Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2074 Raw 2179 : Killing Formation’s Energy Source

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Chapter 2074 Raw 2179 : Killing Formation’s Energy Source

Chapter 2074 (Raw 2179): Killing Formation’s Energy Source

Despite knowing that a Heavenly Dao Killing Formation waited at the bottom of the well, Qin Zhuolin still wanted to go down.

The blood moon high in the sky reflected in the ancient well.

Qin Zhuolin had made up his mind to go down and explore not only because he promised the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter but also because it was in his character to do so. Firstly, he felt confident in his strength. Secondly, he wanted to see what was below.

Qin Zhuolin even dared to barge into an ancient tomb where Soul Reaper was.

“I’ll go down with you,” Xiao Chen said softly as he looked at the reflected blood moon in the well.

Qin Zhuolin found this strange, so he asked, “Are you sure?”


Xiao Chen had planned to go back into the ancient well to explore after he broke through to the Sovereign Stage. Now, he was already a Small Perfection Sovereign Personage.

Since Qin Zhuolin insisted on going down, Xiao Chen might as well go down with him. At least they could look after each other.

Qin Zhuolin thought for a while before nodding. “That’s good, as well. After all, you have been down there before. However, think carefully. You might not be as lucky as you were before.”

“Even if you don’t go down, I will go myself.”

Qin Zhuolin gave Xiao Chen a strange look. Xiao Chen should be hiding something from him. However, it did not matter. Everyone had their secrets.

This was the same for Qin Zhuolin.

“Let’s go, then.”

The two entered the well, one after the other.

The springwater looked clear, and a cold blood moon reflected in the water. It looked like the two charged towards the blood moon.


Soon, the two entered the water. Cold Qi assaulted them, instantly seeping into their internal organs.

The two in the water could not help shivering. The cold Qi contained heavy Yin-attributed energy.

A normal person would have come out immediately after jumping into the water.

Otherwise, one would sustain cold poisoning, suffer internal organ damage, and die on the spot.

After the two swam through the water for one hour, they came out simultaneously, their complexions pale.

Many crystalline stalactites hung from the ceiling in front of the two. Cold Qi filled the cavern.

“Be careful of the stalactites above. They are even sharper than blades. These pierced through many people’s bodies and sealed them in ice, killing them.”

Xiao Chen had been here before, so he informed Qin Zhuolin of this danger.

Qin Zhuolin took in his surroundings and did not see anything strange. However, even though he frequently went to caves and sinister places, he still felt an intense chill in his heart’s depths.

His instincts told him that this seemingly ordinary cavern was perilous.

“I have never seen or heard of anything like this before.”

After a while, Qin Zhuolin shook his head with some disappointment. His experiences were useless in this place.

Walking on the springwater, the two headed upstream.

“I recall that the Heavenly Dragon of your Dragon Race disappeared twenty years ago, right?” Qin Zhuolin asked.

“Yes. After he lost to the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor, he got imprisoned in the Starry Heavens Dragon Prison.”

Qin Zhuolin entered deep thought before saying, “That means that this is not a dead-end. I am quite curious now. What is the scene like at the source of the springwater? Who set this up and created a Cold Yin Spring?”

The two moved cautiously, not daring to be careless.

After a while, Xiao Chen called out to Qin Zhuolin, “Previously, I reached up to this point. After the springwater started to flow, I managed to escape with the springwater’s flow. I do not know what we will meet ahead.”

“If we go any farther, we might no longer be able to return.”

Qin Zhuolin looked around and continued, “I cannot trace the Heavenly Dao Killing Formation’s danger; this is difficult.”

He sighed and headed forward.

The two continued walking upstream. Along the way, they ran into corpses sealed in ice by the cold Qi. However, none of them was the person whom the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter wanted found.

“There is someone in the water,” Qin Zhuolin suddenly said. Xiao Chen moved forward and saw a frozen corpse lying at the bottom of the springwater.

This corpse was perfectly intact. Its final expression had not faded away yet.

That was a confused expression filled with extreme shock.

This was a Sovereign Personage who died without a single clue about what was going on.

A cold wind blew and covered the two in a thin layer of frost.

“Let’s go, then.

The two had seen too many of such frozen corpses and were already numb to it. They just sighed and continued walking.

The cold Qi underground intensified. However, it was within their range of tolerance, so it was not a huge problem.

