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Chapter 2063 Raw 2158 : Entering Hell

Chapter 2063 (Raw 2158): Entering Hell

“While you were in closed-door cultivation, Senior Cui sent someone to deliver the Wine King Contest invitation.”

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter handed him a gilded card.

Many people came to participate in the Peach Blossom Wine Festival, but only a few could receive this invitation.

One could participate in the Wine King Contest only with this invitation.

“Young Master Xiao, are you participating in the Wine King Contest because of the Ethereal Immortal Palace’s treasure key?” the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter asked when Xiao Chen took the invitation.

“What’s the Ethereal Immortal Palace?” Xiao Chen felt confused, not knowing what she was talking about.

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter revealed a look of understanding. Then, she said seriously, “Indeed, it is as I expected. During the centennial wine festival, the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor would take out one of his treasures to give away as a prize. The prize this time is a key. Anyone who is connected in any way would know that this is the key to the Ethereal Immortal Palace. Most people are here for this key.”

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly and said, “I did not know that. I don’t even know what the Ethereal Immortal Palace is.”

Chu Xiang covered her mouth and smiled. “Young Master Xiao is truly surprising. You are already a Sovereign Personage, yet you do not know this common knowledge.”

“I am from the outer regions and have been in the Central Great Realm for only two or three years,” Xiao Chen said honestly, resolving the two’s doubts.

“We’ll speak about the Ethereal Immortal Palace again later. You are probably unaware of many things since you just advanced to Sovereign Personage. I’ll leave Chu Xiang here. You can ask her any questions you have. Don’t underestimate my junior sister. If she brings out her true strength, you might not be a match for her.” The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter smiled sweetly as her figure disappeared slowly.

These words were no exaggeration. Chu Xiang had been a Sovereign Personage for at least two years already. Furthermore, she came from a Holy Land and had access to plentiful resources. It would be hard to say if Xiao Chen could defeat her.

“The Holy Daughter thinks too highly of me. I’ll wait outside the villa. If Young Master Xiao needs anything, you can call for me at any moment.” The junior sister of the Holy Daughter behaved like a maidservant, serving Xiao Chen.

This made Xiao Chen feel somewhat uncomfortable. However, Chu Xiang did not give him any chance to refuse. She smiled faintly and took her leave with a bow.

“There’s no point continuing to think. Let’s see what changes there are after advancing to Sovereign Personage.”

Xiao Chen collected his thoughts and sank his consciousness into his Soul Pool.

After advancing to Sovereign Personage, the most remarkable change would undoubtedly be in his Soul Pool. The vague dragon seal that represented his will of soul had become clear and sharp, shining with a resplendent light. This light filled every corner of his Soul Pool, together with a Sovereign’s Might.

Sovereign Personage Will!

Xiao Chen’s will of soul had experienced a qualitative improvement. His will of soul initially rivaled that of a Small Perfection Sovereign Personage. It had improved and now reached the level of a Great Perfection Sovereign Personage, possibly even stronger.

Aside from that, Xiao Chen’s Veritable Essence Energy was denser, reaching a limit.

Xiao Chen’s consciousness sank further, to where his dantian was. His 9-Star Primal Core already turned substantial, flickering with black and white lights.

Its capacity for Veritable Essence Energy had increased by ten times.

Xiao Chen said in shock, “Small Perfection Sovereign Personage?”

The substantiation of the Primal Core was a sign of reaching Small Perfection Sovereign Personage. On reaching Great Perfection Sovereign Personage, the dantian would change further, becoming malleable. At Peak Sovereign Personage, the dantian would improve further, appearing illusory and becoming something between formlessness and substance.

At that point—the peak of being a person—the dantian would no longer be in danger of destruction.

If one wanted to progress further, one could only undergo a rebirth and break through the Cloud Sea Realm, starting to cultivate towards godhood.

However, these were very far away for Xiao Chen. Right now, he was shocked at having skipped past Initial Perfection Sovereign Personage and reached Small Perfection Sovereign Personage.

Xiao Chen could not help wanting to laugh out loud.

The Sovereign Stage had four sub-stages: Initial Perfection, Small Perfection, Great Perfection, and Peak.

With each increase in sub-stage, one would experience a qualitative increase in strength.

Many people ended up remaining at a sub-stage for the rest of their life, unable to progress any further.

However, right now, when Xiao Chen advanced, he directly skipped Initial Perfection and reached Small Perfection.

Xiao Chen’s deep and vast accumulations displayed their worth at this moment.

After thinking about it, he believed that it might have something to do with the Heart Burn that he drank.

The best wine of the Dragon Race could not only increase cultivation but also aid in transforming one’s bloodline.

Qin Zhuolin once said that a Sovereign Emperor in the past wanted to pay a Spirit Jade mine for a cup of this wine.

