Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2036 Raw 2131 : Dragon God Crown Prince

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Chapter 2036 Raw 2131 : Dragon God Crown Prince

Chapter 2036 (Raw 2131): Dragon God Crown Prince

Xiao Chen was satisfied with being able to see Liu Ruyue once before leaving the Divine Dragon Empire.

It was as he had guessed; Liu Ruyue had lost her memories.

However, everything else was fine.

That was sufficient for him.

Xiao Chen looked up from the foot of the White Dragon Palace’s mountain. He could still see the bright moon but not the beauty under it.

“I’ll leave it at that…”

Xiao Chen withdrew his gaze and buried his thoughts deep in his heart. Then, he left while it was night.

It was time to leave the Divine Dragon Empire.

With his fixation and worries temporarily resolved, Xiao Chen put on the Death God Mask and hurried off into the night.

He could not use the transportation formations or ride the Demon Blood Vulture. He had to rely on his Movement Technique to travel, so it would take a long time for him to get out of the Divine Dragon Empire.

Xiao Chen did not rush. The more he rushed, the easier it would be to mess up.

During Xiao Chen’s first ten days of hiding, he felt that the Death God Mask was not necessarily foolproof.

Furthermore, he found the Death God Mask somewhat strange. It was easy to provoke negative emotions.

Xiao Chen sought desolate places to hide and cultivated the Divine Dragon Body Tempering Art during the day; then, he traveled during the night, wearing the Death God Mask.

Soon, two months passed.

There were no alarms or danger. Along the way, he sensed some pursuers, but he avoided them; no major incidents happened.

The thing that surprised Xiao Chen was that most of the pursuers were not from the Blood Dragon Guards but were actually Golden Dragon bloodline cultivators.

On this particular day, Xiao Chen finished cultivating and got up from his covert in the desolate mountains just as night was about to fall.


Xiao Chen punched, and his Vital Qi surged like a dragon, wandering around continuously. A huge force burst forth from his fist light, and a loud, piercing ‘boom’ echoed in the surroundings, shaking the desolate mountain he stood on.

He spat out a mouthful of turbid air, then said softly, “I attained one hundred fifty Cauldron Force.”

Over two months of bitter cultivation, Xiao Chen’s Divine Dragon Body Tempering Art had continuously improved, now nearing Peak Consummation of the sixth layer.

This gradually allowed him to understand what the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor had said.

Reaching Peak Consummation of the Divine Dragon Body Tempering Art was merely the beginning. Xiao Chen’s previous Divine Dragon War Body had been a joke.

The true Divine Dragon War Body completely changed one’s physique, achieving an acquired Divine Body.

In this world, a small number of people were born with special physiques, giving them a physical body that ordinary people could not rival.

The various physiques boasted different inconceivable effects. Among this group of special physiques, extremely few stood out—physiques known as Divine Bodies. Everyone wished for such a physique.

If a Noble Clan managed to produce someone with an innate Divine Body, it was a sign of their rise. If that person with the Divine Body could grow normally, he could be unrivaled in his surroundings. On attaining success, he could do great things.

Such a person would allow their clan to rise, allowing it to flourish for one thousand—ten thousand—years and even longer.

As for the Divine Dragon Body Tempering Art, it made use of a Cultivation Technique combined with the Dragon Race bloodline to form an acquired Divine Body.

This showed how horrifying this Cultivation Technique was.

Extremely few Cultivation Techniques in the world could produce a Divine Body, almost none.

“When I cultivate my Divine Dragon Body Tempering Art to Peak Consummation, I will be reborn, and my body will be no different from a true Divine Body. At that time, my cultivation will speed up, and my physical body will be terrifyingly strong.”

A light flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. His desire for strength intensified, and ambition filled him.

Xiao Chen’s sorry state today had only one reason, no matter how he explained it: he was not strong enough.

If he were strong enough, would he need to show so much fear and concern? If he were strong enough, would his friends need to risk danger for him to escape?

Sooner or later, Xiao Chen would openly return with honor.

It would be unlike now, where he had to sneak away.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Just at this moment, dragon roars rang out in the surroundings. Figures continuously flashed in the air, gathering at this desolate mountain.

Xiao Chen’s expression remained calm under the mask; he did not feel flustered.

He felt very sure that the other party had not verified his identity, only harboring some guesses and suspicions.

As long as Xiao Chen remained in the Divine Dragon Empire, he would eventually be discovered by this group of people.

Soon, a group of Dragon Race cultivators gathered in front of Xiao Chen. The leader wore golden dragon robes and had the insignia of Ancestor Dragon City on the chest of his clothes.

This leader was a Peak Consummation Holy Venerate, only half a step away from Sovereign Personage. He was an inner sect disciple of the Dragon’s Gate.

The cultivators behind this person all had firm and steady auras. Their eyes were clear and bright, and they possessed vast Veritable Essence Energy. Their cultivations were all late-stage Holy Light Stage.

They were members of the Dragon Protecting Corps, a strong faction that obeyed only the Golden Dragon royal clan. They were scattered throughout the empire, present everywhere. All of them were elites.

“I am Qin Feng, a Dragon’s Gate inner sect disciple. Sorry for disturbing your cultivation. I do not have any malicious intentions. As long as you remove your mask and verify your identity, we will leave immediately.”

[TL Note: This Qin Feng is different from the Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master. The character for Feng is different. This one means wind while the Third Palace Master’s means mountain peak.]

The person that came was extremely polite, further supporting Xiao Chen’s belief that the other party had not guessed his identity.

Qin Feng’s expression remained calm. However, the other disciples from Ancestor Dragon City all placed their hands on their weapons, preparing to attack at any time.

After two months of pursuit, these people still found nothing. There was utterly no trace of Xiao Chen within the Divine Dragon Empire.

