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Chapter 2066 Raw 2161 : Wine King

Chapter 2066 (Raw 2161): Wine King

When Xiao Chen remained silent, Xiahou Wu revealed a victorious smile. There was no doubt who the victor would be.

Of the nine people, the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor did not invite anyone else to sit, aside from him.

No one else’s brewer received the gratitude and respect of the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor.

However, everything still needed to proceed in the proper order.

There was a total of nine bottles of wine, nine peak-grade fine wines contesting for the title of Wine King.

Of course, not everyone thought that the Heart Burn, which was not introduced when presented, was a peak-grade fine wine.

Wang Yun’s Unfettered Sky, Pei Shaoxuan’s bone wine, Ye Han’s Heavenly Ice, the Profound Heaven’s Holy Son’s Flying Cloud, Xiao Chen’s Heart Burn, Xiahou Wu’s Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix…

Nine peak-grade fine wines were placed before the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor and the many appraisers.

Then, the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor waved his hand, and several attendants stepped forward and started to open the wine bottles and pour out the wine.

Nine attendants raised the nine fine wines at the same time and slowly poured. The wine fragrances wafted to the nose, turning into brilliant silver light under the sunlight as the wines filled the wine cups.


As the wines poured out from the bottles, many brilliant mysterious phenomena immediately appeared.

As Unfettered Sky poured out, a hazy fog rose and materialized a twisted illusion. Everyone saw different illusions in that fog, seeing the deepest hidden desire in their heart.

Some people saw themselves succeeding in their cultivation, surpassing Sovereign Personage and becoming a Sovereign Emperor.

Some people saw themselves hugging the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter with the left arm and the White Dragon Holy Daughter with the right arm. A group of pretty Heavenly Fragrance disciples even served them from behind; the scene looked alluring and erotic.

Many people felt dryness in their mouths, feeling a desire to rush forward and drained the wine in one go.

Some even made fools of themselves, unable to resist the temptation. They soared up and tried to charge onto the tall platform.

Naturally, the results went without saying. The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor raised his hand and knocked away those who charged over.

This truly lived up to being a forbidden wine. Just one look produced such scary results.

What would happen if one drank it?

This was the charm of Unfettered Sky. The more forbidden it was, the more tempting it became.

Pei Shaoxuan’s demonic bone wine materialized an extremely sinister mysterious phenomenon. It gave off a scary, cold Qi. It was like it was not wine that flowed out from the bones but many scary skeletons and corpses, and in the cup was a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

With one look, it was clear it was prepared for an ancient Demonic Dao Sovereign Emperor.

One cup showed ten thousand corpses. Just how many corpses had that ancient Demonic Dao Sovereign Emperor stood on for it to appear boundless? Without an astonishingly strong tyranny, one could not withstand the baleful aura coming from the cup; one would not even be able to raise it.

This nameless ancient wine inspired fear, deterring others from looking at it for too long.

Compared to these two unorthodox demonic wines, Ye Han’s Heavenly Ice felt refreshing.

As Heavenly Ice poured into the wine cup, thin snowflakes spewed out from the cup, sending snow flying around and spreading out, drifting down on the entire tall platform.

Xiao Chen reached out and caught a snowflake, which melted in his hand, leaving an icy feeling.

When Heavenly Ice completely filled the wine cup, the snowflakes spewing out of the wine cup gathered slowly and formed an ice flower hanging high in the air.

Such a fine wine looked very pleasing to the eye. A chill overcame everyone, and their heart instantly calmed down. The sight of that icy flower swayed one’s heart with memories that made them happy and peaceful.

Wenren Yu’s Flying Cloud materialized a mysterious phenomenon that perfectly described mist.

Clouds drifted about. The wine in the bottle poured through the clouds, looking like a waterfall falling from the sky into the wine cup.

“Ding! Ding! Dang! Dang!”

As the wine splashed into the cup, it produced a rhythmic melody. Wenren Yu smiled faintly and unslung the ancient zither on his back. Then, he casually plucked the strings. Wondrous zither music immediately merged with the spreading melody of this wine.

This seemed amazing, inspiring others to cheer. However, they feared interrupting this wonderful zither music and reflexively covered their open mouths.

Every wine had its own uniqueness. All of them were excellent. However, when the Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix’s mysterious phenomenon appeared, all the other mysterious phenomena instantly paled in comparison, appearing inferior.

Everyone saw nine-colored lights radiating out as the wine poured into the wine cup.

The multicolored lights looked resplendent as they flowed, showing many variations.

The wine pouring out looked like a spiritual spring spilling forth an Immortal river in heaven amid Immortal fog.

The moment the lights appeared, they attracted everyone’s attention, causing sharp intakes of cold air.

The cultivators in both the inner and outer courtyards showed shocked expressions, sighing at the sight.

When the wine filled the wine cup, the bright lights started burning and turned into a blazing flame.

A divine phoenix flew out of the flame. Bathed in fire, it circled the tall platform, attracting everyone’s attention.

The divine phoenix flapped its wings, and flowers of light suddenly descended, dyeing the entire City Lord’s Residence in multicolored lights.

Breathing in the multicolored lights replenished everyone’s spirits and made them feel comfortable.

The spectators flared with excitement, turning restless. Their eyes looked towards the wine cup containing the Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix, the fervent gazes burning with desire.

“The Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix. I’m satisfied to be able to see this Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix while I’m alive.”

