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Chapter 2075 Raw 2180 : Strange Change

Chapter 2075 (Raw 2180): Strange Change


Qin Zhuolin gave Xiao Chen a curious look. Even I don’t know what the energy source is, so how does he know?

Qin Zhuolin made a lot of guesses. This place was filled with cold Qi all year round. Could there be an ice-attributed natural treasure buried here to drive the Heavenly Dao Killing Formation?

For example, it could be a Blood Shadow Stone, Netherworld Profound Water, or Ancient Demonic Ice. These were extremely strong natural treasures that could rival Divine Crystals.

However, Qin Zhuolin quickly rejected these possibilities after some consideration.

They were practically impossible. These natural treasures contained extremely astonishing energy. Not to mention purposely searching for them, one could find them just by casually probing the surroundings.

However, there were no such auras here. This place was just an ordinary underground cavern.

There was nothing strange, aside from the cold. However, which part of the Desolate Sea’s underground was not cold?

Qin Zhuolin had many such thoughts. Nevertheless, he rejected them all.

Qin Zhuolin waited for Xiao Chen’s answer, on tenterhooks about Xiao Chen’s guess.

At this time, Xiao Chen already felt certain. His thoughts were very clear. He said seriously, “Actually, you know the Heavenly Dao Killing Formation’s energy source too. In fact, you see it every day.”

“What?! I know it, and I see it every day? Xiao Chen, this is not the time for jokes.” Qin Zhuolin’s expression turned grave as he gave Xiao Chen a cold look. Clearly, he did not feel satisfied with this answer.

Xiao Chen said calmly, “I am not joking. The energy source of this Heavenly Dao Killing Formation is the blood moon that you see every day.”

“This joke is not funny…”

Qin Zhuolin stopped thinking about Xiao Chen’s answer. He felt it was better for him to think about it for himself.

How could it possibly be the blood moon in the sky?!

What was the moon? The moon was the great lunar star. There were millions upon billions of stars in the Great Thousand Realms. However, there was only one sun and one moon.

Through the rise and fall of epochs since time immemorial, the sun and the moon remained eternal and never destroyed. They had existed from the moment the Primal Chaos split until now.

The powerful Faux Gods could destroy many stars with the wave of a hand. However, they had to be humble before the sun and the moon.

“Have you ever thought about why a blood moon cannot be seen anywhere else but the Desolate Sea in the Central Great Realm? The moon normally waxes and wanes, but the Desolate Sea’s blood moon has always been full whenever it appears, hanging high in the sky!”

Disbelief marked Qin Zhuolin’s face, but Xiao Chen did not feel surprised.

Xiao Chen had not been joking; he had his evidence for it.

Xiao Chen continued, “Why can we not sense the Heavenly Dao Killing Formation’s energy source? It is because the energy source is in the sky. Naturally, we cannot perceive it, as we are underground. The original range of this Heavenly Dao Killing Formation might be much vaster than we thought. However, due to certain reasons, it ended up shrinking to the current range and existing only in this underground cavern.

“Originally, I would not have thought of this. However, you told me today that Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun used the azure mountain as a totem to serve as the formation core with the Desolate Sea as the formation. More importantly…”

Qin Zhuolin’s expression slowly turned graver. He looked at Xiao Chen and prompted, “Continue.”

“More importantly, there is a little girl called Qing Chen in the village. She possesses an Extreme Yin Body. Some time back, she told me that she could see a blood moon in the ancient well during the day. Previously, I could not understand it. Why could she see a blood moon in the ancient well during the day? I only just figured it out.”

Qin Zhuolin entered deep thought. His train of thought slowly turned clearer. However, a chill ran down his spine.

If all these were true, then how strong was the person who laid the formation?

The blood moon in the Desolate Sea’s night sky had probably existed for tens of thousands of years. Did it exist because of this person?

Even though this person ceased to exist tens of thousands of years ago, he still affected the entire Desolate Sea.

No wonder the Heavenly Dragon, who discovered the secret of this place, was chased fifty years ago.

However, there was already no way to retreat. Qin Zhuolin said seriously, “If the energy source of this Heavenly Dao Killing Formation is the blood moon in the sky, it might be a formation within a formation. This Heavenly Dao Killing Formation might be a part of the blood sacrifice formation that Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun laid back then. This is somewhat problematic, but there is a way to deal with it.”

