Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2060 Raw 2155 : Finished in One Gulp

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Chapter 2060 Raw 2155 : Finished in One Gulp

Chapter 2060 (Raw 2155): Finished in One Gulp

“Holy Daughter, why did you ask to speak with me alone?”

Now, only Xiao Chen and the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter remained in the grassy area. Someone had led Iron Egg into the residence to rest.

Xiao Chen could not figure out why the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter would want to meet with him alone.

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter looked at Xiao Chen and said, “I would like to ask you if you met a certain person in the Desolate Sea.”


Xiao Chen had met with quite a few people in the Desolate Sea. While there were not too many of them, it was still a significant number. Hence, this question was rather hard to answer.

“Qin Zhuolin.”

Xiao Chen felt stunned. When he first arrived at the Desolate Sea, he had indeed met this person once.

However, their meeting had been a coincidence. Furthermore, this matter had not been disclosed to others; others should not know about this.


The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter smiled and added, “In that case, I’m assured. Half a month ago, I sent someone to look for him, to ask him for help. However, he refused. He said that he did not owe anyone any favors, aside from you, and he is not obligated to help. This is really coincidental. I did not expect that the Xiao Chen he mentioned would be the person inflicted with Thousand Taste Revolution that I met back then. Even more surprising was that I got to meet you in Peach Blossom City.”

Indeed, Xiao Chen guessed it. Unless Qin Zhuolin mentioned it, no one else would know about their meeting.

However, who exactly was this Qin Zhuolin? To think that he did not even give face to the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter.

After all, the Heavenly Fragrance Holy Land held a transcendent position and was extremely famous.

It would be tremendously beneficial to receive an invitation from the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter and establish a connection with the Heavenly Fragrance Holy Land.

Xiao Chen ignored the question of Qin Zhuolin’s identity for now. He looked at the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter and prompted, “So?”

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter said, “I do have something I need Qin Zhuolin’s help with. Furthermore, it is urgent. If he does not help, it will be tough for me to succeed. Coincidentally, he owes you a favor. I would like you to help me convince him.”

In the end, after everything, the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter wanted to ask Xiao Chen to convince Qin Zhuolin.

Xiao Chen thought for a while before saying, “The two of us met only once before. I do not have any confidence in convincing him.”

“It’s fine. As long as you are willing to help, I will send word.” When the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter saw that Xiao Chen was easy to talk to, she felt gratified.

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “Since Holy Daughter says that it is urgent, I can give it a try. However, I cannot guarantee that he will agree.”

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter revealed an expression of joy at Xiao Chen’s straightforward agreement. The smile on her face looked like it would blow the mist away. When he looked, it felt like a spring wind blowing, making his eyes light up.

Unfortunately, that mist never dissipated. Xiao Chen still could not clearly see the other party’s appearance.

“In that case, I’ll take my leave first.” Xiao Chen performed a cupped fist salute and prepared to leave.

The slightly stunned and shocked Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter then said, “Young Master Xiao, are you not willing to chat a little longer with me? This seemed to be the case earlier and now as well. You are always trying to rush away. You helped me identify the Thousand Year Flame; with just that, I should properly thank you already. Now that you are providing me with great help, all the more I should express my gratitude.”

Xiao Chen smiled and countered, “It is all just minor help; there is no need to give me a big reward. When we first met, when we did not know each other, the Holy Daughter gave me an antidote for suppressing Thousand Taste Revolution. What I’m doing now is not worth mentioning next to that.”

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter saw that Xiao Chen behaved carefreely and calmly, showing no intention of standing on ceremony.

Hence, she did not pursue the matter. She thought a while, then said, “Young Master Xiao and your friend are new to Peach Blossom City. I believe you have not found lodging yet. If you do not shun it, how about you stay in the Heavenly Fragrance’s residence.”

That was true. Xiao Chen thought about this for a while. Once he left, there would be an endless stream of trouble.

Staying in the Heavenly Fragrance’s residence would indeed be much more convenient.

“In that case, many thanks for the Holy Daughter’s invitation.”

