Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2032 Raw 2128 : Two Fists Clashing

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Chapter 2032 Raw 2128 : Two Fists Clashing

Chapter 2032 (Raw 2128): Two Fists Clashing

Emperor Dragon Fist! The royal Fist Technique had been handed down in the Dragon Race for more than ten thousand years. This Fist Technique was noted for being tyrannical and berserk, known as the top Fist Technique of the Dragon Race.

This Fist Technique also had an extremely high barrier to practicing it.

Only the line of the Dragon Emperor, the royal clan that carried the empire’s Luck, could practice it.

When this Fist Technique appeared, most Fist Techniques would pale before it.

This Fist Technique was famous throughout the Central Great Realm. Few could compare to it.

However, the Supreme Dragon Fist appeared over a hundred years ago.

The Supreme Dragon Fist became the most tyrannical Fist Technique of the Dragon Race in one go. Nothing could compare to it; even the Emperor Dragon Fist paled in comparison.

However, the Supreme Dragon Fist had even harsher conditions for practicing it.

The resentment and hatred contained within it were hard to control. If one got careless, one would lose one’s heart and fall into the Demonic Dao.

The harsh conditions, the difficulty of practicing it, and the fact that the previous Heavenly Dragon was locked up in the Starry Heavens Dragon Prison made this Fist Technique like a meteor. It flashed brightly in the empire’s sky, giving off the most resplendent light before instantly vanishing. After the previous Heavenly Dragon was locked up, Xiao Chen became the second cultivator to demonstrate the Supreme Dragon Fist.

Xiao Chen and Qin Mu fought an intense battle in the sky. One side used the royal and orthodox Emperor Dragon Fist, with its long heritage, and the other side used the unruly and unorthodox Supreme Dragon Fist, which raged at heaven’s unfairness.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Vast and boundless Fist Might boomed like earsplitting thunder in the sky. Dragon roars rang out everywhere and echoed in all directions.

It was not just the clash of two Fist Techniques but also the two’s understanding and the usage of the Dragon Race’s Martial Dao behind the Fist Techniques.

A golden Dragon Might spread out and covered the sky behind Qin Mu. The clouds for five thousand kilometers glittered with dazzling golden light.

It felt like a Golden Dragon radiating the Dragon Emperor’s Dragon Might hid within the clouds.

Nobility, pride, sharpness, Luck, and the Divine Dragon hid in the boundless clouds. The vast Dragon Might inspired an urge to submit.

On the other hand, the white-clad Xiao Chen showed sharpness. His long hair and clothes flapped in the wind created by killing Qi. His entire being exuded sharpness.

The Heavenly Dragon’s Dragon Might spread out in all directions, raging at heaven for being unfair and at the evil ruling dragon.

The dragon roar filled with unruliness—a refusal to submit to the orthodox Dragon Might—shocked everyone.

No one expected Xiao Chen to use the Supreme Dragon Fist to clash with Qin Mu.

No one expected Qin Mu’s Emperor Dragon Fist to bounce back quickly from its initial disadvantage, either.

Bathed in golden light, Qin Mu looked like a golden war god raining down punches.

The sky shook, and the ground trembled.

The rage of the Dragon Emperor was the rage of heaven, merging with the world. It drove a Heavenly Might and shocked the dragons.

On the light steps, the white-bearded old man showed changing expressions.

The group of Elders from Ancestor Dragon City felt somewhat shocked, forgetting Xiao Chen’s earlier identity as a spy.

Below the steps, First Palace Master Yi Yun’s heart sank.

First Palace Master Yi Yun knew that Xiao Chen was using the Supreme Dragon Fist on purpose.

The Supreme Dragon Fist represented the highest martial studies of the Dragon Race. Without a Dragon Race bloodline, practicing the Supreme Dragon Fist would be impossible.

If one did not comprehend the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries, one could not bring out such might.

This was an unwillingness to submit.

It indicated an unwillingness to submit to the white-bearded old man’s words, calling him a spy and wanting him to go to Ancestor Dragon City to investigate his bloodline.

However…if First Palace Master Yi Yun could tell, how could Lord Feng not figure it out? First Palace Master Yi Yun sighed in his heart, Given Lord Feng’s temper, how can he endure this?

“This fellow is really rebelling!”

