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Chapter 2034 Raw 2129 : Who Is It?

Chapter 2034 (Raw 2129): Who Is It?

At an endless mountain range outside Divine Dragon City:

Xiao Chen stood on top of an unremarkable mountain peak. As he looked back, he remained silent.

He had not expected the competition between the seven outer palaces to turn out like that.

Xiao Chen felt somewhat wronged, somewhat helpless, and even more guilty.

First Palace Master Yi Yun had taken the initiative to fight with Ancestor Dragon City’s Elders for Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen’s brothers and friends had gone against Ancestor Dragon City to protect him.

With the size of the commotion, these people would all definitely be punished in the end.

“Big Brother Xiao, you are not leaving?”

Sang came out of the Divine Universe Stele and looked at Xiao Chen somewhat worriedly.

Sang worried about Xiao Chen’s current state. He knew that Xiao Chen blamed himself and would have difficulty calming down.

“Was I too rash? At worst, I would have only exposed the Azure Dragon bloodline if I had gone to Ancestor Dragon City,” Xiao Chen said softly as he stared into the distance.

Xiao Chen had always been swift and decisive in the way he did things, rarely regretting his actions.

However, he had not expected so many people to get involved this time.

In reality, Xiao Chen could not be blamed for much of it.

Trouble had sought him out; Xiao Chen had not taken the initiative to seek trouble. Situ Changfeng and the others had brought him out of their own free will.

It was like when Xiao Chen risked his life to save Situ Changfeng at all costs in Desolate God Valley.

Xiao Chen had merely followed his heart.

However, even the hardest heart had moments of softness and weakness. Heartaches were hard to control.

On this day, when Xiao Chen’s dreams were shattered, he felt very helpless.

This was the land where Xiao Chen’s dreams shattered. When the dreams shattered, the heart broke.

Xiao Chen had drifted for five years, feeling heartache for five years. He was only one step shy of seeing Liu Ruyue, but that dream shattered.

When Murong Yan attacked in rage and the Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples grouped together and charged forward, cracks appeared in that proud and stubborn heart that swore never to give up; it was hard to avoid the heartbreak.

Xiao Chen had not felt this way for many years already, not since the great calamity at the Kunlun Realm and that shocking battle.

“Let’s go.”

Xiao Chen could not bear to keep looking at this land of shattered dreams. He turned away and did not look back.

“Where to next? Are we leaving the Divine Dragon Empire?” Sang asked.

“I need to recuperate first…”


Three days later:

The storm in Divine Dragon City slowly calmed down. After the initial burst of rumors, people finally pieced the truth together from the mish-mash of information.

Who could have expected an unremarkable outer palace disciple to prompt two horrifying Sovereign Emperors to fight in Divine Dragon City, kicking up a storm?

Xiao Chen, who was initially just a slightly famous disciple in the outer palace, instantly became famous throughout the Divine Dragon Empire.

Be it the lofty Sovereign Emperors or the lowly Star Venerates, they all knew of this person.

After Xiao Chen suppressed Qin Mu in the competition between the seven outer palaces, Ancestor Dragon City had discovered that Xiao Chen faked his identity, which caused a huge storm.

What was more shocking was that the Blue Dragon Palace’s Situ Changfeng, the Golden Dragon Palace’s Wei Hongfei, all of the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s heaven-class core disciples, and many others had all stood up for such a person.

The Heavenly Dragon Palace’s First Palace Master, Yi Yun, had even fought one of Ancestor Dragon City’s Supreme Elders without care for anything else.

All this was so that they could send this one person out of Divine Dragon City.

The story sounded too ridiculous. However, people would spread only ridiculous things. As time went by, people dug up Xiao Chen’s past, like the story of how he chopped down Rakshasa Tian’s clone and the story of him single-handedly saving the Flame Dragon Legion.

These inconceivable-sounding stories amazed everyone.


Seven more days later, at a small, roadside teahouse in White Cloud City:

The crowd was sparse at this rather remote teahouse. However, there were still some people drinking tea and chatting.

“To think that this Xiao Chen has not been caught yet. This is strange. It has been seven days since the search started, but there is not even a single sighting of him. This is rather ridiculous.”

“The Blood Dragon Guards have always been very efficient, yet they actually do not have a single clue at all. This is really strange.”

“I heard something even more ridiculous. The Dragon Race divination experts tried to divine Xiao Chen’s location. In the end, they all drained their Soul Energy, vomited blood, and fainted. After they woke up, they did not say a single word. Since then, no one has dared to try again.”

“Haha! That is a powerful genius who succeeded in practicing the Supreme Dragon Fist. There would definitely be something unusual.”

“Speaking of the Supreme Dragon Fist, have you heard? Rumor has it that Qin Mu, one of the Qin Clan’s twin stars, brought out his Emperor Dragon Fist to its limits, but Xiao Chen still defeated him.”

“How come I did not hear about that? The Emperor Dragon Fist has been passed down for tens of thousands of years. It is the strongest offensive Martial Technique of the Dragon Race, known as the king of Fist Techniques. Even in the entire Central Great Realm, Fist Techniques that can compare to it are extremely rare. Who could have thought that it would lose to the Supreme Dragon Fist?”

“A diviner said that the Golden Dragon Palace’s Luck has already been affected. The Golden Dragon bloodline has privately sent out the Dragon Protecting Corps to kill Xiao Chen on sight.”

“The Golden Dragon Palace, those bastards are really ruthless. However, this makes sense. This Xiao Chen poses a threat to their dominance. If it were me, I would immediately kill him before he could grow up.”

