Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2058 Raw 2153 : The Blood Flame Son, Pei Shaoxuan

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Chapter 2058 Raw 2153 : The Blood Flame Son, Pei Shaoxuan

Chapter 2058 (Raw 2153): The Blood Flame Son, Pei Shaoxuan

Xiao Chen walked down corridors, passing pavilions and courtyards before the scene before him slowly widened.

A green, grassy area appeared before him. Many people were already seated on the grass, appearing relaxed and unconstrained.

Xiao Chen looked around casually and discovered many familiar faces. These were the ancient Noble Clan scions or the Rank 7 sect outstanding talents on fortress ships that passed him earlier in the river.

Among them was the Glacial Mountain Manor’s Ye Han. However, the one that caught Xiao Chen’s attention the most was a youth with a zither.

That youth wore magnificent embroidered clothes with his long hair hanging loose behind him. He looked extraordinary, with a wine bottle by his hand.

For this person to stand out among this group of Rank 7 sect true inheritors, he was definitely not simple.

However, Xiao Chen only glanced at this person before he shifted his attention to a woman holding a flute, who was behind the grassy area.

When Xiao Chen’s gaze met that woman’s, he felt slightly startled. So, she is the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter.

When Xiao Chen first entered the Desolate Sea, this person gave him a Medicinal Pill. No wonder this person seemed shrouded in a confusing mist. While she was before him, he could not clearly see her appearance when they looked at each other.

While Xiao Chen felt shocked, the other party felt even more shocked.

“The Thousand Taste Revolution had already penetrated your soul, yet you were able to resolve it. This is truly astonishing,” the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter said, feeling incredibly shocked.

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter’s words immediately caught the attention of all the outstanding talents in the grassy area.

Thousand Taste Revolution was famous throughout the Desolate Sea. Everyone feared it even more than having their souls consumed by a Demonic Dao cultivator.

“I was just fortunate.”

Xiao Chen was not very used to such a scene. He simply asked, “Might I ask the Holy Daughter, where did you get this Thousand Year Flame?”

Feeling enlightened, the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter said, “So, this wine is called Thousand Year Flame. I only managed to obtain this by chance, but I do not know who brewed it. That is why I put in a lot of effort into finding out more about this wine. I believe it comes from the outer regions. Young Master seems to be quite familiar with this.”

The outer regions referred to the world outside of the Central Great Realm, which included the Grave Sea Cluster.

As the two conversed, several people studied Xiao Chen. They found him somewhat familiar and started chatting with each other.

Xiao Chen entered deep thought. Given this, Mo Chen should have left the Kunlun Realm already.

However, she has not reached the Central Great Realm yet.

It was not easy for the people of the outer regions to come to the Central Great Realm.

Xiao Chen had wandered about for five years, suffering a lot, to enter the Central Great Realm.

“If Young Master knows more, would you be willing to tell me? I would like to bring this wine to the Heavenly Fragrance Banquet.”

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter appeared very sincere about this. She seemed extremely interested in this Thousand Year Flame.

For the sake of investigating the Thousand Year Flame’s origins, she even made a special trip to Peach Blossom City. This demonstrated how much effort she put into this.

However, that did not have anything to do with Xiao Chen. Feeling somewhat disappointed, he replied casually, “I can’t be said to know it well. Goodbye.”

Initially, Xiao Chen thought that he could learn of Mo Chen’s location, but it looked like he could not.

Since that was the case, there was no need for him to linger here.

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter felt surprised at Xiao Chen’s desire to leave after just a few words. She smiled and said, “Young Master, you have not told me your name yet.”

“Xiao Chen.”

“So, it is Young Master Xiao. Have a seat first. It is rare for us to meet again. No matter what, you also gave me some information about this wine. I have to thank you properly.” The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter tried to get Xiao Chen to remain.

“Young Master Xiao, stay for a while. I am also quite curious about the person who can get Senior Cui to sail his boat,” the well-dressed young master playing the zither said to Xiao Chen after finishing his mouthful of wine and putting down the bottle.

The people who passed by Senior Cui’s boat earlier had not paid much attention to Xiao Chen back then.

Now that this well-dressed young master reminded them, they immediately remembered Xiao Chen. No wonder they found him familiar, yet they could not identify him.

After a few people asked him to stay, Xiao Chen would be too rude if he insisted on leaving.

Xiao Chen nodded and found a place to sit down with Iron Egg.

Iron Egg felt quite uncomfortable. These people had strange expressions as they looked at him and Xiao Chen.

All of them seemed proud and arrogant. While they did not say it, some disdain and despisal appeared on their faces.

The weakest person here was an Initial Perfection Sovereign Personage. As for people like the Glacial Mountain Manor’s Ye Han or the youth playing the zither, their cultivations were even unfathomable.

Xiao Chen asked some questions and also answered some questions. After casually chatting for a while, the others understood that he was not from Ancestor Dragon City or a Noble Clan disciple, and their interest immediately waned significantly.

However, the person playing the zither did not seem to mind. He chatted with Xiao Chen about many interesting topics.

“Brother Wenren, will you play us another piece?”

