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Chapter 2028 Raw 2124 : Inconceivable

Chapter 2028 (Raw 2124): Inconceivable

The battles in the three halls in the formation plate world had already reached a white-hot stage.

The fights in each hall were incredibly intense, possibly even bitter and desperate.

The exit was right before them. Either they became one of the top three, or they would be at the bottom.

The two results differed significantly.

No one was willing to be ranked last. This was especially so for those outer palace outstanding talents who had long been famous. They would not give up until the last moment.

Who would walk out of one of the huge, bronze doors first?

A long time passed. Everyone waited anxiously, not just the various Palace Masters on the light steps, but also the many heaven-core disciples of the various outer palaces on the ground.

After all, this would decide the number of slots the various outer palaces would get for the second stage.

This matter involved glory and interests.

Everyone hoped that the strongest disciple of their outer palace would succeed, taking the top rank.

“Why is there no result yet? This is very worrying!”

“Why hasn’t Senior Brother Qin Mu appeared yet?!”

“Don’t worry. Senior Brother Qin Mu is the publicly acknowledged strongest person of the outer palace. There should not be any accidents that will prevent him from getting the first rank in the first stage.”

“As long as we can get into the top three, it will be fine. Most of our Silver Dragon Palace’s people will qualify to enter the second stage.”

“With Senior Brother Yuan Xi’s strength, while I don’t dare say that he will take the first rank, he will definitely be among the top three.”

The outer palace disciples huddled in twos and threes, discussing in low voices.

The many Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples did not dare say a thing before the Divine Dragon bloodline cultivators. If they spoke casually, they would attract criticism.

Many of the Divine Dragon disciples who looked down on mixed-blood dragons secretly mocked the Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples. They believed that Xiao Chen would rank last.

When Li Luo and the others heard what was being said, they raged in their hearts. However, they did not dare to show it on their faces.

They could not do anything, merely watch.

Aside from them, the rest were Divine Dragon bloodline disciples. If they got into an argument, they would not have any advantages.

“This first stage shows a lot of care for the Heavenly Dragon Palace. Aside from the top three, everyone ranks at the bottom together. That is really unfair.”

“Indeed, why should this be the case? Why not have fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh ranks as well? Just thinking about it upsets me. Ancestor Dragon City clearly favors this group of mixed-blood dragons.”

“Speak softer. Don’t let others hear you.”

“So what if they hear me? What is there to be afraid of? I speak the truth. At that time, if Senior Brother fails to rank in the top three, the number of slots we will have will be the same as the mixed-blood dragons This is not fair!”

Although the harsh criticisms were spoken in hushed voices, everyone could hear them.

Bai Yunfeng and the others held their breath, showing somewhat unsightly expressions.

Not far away, the Silver Dragon Palace’s Yuan Tai laughed softly at seeing this scene. “Brother Yunfeng, don’t be angry. The Heavenly Dragon Palace has ranked last for so many years. This is a form of care for you. These people are all being insensitive. Just ignore them. I support Ancestor Dragon City’s decision.”

The Silver Dragon Palace disciples felt strongly confident of Yuan Xi entering the top three.

Yuan Tai appeared very calm. He was also very bored, so he started mocking the Heavenly Dragon Palace. Ostensibly, he supported them on the surface, but the mockery was blatant.

“Right, right, right. We, the Silver Dragon Palace, support Ancestor Dragon City’s decision.”

“These people are truly shameless. To think that they are so unkind to the members of the same sect. Brothers of the Heavenly Dragon Palace, don’t be sad. We, the Silver Dragon Palace disciples, will not be this unkind. Hahaha!”

Under Yuan Tai’s lead, the group of bored Silver Dragon Palace heaven-class core disciples started laughing.

In any case, as long nothing unexpected happened, their senior brother Yuan Xi would be in the top three. They did not need to worry too much.

Bai Yunfeng trembled with fury, on the verge of attacking right then and there. However, Li Luo pulled him aside and warned him not to be rash.

“Creak! Creak!”

Just at this moment, a strange sound came from the formation plate. It was not loud, but everyone heard it.

It was the sound of a door opening. Someone was pushing a bronze door open.

The noisy chatter stopped in an instant. All the disciples looked towards the three bronze doors on the huge formation plate.

Everyone turned anxious, including the Silver Dragon Palace disciples. They also withdrew their smiles as they watched somewhat nervously. After all, accidents were unpredictable.

It was the door in the middle.

Everyone carefully watched the three ancient, bronze doors, capturing every single little detail.

Everyone saw the middle door slowly opening, giving off creaking sounds.

The person pushing the door open seemed to have drained a lot of their strength and Veritable Essence Energy. He was clearly struggling, unable to push the door open in one go.

Who is it?

Right now, everyone was guessing who was pushing the door open.

Without a doubt, the person that pushed this door open would be the first.

Qin Mu. Qin Mu. It must be Qin Mu!

On the light steps, the eyes of the Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master turned somewhat crazed. He muttered in his heart continuously, nearly speaking out loud.

The Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master could not help himself. He had pushed things too far with his earlier words.

He had ruthlessly trampled on the Heavenly Dragon Palace with his words. If Qin Mu did not get the first rank, it would be too embarrassing.

Although the other outer palaces’ Palace Masters knew that it was likely Qin Mu pushing the door open, they still nursed some hope that their own disciple was the one opening the door.

The many Golden Dragon Palace heaven-class core disciples held their breaths in anxiety, waiting for the answer.

Compared to the Divine Dragon Palace disciples, the Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples felt somewhat desolate.

The Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples did not seek to be first. They only hoped that Xiao Chen could get into the top three.

As long as Xiao Chen entered the top three, they could immediately vent the frustration buried deep in their hearts.

As long as Xiao Chen was one of the top three, the grievances that the Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples suffered for so many years would be worth it.

However, the rumors circulating had made the Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples lose hope. They had heard about the Snake-Tailed Tiger.

The Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples did not dare imagine the result of a mixed-blood dragon bloodline cultivator facing a Snake-Tailed Tiger, with its Hou bloodline.

Although the bronze door in the middle opened slowly, the crack still gradually grew larger.

When the crack was about eight centimeters wide, a face and blood-soaked golden armor appeared before everyone under the sunlight.

“It’s Qin Mu!”

The somewhat fatigued handsome features, the hidden sharpness, the noble air of the Golden Dragons, and the blood-soaked golden armor, all these pointed to Qin Mu, one of the Qin Clan’s twin stars, the strongest person of the outer palace.

“Hahaha! This great me has said it. My Golden Dragon Palace’s Qin Mu would definitely take the first rank. I only said a few words about the mixed-blood dragons, and you all forced me to apologize. Screw the apology! To think that the first-ranked Golden Dragon needs to apologize to mixed-blood dragons!” The Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master, who was on the light steps, could not help laughing wildly.

Clearly, the Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master felt frustrated at having to apologize to the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s First Palace Master. Although the apology was insincere, having to give one still upset him greatly, due to his pride in being a Golden Dragon.

After suppressing this frustration for so long, he finally let it all out.

Although these words were arrogant, the other outer palaces’ Palace Masters did not say anything this time since the first to push an ancient, bronze door open was Qin Mu.

There was nothing they could do about it. The Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master had the capital to be arrogant.

Even if First Palace Master Yi Yun felt upset, he could not say anything; there was nothing much to say.

The results were there. This was a world where strength reigned. Lord Feng would not care, either.

“It’s Senior Brother! It’s really Senior Brother Qin!”

“The pride of the Golden Dragon Palace, showing the dignity of the royal clan! Senior Brother managed to do it!”

“The first among the outer palaces is definitely the noble Golden Dragons; no one can shake our position!”

The Golden Dragon Palace heaven-class core disciples seethed with excitement. The eyes of some of them even turned moist as they cheered.

Although the other outer palace disciples showed slightly sad expressions, they were not that agitated.

The strongest person of the outer palace truly lived up to his reputation.

Qin Mu, who was currently shoving the door open, felt extremely fatigued. However, when he saw this scene, he squeezed out a smile on his pale face.

It was worth it, worth fighting that Red Dragon Palace madman to a nearly half-dead state.

I did not fail my mission. It was all worth it!


Suddenly, an explosion came from the formation plate without any warning. Before everyone’s incredulous gaze, the bronze door to the left of Qin Mu’s suddenly burst open.

Then, a bright electric light shot out. The brilliant electric light seemed even more dazzling than the blazing sun.

A figure appeared amid the bright electric light. This figure wore white robes and looked clean. He possessed a handsome face with delicate features. With a calm expression, he landed firmly while holding the Tyrant Saber.

If that was not Xiao Chen, who else could it be?


This scene stunned everyone.

Qin Mu had only opened the door halfway and had not stepped forward yet. His smile had yet to fade, frozen there.

The cheering Golden Dragon Palace disciples were all stupefied.

After the white-bearded old man on the light steps recovered from his shock, he said calmly, “Congratulations, Heavenly Dragon Palace disciple Xiao Chen. You are the first out of the door, so you take the first rank.”

The Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master, who had just cursed out excitedly, was dumbfounded, his face going red.

The Heavenly Dragon Palace’s First Palace Master felt an itchy sensation in his nose, but he maintained a relatively calm expression. He did not even bother to look at the Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master as he said softly, “Tian Yun, let’s go and receive Xiao Chen.”

However, Elder Tian Yun could not resist looking at the Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master and saying, “Our Heavenly Dragon Palace really does not care about your Golden Dragon Palace’s apology. You keep looking down and scolding mixed-blood dragons, but you are not comparable to the mixed-blood dragon you spoke of. To think that you call yourselves the noble Golden Dragons. Noble, my ass!”

After cursing and scolding, Elder Tian Yun turned and left.

This frustrated the Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master into trembling in anger. He pointed at the other party in vexation, rendered speechless for a long time.

A Heavenly Dragon Palace Elder scolded the Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master in public, frustrating him to death. However, the Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master could not do anything.