Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2031 Raw 2127 : Who Can Understand My Hear

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Chapter 2031 Raw 2127 : Who Can Understand My Hear

Chapter 2031 (Raw 2127): Who Can Understand My Heart

Stripped of qualification?

When everyone heard that, they felt that they heard wrong.

They only dared to confirm it when they saw the stupefied expressions of those around them.

Lord Feng had indeed said that he was stripping Xiao Chen of his qualification to participate in the competition between the seven outer palaces.

“What’s going on?”

“What’s happening? How come Xiao Chen’s qualification is stripped? This has never happened before, right?”

Everyone felt confused.

This was especially so when Lord Feng sounded extremely stern and serious. He did not look like he was joking at all.

Even Qin Mu frowned. When he turned to the Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master, the other party shook his head, at a loss as well.

At the Blue Dragon Palace’s contingent, Situ Changfeng asked in shock, “Why is his qualification suddenly stripped?”

First Palace Master Yi Yun looked up and smiled awkwardly. “Lord Feng, are you joking?”

The white-bearded old man countered coldly, “Do you think that I am a person who casually makes jokes?”

These words confirmed Lord Feng’s stance on this. Xiao Chen’s qualification was really going to be stripped.

Aside from confusion and doubt, the Divine Dragon outer palace disciples immediately felt some delight in their hearts, as well.

Suddenly, a powerful opponent was removed. The second stage instantly became significantly easier.

“We are not convinced of this, not at all!”

“Why did you strip Junior Brother Xiao Chen of his qualification? Even if you are from Ancestor Dragon City, you should still explain, right?”

“What did Junior Brother Xiao Chen do wrong? Why did you strip him of his qualification? Is Ancestor Dragon City targeting our Heavenly Dragon Palace?!”

“Damn it! How can it be like this?!”

The Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples clamored in a frenzy. This was too sudden a blow to them.

This was unacceptable, completely unacceptable!

“Yi Yun, manage your disciples. I have something to ask Xiao Chen.”

Anger flashed in Lord Feng’s eyes. After being scolded, First Palace Master Yi Yun suppressed his rage and dissatisfaction. Then, he said, “Be quiet first. Let Lord Feng speak. I want to know what is going on too.”

Although First Palace Master Yi Yun felt dissatisfied, he knew that Ancestor Dragon City’s Lord Feng would not blindly make an arbitrary decision.

The place turned quiet again. Lord Feng looked at Xiao Chen seriously and asked, “Xiao Chen? I would like to know, who are you? What exactly is your identity? Why did you infiltrate my Divine Dragon Empire? What plot do you have by joining the Heavenly Dragon Palace?”

Xiao Chen felt startled. He knew that his fake identity had been exposed.

Xiao Chen was not originally a person of the Divine Dragon Empire. Back then, he had to fake an identity for the sake of entering the Heavenly Dragon Palace.

However, that was not the important part. The important part was why Lord Feng investigated Xiao Chen.

What went wrong? Xiao Chen did not know.

First Palace Master Yi Yun was startled to hear that. Lord Feng was saying that Xiao Chen’s identity was fake.

That could not be possible. What was there to fake about a mixed-blood dragon’s identity?

The Divine Dragon Empire had tens of thousands of mixed-blood dragon cultivators. There were too many of them. Under usual circumstances, no one would pay special attention to them.

“I am Xiao Chen, the Heavenly Dragon Palace heaven-class core disciple Xiao Chen. I am a Dragon Race cultivator and cannot be said to have infiltrated the Divine Dragon Empire,” Xiao Chen replied softly with a calm expression.

Lord Feng said coldly, “You still want to quibble. I have already ordered people to use Ancestor Dragon City’s special information network to investigate you. Why do you think the second stage was delayed for so long? I would not make blind accusations without evidence.”

Previously, when Lord Feng observed Xiao Chen, he accidentally discovered that Xiao Chen’s bloodline aura seemed a little strange.

It was not that of the Six Colored Divine Dragons, but neither was it of a True Dragon or mixed-blood dragon. Lord Feng could not be sure what bloodline it was.

However, there clearly was something strange about it, making Lord Feng suspicious. Hence, Lord Feng ordered someone to use the information network to investigate Xiao Chen.

It would have been fine if Lord Feng did not investigate Xiao Chen. Once that happened, he discovered that Xiao Chen’s identity was fake. After connecting that to the strange bloodline, he decided that this person did not have the qualification to participate in the competition between the seven outer palaces.

Until Lord Feng properly investigated this matter, Lord Feng would not let Xiao Chen into Ancestor Dragon City.

“His identity is fake?”

The Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples felt somewhat surprised, not daring to believe it.

The Divine Dragon outer palace disciples felt equally shocked. Their expressions turned strange as they looked at Xiao Chen.

Faking an identity, changing the bloodline, and sneaking into the Divine Dragon Empire, such examples had happened before.

As one of the northern region’s giants, the Divine Dragon Empire could be considered a super faction in the Central Great Realm. Naturally, other factions would send scouts or spies.

Since Xiao Chen did not say anything, that was tacit admission.

Lord Feng showed a sullen expression. “I thought that a truly incredible character appeared in the Heavenly Dragon Palace. It turns out that it is just a spy. I nearly let you sneak into Ancestor Dragon City. Fortunately, your bloodline did not fool this old man. Which faction sent you?”

The situation changed very quickly. Earlier, everyone focused their attention on this dark horse that suppressed Qin Mu.