For the Golden Dragon Palace upper echelon, this was practically impossible. To think that it was so difficult to find one person.

The wise people in the Golden Dragon Palace guessed that Xiao Chen possessed a treasure that could hide aura, possibly isolating all aura and even avoid divination.

Hence, the Golden Dragon Palace shrank their search parameters and focused on this type of suspicious people.

Unfortunately, these people were not virtuous; after all, they purposely hid their auras.

Even if it were not Xiao Chen, these were not people to offend and had extremely eccentric tempers.

Over the past two months, the Dragon Protecting Corps and the Qin Clan disciples had suffered a lot because of this. Hence, they adopted a significantly more polite attitude.

If they did everything properly and they still could not get along, then they would attack.

“Sorry, I cannot fulfill your request.” Xiao Chen’s calm voice came from under the mask, showing a cold smile.

How much did the Golden Dragon royal clan hate him? To think that they even activated the Dragon Protecting Corps.

“In that case, we can only use force.”

Qin Feng’s expression turned cold. He waved his hand, and the Dragon Protecting Corps members with him instantly drew their weapons, forming a saber formation with surging saber Qi as they surrounded Xiao Chen.

The saber formation formed by ten-odd Dragon Protecting Corps members materialized saber lights that filled the air, forming a boundless killing formation. They wanted to sweep Xiao Chen into it forcefully.


Xiao Chen’s figure flashed. Having prepared long ago, he easily dodged this. Then, he charged into the dense forest.

The Dragon Protecting Corps roared. The saber formation did not get messed up, materializing a huge dragon made of saber lights and boundless killing Qi that gave chase.

One Dragon Protecting Corps member remained by Qin Feng’s side and asked, “Young Master Qin, what do you think are the chances of this person being Xiao Chen?”

“It might be zero, but it might be him as well… Even so, it does not matter. Anyone who hides like that would not be anything good. The Purple Gold Dragon Emperor would rather we kill by mistake than let Xiao Chen escape.”

“This matter already reached the Dragon Emperor? It is just an insignificant Holy Venerate; to think that he could anger the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor into issuing a kill order.”

With a grave expression, Qin Feng said seriously, “You do not understand what the Supreme Dragon Fist means… You understand even less what it means for the Supreme Dragon Fist to defeat the Emperor Dragon Fist. If one ignores a flame, it will be impossible to extinguish when it grows into a blazing inferno. That would be tragic.”

“That makes sense. Young Master Qin is truly someone from the royal clan. You take a longer view of the problem than we do.”

“Cut the flattery. I am merely a soldier. Hey!”

Suddenly, Qin Feng’s expression changed slightly. It seemed like something unexpected happened.

Qin Feng did not have time to think. He leaped up and flew over.

After being stunned for a while, that Dragon Protecting Corps member followed. When he reached Qin Feng’s side, he felt shocked. “How could it be like this?”

Trees and grass grew wildly in the dense forest below. The boundless saber formation of the ten-odd Dragon Protecting Corps members became trapped in the greenery.

The boundless saber Qi flew about, wildly chopping the tree branches apart. Wood splinters shot out.

However, the faster the saber Qi chopped down the branches, the faster and taller the trees grew. By the time the Dragon Protecting Corps members came to their senses, they were already trapped and could no longer get out.

“Let’s go. These people cannot be saved. We offended someone we should not offend.”

Qin Feng’s expression changed dramatically. After all, he was a Dragon’s Gate inner sect disciple, an extremely decisive person.

Qin Feng left at the drop of a hat, forsaking this Dragon Protecting Corps team and ignoring their lives and deaths.

“You want to leave now? It’s too late.”

“Firmament’s Rage!”

At some point in time, Xiao Chen appeared above the two and executed Firmament’s Rage’s third stage.

The Five Element Divine Lightning flowed in Xiao Chen’s body. When it combined with boundless saber light, it formed a small world in his palm.

With a wave of Xiao Chen’s hand, boundless rage filled the place.

Space turned chaotic. Before the two could move, Xiao Chen scooped them into the small world in his palm.

The Death God Mask came with Void Shadow, a Secret Technique. Xiao Chen combined it with Firmament’s Rage’s third state to subdue the enemy.

As a result, he managed to take out two Holy Venerates, who could fight ordinary Sovereign Personages, with one move.


Xiao Chen tightly clenched his fist, and there were no more places to hide in the world within his palm. After a while, he relaxed his hand.

Lightning flashed, and saber light surged. Then, flesh and blood spewed out.

The fresh blood was exceptionally eye-catching in this world of light, like a scarlet thorn apple flower blooming in Xiao Chen’s hand.

Blood seeped out, bright and alluring.

“Is it over?”

The miserable cries in the dense forest below finally stopped. Sang leaped about and arrived beside Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen nodded. “We cannot stay here anymore. We have to leave quickly.”



Two days later, in this dense forest:

A handsome man with a noble air, wearing purple-golden dragon robes, appeared in the forest.

As this person looked at and searched the corpses of the Dragon Protecting Corps members, who had died miserably, on the ground, he entered deep thought.

Soon, several people rushed over from all directions. Everyone who arrived knelt on one knee and reported respectfully to this person.

“Your Highness Crown Prince, we searched fifty kilometers to the east, but we did not find Young Master Qin Feng’s corpse!”

“Your Highness Crown Prince, we did not find anything to the south, either.”

As the information flowed in, the youth dressed in purple-golden dragon robes murmured, “In the past two months, this is the first time a royal clan disciple died. No matter who it is, I will find him!”

Naturally, there was only one person in the Divine Dragon Empire who could be addressed as Your Highness Crown Prince.

Aside from the Dragon God Crown Prince Qin Ming, there was no other.