Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2077 Raw 2182 : Ancient Azure Dragon City

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Chapter 2077 Raw 2182 : Ancient Azure Dragon City

Chapter 2077 (Raw 2182): Ancient Azure Dragon City

“Thump! Thump!”

The instant Xiao Chen entered the water, his vision turned blurry. All he could see was a hazy blood moon.

Xiao Chen’s heart started to race uncontrollably. “Thump! Thump!”

His heartbeat slowly sped up. He found this incredibly unbearable, as though his heart would rip apart.

Am I unable to escape death in the end?

Xiao Chen felt somewhat unresigned. It was not that he did not work hard; he had used all his various means to clear the Heavenly Dao Killing Formation.

Now, he truly felt helpless. If he really died here, it could only be said to be fate.

Xiao Chen had experienced many similar things in his life.

He had had many brushes with death, so many that he already lost count.

Now that he faced death again, he did not feel much despair, even though he felt unresigned.

What was left after one died?

Rumor said that after advancing to the Divine Vein Realm, one surpassed the limits of mortals. After the body perished, the will of soul could continue to exist.

If one reached the Faux God Realm, even if one’s will of soul were destroyed, one could be revived as long as the divine flame existed.

Unfortunately, Xiao Chen was not there yet. A Sovereign Personage was still mortal.

At this moment, Xiao Chen thought about many things. However, he did not give up hope, continuously searching for a way to survive.


Xiao Chen could not stop his heart from pounding intensely. His heart ended up cracking, and a drop of his heart’s blood seeped through his chest and instantly merged with the water.

When the blood moon in the pool of water absorbed the drop of heart’s blood, it changed. The blood moon looked like it burned, releasing a resplendent red light.

Xiao Chen, who was unaware of all this, felt his body floating in the pool of water. His heart recovered to its original state.

The berserk Demonic Qi Veritable Essence Energy in his body calmed down.

As Xiao Chen remained in that space, his body sank uncontrollably.


After some time, Xiao Chen hit the ground. He felt that his bones almost shattered.

He grunted and pulled his clothes aside. He saw that the wound on his chest had already mostly healed, with only a little left.

“It was not an illusion?”

Xiao Chen looked up and saw a blood moon hanging high in the air. There was no trace of the pool of water.

He was now in a desolate plain with an overhanging cliff at the limits of his vision.

When Xiao Chen looked over, there seemed to be an ancient and mysterious city on that cliff.

The city looked majestic, timeworn, serene, and dignified. It looked even grander than any dragon city that he had seen before; none of them could compare to it.

A terrifying might and pressure bore down with the wind from afar. This made Xiao Chen, who stood on the desolate plain, find breathing difficult.

“Dragon Might?”

Xiao Chen felt slightly shocked to discover that the heavy pressure he felt contained a strong Dragon Might.

This vast, ancient Dragon Might had accumulated for who knew how long.

What was stranger was that Xiao Chen found this Dragon Might incredibly familiar. This was the Azure Dragon’s Dragon Might.

“What is this place?”

Xiao Chen felt very puzzled. There was a blood moon in the sky and an ancient dragon city on the ground.

He was sure this was not the Desolate Sea. If there were such a dragon city in the Desolate Sea, he would have discovered it long ago.

Could this be underground?

However, if this were underground, What could explain the realistic-looking blood moon?

Xiao Chen’s thoughts fell into some disarray. He closed his eyes and stopped thinking about it for now.

After sitting down cross-legged, he consumed a Medicinal Pill and focused on treating his injuries, recovering to his peak state.

Four hours later, Xiao Chen, who possessed an acquired Divine Body, had recovered from most of his physical injuries. His dried-up Primal Core had also refilled with Veritable Essence Energy, returning to his peak state.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and stood up. He could finally relax somewhat.

Previously, he had been at the end of his rope. Even a Star Venerate could have killed him.

Now that Xiao Chen was back at his peak state, he felt much calmer.

He stared at the distant dragon city and entered deep thought. Then, he leaped up to soar above the desolate plain.


Xiao Chen’s feet had just left the ground when he felt immense pressure. He looked up and realized that this pressure came from the blood moon in the sky.

Enduring the rapid depletion of his Veritable Essence Energy, he soon arrived at the bottom of the cliff.

Without hesitation, he started climbing.

No matter what, Xiao Chen had to figure out the situation with the ancient Azure Dragon city that suddenly appeared in this strange place.

