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Chapter 2050 Raw 2145 : Pure Yin Body

Chapter 2050 (Raw 2145): Pure Yin Body

A fiery light shone where the village was.

Feeling a chill in his heart, Xiao Chen leaped off the azure mountain.

The Demon Blood Vulture turned into a flash of red light and caught Xiao Chen in midair. Then, they rushed towards the village.


Sang leaped up gently and landed on the Demon Blood Vulture’s back. When he looked into the distance, he was startled. “Oh no! The village is under attack!”

No village would release an overwhelming fiery light for no reason.

In this Desolate Sea, where bandits roamed the place, such a scene suggested only one thing: a bandit attack on the village.

Bandits periodically attacked villages in the Desolate Sea.

However, when Xiao Chen saw the village that he had stayed in for such a long time under attack, he felt an indescribable rage.


At this moment, outside the village giving off the fiery light:

Wooden poles were erected on the ground. Each pole had a villager tied to it.

Hundreds of mounted bandits laughed wildly as they looked at the bound people.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Someone had beaten Iron Egg until his flesh tore and blood flowed out. Even so, he gritted his teeth and did not say anything.

“Bastard! Weren’t you very awe-inspiring earlier, killing a few of my brothers? What’s wrong? Why aren’t you awe-inspiring now? This great me will beat you to death!”

The leader of the bandits continued whipping Iron Egg before spitting on him.

Iron Egg’s eyes were bloodshot. However, he could not do anything aside from gritting his teeth.

Too strong. These people are too strong!

Even though I could block these bandits with the saber skills that Big Brother Xiao taught me, I could not last even one strike from the Demon Envoy.

Why?! Why?!

Why do these bastards want to burn down the village, not even letting off the elderly and children?

“Wu! Wu! Wu!”

Everyone in the village—young and old—were all tied to the wooden poles. The many loudly crying young children sounded incredibly mournful in the night.

However, the bandits just laughed heartlessly. Some of the cruel ones even went to torture the elderly and children.

“You bastards, just come at me!” Iron Egg raged in dissatisfaction as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

The leader of the bandits had dark skin and a stout figure. He revealed a cruel smile and said, “You finally speak. Hehe! Don’t worry. You will all die later anyway.”

Iron Egg kept struggling against the chains binding him, shaking the wooden pole. However, his efforts were all for naught.

The bandit leader guffawed and said, “I don’t have time to play with you. Be obedient!”


The bandit leader lashed out with the whip again, striking Iron Egg’s mouth and tearing the skin. It inflicted so much pain that Iron Egg nearly fainted.

The bandit leader walked over to the wooden pole where the village chief, Grandpa Seven, was tied. A youth with a cold and proud expression stood not far from that wooden pole.

This youth wore sturdy black armor and a scarlet cape. The front of the armor had a strange pattern embroidered on it—the symbol of a sect.

“My lord, please let them off. I am the one in the wrong. Just punish me alone,” Grandpa Seven said with a choked voice as he looked at the youth.

The expressionless youth said indifferently, “I gave you a chance already. I said before to immediately hand over any Pure Yin Bodies you find, did I not?”

When Grandpa Seven heard that, his aged face trembled; however, he could not refute the youth’s words.

“Answer me! Did I say that or not?!”

“My lord did,” Grandpa Seven admitted softly with his head lowered.

“Since you already knew, then why did you try to hide it? In the years our Heavenly Slaughter Sect has been in this area, we have dealt with you all justly. As long as you handed over the required number of young children on time, we would not come and seek trouble for you. If you handed over a Pure Yin Body, there would even be a reward.”

The youth paused before continuing indifferently, “If I don’t kill one hundred as an example this time, how would others submit in the future? So, tell me, should I or should I not kill?”

Grandpa Seven remained silent, unable to say anything.

“Humph! I gave you face, but you refused it. It looks like I have to teach you a lesson before you will learn. You ordinary people are truly wretched. Continue beating them!” the youth ordered, no longer dragging this out.

“What are you just standing there for? Did you not hear Lord Demon Envoy? Quickly get to it!” the bandit leader shouted promptly, trying to flatter the Demon Envoy.

Then, he went over and said with a smile, “Lord Demon Envoy, there’s no need for you to bother with these wretched villagers. You can just rest at the side. Leave this to us, lest you dirty your hands.”

With a cold expression, the youth ordered indifferently, “Torture them until midnight before killing them. Tell your men to pay attention to this. I need souls with the heaviest resentment. Do not mess this up.”

However, right after the youth spoke, his expression suddenly changed as he looked up quickly.

A gigantic bird covered in scarlet flames flew over in the night sky, displaying an overwhelming demonic nature.

“A Demon Blood Vulture!”

The youth’s eyes lit up. This was a peak demonic pet that people of the Demonic Dao dreamed of owning. Furthermore, it was a mutated Demon Blood Vulture.


Just as the youth was about to ask which friend this was, countless saber lights flashed in the night sky. In the next moment, the saber lights tore apart the bandits in front of the wooden poles, not leaving even scraps.

