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Chapter 2030 Raw 2126 : Shocked

Chapter 2030 (Raw 2126): Shocked

The Silver Dragon Palace’s furious Second Palace Master gave Yuan Xi an extremely miserable lecture.

He had placed a lot of hope on Yuan Xi. He had even poured so many resources into Yuan Xi for so many years.

In the end, Yuan Xi ended up ranking last in the first stage. As the Silver Dragon Palace’s Second Palace Master lectured Yuan Xi, he nearly called Yuan Xi trash.

“Elder Mu, treat his injuries. You had better reflect on this. Don’t fail me again in the second stage!”

The Silver Dragon Palace’s Second Palace Master left after speaking, flinging his hand as he did so.

Yuan Xi felt extremely sullen. He looked around, and his gaze fell on Lu Feng and Xiao Jinyu.

However, Yuan Xi’s gaze lingered on the two for only a second before shifting to Xiao Chen.

It’s him!

During the gathering with three outer palaces, if that fellow did not give Lu Feng a chance to be defeated, how could Lu Feng have improved so much?

When Yuan Xi thought about Xiao Chen’s threats, his rage nearly spewed out.

“Damn it! He is just a mixed-blood dragon. To think he could obtain the first rank and even dared to threaten me!”

After repeated lectures, Yuan Xi’s heart turned somewhat twisted.

If not for the situation restraining him, he might have attacked Xiao Chen on the spot.

The second stage that decided the final ranking and result was about to begin.

The various outer palaces’ Palace Masters spent lavishly, using all sorts of high-ranked Medicinal Pills on their disciples.


On the light steps:

The group of Elders from Ancestor Dragon City felt surprised at the results of the first stage.

“Unexpectedly, a Heavenly Dragon Palace disciple snagged the top rank of the first stage. This Xiao Chen is rather interesting. He does not seem to belong to a rich clan in the Divine Dragon Empire.”

“Such a result is actually a good thing. The Heavenly Dragon Palace has ranked last for so many years already. Suppose they can get a good result in this competition between the seven outer palaces. In that case, it could ease the conflict between the mixed-blood dragon cultivators and the Divine Dragon cultivators.”

The white-bearded man smiled, clearly satisfied with such an outcome.

This could not only ease the conflicts between the mixed-blood dragon cultivators and the Divine Dragon cultivators but also suppress the Golden Dragon Palace, killing two birds with one stone.

The white-bearded old man looked at Xiao Chen and nodded repeatedly. Then, he suddenly sighed, “The Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries!”

With this look, the white-bearded old man made out the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries that Xiao Chen comprehended.

Great fellow! The Heavenly Dragon Palace is going to rise.

The white-breaded old man felt startled. Being able to comprehend the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries was already a rare feat.

However, Xiao Chen was still young, and the strand of the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries that he comprehended seemed substantial.

Soon, some doubt flashed in the white-bearded old man’s pondering gaze.

The bearded old man called a person over and muttered something to that person. Then, that person went to execute the order.


At the Golden Dragon Palace’s group:

Qin Mu consumed a Rank 7 Heavenly Pill, which replenished his Veritable Essence Energy and Soul Energy rapidly. However, he still had an unsightly expression.

His face was dark, as though he did not wish to see anyone at all.

Everyone could tell that Qin Mu was in an extremely bad mood. It was best not to antagonize him during this period.

Qin Mu had held the title of strongest for many years already. Yet, someone trampled on him at the crucial moment, turning him into a stepping stone that faded into the background.

As Qin Mu pushed the door open, he could only watch as the other party burst out and rushed ahead of him.

No one could understand how he felt at that moment.

Someone as proud as Qin Mu found defeat unacceptable. Furthermore, he lost to a mixed-blood dragon.

“Qin Mu.”

The Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master walked over and looked somewhat worriedly at Qin Mu.

“Third Palace Master.” Qin Mu nodded slightly. He did not bow or even rise to greet the other party.

“Don’t overthink. The first stage is not important. The second stage is the one that decides the final ranking. The first stage is nothing at all,” the Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master consoled.

