Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2033 Raw 2128 Repeated : Chaos in the Dragon City

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Chapter 2033 Raw 2128 Repeated : Chaos in the Dragon City

Chapter 2033 (Raw 2128 Repeated): Chaos in the Dragon City

First Palace Master Yi Yun blocked the white-bearded old man and the other Ancestor Dragon City experts.

The entire place turned chaotic. The sight of the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s First Palace Master making a move shocked the other outer palaces’ Palace Masters.

“Yi Yun has gone crazy. To think that he dares to make a move on Lord Feng!”

“Think about Lord Feng’s identity; he is a Supreme Elder of the Dragon’s Gate. Yi Yun must truly wish to die.”

“Why is this fellow doing this?”

First Palace Master Yi Yun’s intervention shocked everyone. It was this shock that gave Situ Changfeng an opportunity.

Situ Changfeng turned into a wind that covered Xiao Chen as they left quickly.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

A loud explosion shook the air. The shock waves from the fight between First Palace Master Yi Yun and Lord Feng spread out. Countless horrifying fireballs fell from the sky, looking like blazing suns as they fell.

No one could completely avoid this storm.

It severely injured the outer palaces’ disciples and Elders who failed to dodge.

Miserable cries continuously rang out. The various Palace Masters recovered from their shock and hastily took action to protect their disciples.

“Quickly, leave! Quickly leave!”

“We cannot stay here anymore. Quickly leave!”

The horrifying shock waves from the battle between two Sovereign Emperors could be easily imagined. Even Sovereign Personages would not escape unscathed.

The various factions in Divine Dragon City felt incredibly shocked. They did not know what happened. Countless experts soared into the air and looked into the distance.

“Yi Yun and Ancestor Dragon City’s Elders are fighting. Is he rebelling?”

“Yi Yun is one of the rare experts with a mixed-blood dragon bloodline. Why is he doing this?”

“Today seems to be the day of the competition between the seven outer palaces.”

“This is a major matter. Such a huge storm has not appeared in the Divine Dragon Empire for many years already. Furthermore, this happened in Divine Dragon City.”

Many of the foreign factions did not know what was going on. They felt confused, entirely at a loss.

The storm ignited by Xiao Chen reached an uncontrollable level with First Palace Master Yi Yun’s move.

This shocked all the many factions in Divine Dragon City. Anyone with an iota of strength immediately rushed over.

These people needed to figure out what this major matter was.

Amid the chaos, Situ Changfeng led Xiao Chen away from the center of the turmoil.

Xiao Chen said somewhat weakly, “Situ Changfeng, many thanks. Let go of me. I can leave on my own.”

With the Dragon Race’s accumulations in Divine Dragon City, if their hidden factions searched for Xiao Chen with all their might, it would just be a matter of time before they captured him.

However, First Palace Master Yi Yun’s sudden move pushed the matter to an unresolvable level, making himself the center of the storm.

This helped Xiao Chen, drawing away a significant amount of attention and forces, giving him a chance of survival.

It was already sufficient for Situ Changfeng to give him a hand at the crucial moment.

If Situ Changfeng persisted in this, he would just fall deeper into it. The trouble that came in the future would only be greater.

Situ Changfeng said, “Don’t talk. You are not familiar with Divine Dragon City. Furthermore, the city is probably sealed now. No matter how capable you are, you won’t be able to escape.”

Situ Changfeng did not take Xiao Chen’s advice. He brought Xiao Chen to a remote street before stopping.

Then, Situ Changfeng looked at the sky and entered deep thought before saying anxiously, “Why are they not here yet?”

Just at this moment, a 3-Star Heaven Suspending War Chariot appeared in the sky.

“Get on!”

The doors of the war chariot opened, and the Golden Dragon Palace’s Wei Hongfei appeared.

Situ Changfeng brought Xiao Chen onto the Heaven Suspending War Chariot without saying a word.

Aside from Wei Hongfei, there was another person in the war chariot, the Green Dragon Palace’s Duan Fei.

“Brother Duan, take a look at Xiao Chen’s injuries,” Situ Changfeng said, somewhat worried, as he handed Xiao Chen to Duan Fei.

Xiao Chen felt somewhat surprised as he looked around the surroundings. It seemed like they had prepared all this long ago.

Wei Hongfei noticed Xiao Chen’s confusion and explained, “When that Lord Feng said that you faked your identity, I knew that things were bad. So, Duan Fei and I left first to make preparations for you to escape. We left Situ Changfeng and Murong Yan there to support you. Of course, we also took some other measures. However, this is all we can do, given the short notice.”

“Why are you helping me? My identity is fake, and my bloodline is uncertain,” Xiao Chen asked softly.

Situ Changfeng and the others glanced at each other. Wei Hongfei replied, “We experienced life and death together, after all. I do not believe that you are a spy. The Dragon Race bloodline in you cannot be faked, either. Even if the world does not believe you, we brothers will still believe you.”

Xiao Chen felt touched, not knowing what to say.

