Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2043 Raw 2138 : Excellent Wine of the Dragon Race

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Chapter 2043 Raw 2138 : Excellent Wine of the Dragon Race

Chapter 2043 (Raw 2138): Excellent Wine of the Dragon Race

Xiao Chen did not feel surprised at Qin Zhuolin’s conclusion. With just some thought, it was clear that he just arrived.

Qin Zhuolin paused for a moment before explaining to Xiao Chen, “Desolate Slaves are nothing strange. They are just undead. In other places, they are known as corpses or zombies. The Desolate Sea cultivators normally call them Desolate Slaves, as they are much more horrifying than regular corpses.”

Lightning had a potent suppressive effect on unclean things like the undead. However, for the Thunder Monarch Spear to fail to kill a corpse, this thing could no longer be called a simple corpse; horrifying simply did not cover it.

[TL Note: In Chinese, unclean things refer to things of a spooky, supernatural, and sinister nature, normally things to do with human death or undeath. This would include things like ghosts and zombies. Demons and animal spirits do not count.]

It was hard to imagine how this Qin Zhuolin fled a pack of Desolate Slaves.

Qin Zhuolin’s cultivation was merely at Initial Perfection Sovereign Personage, not even Small Perfection yet, much less Great Perfection.

There were four stages to Sovereign Personage: Initial Perfection, Small Perfection, Great Perfection, and Peak.

The difference between each stage was quite significant. Xiao Chen no longer feared Initial Perfection Sovereign Personages. If he grasped the timing well, he could even severely injure or kill an Initial Perfection Sovereign Personage easily.

However, if Xiao Chen met with a Small Perfection Sovereign Personage, he would have to be cautious and not get careless.

There had to be something extraordinary about this Qin Zhuolin. Otherwise, he could not flee from a group of Desolate Slaves.

“You even dared to appear in the wilderness with the blood moon out. You probably did not manage to find a city.”

Qin Zhuolin smiled; his guess was right. Then, he continued, “The nearest city is one thousand five hundred kilometers to the southeast.”

When Xiao Chen heard that, he felt flabbergasted. This Desolate Sea was indeed desolate.

If one were unlucky, one might not even find a city after half a month.

Although one thousand five hundred kilometers sounded far, it was nothing for the vast Desolate Sea.

The Desolate Sea was larger than the eastern region and northern region combined.

For cultivators, one thousand five hundred kilometers was still quite far. If one did not travel at full speed, it would take at least two days.

“When you get there, you should buy a map of the Desolate Sea. Although it is not very comprehensive, at least you will not get lost,” Qin Zhuolin suggested patiently. He appeared to be experienced.

Qin Zhuolin was very mysterious, but Xiao Chen did not have the habit of asking too much. Naturally, Xiao Chen would not ask him why a group of Desolate Slaves had chased him.

After chatting for a while, Qin Zhuolin smiled mysteriously and said, “Come, let me treat you to some wine. It is an unparalleled wine. I managed to find this wine only after much difficulty, and I have not had the time to drink it yet. This is to show my appreciation.”

Qin Zhuolin felt very grateful to Xiao Chen for saving him.

Unparalleled wine?

After having drunk the Thousand Year Flame, Xiao Chen did not believe that. Qin Zhuolin took out an ancient, metal wine flask before Xiao Chen’s doubtful gaze. Dust covered the wine flask, which was azure in color.

After Qin Zhuolin wiped the dust away, complex and exquisite patterns emerged. There was a dragon-shaped handle, and dragons were carved on the flask.

A slender chain attached the lid to the handle, preventing it from getting lost.

With one glance, the lid looked like a chained Azure Dragon roaring ferociously and trying to fly away.

“This…this is a carving of an Azure Dragon!” Xiao Chen cried out hoarsely in startlement. He could not hide the shock in his eyes.

“So, it is an Azure Dragon. Well, you dragons are more knowledgeable about this, after all. However, what kind of dragon is the Azure Dragon?” Qin Zhuolin looked at Xiao Chen curiously.