Aside from the cold, there was nothing else strange. The two even started to chat idly.


At some point in time, Qin Zhuolin tried to raise his right leg, and it gave off a crisp cracking sound.

Qin Zhuolin’s bones broke. Before he could react, he felt intense pain.

At this moment of carelessness, Qin Zhuolin, who was walking on water, stumbled and fell into the water.

After falling into the water, Qin Zhuolin felt horrified to discover that the frost covering his body formed ice as soon as it touched the water.

Before Qin Zhuolin could react, ice completely sealed his body, and he slowly sank to the bottom. He showed a helpless and confused expression on his face.

The danger came so suddenly, without any warning at all, and Qin Zhuolin fell for it.

“Damn it!

The horrified Xiao Chen had no time to overthink. He quickly threw a palm strike and parted the springwater.

Then, he retracted his hand, and a suction pulled the ice-sealed Qin Zhuolin up.

With no time to waste, Xiao Chen immediately followed up with a palm strike and instantly shattered the ice on Qin Zhuolin’s body.


Qin Zhuolin let out a long breath. His complexion had turned deathly white, fear lingering in his heart.

He did not realize when he got attacked.

“You have cuts!”

Xiao Chen examined Qin Zhuolin and found cuts on Qin Zhuolin’s right leg. These had allowed the cold Qi to seep in, and Qin Zhuolin’s condition worsened over time without him realizing it.

The wounds were tiny, and the place was filled with cold Qi. If one did not pay attention, one would not notice it.

After a while, Qin Zhuolin’s complexion returned to normal. He recovered very quickly after consuming a Medicinal Pill, as he had not suffered from any fatal injuries.

This was what this place was like.

One could not sense any danger at all. By the time one realized it, one suddenly discovered that one was on the verge of death.

Many times, the scariest thing was not meeting with many strong enemies or terrifying Desolate Slaves.

The scariest thing was when one fell into danger unawares, not knowing how to defend against it. In this case, it was because this cavern seemed no different from an ordinary one.

“I got careless this time.”

Qin Zhuolin frowned heavily and sighed, “I have met the scariest Desolate Slave of the Desolate Sea and even ventured into the tombs of Faux Gods a few times. Although I managed to escape safely every time, and I even have various measures for the burial sites of ancient Demonic Dao Sovereign Emperors, this place…”

Qin Zhuolin’s words carried a tone of defeat.

The strong confidence that had supported him all this time suffered a massive setback under this ancient well.

If not for Xiao Chen, Qin Zhuolin would have fallen here. Cold Qi would have seeped into his soul, and ice would have sealed his physical body. He would not have had any means to bring out his various measures.

Qin Zhuolin finally understood how Sovereign Emperors ended up dying here unawares.

Xiao Chen looked to the front, which was pitch-black. He did not know how long it would take for them to reach the springwater’s source.

“If we continue like this, without thinking of a countermeasure, we will die here sooner or later,” Xiao Chen sighed. This was just instinct, and there were no reasons for this thought.

“How can we deal with it? Even the most horrifying killing formation has a formation core, nodes, and formation lines. With these, even the most terrifying killing formations can be broken. However, there is nothing here. It is no different from an ordinary cavern at all.”

Qin Zhuolin’s words betrayed his helplessness. However, they were all irrefutable facts.

Xiao Chen did not answer. He contemplated these facts as he scrutinized their surroundings. After some thought, he said, “I feel that this is not the case. As long as this is a killing formation, it will have a formation core and supporting items. The only difference is that the Heavenly Dao Killing Formation perfectly merges these with nature; hence our inability to detect them.

“We just cannot detect them; it is not that they do not exist.”

Qin Zhuolin said sullenly, “For any formation to operate, it needs energy. Typically, this would come from Spirit Jades or Divine Crystals. Some more profound formations can use the energy in the ground. However, I cannot sense any energy fluctuation here. So, even with what you said, we can’t break this formation.”

Suddenly, inspiration flashed in Xiao Chen’s mind. He asked, “Do you mean, as long as we find the energy source driving the Heavenly Dao Killing Formation, we can break this formation?”

“I can’t guarantee to break the formation, but we won’t die here, at least. I am at least confident of that.”

Xiao Chen said seriously, “I think I know what is driving the Heavenly Dao Killing Formation and why you cannot sense it.”

“What is it?”