After Xiao Chen turned and left, a few Heavenly Fragrance disciples appeared. They frowned and said, “Young Miss, are we really going to let Young Master Xiao stay? The Heavenly Fragrance’s residence has never had males staying in it before. It is not going to be good if this spreads.”

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter replied softly, “What’s bad about it? The innocent will be proven innocent even if they do not do anything to prove it. Chu Xiang, make the arrangements.”


The disciple named Chu Xiang was the one that used the Hundred Flowers Hand to attempt to stop Xiao Chen earlier and ended up getting her wrist grabbed by him.

The Holy Daughter’s words somewhat surprised Chu Xiang. Once she recovered her wits, she nodded and agreed.

After making some preparations, Chu Xiang went to look for Xiao Chen and Iron Egg, who were resting in a gazebo, to bring them to their accommodations.

Chu Xiang looked at Xiao Chen and said softly, “Young Master Xiao, your accommodations are ready. Please, come with me.”

Xiao Chen recognized this woman. He apologized sincerely, “Sorry for the offense earlier. I hope Miss Chu won’t mind.”

With a casual smile, Chu Xiang replied, “It’s fine. Young Master Xiao’s cultivation is not high, but Chu Xiang is in awe of your strength. My master personally taught me the essence of the Hundred Flowers Hand. Unexpectedly, Young Master Xiao still managed to break it. If you have time in the future, we should have a proper exchange.”

Chu Xiang was a nice lady. Her temper and magnanimity were pretty good. Xiao Chen nodded and smiled. “I’d be glad to.”

The two chatted while they walked through the residence, discussing their various understandings of the Martial Dao.

This conversation was a big eye-opener for Xiao Chen.

Chu Xiang lived up to being a Holy Land disciple. Many of her understandings and opinions benefited Xiao Chen greatly.

Halfway to his accommodations, Xiao Chen saw a pair of people—one old and one young—leaving disappointedly.

The old man appeared spirited and showed a firm aura, giving off the air of a grandmaster. The youth looked handsome and impressive and had the air of royalty.

The Dragon Race bloodline in Xiao Chen’s body seemed to surge vaguely, apparently restless at the sight of that youth. He felt an impulse to compete with that youth.

Xiao Chen could not help asking out of curiosity, “Who are those two?”

Chu Xiang took a look and said, “That is Xiahou Wu, the Hound Lion Empire’s crown prince. The one beside him is Great Master Yuanfei. They should have heard the news and come to appraise the Thousand Year Flame. However, Young Master Xiao already appraised it, so there is nothing more for them to do.”

No wonder they are leaving in disappointment. Wait…

Great Master Yuanfei!

Xiao Chen suddenly remembered. Wasn’t this Great Master Yuanfei the one who defeated Grandpa Seven in a humiliating fashion, causing Grandpa Seven to decide not to return to Peach Blossom City these thirty years?

“Miss Chu, it has been a long time.”

When Xiahou Wu saw Chu Xiang from afar, the disappointment on his face immediately disappeared. He walked over happily.

Seeing the other party behaving so warmly, Chu Xiang said with some reserve, “Young Master Xiahou, I hope you have been well.”

Xiahou Wu smiled and said, “It probably has been one year since we parted at Desolate City. Great Master, give Miss Chu a bottle of the thousand-year-old Spirit Flower Wine that I’ve been storing. Just a small gift. Please don’t stand on ceremony.”

Great Master Yuanfei, who was behind Xiahou Wu, smiled faintly and took out a bottle.

Xiahou Wu received the bottle and said, “This Spirit Flower Wine not only tastes excellent but can also beautify women. Most importantly, it can also improve one’s cultivation and comprehension ability.”

Xiahou Wu felt very confident in his gift.

However, Chu Xiang declined, “Young Master Xiahou is too polite. Such excellent wine is too precious. Young Master Xiahou, please keep it for yourself.”

Xiahou Wu did not expect to get rejected. He stepped forward and tried to push this thousand-year-old Spirit Flower Wine onto Chu Xiang.

“If you reject it, it means that you show no regard for me, Xiahou Wu. If Miss Chu continues to refuse, then there is no point in keeping it. I might as well just toss it away.”

Chu Xiang felt awkward, finding both accepting and rejecting difficult.