A cloaked figure at a corner of the teahouse set down his teacup, put some Spirit Jades on his table, got up, and left.

The person under the black cloak was Xiao Chen.

In ten days, Xiao Chen had recovered from all his injuries. After he healed, he carefully made his way to this place.

The pursuit was not strong in the White Dragon Palace’s territory. They did not even search or check on suspicious people.

Nevertheless, Xiao Chen did not let his guard down. When he sought information, he chose this remote teahouse rather than a crowded one.

However, there was not much useful information, merely some old news.

Xiao Chen heard all this three days ago.

According to the various rumors, Situ Changfeng, Murong Yan, the Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples, and the others surprisingly did not receive any especially harsh punishment. Their qualifications to enter Ancestor Dragon City were merely revoked for one year. Then, their various outer palaces dealt with them.

This was already the best result. It looked like Ancestor Dragon City still had some poise; they did not make things difficult for the disciples.

Xiao Chen’s only worry was First Palace Master Yi Yun. Up until now, there had been no news of him.

One hour later, Xiao Chen arrived at the periphery of the White Dragon Palace’s mountain range.

He had already gone around the White Dragon Palace.

The formations and restrictions layered over each other. Trying to barge in would result in death.

Xiao Chen asked, “Sang, do you have a way?”

“Not a problem. Their formations use the momentum of the mountains and the living things as formation lines. I can communicate with some of the ancient trees and use that to break in. With a little caution, we can enter.”


Xiao Chen put on the Death God Mask. With some effort, he managed to sneak in.

The Death God Mask had the effect of isolating all aura. Even a Sovereign Emperor could not detect it. For the past ten days, Xiao Chen had been relying on the Death God Mask to escape the detection of the various parties.

When necessary, the Death God Mask could bring him into the void to prevent detection.

The White Dragon Palace was incredibly vast. Xiao Chen sneaked in silently under cover of night, not attracting any attention.

Following his memory, Xiao Chen headed for Liu Ruyun’s residence carefully.

By relying on the Death God Mask to isolate all his aura, Xiao Chen avoided the many guards.

When the full moon rose, Xiao Chen finally arrived at the lake surrounded by towering mountains.

The lake water seemed as clear as before. Under the hazy, white fog, the night scene and the moonlight made the lake look even chillier and more desolate.

An exquisite pavilion lay amid white mist at the center of the lake, appearing indistinct.

The mountains surrounding the lake looked very picturesque, rising and falling into the distance.

The lake water was like a perfect and flawless jade inlaid between the mountain ranges and rivers.

From the shore, the poetic lake seemed extremely long, stretching out between two mountain ranges.

This tiny lake gave the impression of a vast sea, vast and endless.

As for that pavilion in the center of the lake, the dragons and phoenixes carved on it appeared pure white through the mist. The pavilion flickered with flowing light that looked jade-green when reflected in the water ripples spreading out over the lake surface.

“I’ve arrived,” Xiao Chen muttered to himself as he stared at the pavilion.

The place where Liu Ruyue stayed in the White Dragon Palace was Xiao Chen’s destination.

While Xiao Chen could not go to Ancestor Dragon City, he did not forget his initial purpose in coming to the Divine Dragon Empire.

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed as he flew over silently. His figure flitted above the lake surface like a swallow, gently drifting over to land on the pavilion’s roof.

He did not enter, as there was someone inside.

In the pavilion, Liu Ruyun held a painting of Xiao Chen’s silhouette as she said resentfully, “That inflexible Xiao Chen! Stupid Xiao Chen, you promised to go to Ancestor Dragon City with me. Why did you kick up such a huge storm? It was just an identity. If you told me, I could have gotten my father to get you one. That is something very easy.

“Unscrupulous bastard, how could you leave like that? You should at least let me know that you are safe! I’ll poke you to death! Poke you to death…”

As the valiant-looking, short-haired Liu Ruyun spoke, her eyes turned teary.

This girl did not know why she felt so sad. She felt like crying, and she did something childish, poking many holes in the painting.

Paintings littered the ground, all of them similarly riddled with holes. It was clear that this was not Liu Ruyun’s first day here.

Liu Ruyun left, feeling embarrassed, only when it was late in the night.

Xiao Chen heaved a soft sigh. After Liu Ruyun was far away, he silently entered the pavilion.

Liu Ruyun once said that when Liu Ruyue had time, she would come back to stay for a while. The timing had no pattern, but this was where she stayed in the White Dragon Palace.

Xiao Chen waited patiently. Perhaps he might have a chance to meet Liu Ruyue before his departure.

He could only leave this opportunity to heaven and try his luck. However, he did not hold much hope.

Time passed. Soon, one month had elapsed. Xiao Chen already felt some despair.

During this period, Sang had urged him several times to leave quickly.

The White Dragon Palace teemed with experts. Once they discovered Xiao Chen, only death awaited him.

Big Brother Xiao Chen, it’s really time to go. You have to leave the Divine Dragon Empire quickly. You can’t stay in this White Dragon Palace any longer.

Sang’s voice came from the Divine Universe Stele.

Xiao Chen had already waited several days. He had promised Sang several times that he would leave, but he could not resist staying.

Xiao Chen sighed, “I’ll leave after tonight.”

It looks like I am destined not to meet her. However, if I leave, I really don’t know when I ever will.

Someone is nearby.

Just at this moment, Xiao Chen and Sang sensed someone slowly making their way over the lake.

It was not Liu Ruyun. In the past month, Liu Ruyun had come several times. Xiao Chen and Sang were already very familiar with her aura.

Is it her?