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Chapter 2052 Raw 2147 : Crazy Though

Chapter 2052 (Raw 2147): Crazy Thought

The sudden explosion plunged the entire mountain manor into chaos.

The black-armored, middle-aged man’s subordinates supported him, and he showed an unsightly expression.

“Where did this junior come from? How dare you cause trouble in the Heavenly Slaughter Sect!” shouted the old woman with the walking stick from before as she glared at Xiao Chen.

The other side looked like they had many people. However, the truly powerful ones were just the black-armored, middle-aged man and the old woman—two Initial Perfection Sovereign Personages. These were the only people of any concern to Xiao Chen.

After Xiao Chen injured the black-armored, middle-aged man with a punch, only the old woman remained a threat. She was insufficient to deal with him.

“You don’t need to know who I am. All of you can forget about leaving today.”

Xiao Chen glanced at the people surrounding him in the mountain manor, and his expression turned glacial.

The Heavenly Slaughter Sect was a Demonic Dao sect specializing in rearing young girls as though the girls were pigs or dogs. It used the girls as cultivation cauldrons and did a lot of harm. All its disciples deserved death.

“What bold words! You are just an insignificant Holy Venerate, yet you take such a ridiculously arrogant tone. Kill him!” The old woman smiled coldly. The many Demonic Dao cultivators behind her stepped forward and gave off overwhelming Demonic Qi, their auras soaring.

They sent overwhelming attacks over, using Martial Techniques that Xiao Chen rarely got to see. When they worked together, they displayed a boundless momentum.

The dense Demonic Qi appeared exceptionally terrifying in the night.

One could overwhelm technique with great strength. Xiao Chen did not need to waste time on these people.

He relied on his acquired Divine Body and circulated his Vital Qi. The faint azure Vital Qi in his body coalesced into an Azure Dragon that swam about his body. With a casual punch, he formed a strangely puissant Dragon Might, his Vital Qi reaching a horrifying two hundred Cauldron Force.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

These cultivators were mostly Holy Venerates of varying strengths. However, Xiao Chen crushed all of them like he was sweeping through withered branches.

Nearly no one could withstand a punch from Xiao Chen.

In mere moments, the Demonic Dao cultivators charging over turned into blood spray.

Xiao Chen’s white robes remained clean amid the blood filling the air. His Dragon Might showed might without rage.

“Damn it! He’s a physical body cultivator. Use the Heavenly Slaughter Formation to kill him!”

After the black-armored, middle-aged cultivator caught his breath, he led the others in moving back. Then, a few disciples deployed formation flags.

The invisible, ghostly mutated beast encasing the mountain manor roared and turned corporeal, charging at Xiao Chen.

Sun and Moon Shining Together!

Xiao Chen snorted coldly. A blazing sun and a bright moon soared up together and instantly overwhelmed the ghostly mutated beast’s aura.

Xiao Chen’s will of soul was much stronger than his cultivation. His will of soul had reached the level of a Sovereign Personage’s long ago.

Xiao Chen could bring out the Sun and Moon Shining Together mysterious phenomenon, demonstrating a will of soul that rivaled a Great Perfection Sovereign Personage’s.

Thunder Dao!

Xiao Chen’s peak Consummation Thunder Dao appeared, together with his Sun and Moon Shining Together mysterious phenomenon.

He punched after combining his Thunder Dao’s Great Dao Energy, Soul Energy, and Vital Qi.


The explosive fist light looked like the blazing sun in the night, illuminating the place.

The mountain manor immediately became as bright as day. Xiao Chen’s punch reduced the ghostly, mutated beast to dust.

The old woman with the walking stick gave Xiao Chen an incredulous look. “This is impossible… You are so young. How could you have such a strong will of soul? Who are you? Do your seniors know what you are doing?”

Right now, the old woman suspected that the seemingly unremarkable Xiao Chen might be the true inheritor of a Rank 7 sect or the scion of an ancient Noble Clan.

Otherwise, it was practically impossible for a Holy Venerate to erupt with such terrifying strength.

With such strength, one would be considered a peak existence among the Heavenly Slaughter Sect true inheritors.

The black-armored, middle-aged man showed a gloomy expression as he said, “He is a Dragon Race cultivator… However, he only has a mixed-blood dragon bloodline. No matter who you are or who is backing you, you’ve already caused great trouble. No one can save you!”

Xiao Chen smiled when he heard that. “Interesting. At this point, you are still concerned with my identity. Just think about how the two of you can survive first.”

“Supreme Dragon Fist, Leaderless Dragons!”

“Whoosh!” Xiao Chen’s Veritable Essence Energy gushed, and his Qi and blood surged. When he punched, his entire body trembled, and killing Qi poured out, merging with his Veritable Essence Energy and turning into strands of Dragon Qi wandering in the sky, manifesting thousands of dragon images.

Dragon images filled the sky. Driven by Xiao Chen’s punch, the dragon images attacked.

Countless dragon images swept through the place, attacking all the Demonic Dao cultivators in the mountain manor indiscriminately.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The many dragon images immediately flattened the mountain manor. Agonized screams rang out. The Demonic Dao cultivators who could not block the dragon images vomited blood after sustaining severe injuries.