Since ancient times, there were many fair-weather friends, but few would send help when needed. Being able to have a group of friends who stuck their necks out when one needed help the most was really worth it.

“Brother Wei, the injuries are primarily to Xiao Chen’s soul. It will be hard for him to recover quickly. As for his physical injuries, I’ve already done my best.”

Wei Hongfei said, “We can only leave it at that for now.”

The Heaven Suspending War Chariot flew at breakneck speed through Divine Dragon City. The shock waves from the First Palace Master and Lord Feng had already spread to the entire city.

The fight between two Sovereign Emperors caused a huge storm in the ancient city.

It plunged the entire city into chaos. Many people took advantage of the turmoil to profit from the misfortune of others. Chaos erupted everywhere.

The Dragon Protecting Corps of the City Lord’s Residence quickly mobilized. When the Heaven Suspending War Chariot arrived above the city gates, the Dragon Race cultivators there had already sealed them as Situ Changfeng expected.

Who knew how many restrictions were laid at the city gates? Unless a Sovereign Emperor showed up, it would be impossible to barge through.

“The war chariot in front, stop! Divine Dragon City is sealed. No one may go out.”

When the voice entered the Heaven Suspending War Chariot, everyone showed anxiety on their face.

Actually, the guards at the city gates did not know what exactly was going on, either. They only knew that chaos had erupted in the city, and Sovereign Emperors were fighting. According to military law, they needed to seal the city immediately. There was no need to wait for orders.

“Don’t panic.”

Wei Hongfei remained calm. He stepped out of the Heaven Suspending War Chariot and presented a medallion. “Can’t the Wei Clan’s people go out?”

The medallion startled the Dragon Race cultivators manning the city gates.

The leader of the guards hesitated for a moment before verifying that the medallion was real. Feeling somewhat conflicted, he said after a while, “Since you are from the Wei Clan, you naturally may pass. Go on, then.”

“Many thanks.”

Wei Hongfei heaved a sigh of relief. He entered the Heaven Suspending War Chariot once more and waited for the restrictions to be lifted, then charged out of the city.

The leader of the city gate guards frowned slightly. He said seriously, “Record this. Although the Wei Clan’s people cannot be offended, he is the first person to leave the city since chaos erupted in the city.”

“My lord, why did you not check the war chariot?”

“Check for what? I don’t know what happened. Even now, there is no information. The major characters are probably busy dealing with the fight between the Sovereign Emperors. There’s no need for you to bother about it; just record that he left the city.”

The group left the city just like that. This somewhat surprised Xiao Chen.

“So, listening to me was right, right? Within the Golden Dragon bloodline, the Wei Clan is the largest faction, aside from the royal clan. With Brother Wei’s help, sending Brother Xiao out of the city is still possible,” Situ Changfeng explained to Xiao Chen with a carefree smile.

Now, Xiao Chen understood. No wonder the city gate guards gave way to Wei Hongfei. The Golden Dragon bloodline controlled Divine Dragon City, after all.

The Golden Dragon bloodline held the highest status within the empire. With Wei Hongfei’s identity, sending Xiao Chen out before things cleared up was no problem.

While Xiao Chen’s escape from the city seemed like luck and coincidence, it was actually due to his friends’ assistance.

Without his brothers from the Heavenly Dragon Palace fighting the other Dragon Race experts, creating confusion, without First Palace Master Yi Yun suddenly attacking, bringing the storm to an unresolvable level, and without Wei Hongfei planning this, Xiao Chen could not possibly have fled the city.

Xiao Chen truly felt surprised that so many people stepped forward to help him after something happened to him.

Given the Dragon’s Gate’s strength, when it pursued the matter after the storm settled, all those people who aided Xiao Chen would not escape punishment.

With this thought, Xiao Chen could not help feeling guilty.

“Brother Xiao, go quickly. We can only send you out of the city. The rest still depends on you,” Wei Hongfei said calmly as he looked at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen had many things to say in his heart but no idea how to say them; he was not good with words. So, he only performed a cupped-fist salute and said, “Many thanks. I will never forget today’s kindness.”

“Take care.”

Xiao Chen knew that the situation was urgent. He reluctantly glanced at Divine Dragon City, then at the three before decisively setting off.

Watching Xiao Chen leave, the three showed somewhat complicated expressions, with pity in their eyes.

“How unfortunate…I thought that we could enter Ancestor Dragon City together and make our mark in the northern region, bringing fame and prestige for our Dragon Race,” Wei Hongfei sighed, his face filled with melancholy.

“Soon, the Blood Dragon Guards will make their move. We should dress up as Brother Xiao Chen and help draw away attention from him. That’s all we can do,” Situ Changfeng said sullenly after withdrawing his gaze.

The Blood Dragon Guards!

At the mention of the Blood Dragon Guards, the three turned somewhat grave. That was a hidden faction within the Divine Dragon Empire that inspired fear in everyone.

After fleeing from Divine Dragon City, Xiao Chen was still far from safe. He could be truly safe only if he escaped the Blood Dragon Guards’ watch, which meant leaving the Divine Dragon Empire.