Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2037 Raw 2132 : Heavy Doubts and Suspicions

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Chapter 2037 Raw 2132 : Heavy Doubts and Suspicions

Chapter 2037 (Raw 2132): Heavy Doubts and Suspicions

Time passed, and Xiao Chen approached the border of the Divine Dragon Empire.

Since the time Xiao Chen killed Qin Feng and that Dragon Protecting Corps group, he had encountered an increasing number of attacks.

However, Xiao Chen could not be blamed for this. When the gears of an empire spun and all the organizations worked together, discovery was just a matter of time, even with the Death God Mask.

There were plenty of wise people in the empire.

If one vanished without a trace, one definitely had a treasure that could isolate one’s aura. When the manhunt focused on that aspect and checked on all the suspicious people, one would eventually be found.

Xiao Chen could guess all this. However, what he did not guess was that the Dragon God Crown Prince had joined the hunt for him.

Condensing Cloud City, the final city at the northern border before leaving the Divine Dragon Empire:

Xiao Chen chose this route after several rounds of selection.

He wiped off the blood on his saber. The corpses of some Dragon Protecting Corps members lay strewn across a wide grass plain five thousand kilometers away from the city.

As Xiao Chen approached the border, the pursuit had intensified.

He changed his route several times, without any pattern, moving casually. However, he would always be found shortly after.

It would be hard to imagine how difficult escape would be without the Death God Mask.

Xiao Chen probably would have been found in less than half a month.

“After this city, I should more or less be able to leave the Divine Dragon Empire.”

Xiao Chen looked into the distance. Although no silhouette appeared at the ends of his vision, his Spiritual Sense could pick up the presence of Condensing Cloud City.

“Where do you intend to go next?” Sang asked Xiao Chen while watching Xiao Chen deal with the bodies.

After Xiao Chen left the Divine Dragon Empire, he would be free to roam as he pleased.

The world was vast. There would be a place for Xiao Chen.

There were many places that Xiao Chen wanted to visit. He even thought about returning to the Kunlun Realm.

However, when he considered the long distance, it would waste too much time with his current cultivation.

Xiao Chen could go to the Yanwu Dynasty. His senior brother Ye Zifeng was in the Yanwu Dynasty’s capital. He also had some friendship with the Soaring Dragon Marquis, so he did not have to worry about getting a referral.

He could also go to the Tianwu Dynasty. If he was lucky, he might be able to find news of Chu Chaoyun.

He could go to the Golden Crow Empire, the current leader of the eight great empires. Ao Jiao and Little Yellow Feather were there, so it was a pretty good choice.

He could also go to none of these places. He could leave the Central Great Realm and go to the forbidden seas and search for Xiao Suo and the others.

After gaining the Scarlet Blood Pirate King’s inheritance, the Black Cutlass Pirate Group could rise in any of the seven forbidden seas.

There were too many choices, which put Xiao Chen in a quandary.

“Let’s go to the former lands of the Azure Dragons. We can make further plans after that,” Xiao Chen said softly after thinking for a while.

“The Azure Dragons? That’s something from very long ago. I recall that the Azure Dragons were the Divine Dragons’ leaders much earlier in the Martial Epoch,” Sang said softly after some thought.

Xiao Chen’s heart skipped a beat. “Then, do you know why the Azure Dragons went extinct?”

Sang smiled bitterly. “My memories all come from the Propping Mulberry Tree, which is only an observer. How could it understand these things?”

Indeed, it was as Xiao Chen expected. He felt slightly disappointed; he could only rely on himself to investigate.

That locked-up Heavenly Dragon in the Starry Heavens Dragon Prison had said that he once went to the Azure Dragons’ old lands. He even seemed to know some secrets.

However, the Heavenly Dragon did not tell Xiao Chen where the Azure Dragons’ lands were.

Xiao Chen could only search for information from the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor’s memories, then compare it to the current maps to see if he could find the lands.

“Let’s leave this place first.”

Xiao Chen looked around and found a desolate area where he took out the Divine Universe Stele. Sang went into it.

Even with the Divine Universe Stele, Xiao Chen could not move about carefreely, so he could only kill.

It was unfortunate that after Xiao Chen entered the Divine Universe Stele, he could not operate it.

Otherwise, he could hide in the Divine Universe Stele and travel in it. There would not be any risks.

The world within the Divine Universe Stele was chaotic. Its wastelands seemed to be beyond repair.

“ In the future, when you have sufficient resources, you can create a world in this Divine Universe Stele,” Sang said softly as he looked around, finding this a pity.

