Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2041 Raw 2136 : The Heavenly Fragrance

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Chapter 2041 Raw 2136 : The Heavenly Fragrance

Chapter 2041 (Raw 2136): The Heavenly Fragrance

Inside Cloud Water Marsh:

Bai Yunfei held his head as he sat on the gigantic snake, returning with a feeling of satisfaction.

However, after one hour, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. The more he thought about it, the more convinced he was.

If a Demonic Dao expert severely injured me, would he show me mercy?

Given the nature of a Demonic Dao expert, if I were in my peak state, he might be polite and not dare to act rashly after I report my name.

However, this Demonic Dao expert even possesses a Soul Tool. Would he do nothing after severely injuring me?

My soul is much stronger than Xiao Chen’s. To the Soul Devouring Hall’s people, it is great nourishment, something very tempting.

No matter what, I have to go back and take a look.


Bai Yunfei gently waved with his hand that held his flute. The clouds for five thousand kilometers around scattered.

Then, he leaped up and flew with his hands behind his back, his expression changing continuously. Clearly, his emotions were fluctuating wildly.

After about fifteen minutes of traveling at full speed, Bai Yunfei reached where he had met the cloaked man.

However, when he got to the mountain peak, there was no one there.

Bai Yunfei’s exquisite and handsome face twitched as he gnashed his teeth.

He tightly clenched his right fist, and his body trembled slightly. A terrifying murderous intent spread in his heart.

I was played!

There is no way to finish sacrificing and refining a ghost pennant so quickly.

If the other party did not lie, he would still be here.

Bai Yunfei was a smart person. Naturally, he would not cling to hope and speak some self-consoling words at this moment.

He admitted to himself that Xiao Chen had tricked him.

Xiao Chen had played with him like a toy, daring to pretend to be an expert and scold him, telling him to scram.

Unfortunately, Bai Yunfei had swallowed the deception hook, line, and sinker and even apologized to the other party.

When thinking about it, Bai Yunfei felt a stifling frustration in his chest, unable to vent it; the sensation felt extremely unbearable.

Not only that, but the other party also managed to injure him, yet Bai Yunfei even considered himself fortunate.

Bai Yunfei felt like an utter fool; he could not bear to look at himself.

He closed his eyes and did his best to calm down. Even so, his lips still trembled.

This showed how unbearable this humiliation was for Bai Yunfei.

He opened his eyes only after a long time. His expression was back to normal as he sighed, “Victory and defeat are normal. One should suffer some setbacks in life. If things go too smoothly, that is not a good thing. This is a pretty good lesson. I should thank him.”

After saying all that, Bai Yunfei seemed to have let go of everything, his mood already calm.

However, right after he turned around and took one step, he suddenly turned back with a malevolent expression and ferociously stomped on the mountain peak below him.


Countless cracks spread out in all directions to the foot of the mountain.

In the next moment, the ground within a five-thousand-kilometer radius exploded. A horrifying aura spread out. The scarlet ground that initially was already desolate turned into a wasteland.

“Like hell, I will thank you! When I recover from my injury, I will return to the Desolate Sea and wash off today’s shame!”

After Bai Yunfei vented, his emotions truly returned to normal. He snorted coldly and turned around to leave.

Naturally, Xiao Chen could not appreciate this amazing scene.


Xiao Chen had already gotten over five hundred thousand kilometers away, riding the Demon Blood Vulture. He had crossed the periphery of the Desolate Sea and truly entered the Desolate Sea that gave birth to countless legends.

After verifying that he was safe, he chose a place to land and treat his injuries.

Once Xiao Chen quieted down, he discovered to his horror that he had underestimated the toxin in the rain.

Without him realizing it, the toxin had already seeped into his soul.

No matter where it was, be it the internal organs, the blood vessels, the bones, or the marrows, Xiao Chen’s acquired Divine Body had a means for cleansing them and eradicating the toxin.

However, the toxin had seeped into Xiao Chen’s soul. The azure will of soul that represented his soul in the Soul Pool was now covered with a layer of misty black Qi.

Although there was very little toxin Qi, it was very difficult to eliminate. It constantly corroded his soul.

What was worse was that he had used his Soul Energy to drive the Demon Blood Vulture—allowing the toxin to seep deeper into his soul.