“Right, right, right. A duet with the Holy Daughter’s flute would be even better,” someone called out and immediately gained the approbation of everyone.

Xiao Chen also felt curious. He wanted to hear the zither of this person. Of course, he also remembered the flute music of the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter. Back then, that music sounded heavenly.

The youth with the complex family name, the one with the zither, looked at the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter and asked, “Holy Daughter, are you willing to?”

[TL Note: Wenren is a two-character family name, which is not common for the Han Chinese, the Chinese ethnic group that makes up the majority of China. Most family names have only one character.]

“I think I’ll pass. Brother Wenren studied under Lord Zither Sage and received the essence of his inheritance. This little sister’s flute music will find it hard to coordinate with his. Brother Wenren, please perform a solo for us.”

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter did not agree, rejecting instead.

Naturally, the others did not think that the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter’s musical skills were below this Brother Wenren’s. However, the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter never played duets with men, probably to avoid gossip.

The youth with the Wenren family name smiled and did not say anything. His ten fingers moved nimbly, and zither music immediately flowed. It was like a creek coming from a divine mountain, bringing a refreshing feeling and tinkling endlessly.

Everyone became immersed in the music, forgetting what they were doing and could not bear to return to reality.

The moving zither music combined with the youth’s grace presented a pleasing sight for the hearts in this residence, elating everyone and moving them.

When the piece ended, everyone slowly returned to their senses. After they opened their eyes, they felt a desire for it to continue.

“Good piece. You live up to being Lord Zither Sage’s brilliant student. Brother Wenren’s zither skills are always an eye-opener.”

“How unfortunate! If the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter matched this with her flute music, it would be the best in the Desolate Sea.”

The youth with the Wenren family name listened quietly to these praises. He did not say anything, only showing a faint smile.

Iron Egg mumbled, “It is not that impressive. There’s no pain or itch, completely soft. There is no sign of force, like a girl.”

Although Iron Egg’s voice was soft, all of the people around were Sovereign Personages. How could they not hear him?

The expression of that youth with the family name Wenren did not change. However, a strange look flashed in his eyes. Clearly, he felt somewhat displeased in his heart.

“You are just a country bumpkin. What do you know?”

“If you don’t understand anything, don’t speak. Don’t embarrass yourself here…”

“Xiao Chen, are you not going to manage your companion? How rude!”

“If you don’t want to listen, then scram. Don’t stay here.”

Iron Egg’s words incited anger in everyone. The barrage of criticism slowly shifted to Xiao Chen.

Actually, these people all felt dissatisfied with Xiao Chen long ago.

They had previously tried to appraise the Thousand Year Flame. Unfortunately, no one could recognize it. Suddenly, this person of unknown origin appeared and appraised it, standing out before the Holy Daughter.

Naturally, these people felt upset. Now that a chance presented itself to them, they immediately targeted Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “Although I am not skilled in music, I am aware that any piece would appeal to different people. Everyone has their own taste. While it is not good to express one’s opinion before everyone like that, there is no need to criticize or denounce someone because of it.”

Iron Egg was also somewhat uncomfortable. He felt that the people here were just hiding behind a mask and felt upset already. He said bluntly, “Big Brother Xiao, let’s go. Speaking to this group of people is tiresome and unbearable. There is no need to sing praises over a zither piece.”

“You country bumpkin, you can forget about leaving if you do not apologize to Brother Wenren. No way!”

However, the others were unwilling to let this go. They insisted on Iron Egg apologizing, even wanting Xiao Chen to apologize as well.

“Hahahaha! I also feel that this zither music is soft and fluffy, boring. Wenren Yu, do you want me to apologize to you as well?!”

Just at this moment, loud, uninhibited laughter rang out. At some point in time, someone had appeared on the roof of a tall pavilion in the residence.

This person wore robes with scarlet flame patterns. His hair appeared messy, and he gave off overwhelming Demonic Qi from his entire body. He looked handsome and showed sharpness on his face, appearing unyielding.

“The Blood Flame Son, Pei Shaoxuan!”

“Indeed…wherever the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter appears, this fellow will be there.”

The Blood Flame Son was the strongest true inheritor of the Blood Flame Sect, one of the six great Demonic Dao sects. He could be considered an elite among Demonic Dao outstanding talents.

This person was arrogant and unyielding, but he possessed terrifying strength.

Even though Xiao Chen had not been in the Desolate Sea for that long, he had heard of this person before.

“Haha! Why would I not come? I am here for my wife. Profound Heaven’s Holy Son, Wenren Yu, are you not embarrassed? For the sake of chasing my wife, you gave up everything to learn the Music Dao. You only learned it halfway before you got chased out. Then, you stuck to my wife like a mangy dog. Who in the Desolate Sea does not know what your intentions are? It is only you people who would come and lick his smelly boots. This great me cares nothing for you.”

After the Blood Flame Son, Pei Shaoxuan, laughed loudly, he looked at the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter and said, “My wife, don’t be afraid. I’ll help you chase these flies away!”

Then, Pei Shaoxuan threw a palm strike. He actually wanted to fight with everyone here alone.