Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2080 Raw 2185 : Three Years in the Blink of an Eye

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Chapter 2080 Raw 2185 : Three Years in the Blink of an Eye

Chapter 2080 (Raw 2185): Three Years in the Blink of an Eye

Being stared at by Soul Reaper of the ten great Desolate Slaves was not a good thing.

Life and death depended on the whim of this Desolate Slave.

Soul Reaper, which stared at Xiao Chen, seemed to find him somewhat familiar. A scarlet light continuously flickered in its eyes.

Then, Soul Reaper looked away and walked off in the air before landing at the city gates of the ancient dragon city.

Then, Soul Reaper entered the city with a flash.

This took only an instant, but Xiao Chen felt like decades had passed, torturously slow.

“Clack! Clack!”

The Black and White Eggs reformed simultaneously and looked around.

“It finally left. It truly lives up to its unrivaled title of Bitchy Egg. Back then, Master could not truly defeat it, either.”

“It is terrifying. If we end up on its iron hook, it would be tragic.”

“Hey, why aren’t you dead yet?”

Black Egg and White Egg looked like they were talking to themselves. When they saw Xiao Chen still standing there, they were shocked.

“How incredible! He actually scared away Bitchy Egg?”

“How inconceivable! To think that he survived after Bitchy Egg noticed him.”

Xiao Chen could not be bothered with these two fools.

He showed no expression on his face as he turned and left, thinking to himself, I cannot remain here anymore.

It does not feel good for someone else to control my life and death.

Before today, I could never have imagined that Soul Reaper would come out of the blood moon. Furthermore, there were bloody Sovereign Emperors who died with grievances skewered on its iron hook.

If I find myself skewered on Soul Reaper’s iron hook when I open my eyes one day, I would not be surprised.

I have seen too many strange things in the land of the blood moon.

I have to think of a way to leave. Since the Heavenly Dragon could leave fifty years ago, I definitely can too.

Xiao Chen entered deep thought. Right now, the gap between him and the Black and White Eggs was not in cultivation but skill and experience.

That was right. The two puppets’ combat experiences were at least one hundred times more than Xiao Chen’s.

The powerful master of the Black and White Eggs probably made copies of his combat experiences and placed them in the two puppets.

Either that or their master replicated the combat experiences of some other powerful experts.

In any case, Xiao Chen’s combat experience differed from the two puppets’ by more than just a level.

Next up was skill.

Be it White Egg’s saber skills or Black Egg’s spear skills, they all astonished Xiao Chen.

Even without using a Dao Domain, the two puppets could use their skills to suppress Xiao Chen.

During the past half-year, Xiao Chen’s saber skills had improved by several levels while he underwent a beating.

Xiao Chen thought about it and figured that if he wanted to win, he had to use an advantage that the two puppets did not have.

Firstly, the acquired Divine Body.

White Egg and Black Egg considered Xiao Chen’s Divine Body only half-baked.

Xiao Chen’s Divine Body was the Azure Dragon Divine Body. It originated from the Azure Dragon, the strongest Divine Dragon of the Great Desolate Eon. When cultivated to its strongest, the resulting physical body could almost rival a pure-blood Azure Dragon’s.

However, Xiao Chen was far from that right now.

According to the Divine Dragon Body Tempering Art’s records, after one acquired a Divine Body, the Divine Body could still undergo three awakenings.

With the first awakening, the physical body would reach one-fifth the strength of a pure-blood Azure Dragon. The second awakening would allow the physical body to reach third-fifths the strength of a pure-blood Azure Dragon. On the third awakening, the physical body would reach four-fifths the strength of a pure-blood Azure Dragon.

As for reaching one hundred percent, that was impossible due to the presence of the human bloodline.

Xiao Chen could forget about trying to reach one hundred percent. However, he felt confident that as long as he could awaken his Divine Body once, he could achieve a draw with the Black and White Eggs.

Reaching one-fifth of a pure-blood Azure Dragon’s physical body strength would not only allow Xiao Chen’s physical body to be stronger but also significantly raise the time limit on the effectiveness of his Great Desolate Eon bloodline.

Besides the Divine Body, Xiao Chen grasped three Great Dao, something that the Black and White Eggs did not.

After all, the puppets were not human. It was already challenging for their master to make them grasp a Dao each and push it to the limits.

For the puppets to grasp another Great Dao would be too heaven-defying.

Aside from the Saber Dao, Xiao Chen also grasped the Ice Dao and Thunder Dao. If he could merge the three and link them, the resulting might would be greater by an order of magnitude.

Besides these, Xiao Chen felt the most confidence in something else: his heart.

Xiao Chen comprehended his Martial Techniques by himself and grasped their true meanings.

Be it their Martial Techniques or Dao Domains, the Black and White Eggs inherited them and did not understand their meanings.

The puppets were heartless; they were not cultivators.

After finding his direction, Xiao Chen stopped cultivating blindly. Instead, he spent his time strengthening his advantages.

Once Xiao Chen gained any comprehension, he would go and challenge the Black and White Eggs.