Although this was not fatal, it was difficult to eliminate the toxin quickly.

Xiao Chen felt greatly startled when he searched the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor’s memories for toxins that could corrode the soul.

It turned out that there were more than a hundred types of toxins capable of corroding the soul.

Some sinister people could even combine the toxins with curses. Even if one deconstructed one’s soul and reassembled it, one could not get rid of the toxins.

Xiao Chen continued searching for a way to deal with the toxin. He came to know that the toxin that Bai Yunfei used was Thousand Taste Revolution, something only the extremely talented people of the White Marsh Beast Empire could comprehend.

The conditions for practicing this Poison Technique were very high, even harder than those for Xiao Chen’s Supreme Dragon Fist.

However, once one succeeded in practicing it, one would become extremely horrifying. One would not need to fear cultivators of higher cultivation.

Back then, the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor even suffered because of this toxin.

Xiao Chen immediately felt some fear. He now knew how horrifying Bai Yunfei was.

He had been very fortunate to escape the other party, even severely injuring him.

Naturally, the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor did not want to suffer from this terrifying Poison Technique a second time. After much effort, he finally came up with a way to deal with it.

Xiao Chen carefully studied the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor’s method of dealing with the toxin. After thoroughly understanding it, he felt very confident.

If he followed the method in the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor’s memories, he only needed seven days to eliminate the toxin in his soul.

“Toot! Tweet!”

Just at this moment, musical instruments rang out from behind. Xiao Chen opened his eyes, and his expression flickered.

At first, he thought that Bai Yunfei had given chase. However, he realized that was not the case after a moment.

The music behind him clearly came from a group of people. However, the flute part of the music stood out, sounding exceptionally refined.

As the music rang out, it seemed to bring emotions to life. Nimble and refined, flexible and varied. The music lingered faintly, producing a pleasing cadence.

The more wondrous thing was that the flute did not try to stand out. Instead, it worked together with the zither, the pipa, and other instruments. It was like fish zooming around in a spring.

The fish occasionally moved around livelily, leaping out of the water and looking at the world mischievously. Then, it landed back in the spring, happily swimming with the flow.

Soon, the musicians entered Xiao Chen’s vision.

It turned out to be a group of angelic-looking, white-clad women. The music was impressive; the flute and zither sounded carefree.

Was it the Heavenly Fragrance?

Xiao Chen watched this group of women pass before his eyes, leaving a lingering fragrance in the air. Then, he entered deep thought.

The Heavenly Fragrance was an ancient and mysterious Holy Land.

A Holy Land was something that surpassed a Rank 7 sect. Like most of the Holy Lands, the Heavenly Fragrance rarely interfered in mundane matters.

The overlords of the world were the four dynasties, the eight great empires, and the various Rank 7 sects.

Nonetheless, the Holy Lands were way stronger and had longer histories. However, they rarely appeared and participated in worldly affairs.

Among the Holy Lands, the Heavenly Fragrance was the strangest. It always maintained its neutrality.

Even during the great wars between righteous factions and demonic factions, the Heavenly Fragrance did not get involved; they were free and unfettered.

The members of the Heavenly Fragrance were all women.

All of the disciples were pretty and graceful. It was said that the Heavenly Fragrance was in the Desolate Sea. However, no one knew the exact location.

“I’m pretty lucky to be able to see a group of Heavenly Fragrance disciples,” Xiao Chen muttered to himself with a smile. The music from earlier seemed to linger in his ears.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen’s expression changed slightly, showing puzzlement.

The group of Heavenly Fragrance disciples that passed by earlier actually turned around and returned.

Xiao Chen felt suspicious. He was not so self-confident that he considered himself charming enough to attract the Heavenly Fragrance disciples.

Otherwise, this group of Heavenly Fragrance disciples would not have passed by without slowing down.

They really are coming!

As Xiao Chen thought that, that group of fairy-like Heavenly Fragrance disciples really landed before him and lowered their instruments.

The disciple holding a flute stepped forward slowly. Despite not wearing a veil, this person’s face appeared blurry. It was like looking at a flower in a mist, hazy but not to the point where nothing was visible.

This person should be the one playing the flute earlier. However, why did she come over?