“It truly is an excellent wine, something rare.”

“I thought that this wine would never appear again. Who could have expected that this wine would appear in Great Master Yuanfei’s hands?”

“Be it the two unorthodox demonic wines, the Profound Heaven’s Holy Son’s Flying Cloud, or Ye Han’s Heavenly Ice, they all pale in comparison. What is a Wine King? This is a true Wine King! It surpasses both righteous and evil, the best everywhere. This is a Wine King!”

Having so many mysterious phenomena appearing from so many peak-grade wines at the same time was a feast for the eyes.

This Peach Blossom Wine Festival far surpassed the previous ones, creating unsurpassable history.

The several peak wines could have been the main character had the Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix not been there.

Unfortunately, there was no if.

Next to the Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix, these wines were destined to pale into insignificance, just serving to make it look better.

Xiahou Wu heard the words of the appraisers behind him and felt cocky. He could no longer hide his self-satisfaction. Being able to trample on the Profound Heaven’s Holy Son, Ye Han, Pei Shaoxuan, and the others—even though it was only one wine festival—made him feel proud.

Suddenly, Xiahou Wu looked and noticed that the wine that Xiao Chen submitted showed no mysterious phenomenon.

Xiao Chen’s wine looked very ordinary. When Xiahou Wu looked at the wine cup, the wine looked ordinary. He could not help letting out a mocking laugh.

This fellow just abandoned himself to despair.

He knew that he could not compete with the Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix, so he casually took out a bottle of wine to make up the number.

This mocking laughter attracted the attention of others. Many of the appraisers looked at Xiao Chen’s wine.

The appraisers whispered to each other and shook their heads, revealing dissatisfaction and disappointment in their eyes.

How could the Peach Blossom Wine Festival be treated as a game like this?

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor was in a good mood. Despite noticing this lack of mysterious phenomenon, he did not say anything about it. He only locked his fervent gaze on the Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix.

“Senior Sister, what’s going on? What wine did Young Master Xiao submit?” Chu Xiang asked the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter, feeling somewhat anxious.

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter shook her head and said, “I do not know, either. However, this wine should not be an ordinary wine. It is definitely not as simple as it looks.”

After the nine wines were poured, it was the stage of tasting the wine.

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor looked at the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter and said, “As the Holy Daughter is willing to give face to me and come, this first cup of Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix should be tasted by the Holy Daughter first.”

Right after the Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix spoke, an attendant picked up the wine cup and brought it over to the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter.

Immediately, countless envious gazes fell on her.

The Holy Daughter took a sip before putting down the wine cup. Then, she praised, “It is indeed excellent wine. Even the legendary Jade Lake Immortal Brew probably cannot match up to it.”

“Holy Daughter overpraises me. If you are interested, I am willing to provide a bottle for the Heavenly Fragrance Banquet.”

On receiving this praise, Xiahou Wu showed a cocky expression and immediately made a promise.

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter replied softly, “Many thanks, Crown Prince Xiahou.”

The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor looked around and saw the other appraisers already feeling impatient. He smiled and said, “Everyone, take one and taste the wine.”

These appraisers immediately stood up and poured out a cup of the wine that interested them.

As they chatted happily, they evaluated the wine.

A somewhat embarrassing scene ensued. Even Unfettered Sky and the sinister demonic bone wine had appraisers willing to taste them. However, Xiao Chen’s Heart Burn rested quietly on the table, untouched.

Such a scene was strange, even for a wine festival. It incited mocking laughter from everyone in the outer courtyard.

“This is very embarrassing… Fortunately, I am not up there. Otherwise, I would end up like that as well.”

“That’s right. Who could have expected that the people who remained all took out peak-grade wines, even the Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix? Xiao Chen’s pretty unlucky.”

“Although the other wines are slightly inferior, it is not by much. They are still quite attractive, and there are still people willing to drink them…”

“These appraisers are all too overboard. At the very least, they should make an effort. This is too hurtful.”

“Haha! If I were those appraisers, I would do the same too. I would at least taste all of those peak-grade wines first before doing anything else.”

Up on the tall platform, just as the Holy Daughter was about to go and taste Heart Burn, a rather old man seemed like he could not bear to embarrass Xiao Chen like that. So, he walked over and picked up the cup of Heart Burn.

After taking a look, the old man raised the wine cup and casually drank it up.

The old man put down the wine cup and was just about to leave when his expression changed abruptly. He suddenly flushed red and held his chest, showing an extremely pained expression.

“Great Master Feng, what’s wrong with you?!”

The other appraisers hastily put down their wine cups and rushed over.

“This wine… It… It… It has…”

The old man addressed as Great Master Feng showed an extremely pained expression. He pointed to the wine bottle on the table, but he stopped and plopped down heavily on the ground before he finished speaking, his life status unknown.

“This wine has poison!” Xiahou Wu shouted, filling in Great Master Feng’s words.

A commotion immediately broke out. The initially calm and casual wine festival turned tense.

Even the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor’s expression changed slightly. A murderous intent flashed in his eyes as he glanced at Xiao Chen.

The previously extraordinarily bustling City Lord’s Residence instantly turned deathly silent.

Everyone’s gaze landed on Xiao Chen, brimming with incredulity.

It is poisoned!

To think that he dares to bring poisoned wine to the Peach Blossom Wine Festival! Does he not know how death is spelled?