Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2048 Raw 2143 : Heavenly Dao Killing Formation

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Chapter 2048 Raw 2143 : Heavenly Dao Killing Formation

Chapter 2048 (Raw 2143): Heavenly Dao Killing Formation

The Cold Yin Spring…did someone set it up?

Standing before the well, Xiao Chen entered deep thought. After a while, he still decided to go down and take a look.

“I’ll accompany you. If anything happens, I can help you out, at least,” Sang said softly when he saw Xiao Chen dead set on it.

“It’s fine. If there really is any danger, I can escape more easily if I’m alone. Don’t worry.”

Xiao Chen did not give Sang a chance to object. He leaped up lightly and jumped into the well.

Xiao Chen’s figure instantly disappeared into the deep well, vanishing from sight.

Sang glanced at the dried-up well before contemplating the surroundings.

Soon, he soared up and looked around.

Sang saw indistinct mountain ranges in the distance. The terrain gave him a strange feeling.


Down in the dried-up well:

Xiao Chen fell for a long time. Finally, he felt something at the bottom of his feet and landed.


The instant his feet touched the ground, a chill assaulted him. He started shivering uncontrollably.

Xiao Chen felt Yin-attributed energy moving around in his body. However, if he wanted to get rid of it, he would waste a lot of Veritable Essence Energy.

Circulating his Ice Feather Divine Incantation, he directly absorbed this cold Yin-attributed energy and transformed it into energy for his Ice Domain.

Xiao Chen looked up and saw a bowl-sized light. The ancient well was probably close to ten kilometers deep.

When he thought about being ten kilometers underground, he could not help turning exceptionally cautious.

The surroundings were pitch-black; he could see only one hundred meters ahead.

Xiao Chen felt his way forward in the darkness. The narrow path widened. However, the terrain started to become increasingly complicated. Soon, his vision expanded; he had arrived in an underground cavern.

The hanging stalactites were up to two meters long. The faint crystalline light they radiated allowed Xiao Chen to make out the features of the entire cavern.

The watery light and the stalactites made for a wondrous and stunning scenery.

After admiring the scenery for a while, Xiao Chen followed the streambed upstream.

The cold Qi was already becoming denser.

Xiao Chen felt surprised to discover his Ice Domain improving rapidly.

If it continued at this pace, he would soon break through and comprehend the Ice Dao.

Xiao Chen’s Ice Domain had reached its limits long ago. He just lacked an opportunity to raise it to the power of a Great Dao.

Perhaps this was his opportunity.

With this thought, Xiao Chen circulated his Ice Feather Divine Incantation at its limits.

Cold Qi surrounded Xiao Chen and coalesced into threads of icy energy flickering with faint light in the dark.

The cold Qi became increasingly denser. The thread-like cold Qi gathered into feathers. Countless icy feathers filled the place, looking exceptionally beautiful.

As Xiao Chen continued forward, he saw many circular stone pillars encased in thick ice.

He came to a sudden halt, finding the underground environment really strange.

He had not run into any danger along the way. However, this made him even more cautious, as it felt like something was off.


Suddenly, when Xiao Chen stepped on a spot of frozen ground, his right leg sank in. The cold Qi immediately turned into ice and froze his leg.

After cursing his misfortune in his heart, he lowered his head and tried to pull his leg out. Then, out of the blue, he had a foreboding of imminent death.

Xiao Chen gave up on pulling his right leg out and tilted his body. A two-meter-long stalactite silently fell past his face.


The sharpness of the stalactite far surpassed Xiao Chen’s expectations. The long stalactite silently stabbed into the ground.

A chill ran down his back. If he had not dodged, this stalactite would have pierced through his brain and body, killing him on the spot.

Is this a coincidence?

There does not seem to be any formations or signs of anyone doing this. It can only be explained with a coincidence.

Xiao Chen freed his frozen right leg and stretched it out. I need to be more cautious.

That’s not right…

Suddenly, something occurred to Xiao Chen. He turned his head back and considered the many circular stone pillars he had seen along the way, a strange horror stirring in his heart.

He threw a ferocious palm strike, and saber winds surged out. The dust on the surface of the circular stone pillars fell off in an instant.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

As the thick dust and ice fell off, the circular stone pillars revealed their true form. They were all corpses—frozen corpses standing on the ground. The expressions they had before they died remained clear.

The saber winds did not stop. In the next moment, all these bodies shattered into pieces.

Xiao Chen paled, extremely shocked and scared out of his wits.

Given Xiao Chen’s courage, very few things could scare him.

However, this scene chilled him to the marrow.

It turned out that he had already passed a lot of deadly spots. With the slightest carelessness, he could have died in an instant. However, he had been unaware until now.

Xiao Chen recalled a remarkable killing formation from the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor’s memories. This killing formation thoroughly merged with the environment and terrain.

This prevented one from even sensing its presence. When trapped in it, one would not even know what happened when one died.