This was a spatial Divine Tool that many Sovereign Emperors sought. However, Xiao Chen could barely use it.

Xiao Chen felt helpless about this. How could he not know? In his hand, the Divine Universe Stele was just a large storage ring.

He could not bring out many of its wondrous uses.

He had actually only been able to place a Spiritual Mark on this Divine Universe Stele but not refine it.

It still could not be said to be Xiao Chen’s. If an expert snatched it away, that expert could casually erase his Spiritual Mark. This treasure could change owners at any time.

Aside from Xiao Chen and Sang, there was also a seven-color Coiling Dragon Tree and a Propping Mulberry Tree sapling.

The Coiling Dragon Fruits of various colors on the Coiling Dragon Tree flickered with different lights.

Xiao Chen sat cross-legged under the tree, cultivating the Divine Dragon Body Tempering Art.

He looked forward to completing this Cultivation Technique and forming an acquired Divine Body.

Sang cared for the Propping Mulberry Tree sapling at the side.

When the sky turned dark, Xiao Chen came out of the Divine Universe Stele, returned it to his body, and resumed his journey.

Five thousand kilometers was not far for him.

Xiao Chen rushed at full speed. In less than four hours, Condensing Cloud City appeared before him.

Lamps brightly illuminated Condensing Cloud City in the night, presenting an extraordinarily bustling scene.

The city at the border was indeed bustling.

The Dragon Protecting Corps patrolled and guarded the frontier day and night, aside from the dangerous forbidden lands.

Going through this city was the most suitable choice if Xiao Chen wanted to cross the border.

A roundabout route would take him one and a half years, which would be extremely troublesome.

Xiao Chen removed the Death God Mask, and the bones under his face wriggled. After a while, he looked like someone else.

This kind of disguising technique simply changed one’s appearance. It could not hide one’s aura.

It was not very useful against an expert.

Xiao Chen had lived in the Divine Dragon Empire for over a year. The Dragon Protecting Corps and Blood Dragon Guards had definitely gotten their hands on some of his things, which had his aura on it.

However, Xiao Chen had to take this risk at the very last stage.

He believed that he had left the Blood Dragon Guards and the Dragon Protecting Corps far behind.

As long as he hurried, he should be able to cross the border successfully.

Xiao Chen saw some wanted notices posted on the city wall by the city gates. A picture of him was among them.

Fortunately, the cultivators manning the city gates were not very strong.

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change as he paid the toll with Primeval Heavenly Pills, then entered the city.


At the same time, in the grass plains where Xiao Chen massacred the Dragon Protecting Corps, the Dragon God Crown Prince Qin Ming looked around, his expression changing as he did so.

After a while, a Dragon Protecting Corps member appeared and reported the information that he collected.

“Interesting… Every time, I am one step too late. I don’t believe that this is a coincidence.”

Qin Ming showed a mocking smile on his handsome face. He was aware of the hidden interference of some factions.

Not finding Xiao Chen at the start was still reasonable.

However, Qin Ming’s search range had already narrowed significantly, yet he still could not stop the other party. This was truly strange.

Nevertheless, this made sense. The other Divine Dragon Palaces were happy to see such a person succeed. They were not willing to let the Golden Dragon Palace’s people eliminate him.

“Your Highness Crown Prince, that person should have reached Condensing Cloud City by now. We can send an order to Condensing Cloud City’s City Lord to seal the city. Then, we can go and capture him.” A Dragon Protecting Corps member made a very reasonable-sounding suggestion.

However, Qin Ming replied indifferently, “There’s no need. These people probably prepared long ago. We cannot stop him. He is destined to leave the Divine Dragon Empire alive.”

“Your Highness, there is no need to be so pessimistic. If we travel through the night and charge over, who dares to obstruct the Dragon Protecting Corps from their work?”

“What if it is the Blood Dragon Guards?”


The Dragon Protecting Corps members showed shock on their faces. Why would the Blood Dragon Guards help Xiao Chen?

However, they did not dare to question Qin Ming, so they did not say anything.

“Withdraw. The Dragon Protecting Corps does not need to participate in the remaining matters. I made arrangements long ago. No matter how it is, they will not be able to protect you!”

Confidence flashed in Qin Ming’s eyes as he waved his hand to dismiss the Dragon Protecting Corps.


The Dragon Protecting Corps members did not dare to object.

Qin Ming looked at the city in the distance. He stood upright with his hands clasped behind his back as he said indifferently, “Since I guessed that you lot are laying this trap, how can I not make preparations?”