The bandit leader felt so frightened that his legs went soft. He stumbled a few steps back and collapsed to the ground.

The black-armored youth’s expression immediately turned extremely sullen. As he watched Xiao Chen land, a heavy murderous intent burned in his eyes.

“This distinguished friend, what do you mean by this?”

Xiao Chen did not reply to that youth. He looked at the villagers tied to the wooden poles, seeing that all of them were there, with no discrimination for age or gender, tortured without exception.

Xiao Chen took a few steps and arrived before Iron Egg. When Iron Egg saw Xiao Chen, he cried, “Big Brother Xiao, I’m useless.”

Iron Egg had many things he wanted to say. However, when he saw Xiao Chen, he had no idea how to express the rage filling his heart.

Iron Egg condensed everything he wanted to say into the words “I’m useless.”

“You suffered, Iron Egg.”

Xiao Chen patted Iron Egg’s shoulder, calming him down. Xiao Chen’s heart bled as he did his best to suppress his murderous intent.

“Friend, I advise you not to interfere in our Heavenly Slaughter Sect’s matter. The Heavenly Slaughter Sect is not an existence that you can afford to offend!”

The black-armored cultivator felt a huge pressure coming from Xiao Chen despite Xiao Chen not even being a Sovereign Personage.

His confidence faltering, the youth reported his sect’s name to scare Xiao Chen.

“The Heavenly Slaughter Sect?” Xiao Chen muttered to himself, entering deep thought.

“That’s right. It is the Heavenly Slaughter Sect, a Rank 7 Demonic Dao sect. Not to mention you, even the large factions of the northern and eastern regions would not dare to interfere in our Heavenly Slaughter Sect’s matters. I can tell that you are a Dragon Race cultivator, so I’ll give you face and let this incident pass. Quickly leave.”

When the black-armored cultivator saw that the Heavenly Slaughter Sect’s name seemed to work, he slowly regained his confidence.

Then, that youth saw an electric light flash, and a fist light flew at him at an inconceivable speed.

The black-armored cultivator tried to back off and block. However, he failed to block anything.


The fist light landed on the black-armored cultivator’s face, and two hundred Cauldron Force instantly exploded. This early-stage Holy Venerate Heavenly Slaughter Sect Demon Envoy died on the spot, leaving no corpse behind.

“Rattle! Rattle!”

On the other side, Sang unchained the villagers. At the same time, he infused a gentle Veritable Essence Energy to treat everyone’s injuries.

Soon, Sang arrived beside Xiao Chen and said softly, “Fortunately, we arrived in time. There are no major problems. However, I do not see Little Qing Chen.”

He did not see Little Qing Chen?

Before leaving, Xiao Chen had patted Qing Chen’s head. Her smile had not faded from his mind yet.

Xiao Chen walked over to the village chief and sighed, “Grandpa Seven, stop hiding it from me. Why did you chase out Qing Chen back then?”

Tearing up, Grandpa Seven replied, “Little Qing Chen has a Pure Yin Body. She would be an excellent cultivation cauldron for the Demonic Dao sects. If she were discovered, she would bring disaster to the entire village. However, this old man simply could not take the initiative to hand her over, so I could only chase her out.”

This revelation stunned Xiao Chen. Many Cultivation Techniques of the Demonic Dao sects did require a Pure Yin Body.

Grandpa Seven’s actions were right. Ordinary people could not resist Demonic Dao cultivators. Xiao Chen also understood why Grandpa Seven did not tell him about this at the start.

The Demonic Dao coexisted with the Righteous Dao in the Desolate Sea. It even suppressed the Righteous Dao slightly.

Similar things had happened many times. All of the roving bandits had large sects backing them.

In Grandpa Seven’s opinion, telling Xiao Chen was the same as sending Xiao Chen off to die.

Perhaps in Grandpa Seven’s long life, he had seen several unyielding people, who drew their weapons at the sight of any injustice, die.

Time had worn down this old man’s edge. He was now resigned to many things in this Desolate Sea.

Grandpa Seven did not tell Xiao Chen, wanting to resolve this problem himself. He wanted to use the Peach Blossom Wine Festival to ask for peace for the village.

Sang had arrived at some point in time. He held up the bandit leader and said, “This fellow tried to run. I caught him.”

“My lord! My lord! Spare me! I was forced into it, as well.” Having seen Xiao Chen’s strength, the bandit leader continuously begged for mercy, frightened out of his wits.

Xiao Chen looked at Sang and said, “Help me keep an eye on this place. I’ll go and rescue Little Qing Chen.”

“Don’t worry. Leave this place to me.”

Xiao Chen grabbed the bandit leader and soared into the air, then landed on the Demon Blood Vulture. His expressionless, delicate face looked somewhat scary under the blood moon.

It was as Grandpa Seven said; people died everywhere in the vast Desolate Sea. Even a saint would be helpless to change things.

However, Xiao Chen had his own principles.

While Xiao Chen could not kill off all the Demonic Dao sects, those that touched his friends had to pay the price. The unyielding nature of a real man should not wear off with time.