black and White Eggs’ abuse, his strength would not have improved so rapidly.

The skills that he had learned as a result of these two puppets would be useful for life.

“Congratulations, you are finally not trash. Quickly go in, then. Master’s inheritance is in there.”

“Your attacks are really ruthless. These holes in us will not recover anytime soon.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and performed a cupped-fist salute. “Sorry for the offense.”

After that, he rushed into the palace. An existence that could create the Black and White Eggs was at least a Faux God.

Xiao Chen felt very curious about the powerful master of the Black and White Eggs. Moreover, he was excited about the inheritance that powerful person left behind.

“What kind of title should he be given?” White Egg asked seriously as it gazed at Xiao Chen’s back.

Black Egg thought for a while before replying, “The four great unrivaled titles—Rotten Egg, Foolish Egg, Bitchy Egg, and Stupid Egg—are already taken. The two of us took the titles of Black Egg and White Egg. Fifty years ago, that person took the title of Dragon Egg. I truly don’t know what title to give him.”

White Egg thought for a while, then said, “Indeed, this is tough. We can’t justify not giving him a title.”

The two pondered about what title to give Xiao Chen. While this took place, he arrived before the palace. He felt somewhat nervous; what could he get from a Faux God’s inheritance?


Xiao Chen pushed gently, and the palace doors opened. Then, he walked in with large strides.

Xiao Chen immediately felt stunned. The large palace was empty; there was nothing at all.

He could see clear drag marks on the ground. The places where there should be treasures were all empty.

Aside from some lingering aura of treasures, anything of value in the entire palace had been taken away.

That Heavenly Dragon!

Xiao Chen immediately thought of that Heavenly Dragon.

When the Heavenly Dragon left, he took away all of the Faux God’s inheritance here, not leaving anything behind.

Xiao Chen knew from chatting with the Black and White Eggs that there were at least ten thousand treasures of various sizes in this Faux God inheritance.

“That fellow is really ruthless…”

Xiao Chen walked over somewhat helplessly. There seemed to be a jade strip on a pedestal in the center.

He picked up the jade strip and sent in a strand of Soul Energy. Some information immediately appeared in his mind—the words left by the Heavenly Dragon.

To the person who came after me, since you arrived here, you must have defeated the Black and White Eggs, the two puppets guarding the palace. Don’t let those two fools crush your confidence. Those two combat puppets possess a strength rivaling a Faux God’s. They would suppress their strength according to the challenger’s cultivation, always remaining one cultivation grade higher than the challenger’s. If you think that they are only one cultivation grade stronger, you are making a huge mistake.

Never mind those two fools. I left in a hurry, so I took everything away. Sorry about that. However, I will tell you how to leave this forsaken place. You should be a Dragon Race cultivator. Otherwise, you would not be able to come here. I left some records on how to cultivate the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries in the jade strip. Consider it compensation…”