Although the Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master also felt extremely upset, the competition between the seven outer palaces was not over yet.

Nothing could go wrong. The Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master needed to calm Qin Mu down. Otherwise, it would be problematic if the Golden Dragon Palace could not obtain the first rank in the second stage.

Qin Mu asked coldly, “Does Third Palace Master feel that I cannot control my mental state?”

“That’s not the case.”

“Don’t worry. I was just unlucky in the first stage, running into that Red Dragon Palace madman. I got careless and did not use some trump cards. Third Palace Master, there’s no need to worry about me.”

“Haha! Then, it’s fine. After all, it is just a mixed-blood dragon. I don’t believe he really can change the situation.”

The Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master seemed somewhat excited as he spoke.

He must have fixated on Elder Tian Yun’s words on the light steps.

“Third Palace Master is confident in you!”

“Senior Brother, we are all confident in you as well,” the group of Golden Dragon Palace disciples said in chorus.

The Golden Dragon Palace had never been humiliated like this before. They needed to regain their face.

They could only place their hopes of doing that on Qin Mu.

Qin Mu felt stunned. After a while, he responded, “Don’t worry. An insignificant mixed-blood dragon cannot trample on the dignity of the Golden Dragons.”


At the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s group:

The injuries of Lu Feng and Xiao Jinyu had mostly healed. They could bring out their full strength like before.

Now, all the Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples felt excited and pumped up.

They felt confident about the second stage.

As long as Xiao Chen was around, he could create a miracle at any time.

When the First Palace Master saw this, he showed a gratified expression. Before he knew it, the Heavenly Dragon Palace seemed to have significantly changed since Xiao Chen’s appearance.

Xiao Chen’s spirit and disposition had long since affected the many Heavenly Dragon Palace inner and outer sect disciples. Now, he greatly encouraged its heaven-class core disciples during this competition between the seven outer palaces.

Xiao Chen had influenced the entire Heavenly Dragon Palace. Even the upper echelon felt greatly gratified.

Xiao Chen had become essential to the Heavenly Dragon Palace long ago.

No matter how long into the future, Xiao Chen’s story would definitely be retold in the Heavenly Dragon Palace throughout the generations, encouraging the mixed-blood dragons, who were at the bottom of the Divine Dragon Empire.

Unyielding and never giving up until the end. That was the greatest and most precious treasure that Xiao Chen gave to the other mixed-blood dragons.

From the moment Xiao Chen came out of the bronze door to now, he had felt many gazes lingering on him.

These held surprise, shock, disdain, cold smiles, and even murderous intent.

However, all these did not matter. Xiao Chen did not care. The only thing that surprised him was that the gaze of that mysterious old man from Ancestor Dragon City on the light steps had lingered on him for quite some time.

Soon, two hours passed.

Even so, the white-bearded old man did not show any signs of announcing the second stage. Many people started to feel misgivings.

“First Palace Master, how come the second stage has not been announced yet?” a Heavenly Dragon Palace disciple asked First Palace Master Yi Yun.

Yi Yun appeared calm as he replied, “It’s normal. Barring the unexpected, the second stage will also take place in the formation plate. It takes time to prepare the stage. The operation and maintenance of the formation are incredibly complicated. It is not as simple as it looks.

“Furthermore, it is good that we have more time. That gives you all more time to prepare. For me, I hope that things drag out as long as possible.”

That disciple only asked casually. When he heard this, he did not say anything more.

Xiao Chen, Li Luo, and the others huddled together, chatting with relaxed expressions.

“What do you all think Ancestor Dragon City is like?” Xiao Jinyu asked out of curiosity. A look of anticipation flashed in his eyes as he had always aimed for that place.

“Only Senior Brother Bai can answer that.” Li Luo smiled.

Bai Yunfeng smiled casually and said, “I have not been there. However, I heard a little about it from senior brothers from Ancestor Dragon City. Ancestor Dragon City is built on top of an extremely ancient Dragon Race Remnant that can be traced back to several epochs ago. Even now, we have not thoroughly explored it. Most of the Dragon Race Secret Techniques that we can practice come from the inheritances found there.

