Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2035 Raw 2130 : A Beauty like the Moon

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Chapter 2035 Raw 2130 : A Beauty like the Moon

Chapter 2035 (Raw 2130): A Beauty like the Moon

Indeed, someone was coming.

Ripples spread out on the lake surface under the night. A plainly dressed woman with an outstanding grace arrived before the pavilion amid the hazy, white mist.

She pushed the door open and entered.

This person appeared familiar with the way, heading directly for the study. When she saw the mess on the floor, she frowned slightly. Then, she laughed softly, “That girl…she came to my room and messed it up again.”

Clearly, this person knew that Liu Ruyun had done this. Aside from Liu Ruyun, no other person could enter the pavilion at the center of the lake.

She showed a relaxed expression. She did not notice the person looking down at her from the roof beam.

The pair of eyes—the only thing revealed under the mask—lost their previous clarity, turning sluggish.

It really is her!

Qingyun Peak’s Liu Ruyue, the one who made Xiao Chen fall in love with her and show his feelings for her on that tall mountain peak.

In the many years he had not seen her, she had changed a lot. The only thing that did not change was her grace. It was the same as before, exactly how Xiao Chen remembered it.

However, she now exuded a holy and noble air, one that deterred profanity. She possessed great charm, but it did not inspire lust. This felt contradictory and attractive.

No wonder the entire Divine Dragon Empire knew of the White Dragon Holy Daughter. Who could compare to such charm?

“She is messing around too much. I really have to scold her.”

When Liu Ruyue saw the holes of various sizes in the paintings, she appeared irritated.

As Liu Ruyue looked at the silhouette painting, confusion and tender sentiments appeared on her face.

Why is it that I only need to see this silhouette and I feel relaxed? However, I cannot remember who he is at all.

“Who is it?!”

Just at this moment, a strange sound startled Liu Ruyue. Xiao Chen could not help himself, gently floating down from the roof beam.

Liu Ruyue reacted with godly speed, immediately throwing a palm strike.

Given her Sovereign Stage cultivation, if the palm strike hit Xiao Chen, it would be unbearable.


Xiao Chen suddenly startled to his senses. His figure flashed as he dodged the palm strike. Then, he flew out of the window.

“How bold of you, even daring to barge into my room!”

A murderous intent flashed in Liu Ruyue’s eyes as a sheathed short saber appeared in her hands. Then, her body became like flowing light as she gave chase.

Liu Ruyue managed to catch up and land in front of Xiao Chen, blocking him.


She did not hesitate to draw her short saber. An icy killing Qi immediately spread out, and the temperature above the lake plummeted.

Liu Ruyue’s saber released a cold, sharp light, reflecting the gentle moonlight.

Cool breezes blew in the surroundings. It felt like willow leaves drifted about. When she drew her saber, her aura seemed to merge the mountains and rivers.

Liu Ruyue locked on to Xiao Chen. Aside from clashing head-on, there was no way to dodge this saber strike.

A cold mist spread out over the clear lake illuminated by the full moon in the vast night sky. The saber light that flew over was cold and bleak.

Xiao Chen had the time it took for a spark to fly, but he did not think of doing anything at all.

There was no reason other than Xiao Chen being unable to attack the person before him. He would never break the promise he made.

The saber flew over like a willow leaf. However, when it was just about thirty centimeters away from him, Xiao Chen removed the Death God Mask.

Doing this revealed a handsome and delicate face under the gentle moonlight. There was no splendor, nobility, or pride on it, only a face with delicate features and clear, bright eyes that shone under the bright moonlight.

The instant Xiao Chen removed his mask, Liu Ruyue’s heart skipped a beat. She stopped in her tracks like it was reflex.

The fatal saber strike came to a forcible halt just two centimeters away from Xiao Chen.

When the two’s eyes met, Liu Ruyue suddenly felt dazed. Amid her confusion, she found the person before her extremely familiar, exceptionally intimate.

The white mist spread out in all directions. The lake reflected the pure, bright moon in the sky.

As the two stood on the calm lake, it was like they stood on the bright moon. The lake appeared empty, leaving only two moons and the white-clad man and the white-clad woman in the world.

A smile appeared on Xiao Chen’s face. Despite the passage of so many years and the other party losing her memories, the true feelings she once had could not be erased. At this moment, Xiao Chen felt released. All his aggrieved feelings were swept away.

Xiao Chen reached out, grabbed Liu Ruyue’s wrist, and slowly turned it aside.

Bending over, he gently kissed the back of her hand.

Liu Ruyue immediately let out an extremely startled cry. Incredulity and embarrassment stained her cheeks a fiery red.



Liu Ruyue attacked with her left hand, landing her palm on Xiao Chen’s shoulder. This sent Xiao Chen flying back like a sandbag.

Xiao Chen landed on the water, kicking up a huge splash before he managed to stand stably.

He wiped away the blood on his lips. As he looked at Liu Ruyue in front, he continued smiling.

“Who are you?” Liu Ruyue recovered her expression as she coldly questioned Xiao Chen. However, the murderous intent vanished from her face.

Although this was her first time meeting this man, she felt strangely intimate with him; there was no feeling of unfamiliarity whatsoever.

This was also the first time she had such an experience. This flustered her somewhat. However, she still maintained a cold expression, feigning calm.