Perhaps his opportunity to leave could be found there.

The cliff was precipitous and tall. The rocks jutting out of the cliff were sharp. Xiao Chen endured the pressure from the blood moon and climbed up with much difficulty.

By the time he made it to the top, beads of sweat had covered his forehead. Before he could wipe the sweat off, the sight before him stunned him. Many rows of soldiers in heavy armor stood outside the ancient dragon city.

These soldiers exuded terrifying auras as they patrolled the place.

Every one of them possessed the strength of a Sovereign Personage at the very least. Furthermore, there were more than a thousand of them.

These soldiers split into several groups, patrolling the outside of the city in a pattern.

The most startling thing was that these soldiers should be dead; they had no aura of life whatsoever.

Above the dragon city, eighteen incredibly colossal dragon souls flew about. Just one head alone was the size of a small mountain.

These dragon souls radiated a strong, scary aura that inspired despair.


Suddenly, Xiao Chen saw a titanic figure descend from above the city.

This figure was clad in heavy armor and had a thick chain wrapped around its body; this chain ended with an iron hook resting on its back.

Soul Reaper!

One of the ten great Desolate Slaves in the Desolate Sea. Xiao Chen’s face sank slightly. What is going on with this place?

How can an ancient Azure Dragon city have such unclean things?

Are they occupying it or defending it?


Suddenly, Soul Reaper, which was above the city gates, turned its head and looked in Xiao Chen’s direction.

In the time it took for a spark to fly, Xiao Chen hid behind something. At the same time, he put on the Death God Mask to isolate his aura.

He completed all these in one breath. Even so, he still could not relax. He could feel a gaze sweeping over his aura.

His anxiety disappeared only after a long time.

Xiao Chen walked out and looked up. Soul Reaper had disappeared from above the city gate.

However, that army of the dead remained. As they moved, their armor clanked loudly.

Aside from the dragon souls, Xiao Chen also discovered several Desolate Slaves above the city.

However, these Desolate Slaves were much weaker than Soul Reaper, lacking that asphyxiating aura.

Xiao Chen recalled when he met Soul Reaper for the first time. He and Qin Zhuolin had nearly died. Fortunately, the arrival of the sun saved them.

Ordinary people could not understand that strength, much less resist it.

With the Death God Mask, Xiao Chen felt slightly bolder. He carefully edged over to the ancient Azure Dragon city.

He wanted to enter the dragon city to see what was inside.

However, he was somewhat leery of the risk. Discovery would mean an army of the dead flying over. Only death awaited him then.

After observing for a long time, Xiao Chen discovered a pattern. The places where the soldiers patrolled seemed limited.

They kept to the same places. As long as one did not enter the area they defended, one would not be in any danger.

Relying on this pattern, Xiao Chen used the openings created when the soldiers’ patrols crossed.

He advanced steadily, slowly approaching the dragon city.

His figure moved continuously. He had to pay attention and maintain a certain distance from the many soldiers.


Two imposing statues holding weapons flanked the city gates. The strange thing was that the one on the right was missing half its body.

Xiao Chen continued to press forward. He was already very close to the city gates, but he did not know if the city gates would open or not.

Even so, he wanted to give it a try.

Xiao Chen slowly and carefully closed the distance. He was just one kilometer from the city gates when the undamaged statue suddenly opened its eyes. A red light shone on him.

The patrolling soldiers suddenly stopped. Then, scarlet eyes appeared in the many helmets, staring at Xiao Chen.


Xiao Chen immediately turned around and made a mad dash for survival, not wanting to remain here.


The statue that opened its eyes did not move from its spot. It only forcefully swung its arm, and a fiery light shot out from its spear, flying towards Xiao Chen.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Before the spear arrived, the horrifying spear aura already did, nearly knocking Xiao Chen into the air.

“Thunder Monarch Spear!” Xiao Chen shouted. He had no way to dodge this, so he used his Thunder Dao’s Great Dao Energy to drive the Five Element Divine Lightning.

The Five Element Divine Lightning formed a brightly shining spear in his palm.

Boundless electric might erupted from Xiao Chen’s body as the Thunder Monarch Spear shot out.

The two spears collided in the air, and a terrifying force immediately burst forth.

This shattered the weapon shooting towards Xiao Chen, blasting it into shards flying everywhere and buying him some time.

“Light of Freedom!”

On obtaining the opportunity, Xiao Chen executed Light of Freedom, turning into a lightning bolt, and quickly left.