Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2057 Raw 2152 : Softness amid Hundred Flowers

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Chapter 2057 Raw 2152 : Softness amid Hundred Flowers

Chapter 2057 (Raw 2152): Softness amid Hundred Flowers

Thousand Year Flame!

Thousand Year Flame was a wine that Mo Chen brewed after altering an incomplete recipe from the Immortal Epoch.

Logically, it should not appear in the Great Thousand Realms.

If the Thousand Year Flame appeared, there could be only one reason: Mo Chen was in the Great Thousand Realms.

Xiao Chen counted the years and realized that it had been close to eight years since he left the Kunlun Realm.

According to the old Dragon Horse, Mo Chen had the chance to enter the Azure Dragon Palace. Given Mo Chen’s intellect and talent, she should get strong enough to enter the Azure Dragon Palace and leave the Kunlun Realm within eight years.

There was another critical factor. Since the Black Lotus Sect Venerate was already dead, the restrictions placed on the Kunlun Road should be gone.

No matter how Xiao Chen looked at it, Mo Chen had excellent odds of leaving the Kunlun Realm.

However, right now, he had to verify that the fine wine on the white jade table was indeed the Thousand Year Flame.

“Big Brother Xiao, are you alright?” Iron Egg asked from beside him.

Xiao Chen recovered his composure before nodding and replying, “I’m fine. Let’s continue watching.”

One of the pretty Heavenly Fragrance disciples behind the table said softly, “If anyone here is confident, you can come and take a look. However, I’ll say this first, those who come forward have to pay one hundred thousand Primeval Heavenly Pills. If you succeed, the Heavenly Fragrance will pay you back two hundred thousand Primeval Heavenly Pills. However, if you fail, you will lose the one hundred thousand Primeval Heavenly Pills.”

Such a restriction was to stop just anyone from coming forward to taste the wine.

The wine was extremely limited, and they could not afford to let everyone taste it.

The moment these words were spoken, discussions broke out. However, no one stepped forward.

“It’s really difficult. Yesterday, three Noble Clan scions brought their wine appraisers, and there was no result in the end. No one knows what wine it is.”

“One of the three Noble Clan scions was the strongest true inheritor of the Heavenly Lodging Sect. Last year, he made it into the Wine King Contest, but he did not know the answer, either.”

“Damn it! Is it really that difficult?”

“Haha! You will know whether it is difficult or not after you pay the Primeval Heavenly Pills.”

“What a joke! Even if I were a Noble Clan scion, one hundred thousand Primeval Heavenly Pills is not a small sum. How could I dare to go forward?”

Many people came to watch the excitement. However, no one dared to step forward.

No one would be stupid enough. What kind of fine wine had the Heavenly Fragrance Holy Land not seen before?

The Heavenly Fragrance had the best brewers in the first place. Adding in the connections of the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter, they had seen all sorts of grandmaster brewers.

Even so, both the Heavenly Fragrance and the people the previous day had failed to appraise this wine. Thus, everyone knew that it was not simple.

Just as that very charming Heavenly Fragrance disciple seemed bound for disappointment, a white-clad person walked out of the crowd. She smiled and said, “This young master, please pay the Primeval Heavenly Pills first.”

However, how could Xiao Chen have any Primeval Heavenly Pills? He had already used them all up. He was now flat broke.

Xiao Chen did not say anything. He stretched out his hand to grab the wine cup.

“Young Master is being too rude.”

The pretty woman smiled and extended her hand. Her fingers had a lily-white hue, looking soft and gentle. As she reached for Xiao Chen’s wrist, it looked like he was picking a flower.

Xiao Chen gently flipped his wrist and avoided the pretty woman’s hand, continuing to reach for the wine cup.

The pretty woman immediately got irritated. Her lily-white hand moved continuously; floating lights appeared, looking like hundreds of flowers blooming. Her hand danced around like a butterfly, fluttering about and dazzling everyone, seemingly unfathomable.

“The Heavenly Fragrance’s Hundred Flowers Hand!”

The cultivators watching the excitement from the back were startled when they recognized the Martial Technique.

Moreover, they felt shocked that someone dared to be so rude before the Heavenly Fragrance, not fearing the crowd’s anger.

When Xiao Chen saw a hundred flowers blooming and an indistinct Immortal butterfly hidden among the flowers, he thought to himself, Interesting.

If he continued to grab for the wine cup, the other party would definitely restrain him.

Xiao Chen retreated for the sake of advancing. After he retracted his hand, he silently circulated the Divine Dragon Body Tempering Art. Azure light that represented his Vital Qi flowed and gathered at his five fingers.

