Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2079 Raw 2184 : Unrivaled Title

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Chapter 2079 Raw 2184 : Unrivaled Title

Chapter 2079 (Raw 2184): Unrivaled Title


The two arrows shot from the Soul Tools struck Xiao Chen simultaneously; he had practically no time to react.

Given the arrows’ speed and the might and pressure from the Soul Tools, a Small Perfection Sovereign Personage could not possibly see the arrows clearly.

Xiao Chen finally got to experience his opponents’ horror when he used the God Shadow Bow on them in the past.

No wonder Bai Yunfei did not dare to chase me at full speed after I used the God Shadow Bow, despite his much higher cultivation.

He must have been restricted, unable to bring out his full strength.


The two arrows pierced through Xiao Chen’s chest after striking him and continued to fly beyond him.

Xiao Chen fell out of the air and kicked up a cloud of dust. Then, he remained lying on the ground, his life status unknown.

The black and white puppets walked over and cleared the dust cloud with a wave of their hands. Then, the saber-wielding puppet said, “He is not dead, right? At the last moment, I suppressed my strength to ten percent. If he died, it would be too much of a waste.”

“He won’t die. His physical body seems decent, a half-baked Divine Body. Brat, if you are not dead, let out two grunts.”

The black puppet knocked on Xiao Chen twice with its spear. Furthermore, it did not do so lightly, putting in some force.

Xiao Chen cried out in pain. He then looked at the two puppets somewhat weakly. “What kind of existences are you two?”

The black puppet said, “I am Black Egg, and he is White Egg. Together, we are the Black and White Eggs. Our master ordered us to remain here and guard his inheritance. Those who can pass the test can gain Master’s inheritance.”

When the black puppet mentioned its name, it seemed very cocky.

Xiao Chen was flabbergasted. He could not help saying, “Your master is really good with names.”

Now, Xiao Chen finally understood. These two puppets might seem malicious, but they did not intend to kill him.

This was more like a test. Otherwise, the two arrows earlier would have killed him.

The white puppet solemnly corrected the black puppet. “We do not have names. Fifty years ago, a Dragon Race cultivator passed the test and gave us names. He said Egg means strong. The four great experts of the world are Rotten Egg, Bitchy Egg, Stupid Egg, and Foolish Egg. They are all unrivaled titles. Now, with us Black and White Eggs, that makes six unrivaled titles.”

[TL Note: The various egg names are all translated literally. If someone calls you a name with egg in it, it is usually an insult. Rotten Egg means baddie. Bitchy Egg is more accurately translated as Dog Egg, but I went with Bitchy Egg for the pattern of them being insults. It means dog testicles. Stupid Egg simply means stupid. Foolish Egg means fool. Black Egg and White Egg have no meaning and are just literal, but are likely meant to insult the two.]

“Someone came fifty years ago?”

Xiao Chen did not linger on the two’s names. He paid more attention to the white puppet saying that someone previously came.

“That’s right. He was a Dragon Race cultivator like you. His aura was somewhat similar to yours as well. That’s why we did not kill you. Do you know him?” the black puppet asked.

Xiao Chen suddenly understood. A strand of the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries appeared in his hand as he asked seriously, “When you say similar, do you mean like this?”

“Yes, that’s the aura. However, he was much stronger than you. When he came, he was already a Peak Sovereign Personage. However, I still humiliated him for five years!”

“Haha! I really miss those days. He would come every day to get beaten up.”

“That person was really rubbish too; he could not compare to us two puppets. However, you are more rubbish.”

“Right. At least he lasted one hundred moves against us the first time. You could not even last ten moves.”

“Furthermore, you tried to take a shortcut and use a treasure to kill us. What a delinquent! We Black and White Eggs are puppets possessing Faux God Flames. We cannot be killed.”

“Public morals are degenerating with each passing day. The days when we swept through the place with Master were better, truly delightful days.”

“The youths these days are getting worse and worse.”


Xiao Chen showed a blank look, not saying anything while the two puppets rattled on and on, trash-talking him for fifteen minutes. He finally understood why the Heavenly Dragon gave these two the names of Black Egg and White Egg.

Most importantly, as the two puppets spoke, they ended up ignoring Xiao Chen and headed back.

Xiao Chen quickly gave chase to ask how the Heavenly Dragon left back then.

“What a fellow! He is going to sneak-attack us now.”

“En garde.”

The two could not help speaking out and attacking again, not giving Xiao Chen the chance to explain. They immediately beat Xiao Chen up to the point of futility. Since he was already injured, he did not even last three moves this time.

“Hey, do modern people resort to sneak attacks if they are incapable?”