The white-bearded old man, whose expression kept changing on the light steps, let out a cold snort, and anger appeared on his face.

Even if this old man said something wrong, it is an iron-clad fact that you faked an identity and entered the Divine Dragon Empire.

What is wrong with coming with me to Ancestor Dragon City? Everything will be clear after that.

Showing the Supreme Dragon Fist here was a slap to the white-bearded old man’s face.

Qin Mu, who suppressed Xiao Chen again in the air, revealed a cold smile. “The Supreme Dragon Fist is only so-so!”

Qin Mu’s Emperor Dragon Fist was indeed exquisite. There were no deficits with this Fist Technique, which had been passed down for tens of thousands of years, as it had undergone systematic development long ago.

On the other hand, the Supreme Dragon Fist had been around for only a hundred years and had many places for improvement.

“Die! Back then, my uncle defeated that arrogant Heavenly Dragon. Today, I can use the Emperor Dragon Fist to defeat you.

“Emperor Dragon Fist, King Ruling the World!” Qin Mu shouted, and the vast Dragon Might hidden in the clouds for five thousand kilometers around suddenly infused into his body.

Immediately, resplendent golden light erupted from Qin Mu. The Dragon Emperor’s Emperor Might nearly turned substantial.


When the Dragon Might swept out, the formation plate aside, the ground cracked and sank.

Twenty-five years ago, the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor suppressed the Heavenly Dragon. Could the same scene repeat today?

The many Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples revealed expressions of despair.

When Xiao Chen saw the other party take out a killing move, he snorted coldly and waved his hand suddenly.

The state of the Supreme Dragon Fist from his body scattered.

Such a scene frightened many people. What was Xiao Chen planning?

However, overwhelming killing Qi burst out of Xiao Chen in the next moment.

Buddhist’s Seven Kill Seal!

Xiao Chen became like the lotus flower not retaining water or the sun and moon never remaining in the sky forever.

His killing Qi surged out, each wave higher than the one before, growing to sevenfold stronger.

The horrifying killing Qi spread in all directions, entering deep into everyone’s heart. The many disciples all felt fear.

“You dancing clown, let me show you the true Supreme Dragon Fist!”

Xiao Chen snorted coldly. This time, he no longer drove the Supreme Dragon Fist with resentment. Instead, he used killing Qi to drive the Supreme Dragon Fist.

“Supreme Dragon Fist, Raging at the Unfair Heaven!”

At this moment, the boundless killing Qi gathered with the lofty aspirations in Xiao Chen’s heart, driving his emotions to an extreme. An ancient dragon roar rang out like a bell in his body.

As the bell tolled, the dragon roared. The sound echoed endlessly.

It was a murderous intent, rage, and the inextinguishable lofty aspirations and pride in his heart.

This punch raged at the unfair heaven, venting his heart’s defiance.

Xiao Chen refused to submit to this evil dragon that ruled the world. He refused to submit to the Ancestor Dragon City old man who called him a spy. He refused to submit to the old man who doubted the authenticity of his Dragon Race bloodline.

Blood and Qi surged through Xiao Chen’s entire body. This punch also activated the pride of the Azure Dragon bloodline.

Without Xiao Chen realizing it, the Azure Dragon bloodline merged silently with the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries in his body.


Two terrifying fist lights clashed in an instant.

A loud sound rang out, and a bright light appeared. Qin Mu, who gave off a vast and boundless orthodox royal Dragon Might, pressed down heavily, wanting to crush Xiao Chen on the spot and trample on him.

“Pu ci!” Xiao Chen vomited a mouth of blood that dyed his clothes red.

Not showing any fear on his face, Xiao Chen shouted, “Kill!” His killing intent gathered once more.

“Crack! Crack!”

Qin Mu was somewhat shocked to discover the Dragon Emperor’s Dragon Might in his body cracking slowly when this fist filled with killing intent struck him.

Before Qin Mu could reflect on it, the overwhelming killing intent behind Xiao Chen surged over in waves.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

In the end, Qin Mu’s Dragon Might could not endure. It shattered before the waves of fist light.

Qin Mu vomited a mouthful of fragmented blood clots. The Dragon Might on his body scattered as Xiao Chen’s punch knocked him away. All his bones shattered, his internal organs completely destroyed. He turned pale as his lifeforce ebbed continuously.