Xiao Chen felt stunned on hearing this. Unexpectedly, Qin Zhuolin really had a way to deal with it.

“What’s the method?”

“Trying to break the formation is not realistic. However, since we know the energy source of the formation, we can avoid becoming the targets of the formation when I figure out how the energy flows. That way, we will be able to move freely in this underground cavern and easily find the remains of the Heavenly Fragrance’s previous Holy Daughter.”

The stronger one was in this killing formation, the faster one died.

The two moved very carefully along the way, which constrained them.

The two were strong, but they could not move as they wished, which felt very depressing.

If the two could use their full strength, their search would go much faster, given their Movement Techniques.

“However, this assumes your guess is right.”

Xiao Chen said, “Besides trusting me, you have no other choice at the moment.”

“I trust you!”

Qin Zhuolin only gave a simple reply before falling silent. Then, he sat cross-legged on the water.

He closed his eyes, and his hands continuously formed profound hand seals.

As Qin Zhuolin’s hands moved, an expanding star chart appeared behind him.

At some point in time, Xiao Chen looked up, and the rocks overhead disappeared. Only a vast and boundless Starry Heavens entered his eyes. This felt extremely mysterious.

The stars twinkled, and starlight flashed continuously, slowly forming an even vaster star chart.

Beads of sweat rolled off Qin Zhuolin’s forehead. Xiao Chen could sense his Soul Energy ebbing rapidly.

Besides driving the star chart, Qin Zhuolin’s Soul Energy seemed to be searching for something.

“Buzz! Buzz!”

Suddenly, a few stars in the star chart shifted, falling directly.

This felt remarkably realistic to Xiao Chen, as if stars really were falling from the universe.

Just at this moment, Qin Zhuolin suddenly opened his eyes. He showed a fatigued expression, but an unconcealable joy shone in his eyes.

“Xiao Chen, your guess was right. The Heavenly Dao Killing Formation’s energy source is indeed the blood moon. It is too inconceivably vast. I have never seen a formation of such a large scale before!”

Qin Zhuolin stood up and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He said, “I’ve benefited greatly from this. Let’s go. As long as we walk on the starlight, we will be safe. We don’t have much time; I cannot maintain this Eternal Cycle Star Chart for long.”

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The two did not dare delay. They executed their Movement Techniques and sped through the cavern, on the starlight from above.

With this, the two did not have to worry.

The two now moved more than ten times faster than before. They quickly checked all the corpses sealed in ice underwater.

Their efficiency was much faster now.

“Is it that one?”

One hour later, Xiao Chen took three steps back and pointed to a beautiful corpse in the ice.


Qin Zhuolin landed beside Xiao Chen. Then, he took out a painting and compared it before nodding. “She’s the one. Look at her waist; see if there is a jade pendant there.”

The two’s gazes immediately shifted to the corpse’s waist, and they saw a white jade pendant that looked simple but gorgeous.


Xiao Chen threw a palm strike and parted the springwater to free this ice-sealed beauty.

After Qin Zhuolin got close to the ice-sealed beauty and extracted her, his breathing became somewhat heavy.

“How unfortunate! Such a beauty died mysteriously in this Heavenly Dao Killing Formation. I wonder why she entered the ancient well back then.”

After examining the corpse, even Qin Zhuolin could not help feeling somewhat excited. This was considered seeing the true appearance of the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter.

When the Holy Daughter was alive, practically no one could see her appearance.

Now that the job for the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter was done, the two now had a choice: to continue forward or to return.

Previously, before Qin Zhuolin figured out the energy circulation of the Heavenly Dao Killing Formation, the two could not move back, only able to advance.

Now that Qin Zhuolin had, they had the option of returning.

“What do you think?” Qin Zhuolin asked Xiao Chen. He did not dare to continue alone.

“Let’s return. There might be a great fortuitous encounter waiting for us, but it is more important to survive. Since when did your hand turn so cold?”

Xiao Chen noticed that Qin Zhuolin’s hand, which was placed on his shoulder, felt scarily cold.

Finding this strange, Qin Zhuolin said, “I was about to ask you why your hand turned so cold.”

Before the two finished discussing this, their expressions changed at the same time. They turned their heads to look—and saw that the ice around the corpse of the previous Holy Daughter, which was hovering above the springwater, had melted at some point in time.

The corpse had revealed its true face and placed its hands on the two.

The instant the two turned their heads, the previous Holy Daughter’s eyes suddenly opened.