“Well, if they were capable, they would not sneak-attack.”



Sprawled on the ground, Xiao Chen had no words to respond with. As he looked at the blood moon in the sky, he felt utterly helpless.

There had never been a moment where he hated remaining in a place this much.

Previously, Xiao Chen thought that he could face humiliation or honor indifferently with his mental state, feeling no regrets, whether he won or lost.

However, he felt that he needed to temper his mental state further today.

Even the Heavenly Dragon was humiliated here for five years. When can I get out of this predicament?

Just thinking about it plunged one into despair.

Xiao Chen could imagine that the Heavenly Dragon must have felt incredible joy at reaching this place fifty years ago.

After experiencing the Black and White Eggs’ torture, he must have wished he had died in the Heavenly Dao Killing Formation.

In any case, this was how Xiao Chen felt at this moment.

The sun did not rise or set in this land of the blood moon; the blood moon was always in the sky. To people who were used to the sun rising and setting, this was simply torture.

Three days later, Xiao Chen accepted the reality of being trapped here.

He adjusted his mentality and focused on cultivating to defeat the Black and White Eggs as soon as possible.

After all, these two puppets were only Great Perfection Sovereign Personages. He believed that he would eventually defeat them.

Xiao Chen did not casually challenge the two puppets. He only made his move after he felt that he had firmly stabilized his cultivation.

In the end, the two puppets worked together and defeated him in five moves. His morale immediately hit rock-bottom.

Time passed very quickly. Half a year had elapsed in the blink of an eye.

Xiao Chen had challenged the two puppets over ten times by now. Depending on the other parties’ mood, sometimes he would get defeated in ten moves, sometimes three moves, and sometimes twenty moves.

That was right. It was entirely dependent on the two puppets’ mood.

The two puppets were ridiculously strong. After they entered their combat state, they were simply incomprehensible.

For the first time, Xiao Chen wondered if his cultivation path was right.

However, he had to acknowledge that he had improved at a godly speed over the past half-year. Although he did not make a breakthrough in cultivation, his strength had at least doubled.

This was especially so for Xiao Chen’s Saber Great Dao. During his fights with White Egg all this time, he got to observe the other party’s Saber Dao Domain. This was of great help to him.

Even so, all this was no use to him whatsoever.

After yet another defeat, Xiao Chen lay on a rock and looked at the blood moon in the sky, feeling bored.

The Black and White Eggs sat beside Xiao Chen and rattled on.

Xiao Chen was already immune to the vicious tongues of the two. Now, they could no longer affect him at all.


Just at this moment, the blood moon in the sky suddenly flickered with light. A terrifying might and pressure came from it.

Xiao Chen’s heart skipped a beat. This was his first time seeing such a change in half a year.

The Black and White Eggs by his side also stood up and looked at the blood moon in the sky.

Xiao Chen withdrew his aura with a grave expression. He felt nervous, not knowing what would happen.

When the blood moon stopped flickering, a leg stepped out of it. When that figure’s entire body appeared, Xiao Chen could not help making a strange face. It was Soul Reaper, one of the ten great Desolate Slaves.

Xiao Chen had seen Soul Reaper in the ancient Azure Dragon city half a year ago.

Unexpectedly, the other party came out of the blood moon this time.

Xiao Chen found it hard to hide the fear in his heart every time he saw Soul Reaper. Before such an expert, his existence seemed insignificant.

This time, Soul Reaper appeared different from previously, having several bloody corpses skewered on its iron hook.

All of these corpses died with remaining grievances, their eyes wide open. Moreover, they were all Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperors.

Sovereign Emperors had been slaughtered like beasts and strung up on its iron hook.

This incredible scene came as a great shock.

Now, Xiao Chen realized how fortunate he had been to survive Soul Reaper with Qin Zhuolin the previous time.

“Bitchy Egg is back. The bloody stench coming from it is potent.”

“I truly feel for those people that Bitchy Egg strung up. How terrible for them!”

“It is very powerful. It truly deserves to hold the unrivaled title of Bitchy Egg. Compared to the true four unrivaled experts of the world, we, the Black and White Eggs, are still too inferior.”

“Oh no, Bitchy Egg is looking over.”

After coming out of the blood moon, Soul Reaper swept its gaze around and fixed it in Xiao Chen and the two puppets’ direction.

“Crack! Crack!”

Xiao Chen felt anxious. He was just about to hide behind the Black and White Eggs when those two shattered simultaneously, returning to the state he had found them.

Xiao Chen felt flabbergasted, finding both advancing and retreating difficult.

He did not dare to move at all beneath Soul Reaper’s stare. Eyeing the experts strung up on the iron hook, he had no idea what would happen next.