“Supreme Dragon Fist, Commanding the Dragons!”

In a spurt of energy, Xiao Chen punched again. His fist light gathered into a war banner. The surrounding scattered Dragon Might continuously infused into the war banner.

“No!” the many Golden Dragon Palace disciples cried out hoarsely.

The Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master paled in fright. He would not be able to save Qin Mu with his speed.

Just when it looked like this sure-kill punch would end Qin Mu, the white-bearded old man on the light steps shouted coldly. He ferociously swiped and firmly grabbed the war banner containing Xiao Chen’s Veritable Essence Energy, will of soul, and boundless killing intent.


The war banner shattered, which injured Xiao Chen’s soul and mind. After vomiting out a mouthful of blood, he heavily fell to the ground.

After casually flinging his hand, the white-bearded old man said coldly, “Heavenly Dragon Palace’s Xiao Chen, you falsified your identity and sneaked into the empire. You disrespected your seniors and acted out against this Lord. You even plotted to kill the Golden Dragon Palace’s Qin Mu. You deserve death. Capture and deal with him!”


With this order, many Dragon Race experts immediately appeared in the surroundings, charging towards Xiao Chen, who was on the ground.

No one expected that Lord Feng would personally make a move on Xiao Chen, even piling on so many crimes on him.

With this, Xiao Chen was finished.

“Damn! Some dogshit Ancestor Dragon City. It is clearly Qin Mu trying to kill Xiao Chen, alright? You do not have any evidence, yet you determined that Xiao Chen is a spy, despising him. If anyone wants to take down Xiao Chen, you have to go through me, Murong Yan, first!”

The Red Dragon Palace’s Murong Yan finally could no longer endure.

Now that Murong Yan saw Lord Feng personally making a move to injure Xiao Chen, he blew his top.

Ignoring the Red Dragon Palace Elders who tried to stop him, Murong Yan soared into the air and initiated a fight with the Dragon Race experts that flew over from all directions.

“Protect Junior Brother Xiao Chen!”

Even Murong Yan made his move. How could the many Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples show any fear?

The Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples only followed their hearts, doing something that they absolutely would normally not dare to do, fighting the Dragon Race experts in the surroundings.

The already somewhat tumultuous scene instantly plunged into utter chaos. The Dragon Race experts that answered Lord Feng’s call were blocked.

A cool breeze blew through the chaos.

“Let’s go.”

Situ Changfeng weaved through the crowd, supporting the injured Xiao Chen, and quickly left.

The white-bearded old man on the light steps showed incredible rage on his face. He swept his gaze through the place and instantly locked on to Situ Changfeng and Xiao Chen, who were trying to take advantage of the chaos to leave.

“To think you are trying to flee right under my nose! You are seeking death!”

However, just as Lord Feng was about to make a move, a small world made of fire suddenly appeared before him.

The small world enlarged, turning into a complete nation. Then, the small world smashed down towards the group of people on the light steps.

When the fiery nation appeared, it completely blocked the white-bearded old man’s vision. Aside from this nation, he saw nothing else.

“Firmament’s Rage! Yi Yun, are you unable to endure and are making a move, as well?”

The white-bearded old man showed a cold expression as he recognized this Firmament’s Rage, the powerful move that made the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s First Palace Master, Yi Yun, famous throughout the northern region.

This Firmament’s Rage was much more powerful than what Xiao Chen could execute.

It was extravagantly complete, appearing devoid of openings, a real world.

A rage belonging to a Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon filled the sky. However, what flew over was a nation of fire, temporarily cutting off the people on the light steps from reality.

Within the nation of fire, First Palace Master Yi Yun appeared slowly. He looked at the white-bearded old man and said, “I’m sorry, Lord Feng. I have never disobeyed your orders in my entire life. Just this once…since he does not want to go to Ancestor Dragon City to verify his bloodline and clarify this injustice, just let him go. No matter what intent he has, just let him go.”

The white-bearded old man had lived for very long. When First Palace Master Yi Yun was young, the white-bearded old man was already an older-generation expert of Ancestor Dragon City.

Lord Feng possessed terrifying strength. In terms of friendship, he had even saved First Palace Master Yi Yun’s life once.

“Do you think you can stop me?”

“I have not even tried, so how can I give up? Who can know without even trying?”