In the blink of an eye, Xiao Chen’s identity changed, turning into a spy. Lord Feng wanted to arrest Xiao Chen on the spot.

“There is no faction. I am just a Dragon Race cultivator that wandered outside. I just don’t have an identity. Lord Feng, you can say that I faked my identity, but don’t say that I am a spy.”

Now that things reached this stage, Xiao Chen did not want to explain too much. However, the word “spy” was somewhat of an insult.

First Palace Master Yi Yun quickly said, “Lord Feng, faking an identity is not a major matter. Many Dragon Race cultivators are wandering outside the Central Great Realm. Xiao Chen’s Dragon Race bloodline cannot be fake. He cannot possibly be a spy!”

The Green Dragon Palace’s Palace Master stepped forward and said softly, “Lord Feng, we cannot make a judgment on this so quickly. There were cases of faked identities in the past. This could be either a major matter or a minor matter. However, it is not right to call Xiao Chen a spy so decisively.”

The accusation of being a spy was indeed quite harsh. If Xiao Chen was declared a spy, it was practically a death sentence. No one could save him.

Out of caution, the Green Dragon Palace’s Palace Master spoke up for Xiao Chen.

Seeing the situation, Lord Feng pondered for a while before looking at Xiao Chen and saying, “His faked identity aside, his bloodline holds the greatest suspicion. Indeed, one should not toss around the word ‘spy’ so casually. I’ll give you a chance. Come back with me to Ancestor Dragon City. After we verify the truth of your bloodline, I will personally get justice for you.”

Return to Ancestor Dragon City and test his bloodline?

Xiao Chen roughly understood what happened. The other party primarily found Xiao Chen’s bloodline strange but could not figure out that he was of the Azure Dragon bloodline.

Xiao Chen had underestimated the people of Ancestor Dragon City. While that Heavenly Dragon locked up in the Starry Heavens Dragon Prison had said that most people would not be able to recognize his bloodline, it did not mean that his bloodline would not arouse suspicion.

“Sorry, I cannot go.”

“Xiao Chen, why not? You should go. Once you verify that you are indeed of the Dragon Race, your faked identity will be nothing. I guarantee your safety,” First Palace Master Yi Yun shouted when he saw Xiao Chen reject the offer, unable to control his emotions.

Xiao Chen felt a warmth in his heart. However, he could only smile bitterly. “First Palace Master, I can swear that I definitely am someone of the Dragon Race. However, I really cannot go.”

If Xiao Chen went to Ancestor Dragon City and the old monsters of that place came out, they would definitely recognize his bloodline.

Up until now, he still had no clue on how the Azure Dragon Race went extinct.

How could Xiao Chen dare to expose his bloodline?

He wanted to go to Ancestor Dragon City. However, he did not want to enter it with such a method.

After more than five years of wandering and suffering with clenched teeth, Xiao Chen finally reached this point. It looked like he was about to succeed and enter Ancestor Dragon City to meet the person he wanted to meet. However, just as he was half a step away, everything turned to naught.

The affairs of the world were genuinely unpredictable. The bitterness was indescribable. Who could understand his heart?

Before Lord Feng could speak, the Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master smiled coldly and said, “Interesting. Where do you get your confidence from, thinking that you have the right to reject? Since Lord Feng spoke already, you have to go whether you are willing or not. Spy, you must be laughing at my Divine Dragon Empire, thinking no one can stop you. Today, I will take you down on behalf of Lord Feng.”

A dragon roar came from the body of the Golden Dragon Palace’s Qin Mu right after the Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master spoke. Dragon Qi surrounded his body as he soared into the air. Then, he punched at Xiao Chen.

This punch seemed to merge with the world, and an Emperor’s Might spread out. This was the Emperor Dragon Fist that only the Golden Dragon royal clan could practice.

A brilliant Dragon Emperor’s Dragon Might surged out of the fist light and pressed down on Xiao Chen heavily.

When Lord Feng saw this, he frowned slightly. He knew that Qin Mu wanted to use this opportunity to trample on Xiao Chen, to vent his hatred stemming from the first rank being snatched away from him.

However, after thinking about it, Lord Feng realized that it was indeed not quite right for him to take Xiao Chen down himself.

After all, Lord Feng had his status, and there were no problems with letting Qin Mu do it.

Xiao Chen knew that his chances of escaping this place today were extremely slim. However, he found it funny that this insignificant Qin Mu wanted to use this opportunity to trample on him.

“The group of dragons is leaderless in the four seas and eight cardinal directions. The world is unfair, and the evil dragon rules. Why is he honored? Fate is unfavorable; life is like paper,” Xiao Chen roared, and his energy circulated for the Supreme Dragon Fist, together with his strand of the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries.

An unruly and berserk Dragon Might immediately burst out from Xiao Chen, facing the punch that merged with the world and radiated a brilliant Dragon Emperor’s Dragon Might and boundless aura.

Xiao Chen did not show weakness, countering with a punch from the Supreme Dragon Fist filled with lofty aspiration.

“The Supreme Dragon Fist! That is the Supreme Dragon Fist!”

The Supreme Dragon Fist, a Dragon’s Gate forbidden technique, was famous. All of the heaven-class core disciples knew about it.

However, when everyone finally saw it for themselves, they felt stupefied.

The moment the terrifying Dragon Might burst out from Xiao Chen, it scared everyone. Even the orthodox Dragon Emperor’s Dragon Might appeared dim when compared to this Dragon Might.