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Chapter 2051 Raw 2146 : Rescue

Chapter 2051 (Raw 2146): Rescue

In order to save Qing Chen, Xiao Chen first had to know where she had been sent.

Xiao Chen had killed the Heavenly Slaughter Sect’s black-armored cultivator. The only one who knew the location would be the bandit leader.

This was why Xiao Chen did not kill the bandit leader.

“Get on.”

Xiao Chen lifted the bandit leader and placed him on the Demon Blood Vulture. He said coldly, “Where did you send Qing Chen?”

The bandit leader’s eyes wandered as he cried, “My lord, this insignificant me does not know such a secret. Please spare me. If you do, I can hand over all the resources that I accumulated in the past few years.”

Xiao Chen smiled coldly and retorted, “Do you think I am interested in your resources? Are you not going to say it?”


Xiao Chen slapped the bandit leader, sending the bandit leader flying off the Demon Blood Vulture’s back.

The Demon Blood Vulture was currently ten kilometers high in the sky. Given the bandit leader’s cultivation, if he hit the ground, he would sustain severe injuries, if not die. He shrieked in fright in midair, turning pale.

“I’ll speak! I’ll speak! Save me!”


The Demon Blood Vulture let out a strange laugh as it swooped down. It flapped its wings ferociously and tossed the bandit leader in the air like a toy, sending him a few kilometers up at times and letting him fall for ten kilometers. After a few times, it nearly scared his soul from his body.

Alright, that’s enough. Xiao Chen sent a voice projection to the Demon Blood Vulture.

Hehe! Got it, Master.

After the Demon Blood Vulture had enough fun, it flapped its wings, and a strong suction pulled the bandit leader to its back.

The bandit leader appeared panicked, unable to recover his wits for a long time. When he noticed Xiao Chen’s gaze on him, he said quickly, “I’ll speak! I’ll speak! All the bandit groups in the area have to hand over ten young girls every three months. There is a mountain manor on a mountain range to the north; that is their stronghold. That little girl should still be in the mountain manor. My lord, I told you already; please spare me.”

“How many bandit groups in all does the Heavenly Slaughter Sect control? How many young girls do they want each time?”

“They control too many bandits. They need about four to five hundred young girls each time…”

Hearing such a figure flabbergasted Xiao Chen. He roughly knew what the Demonic Dao sect wanted these young girls for.

The Demonic Dao sects wanted to either use them as cultivation cauldrons for cultivating evil Cultivation Techniques or collect Yin souls to refine ghost pennants.

However, Xiao Chen did not expect the number to be so high.

He had known long ago that Demonic Dao cultivators were vicious. They could do anything for the sake of strength. Today, he got to see it for himself.

“My lord, the mountain manor is there!”

On the Demon Blood Vulture’s back, Xiao Chen looked in the direction that the bandit leader indicated. He saw a brightly lit mountain manor in a mountain range ahead.

However, its lamps appeared somewhat strange.

The fire in the lamps appeared ghostly, producing a greenish light that looked exceptionally scary in the Desolate Sea’s night.

“My lord, we have arrived already. Isn’t it time to let this insignificant one off?” The bandit leader carefully begged for mercy.

“When did I promise to let you off?” Xiao Chen snorted coldly. He had never promised this person anything. Based on the bandit leader’s deeds, ten thousand deaths would be too good for him.

Before the bandit leader could say anything, Xiao Chen tossed him off. Then, the Demon Blood Vulture opened its beak and sucked, swallowing the bandit leader.

The meat is very sour, not nice at all, the Demon Blood Vulture muttered as it digested the bandit leader.

Xiao Chen could not be bothered with the picky Demon Blood Vulture. He turned it back into a ring on his finger.

After that, he donned the Death God Mask and silently approached that mountain manor in the dark night.

This mountain manor should be just one of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect’s strongholds in this area.

Even so, this stronghold was tightly guarded. There were even formations and restrictions.

The formations and restrictions layered over each other, forming a huge, invisible entity that encased the entire mountain manor.

Xiao Chen opened his Heavenly Eye and clearly saw this invisible entity.

It was a strange, ghostly mutated beast formed by countless souls. Its horrifying ghostly face hovered above the mountain manor while its body encompassed the entire mountain manor.

The Heavenly Slaughter Sect lived up to being a Rank 7 Demonic Dao sect. This was just a stronghold, yet it already possessed such terrifying restrictions.

If not for Xiao Chen having many trump cards, he would not have any way to deal with this, only able to return dispiritedly.

The eyes of that ghostly face scanned the surroundings. However, it did not notice Xiao Chen.