The Supreme Dragon Fist was the most ferocious and unyielding Fist Technique of the Dragon Race. Once Xiao Chen executed it, it produced a boundlessly tyrannical scene.

This was the first time Xiao Chen executed the Supreme Dragon Fist since reaching peak Consummation Holy Venerate.

The punch instantly severely injured those whose cultivations were lower than Xiao Chen’s, stripping them of all combat prowess.

Amid the thousands of dragon images, only the black-armored, middle-aged man and the old woman managed to maintain their stubborn resistance.

“Damn it! What Fist Technique is this? Why have I never heard of it?”

The ferocious and tyrannical dragon images containing boundless killing Qi kept flying over. Every time the black-armored, middle-aged man and the old woman shattered one dragon image, their arms went numb, and their Qi and blood surged. Tears appeared in their internal organs over time.

Soon, the two’s resistance faltered.

“Commanding the Dragons!”

Xiao Chen showed no mercy upon gaining the upper hand. He roared, venting the rage in his heart. The berserk dragon images quieted down, heeding his command and surrounding him.

This allowed his aura to flourish. A tyranny that could rule the world and subdue dragons erupted from his body.

When Xiao Chen punched, he made use of the unparalleled tyranny. The momentum of his punch became like overwhelming sea waves, howling as it soared out.


The black-armored, middle-aged man and the old woman felt a strong wind blowing by their ears, scattering their hair. They continuously retreated, unable to stand stably before the aura of this tyrannical punch. They could not even open their mouths.

Before the fist light arrived, the killing-Qi-filled aura of the punch forced the two back. Terrifying cracks appeared on their skin.

The two despaired as they watched the tyrannical fist light surge over like horrific waves, extreme horror in their eyes.


No matter how dissatisfied the two felt, they were helpless against this absurdly ferocious and unyielding Fist Technique, the strongest Fist Technique of the Dragon Race.

When the fist light arrived, the two vomited a mouthful of blood. All their bones shattered, and their internal organs ruptured. Their minds felt shaken as they fell to the ground, twitching endlessly.

“Pa! Pa!”

Xiao Chen went forward expressionlessly and stomped twice, crushing the two’s heads.

These were just some Demonic Dao sect rabble. There was no need to feel pity for them.

As for the surroundings, Xiao Chen had destroyed the entire mountain manor except for that dilapidated house, which he had paid particular attention to.

Xiao Chen did not rush over. He went around the mountain manor and searched it first.

Then, he killed everyone that managed to weather the earlier attacks, not leaving any survivors.

Xiao Chen was not a vicious person. However, he knew that he could not let these evil people live. That would bring on a thousand years of disaster.

He stood before the rubble of a formation in the yard for a long time. There was a massive pit of corpses scattered about in front of him.

Corpses of ordinary people combined with the Demonic Dao sect’s blood sacrifices were what had formed the ghostly mutated beast formation that Xiao Chen saw earlier.

Most of the bones in the pit of corpses belonged to young children—a startling and horrifying sight.

Xiao Chen shook his head. After he found some useful information in the mountain manor, he went to the dilapidated house.

The young girls in the house trembled with fear. All of them crouched by the walls.

“Big Brother!”

Qing Chen immediately rushed over when she saw Xiao Chen, her eyes tearing up, and she started crying out loud.

“Big Brother, the bad people captured Grandpa Village Chief and the others. It is all Little Qing Chen’s fault. Wuwuwu…”

Xiao Chen consoled, “It’s fine. The bad people are all dead. You can stop crying.”

Although Xiao Chen consoled Qing Chen, he sighed in his heart.

This little girl is the legendary Extreme Yin Body. Such a physique is extraordinary. Many major characters will be interested in obtaining her.

Even Xiao Chen would not dare to say that he could protect her.

He had massacred these Heavenly Slaughter Sect disciples because he failed to stop that black-armored, middle-aged man from reporting the Extreme Yin Body.

When Xiao Chen looked, he saw many pairs of startled, weak eyes in the dark, looking at him helplessly.

“Little Qing Chen, be obedient. Stop crying first. Tell the other sisters that the bad people are all dead. Tell them not to worry, alright?”

“Alright,” Qing Chen said with determination as she wiped her eyes dry.

Xiao Chen spent the night in silence. When the sky turned bright, he finally sent the hundreds of young girls back.

As Xiao Chen worked hard, he flipped through the information he gained in the mountain manor.

The Heavenly Slaughter Sect was a Rank 7 sect of the Xuewu Dynasty. The headquarters was in the Xuewu Dynasty, and they had thirteen branches in the Desolate Sea.

Desolate City housed the strongest branch.

Aside from this, each branch controlled more than one hundred of such strongholds.

All the branches were extremely far from each other.

The Desolate Sea was too vast. Even the Heavenly Slaughter Sect could only use such a method to expand their sphere of influence.

Xiao Chen pondered this. He found that the organization of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect’s branches were very impressive.

Each branch spent hundreds and even thousands of years to establish a firm footing, slowly building many strongholds.

If I can uproot the Heavenly Slaughter Sect branch controlling this area, then Little Qing Chen’s village can enjoy at least one hundred years of peace before the branch gets rebuilt.

A somewhat crazy thought appeared in Xiao Chen’s head. However, he could not dismiss it.