I must not continue advancing!

The killing formation here already surpassed Xiao Chen’s understanding. Even a Divine Vein Sovereign Emperor might not escape it.

Xiao Chen sized up his surroundings again. Now, he sensed fatal danger in this underground cavern, which he initially found ordinary.

He sent out a few more palm winds and discovered several more corpses in strange states.

The only common factor was that all of the corpses showed confused looks.

Xiao Chen even found a Sovereign Emperor’s corpse.

Most of the surrounding cold Qi came from that particular corpse.

Xiao Chen now understood why the well had dried up. Someone once discovered the secret of the Cold Yin Spring and came down to explore. In the end, that person died here.

As none of these people managed to escape, their corpses caused the cold Qi to grow denser, affecting the flow of the Cold Yin Spring.

When the Cold Yin Spring stopped flowing, the killing formation only showed a path to death. Conversely, a path to survival might appear when the Cold Yin Spring flowed.

After thinking for a while, Xiao Chen shattered all the frozen corpses.

Then, he remained still and started cultivating.

Right now, Xiao Chen was already in deadly peril. If he tried to return, he would definitely end up dead.

The killing formation would weaken only when the Cold Yin Spring started flowing again. Only then could Xiao Chen get a chance to survive.

Xiao Chen drove the Ice Feather Divine Incantation and continuously absorbed the surrounding cold Qi. Firstly, it helped him thin the cold Qi, resolving the situation. Secondly, he could use this opportunity to break through and comprehend the Ice Dao.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The surrounding cold Qi became like a storm, with Xiao Chen at the eye.

Countless ice feathers looking like swan’s down danced in the air.

Xiao Chen focused his mind, not saying anything. He had his experience from comprehending the Thunder Great Dao and the Saber Great Dao.

Thus, he had ample experience in breaking through to a Great Dao. He did not rush things, taking it slowly.

“Drip! Drip!”

Time slowly passed. After a while, Xiao Chen heard water trickling.

Xiao Chen thought, It’s coming. As he continued absorbing the cold Qi, the density of cold Qi would decrease further, and the Cold Yin Spring would soon start flowing again.

He needed to break through before the Cold Yin Spring arrived. He only had one chance at survival.

Faster! Faster! Faster!

Ambition swelling in his heart, Xiao Chen pushed his Ice Feather Divine Incantation to the limits. His long hair fluttered around, shining with jade-white light, while cold Qi permeated his entire body.

A grain-sized mote of white light appeared behind him before suddenly flaring bright and coalescing into a complete Dao disk.

“Boom!” Xiao Chen opened his eyes and saw icy water surging over from upstream.

The water looked like a dragon about to swallow him up.

Xiao Chen got up and dashed off hastily, not bothering to check out the Ice Great Dao’s Great Dao Energy.

The icy springwater gushed endlessly behind him, opening up the path to survival. As he ran, he did not encounter any danger.

Xiao Chen retraced his steps and finally arrived at the bottom of the well. Without him even having to think, his Veritable Essence Energy erupted from his feet as he leaped up.


In the next moment, Xiao Chen soared. Soon, he emerged from the well and hovered in the air.

He landed on the ground and moved aside with Sang. Then, he told Sang about what happened below.

Sang exclaimed with a grave expression, “You entered a Heavenly Dao Killing Formation?! Such a killing formation merges with the Heavenly Dao. It is extremely remarkable, invisible and formless. You are really lucky to escape alive!”

Xiao Chen also felt some lingering fear. Had he continued upstream, he might have died there all unawares.

Sang paused for a moment before adding, “The person who laid this killing formation possessed extremely formidable skills. If people died in there, it meant that they discovered the secret of the Cold Yin Spring. When people died, and the spring dried up, it would stop attracting attention. That served as very natural protection, truly wondrous.”

Xiao Chen thought about this for a while and also found it quite terrifying, as well.

At this moment, the Cold Yin Spring gushed out of the well, turning into a water pillar soaring into the sky. This caught the two’s attention.

The springwater spewed out and scattered everywhere. The shocked villagers who saw this scene quickly ran over.

All of the villagers rejoiced. Water sources were extremely rare in the Desolate Sea.

With springwater underground, the well could support hundreds of families. Since the Cold Yin Spring dried up, the people of the village needed to travel more than fifty kilometers to get water from friendly villages.

Now that the spring was flowing again, they no longer had to pander to others to survive.

The overjoyed villagers bathed in the falling springwater with smiles. Several people took out containers to collect the water.

When Xiao Chen and Sang saw this scene, they smiled, their expressions warmer and much more relaxed.

No matter what shocking secrets this Cold Yin Spring contained, to ordinary people, it was just well water that could keep them alive.

Even if the person who laid the killing movement had not missed out on anything, he definitely had not anticipated this.

Many times, it was better for people to lead a simple life. Ignorance was bliss.

No matter how capable the person who laid the formation was, he might not have been as happy as these simple villagers.