Like before, Xiao Chen still lost miserably. The Black and White Eggs showed no mercy. Every time they defeated him, they would use their vicious tongues to humiliate him.

However, Xiao Chen showed neither grief nor joy. He controlled his mental state and continued his bitter cultivation.

He ensured that he improved every day.

Besides this, Xiao Chen would take some time to explore this mysterious land of the blood moon.

This ensured that his process was not too dry and would not create a mental block due to the environment.

Time passed quickly, one year after another slipping by until Xiao Chen had been in this land of the blood moon for three and a half years already.


One man and two puppets fought each other in front of the dilapidated palace.

This scene had appeared countless times in the past three and a half years.

Black Egg’s and White Egg’s strengths were as sharp as before.

However, the two now no longer dared to spread out their Dao Domains, only to infuse their bodies with Dao Might.

The farther the Dao Might radiated, the weaker it would be. Dao Might was at its strongest when infused entirely in one’s body.

Before a cultivator who comprehended a Dao Domain, the weak could not even get close.

It was like when Elder Tian Yun unleashed his Sword Dao Domain during the entrance test for the Heavenly Dragon Palace.

Everyone, including Xiao Chen, had to move back, not daring to get close.

Not to mention attacking the other party, they could not even approach. Naturally, this placed Elder Tian Yun in an impregnable position.

However, Xiao Chen now could push two puppets with Dao Domains into having to infuse their Dao Domains into their bodies.

The white-robed Xiao Chen wielded his saber and fought against two. He did not appear disadvantaged during the first one hundred moves.

A faint azure light flowed over Xiao Chen’s body, and his eyes appeared spirited.

His every action displayed great might. Dragon roars rang out, and a shocking Dragon Might appeared.

Despite not comprehending a Dao Domain, Xiao Chen blocked the might and pressure from the Black and White Eggs’ Dao Domains.

“Brat, you lose!”

The black puppet unleashed its peak strike. Its spear looked like it could pierce through an entire world as it knocked away Xiao Chen’s saber.

“Dang!” The Tyrant Saber stabbed into the ground.

White Egg took this opportunity to push its Dao Domain to its limits, unleashing a resplendent saber light.

White Egg locked on Xiao Chen, and the saber in its hand struck his chest.

White Egg huffed, appearing incredibly exhausted. It said seriously, “It is getting increasingly difficult to defeat this fellow now. I want to beat him up, but I am feeling sapped of energy already.”

Black Egg said somewhat helplessly, “After the Divine Body has been awakened once, it is completely different. His physical body already surpasses our metallic bodies.”

“Indeed, it hurts much more when I beat him up now,” White Egg said, feeling very upset.

Xiao Chen successfully attained the first awakening of his Divine Body one year ago. His physical body was now one-fifth of the level of a pure-blood Azure Dragon’s body.

After achieving that, Xiao Chen found the Black and White Eggs’ attacks easier to deal with and could now launch counterattacks.

After the first awakening of Xiao Chen’s Divine Body, his physical body’s various aspects reached unprecedented heights.

From the inside out, Xiao Chen’s mind, Qi, and energy had experienced a qualitative change.

Nowadays, even if the white-robed Xiao Chen did not reveal his aura, people would find him extraordinary if he walked in a crowd, as he exuded a remarkable air.

Xiao Chen could already merge his three Great Dao and connect them. When he did this, he did not seem inexperienced with it at all.

The only unfortunate thing was that he had failed several times to attain a Dao Domain.

However, it was still too early for the Black and White Eggs to declare Xiao Chen’s defeat.

After being suppressed by the two, Xiao Chen revealed a faint smile and said, “Have the two of you not noticed something wrong with the fight up to now?”

White Egg blabbered, “What’s different about it? No matter how many times you jump around, you will still lose. It is just that I am too tired to beat you up. It is not that simple to pass our—the Black and White Eggstest.”

Black Egg added, “Youths will be youths. They get self-satisfied with just a small accomplishment.”

When Xiao Chen heard that, he guffawed, “You two fools are too arrogant. After fighting so many battles with me over more than three years, you did not notice that I still have not activated my Great Desolate Eon bloodline?”

The two puppets suddenly stared at Xiao Chen somewhat blankly. That seemed true. He had yet to activate his Great Desolate Eon bloodline today.

“Hahaha! Black and White Eggs, today, I will defeat you!”


Amid Xiao Chen’s carefree laughter, his aura suddenly soared. He activated his bloodline, and his eyes instantly turned golden.

An invisible Azure Dragon image soared from his body and coiled around him, along with a Great Desolate Eon’s Dragon Might.

Then, Xiao Chen charged headlong at the Black and White Eggs with a war cry.

He immediately knocked back the fatigued Black and White Eggs.

The Tyrant Saber, which had stabbed into the ground, hummed endlessly, its battle hunger soaring.

Xiao Chen extended his hand and beckoned, and the Tyrant Saber returned to his grasp. His aura flourished further, the Azure Dragon’s Dragon Might reigning supreme in the world.


Xiao Chen’s figure soared into the air. Then, he charged at the Black and White Eggs as he wielded his saber. After three and a half years, he launched a truly significant major counterattack for the first time.