The aid of the excellent wine and Xiao Chen’s acquired Divine Body, as well as the one-thousand-year-old Spirit Flower Wine that Xiahou Wu provided, combined to help him advance directly to Small Perfection Sovereign Personage.

Xiao Chen laughed softly, “I wonder whether Xiahou Wu will feel frustrated to death after he learns about this.”

The various changes allowed Xiao Chen’s strength to increase severalfold compared to before his breakthrough.

While Xiao Chen did not dare to say that he could defeat a Great Perfection Sovereign Personage, he would not fear them.


With a thought, the Tyrant Saber appeared in Xiao Chen’s hand. Then, he drew the saber.

The saber was straight and about two fingers wide; it looked pretty. This, combined with its one-hundred-thirty-three-centimeter length, inspired fear in others.

Xiao Chen gently touched the saber with his hand. He felt somewhat rueful; he had not truly drawn his saber in a long time already.

It was not that Xiao Chen was unwilling to. Instead, it was because his saber skills lagged by too much.

Supreme Dragon Fist and Firmament’s Rage, combined with his peak Thunder Dao, were already sufficient to deal with most of his opponents.

As for the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique’s third move, Entering Hell, truly handling it required Xiao Chen to be a Sovereign Personage.

Otherwise, had he forced himself to practice it, he might have ended up like Zhen Yuan, losing control and ultimately falling into the Demonic Dao.

Hence, he had not dared to touch it all the while. Now that he had advanced to Sovereign Personage, he could no longer wait.

Xiao Chen had suppressed his bladesman identity for too long already.

“I have wronged you!”


After Xiao Chen spoke, it seemed like the Tyrant Saber understood him. It trembled slightly and buzzed endlessly.

The long-buried sharpness surged out, turning into boundless saber intent filling the place.

Tyrannical thoughts filled Xiao Chen’s mind.

Xiao Chen’s bloodline instantly surged. Using this momentum, he immediately executed Entering Hell, the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique’s third move.

Buddha said, if I don’t go to hell, who will?!

This saber strike contained the intent of forgetting death. Compared to Breaking the Mundane and Resolving the Mundane, Entering Hell contained a vaster and boundless boldness and broad-mindedness.

Without a Sovereign Personage Will, one could not control this utterly fearless saber move.

If one got careless, one could lose control and become a saber slave. Once that happened, one could not pull oneself out.

Chu Xiang, who was waiting outside the villa, heard a saber hum.

Her heart immediately skipped a beat. A chill ran down her spine. Just as she felt uncertain, an utterly fearless and bold, boundless aura soared into the sky from the villa, spreading in all directions.

“What a formidable saber move!”

Chu Xiang felt startled. She even thought that this saber move would destroy the entire residence.

However, just when Chu Xiang was about to make a move, she felt shocked to discover that the aura forcefully withdrew just as it was about to leave the villa.


Being able to withdraw such a powerful saber move was even more terrifying than unleashing it.

This saber move was already very terrifying, inspiring horror. In that case, how much more terrifying was the person who could subdue this saber move?

Xiao Chen!

Aside from Xiao Chen, there was no one else in the villa. Clearly, he had released this saber aura.

“He is also a bladesman?”

Chu Xiang simply could not suppress her curiosity. She spread her arms and flew up like a butterfly, then landed firmly on the villa wall.

Saber wind rushed about in the villa. Ghostly wails and terrifying howls rang out, presenting a scene of hell in the mortal realm.

The whooshing saber wind contained the shrieks of malicious spirits and the cries of evil ghosts. The rushing saber wind made Chu Xiang lose her balance, nearly toppling her.

The saber wind was very intense, preventing her from opening her eyes.

Chu Xiang squinted at the interior with much difficulty. Finally, she saw a white-clad, calm Xiao Chen holding a saber amid the hell-storm mysterious phenomenon formed by saber wind.

A swastika glowed on Xiao Chen’s forehead.

It felt like Xiao Chen was not holding a saber but an evil dragon from hell, an evil dragon that ruled the world and could consume everything.

This felt very hair-raising. If Xiao Chen lost control, this hellish evil dragon might be released.

Chu Xiang felt very worried about Xiao Chen, fearing that he would lose control and sink into depravity. She could tell how horrifying this saber move was.

However, she slowly realized that her worry was pointless.

Xiao Chen’s initial control had been somewhat stiff, hence the hair-raising feeling. However, he soon could control it as he pleased. His white-clad form looked like an azure lotus. As he wandered hell, his gently swaying figure showed a mind that never wavered.


At some point in time, Chu Xiang, who had become engrossed in the scene, heard a saber hum by her ear.

Only then did she startle awake from her daze to discover that Xiao Chen had already sheathed his saber.

Xiao Chen showed a faint smile on his delicate face as he looked at Chu Xiang, who was on the wall.