He withdrew his hand as slowly as an ant. However, the instant after he did so, he struck out at lightning speed.

The pretty woman immediately showed anxiety on her face. Her hand’s movement sped up, looking like a phantom butterfly flitting about, both real and fake, hard to differentiate.

The hundred blooming flowers became even more beautiful. Xiao Chen’s and the pretty woman’s palms danced about each other, looking dazzling and inspiring sighs.

The crowd, which was still angry with Xiao Chen earlier, could not help cheering before this contest.

“Where is this person from? To think that he can last for so long before the Hundred Flowers Hand!”

“I’ve never heard of him before. He seems to have a Dragon Race bloodline.”

“Hahaha! Interesting, very interesting. This is more interesting than watching someone sample wine.”

The spectators became excited, focusing themselves and watching carefully.

Many people even gained some comprehension from this and started using their two hands to make comparisons.

Hundred Flowers Hand, softness amid a hundred flowers!

The longer this continued, the harder Xiao Chen found the other party’s hand to deal with. This put him in a tight spot. However, it was not that simple for him to admit defeat.

I’ll have to gamble!

Xiao Chen’s expression turned serious. Suddenly, he gave up on going for the wine cup and flipped his hand to grab.

He plucked the other party’s hand from amid the one hundred flowers and held it tight, preventing her from struggling free.

Then, he firmly grabbed the wine cup with his other hand at an even faster speed.

The mysterious phenomenon of the one hundred flowers blooming dissipated, which startled the pretty woman. Her pretty face flushed with some embarrassment.

“You are shameless!”

The sight of the wine cup in Xiao Chen’s hand angered and frustrated the pretty woman.

When others saw this scene, they sympathized with her. This white-clad man moved unpredictably, even daring to tease a Heavenly Fragrance disciple.

“Senior Sister Chu!”

When the other Heavenly Fragrance disciples saw Xiao Chen holding the pretty woman, they immediately felt anxious and quickly attacked Xiao Chen.

In that instant, tens of thousands of flowers bloomed, looking very beautiful as they surged towards Xiao Chen with a strong wind.

Xiao Chen calmly weaved through them. Countless azure-colored strands of Vital Qi gushed throughout his body and formed an azure-colored, dragon-shaped clump of energy in his body. As a dragon roared, he released the pretty woman’s wrist.

Then, he gently performed a backhand swipe, looking like a dragon swinging its tail. This seemingly casual swipe swept up with two hundred Cauldron Force.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The flowers shattered and flew all over the place. Xiao Chen knocked away the Heavenly Fragrance disciples who charged at him.

Just when the pretty woman felt furious and was about to bring out her true strength, she looked up and discovered that Xiao Chen had already focused all his attention on the fine wine.

Holding the wine cup with three fingers, he slowly and gently swished the wine in a certain rhythm.

As the pretty woman was starting to feel bewildered, spots of golden light gathered over the wine, and a Golden Crow flew out and circled the place, displaying its divine form.

“A Golden Crow! A Golden Crow!”

“Quick, run! The Golden Crow Holy Beast appeared!”

The eastern region’s Golden Crow Empire was famous. Everyone knew that the divine bird of that empire had appeared. Now, that empire’s Luck was flourishing, its rise unstoppable.

The strength of the Golden Crow was boundlessly ferocious; it was a divine bird that could only possibly exist in legends and myths.

The Golden Crow’s sudden appearance startled the many cultivators here, causing them to flee and scatter.

After a while, the circling Golden Crow slowly dissipated.

Everyone promptly came to their senses and realized that everything that happened earlier was merely an illusion.

They all immediately felt embarrassed. To think that the mysterious phenomenon of the wine startled them so miserably.

“Damn it… This fellow fooled us.”

Many people glared at Xiao Chen in anger.

Xiao Chen did not care. As he looked at the wine in the cup, he finally verified that this was indeed the Thousand Year Flame that Mo Chen brewed.

The pretty woman gave Xiao Chen an incredulous look. Just as shock overwhelmed her, a voice projection rang out by her ear. Then, she looked at Xiao Chen and said, “Young Master, this way, please. The Holy Daughter invites you in.”

Xiao Chen nodded slightly. He happened to want to go and ask them where they obtained their Thousand Year Flame.

Xiao Chen drank the wine in the cup in one go. Then, he called Iron Egg over and walked into the residence.

“Damn… He managed to figure out what it is!”

“Who is that embarrassing country bumpkin? My goodness, where did these two weirdos come from?”

“This is not fair! Why can’t I enter the residence? I want to see the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter too!”

When Iron Egg was welcomed in, the many cultivators behind felt like crying but lacked the tears to do so. They felt extremely disappointed and considered this very unfair.