Xiao Chen recovered his wits. He shook his head and said, “I’m not sure. I only read something about it in some ancient texts and do not know the details.”

Qin Zhuolin did not seem to mind. He handed the flask to Xiao Chen and said, “Hehe! No matter what dragon it is, give it a try.”

After receiving the Azure Dragon wine flask, Xiao Chen took out a wine cup, filled it up, and took a sip.

The wine tasted pretty good, so he finished the cup in one go.

A chilly sensation immediately overcame every single cell of Xiao Chen’s body. Then, an extremely carefree feeling swept through him.

Xiao Chen’s entire body—even his soul—trembled involuntarily. The sharp burn turned into a warmth that filled his body and charged around.

His head spun. With just one cup, he actually got drunk.

The more exaggerated thing was that after this cup of wine, his cultivation improved significantly within a short time.

This improvement equaled half a year of bitter cultivation.

Xiao Chen felt incredibly shocked. A long time later, he slowly recovered his wits. However, the redness on his face had yet to fade.

The aftereffects were hard to get rid of. He felt like a flame was burning inside his body. His internal organs, even his soul, felt like they were on fire.

“How is it? This wine is pretty good, right?”

Xiao Chen took a deep breath and steadied his somewhat woozy mind. Then, he asked, “How long has this wine aged?”

“Hehe! Not that long, at least five thousand years, I guess. Brother Xiao, congratulations. This wine flask contains the long-lost Heart Burn, an excellent wine. It is said to be the top spirit of the Dragon Race. Legend said that back then, a powerhouse was willing to pay an entire Spirit Jade mine for just one cup. That story shook the world.”

Heart Burn. Indeed, it felt like my heart burned. The aftereffects are strong and quite memorable. An indescribable carefreeness fills the body amid the heat, feeling very delightful.

Great wine!

To think that this Qin Zhuolin did not even warn me about this five-thousand-year-old wine. He is really mischievous.

Qin Zhuolin noticed something off with Xiao Chen’s expression. So, he quickly smiled and said, “Haha! Don’t be angry. I’ll give you this wine and wine flask. This wine flask is a wondrous item. As long as you drip a drop of any wine into it, it can fill up the entire flask with the wine. There’s also the recipe for this Heart Burn. I’ll give it to you as well. I have no use for it.”

The many precious gifts took Xiao Chen’s breath away. He quite liked this wine.

Furthermore, there was the recipe for Heart Burn. This was a very generous gift.

Usually, Xiao Chen would find it hard to accept such precious gifts, reluctant to receive rewards that he did not deserve. Although he saved the other party once, it was just minor help.

Compared to the precious gifts, Xiao Chen’s effort was not commensurate.

Qin Zhuolin laughed straightforwardly, “It might be an insignificant effort to you, but you saved my life. Furthermore, this is nothing to me.”

“Many thanks.” Xiao Chen did not stand on ceremony, accepting the Azure Dragon wine flask and Heart Burn recipe.

“Where did you get these things?” Xiao Chen felt curious about the appearance of the Azure Dragon wine flask and could not help asking.

Qin Zhuolin smiled mysteriously but did not reply.

“Oh, no!”

Just at this moment, the two’s expressions changed. Xiao Chen turned his head back to take a look.

An enormous figure appeared under the colossal blood moon that felt within reach in the sky. This figure was clad in heavy armor, with a pair of scarlet eyes flickering under its helmet. Death Qi spread out from its body.

This figure held a string of rusty chains with a sharp metal hook attached to the end. When it swung the metal chains and hook, they moved like the wind.

The enormous figure hovered in the air, blocking out most of the blood moon.

Even from an extreme distance, the two could feel a cold wind blowing over. That pair of shocking eyes inspired fear with just one glance. Xiao Chen immediately woke up from his wine-induced stupor. Fear gripped his heart and mind.

Xiao Chen’s legs softened. He found it hard to control his hands and legs.