Just as Chu Xiang felt conflicted, a hand suddenly shot forward and grabbed the bottle of one-thousand-year-old Spirit Flower Wine.

“Young Master Xiahou, since Miss Chu does not want it, tossing it away is a waste. I’ll help you drink it.”

Xiao Chen held the wine bottle and drank all of the wine in one go, making gulping sounds.

Xiao Chen’s body immediately felt parched and hot. Both the Spiritual Energy Veritable Essence Energy and the Demonic Qi Veritable Essence Energy in his Primal Core surged simultaneously.

Xiao Chen’s Veritable Essence Energy immediately became denser, a pleasant surprise.

He somewhat reluctantly finished the last drop. Then, he shook the bottle to make sure there was none left. After he wiped his mouth, he returned the wine bottle. Then, he smiled and said, “It is indeed good wine. It truly lives up to being a one-thousand-year-old Spirit Flower Wine. Many thanks to Young Master Xiahou for your kind intentions.”

These actions happened within the time it took for a spark to fly.

This stunned both Chu Xiang and Xiahou Wu.

Seeing Xiao Chen wipe his mouth and return the empty bottle to Xiahou Wu, Chu Xiang covered her mouth as she laughed involuntarily.

However, Xiahou Wu flew into a rage out of humiliation. As he sized up Xiao Chen, he demanded, “Who are you? How dare you casually drink my wine? Do you want to die?!”

Xiao Chen smiled indifferently. “There are many in the world who want me to die. Adding you would not make a difference. I don’t fear even the Dragon God Crown Prince. So what if I drank your bottle of wine?”

“You are seeking death!”

Seeing that Xiao Chen, a Holy Venerate, dared to behave like that, the furious Xiahou Wu immediately threw a palm strike at him.

Xiahou Wu attacked abruptly out of rage. His aura instantly burst out of his body, and the terrifying aura of a Great Desolate Eon Hound Lion pressed towards Xiao Chen.

[TL Note: The Hound Lion is read as Suanni in Chinese. It is something like a cross between lions and dragons. Chinese temples normally have two statues of them—one male and one female—flanking the entrances to function as guards. They are also known as Fu Dogs, Guardian Lions, or Temple Lions.]

Xiao Chen could no longer suppress his Divine Dragon bloodline. He immediately sprung into action, merging his Veritable Essence Energy and Vital Qi as he counterpunched.


The two hands clashed, producing a loud report. As Xiao Chen had his acquired Divine Body, he did not budge at all.

Xiahou Wu suffered greatly for underestimating Xiao Chen’s energy. This clash sent him flying back one hundred meters. His internal organs churned unbearably.

“Xiahou Wu, this is the Heavenly Fragrance’s residence. How dare you be so impudent?!” Chu Xiang shouted coldly as she stood in front of Xiao Chen when she saw that Xiahou Wu actually dared to attack.

Fortunately, Xiao Chen did not get injured. Otherwise, if the Holy Daughter blamed her for it, she would have failed in her duties.

At this moment, Chu Xiang’s gentle and charming air vanished. Her aura turned sharp; no one would dare to underestimate her.

Xiahou Wu, who was planning to continue attacking, quickly pulled his terrifying aura back into his body. Then, he said indifferently, “Naturally, I would not dare to be impudent in the Heavenly Fragrance’s residence.”

Xiahou Wu gave Xiao Chen a cold look before turning and leaving.

Upon seeing the other party go, Chu Xiang heaved a sigh of relief and spun around to check Xiao Chen.

Chu Xiang saw Xiao Chen showing a strange expression. His cheeks bulged like he was trying to stop himself from vomiting blood. He looked like this was very unbearable. Startled, she asked, “Young Master Xiao, are you alright? Don’t scare me.”


Xiao Chen recovered to normal. He smiled and said, “What can happen to me? I am just too reluctant to vomit the one-thousand-year-old Spirit Flower Wine.”

Chu Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. Then, Xiahou Wu’s stunned look when Xiao Chen drank the one-thousand-year-old Spirit Flower Wine came to mind, and she could not resist laughing again.

The tinkling laughter sounded pleasing, like a bright-sounding instrument.