The Death God Mask isolated all aura. Right now, Xiao Chen was like air. Even a Sovereign Emperor would not be able to figure out his true identity.

Xiao Chen silently entered the mountain manor and passed many guards before landing on a wall. Then, he slowly removed the mask on his face.

The Death God Mask was one of Xiao Chen’s trump cards. If he carried out the rescue with the mask on and someone investigated, it might expose him, who was related to the village, as the masked man.

Since he had already entered the mountain manor, there was no need to continue wearing the mask.

As soon as Xiao Chen landed, he heard sobbing.

He followed the sound, quietly weaving between the many buildings in the mountain manor. Soon, he arrived at the source of the sound.

Lying flat on top of a broken house, he sent his Spiritual Sense in.

Xiao Chen saw more than three hundred young girls packed together inside.

A door opened, and an old woman with a withered and rotten face walked in using a walking stick. Then, this old woman cursed viciously, “Cry and cry, that’s all you know. You bunch of tiresome girls, if you keep crying, I won’t feed you.”

This old woman looked very scary. After she shouted, the many young girls no longer dared to cry out loud; they only sobbed in silence.

This old woman is a Sovereign Personage! Xiao Chen frowned slightly. He did not act rashly, continuing to observe.

The old woman searched through the group of young girls. Soon, her gaze landed on Qing Chen.

Then, she walked over with a smile. “Come, you must be the new girl that was sent over. Don’t be afraid. This grandmother will care for you.”

However, Qing Chen felt incredibly frightened. She continuously backed up but soon reached the wall.

“Come, let this old grandmother feel you.”

The old woman walked over with her walking stick, showing a horrifying smile. She placed her hand on Qing Chen’s head, not allowing Qing Chen to reject.

A dim light entered Qing Chen’s body from the old woman’s hand.

Qing Chen immediately closed her eyes in some pain. Her body released a white light. At first, this white light had a greenish hue to it. However, it eventually turned pure white, uncontaminated by anything.

A faint, cold light appeared around Qing Chen. When she opened her eyes again, they glowed with a jade-white light.

A cold moon slowly rose from behind Qing Chen amid the cold light. This startled the old woman.

“A Pure Yin Body!”

The old woman quickly let go of Qing Chen with an expression of wild joy. “It really is the Extreme Yin Body, the legendary Extreme Yin Body born with the moon!”

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The earlier mysterious phenomenon startled several experts in the mountain manor.

A few old men followed a black-armored, middle-aged man into the dilapidated house.

“Manor Lord, this young girl is a peak-quality Pure Yin Body, the legendary Extreme Yin Body!”

The old woman quickly reported when she saw the black-armored, middle-aged man. She looked as though she had grown several centuries younger.

The black-armored, middle-aged man stared at Qing Chen for a long time, then revealed a smile. “It really is the Extreme Yin Body… Good! The Eighth Prince will be happy with this gift. Hahaha! Men! Bring this girl to the Desolate Sea branch and quickly send her to the dynasty. Undue delay may invite trouble.”

On the roof, Xiao Chen thought, Any later and I would have been too late.

Little Qing Chen actually possesses an Extreme Yin Body.

Such a physique is extremely rare and will trigger a frenzy among Demonic Dao cultivators.

“You all stand guard outside. Don’t let anyone in. I will come back after notifying the main sect.”

The black-armored, middle-aged man glanced at Qing Chen, feeling overjoyed. He had rendered great service this time.

Soon, this group of people went out, leaving the confused Qing Chen.

On the roof, Xiao Chen thought for a while.

Then, Xiao Chen leaped up and transferred to another roof, following the black-armored, middle-aged man.

The black-armored, middle-aged man took out a medallion in the house and sent in a thought, reporting Qing Chen’s matter.

Xiao Chen did not get an opportunity to stop him.

“Damn it!” Xiao Chen cursed, and he crushed the roof, immediately throwing a punch at the black-armored, middle-aged man.

Xiao Chen’s sudden appearance startled the black-armored, middle-aged man. Flustered, the middle-aged man counterpunched.


Who knew, Xiao Chen’s fist light contained startling force. The light-azure, dragon-shaped Vital Qi in his body gathered in the fist light, and two hundred Cauldron Force burst out.

The black-armored, middle-aged man immediately vomited a mouthful of blood as the attack sent him flying. Shock waves propagated in all directions.

The house exploded.

“Someone sneaked in!”

The entire mountain manor immediately erupted in a frenzy. All the hidden cultivators came out and stood behind the black-armored, middle-aged man.

The atmosphere turned tense.