Just how terrifying was the Desolate Slave that targeted the two of them from a distance? Xiao Chen could not even begin to imagine.

He felt that the Desolate Slave needed only one strike to kill him and reduce him to ashes. He felt incredibly insignificant before it.

“Damn it! It still managed to catch up. Run!”

Qin Zhuolin gave Xiao Chen a push before quickly jumping off the Demon Blood Vulture and turning into a beam of light streaking off into the distance.

Xiao Chen recovered his wits and turned the Demon Blood Vulture into a ring. With the ring on his finger, he also shot forward like a lightning bolt.

No sooner had the two left than the metal hook spanned more than five hundred thousand kilometers to land where the two had been.

With a ‘whoosh, the metal hook stabbed into the ground.


Before Xiao Chen could react, he felt horrified to discover that the ground had soared up and become like a wall and crashed into him.

Xiao Chen immediately vomited a mouthful of blood, and his internal organs ruptured. The ground cracked open, turning into countless huge rocks.

This Desolate Slave in broken heavy armor dragged the ground up.

From a distance, it looked like the Desolate Slave pulled up a square tile.

In reality, this tile was already the size of Heavenly Dragon City.

Just the impact from the ground instantly and severely injured Xiao Chen despite his acquired Divine Body. This showed how horrifying the impact was.

Xiao Chen and Qin Zhuolin bounced back, unable to control themselves.

However, the armored Desolate Slave ignored Xiao Chen. It fixed its gaze only on Qin Zhuolin.

The Desolate Slave opened its palm, and the space in front of it shrank continuously, closing the distance between it and Qin Zhuolin.

Qin Zhuolin became as insignificant as an ant before that palm, unable to even struggle against it.

If the hand captured Qin Zhuolin, he would definitely die.

The scene before Xiao Chen was similar to the effect of his Firmament’s Rage, although the method was different.

Without overthinking, Xiao Chen activated his Great Desolate Eon bloodline and threw a palm strike, with the Five Element Divine Lightning driving his Firmament’s Rage.

Then, something strange happened. After Xiao Chen executed Firmament’s Rage, the enormous towering hand that was much larger than Qin Zhuolin seemed to shrink until it was only slightly larger than Xiao Chen’s hand.

Right before the armored Desolate Slave captured Qin Zhuolin, Xiao Chen threw a palm strike, which arrived first.


The two palms clashed, and Xiao Chen went flying like a sandbag. Space turned chaotic, nearly tearing his physical body apart.

When Qin Zhuolin saw this scene, he felt greatly startled.

Unexpectedly, he managed to survive certain death.

When Qin Zhuolin saw the armored Desolate Slave focus its attention on Xiao Chen, he panicked and crossed his hands while forming hand seals.

Qin Zhuolin’s eyes turned completely pitch-black, looking boundlessly deep like a bottomless pit—a dreadful sight.

“Nine Heavens God Sealing Formation!” After Qin Zhuolin finished forming the hand seals, he shouted, “Rise!”

Then, light burst out behind him, forming tens of thousands of formation flags soaring into the sky like a rain of arrows.

The tens of thousands of formation flags layered over each other in the next moment. Spiritual light leaped about in the night sky, forming an incredibly complicated formation in the air and turning into nine layers of heaven.

The layers fell one by one, crashing towards the armored Desolate Slave and preventing it from killing Xiao Chen.

However, before all nine layers of heaven could crash into the armored Desolate Slave, it flung out its metal hook and easily broke through the layers, turning them into starlight scattering in the sky.

After the formation broke, Qin Zhuolin vomited a mouthful of blood as he was knocked away.

“The legends are really true…”

Qin Zhuolin paled in despair. However, a ray of light appeared in the distant eastern sky at this moment.

The morning sun arrived!

This stunned Qin Zhuolin, jubilation sweeping through him. We’re saved!

Disregarding the two, the armored Desolate Slave raised its hands to cover its eyes. Then, it rushed off, promptly withdrawing its overwhelming death Qi.