Just as Xiao Chen was about to answer, a formidable aura rushed over from a distance.

Xiao Chen’s expression flickered. This aura felt very familiar; it was the White Dragon King’s.

Xiao Chen glanced at Liu Ruyue and said, “We will meet again. I will tell you who I am the next time we meet.”

After Xiao Chen spoke, he turned and left.


Right after Xiao Chen left, the White Dragon King slowly descended at this place.

As the White Dragon King watched Xiao Chen leave, he felt startled. This fellow is rather bold. The entire Divine Dragon Empire is searching for him, but he actually dared to come to the White Dragon Palace.

“Foster Father, do you know this person?” Liu Ruyue asked seriously as she looked at the White Dragon King.

When Xiao Chen left, Liu Ruyue immediately noticed something off from the White Dragon King’s face, which lacked its usual calm.

If Xiao Chen were here, he would have many doubts over Liu Ruyue’s form of address.

The White Dragon King’s heart skipped a beat. This girl is still as sharp as ever. She noticed the slight change in my expression.

“What’s going on?”

A figure flew to them above the lake; it was Liu Ruyun.

The White Dragon King immediately felt a headache. Here comes another problem. Just as he was about to leave, Liu Ruyun pestered him, “Quickly tell me, quickly tell me, what happened? I sense that someone has been here.”

Liu Ruyue answered, “Indeed, someone has been here. Dressed in white and looks young. He seems to have a mixed-blood dragon bloodline.”

“Xiao Chen! It’s Xiao Chen! Father, what did you do to him? Don’t hand him to Ancestor Dragon City, please.”

Immediately guessing who it was, Liu Ruyun gave the White Dragon King a piteous look.

The White Dragon King sighed in his heart. Then, he said helplessly, “Indeed, it was him. However, I already let him go. I did not make things difficult for him.”

“Why not keep him here?!” Liu Ruyun demanded angrily.

The White Dragon King smiled awkwardly. “I really can do nothing right. Keeping him is wrong, not keeping him is wrong.”

“Xiao Chen? The Heavenly Dragon Palace’s Xiao Chen, who managed to practice the Supreme Dragon Fist and caused the recent commotion? To think that he dares to stay in the Divine Dragon Empire! The Golden Dragon Palace asked Ancestor Dragon City to send out a wanted notice…”

Liu Ruyue felt incredibly shocked and surprised. Unexpectedly, this person, whom she felt so intimate with, had such an identity.

“Isn’t that very dangerous? Father, save him,” Liu Ruyun urged worriedly.

The White Dragon King showed a grave expression. He sighed, “This problem is bigger than you imagine. The one he offended is actually not Ancestor Dragon City but the Golden Dragon Palace. Back then, when news of him successfully practicing the Supreme Dragon Fist spread, the Golden Dragon Palace had already prepared to take action against him. This time, Xiao Chen used the Supreme Dragon Fist to suppress the Emperor Dragon Fist. This made the Golden Dragon Palace even more anxious.”

“What is the difference between offending Ancestor Dragon City and the Golden Dragon Palace?” Liu Ruyun felt confused and filled with doubts.

Liu Ruyue entered deep thought. Then, she explained softly, “If he offended Ancestor Dragon City, everything would go by the rules. At the very least, it won’t cost him his life. Once the truth is investigated, assuming there is nothing suspicious about his identity and he turns out not to be a spy, Ancestor Dragon City might even let bygones be bygones and nurture him. Since he offended the Golden Dragon Palace, it is problematic. If the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor gets angry, how can this fellow have a chance of survival?”

“Father, I don’t care. You have to save him!” Liu Ruyun insisted when she heard that. Her expression turned unsightly when she realized the severity of the matter.

Liu Ruyue looked at the White Dragon King and said, “Foster Father, I think this person can be saved. The other Dragon Kings shouldn’t want him to die. If he is alive, he will make the Golden Dragon Palace’s people nervous. This might even affect the fight for the Dragon Emperor position.”

What made the Golden Dragon bloodline nervous was not Xiao Chen but his Supreme Dragon Fist.

The impact that this Fist Technique created was simply too heaven-defying.

The previous Heavenly Dragon nearly changed the world with the Supreme Dragon Fist.

It would be false to say that the Golden Dragon bloodline’s royal clan was not nervous.

The White Dragon King observed Liu Ruyue’s expression. It looked like Xiao Chen did not say anything strange to her to force her to remember.

It seems he is smart.

“Let me think about this matter. The two of you need not interfere in this, especially you, do you hear me?”

The White Dragon King pointed at Liu Ruyun, putting on a show of force before leaving.

Soon, only Liu Ruyue and Liu Ruyun—the two sisters—remained at the lake. Liu Ruyun smiled and said, “Elder Sister, it looks like your words are more persuasive. Based on Father’s appearance, he probably agreed.”

Liu Ruyue smiled faintly. “It is hard to say. The things involved are much more complicated than you imagine. The decisions made at Foster Father’s level rarely include emotions in the equation. They only factor in interests. Of course, you are an exception.”

“Is that so? Why do I feel that he does not care about me? He locked me up in the White Dragon Palace for so many years, not letting me out,” Liu Ruyun grumbled with dissatisfaction.