“Calling it mysterious makes sense; even the Dragon Kings do not know all of Ancestor Dragon City’s secrets. However, calling it not mysterious makes sense as well. It is just the inner sect of a sect. It is no different from a Rank 7 sect. There will be challenges and competition there, so it will not be easy.

“However, no matter what, entering it will be of extremely great help on the Martial Dao for us Dragon Race cultivators.”

Bai Yunfeng’s words piqued everyone’s interest in Ancestor Dragon City.

It looked like everyone would have a chance to enter Ancestor Dragon City after the second stage, so everyone became excited and started chatting about why they wanted to enter Ancestor Dragon City.

Xiao Chen listened quietly at the side with a smile.

“Junior Brother Xiao Chen, tell us too. Why do you want to enter Ancestor Dragon City?” Bai Yunfeng asked when he noticed Xiao Chen remaining silent.

“Right, right, Junior Brother Xiao Chen, tell us about it.”

Everyone was very curious. They cast their gaze on Xiao Chen, waiting for him to speak.

When Xiao Chen saw the situation, he smiled helplessly. “Perhaps you won’t believe it, but my primary purpose for entering Ancestor Dragon City is to see a person.”

“I believe it. I guess that it is a woman—furthermore, a very pretty woman.” Li Luo smiled craftily, showing a rare moment of mischief.

Everyone laughed. No one believed that their junior brother Xiao Chen, who was so persistent on the Martial Dao, would really go there to meet a woman.

Xiao Chen laughed with the rest but did not refute her.

“No matter what the result of the second stage is, I, Lu Feng, feel that everything has been worth it to be able to fight side by side with everyone today!”

The usually cold Lu Feng showed a rare emotional side of himself.

Everyone felt thrilled on this day. The Heavenly Dragon Palace had not experienced such delight for many years already.

“Junior Brother Xiao Chen, thank you!” Lu Feng said sincerely. Then, he looked at Xiao Chen earnestly and added, “Really, thank you. You have no idea how grateful all of the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s disciples are to you. It is not just because you obtained the first rank in the first stage.

“All those Divine Dragon outer palace disciples have looked down on us for many years. Even within our internal ranks, we look down on each other. Without you, we would not be this united. We would not have the courage to charge into the second stage like we do now.”

While Lu Feng spoke, the other Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples held silent. Whether they were sitting or standing nearby, all the heaven-class core disciples looked towards Xiao Chen, regardless of how far they were.

Everyone had the same thought in their heart.

With a trace of gratitude in his heart, Xiao Chen looked around and said, “I have to thank you all as well. I wandered around for many years and suffered a lot. I experienced a lot of difficulties and felt tired. The Heavenly Dragon Palace gave me the feeling of home once more. I will never regret joining the Heavenly Dragon Palace, never regret knowing you all.”

At this moment, the entire Heavenly Dragon Palace became united in heart.

Just then, the white-bearded old man on the light steps finally started speaking. The second stage was about to begin.

The entire place turned quiet. The long-awaited moment had finally arrived.

Up in the air, the white-bearded old man looked around before saying, “The second stage is about to begin. However, before I announce the rules and start the second stage, I have something else to announce. The Heavenly Dragon Palace’s Xiao Chen, step out!”

The white-bearded old man fixed his gaze on Xiao Chen with a grave expression.

Xiao Chen stepped forward before the crowd’s gazes and strange expressions. The disciples of the other outer palaces felt startled as well.

To think that Xiao Chen caught the attention of Ancestor Dragon City’s Lord Feng.

Was Ancestor Dragon City’s Lord Feng going to invite Xiao Chen to Ancestor Dragon City directly because of his excellent performance in the first stage?

“I now officially announce that the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s Xiao Chen is stripped of his qualification to participate in the competition between the seven outer palaces. This will take effect immediately, and no one is allowed to object!”

These words shocked everyone.