Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2027 Raw 2123 : Results Almost Revealed

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Chapter 2027 Raw 2123 : Results Almost Revealed

Chapter 2027 (Raw 2123): Results Almost Revealed

After Xiao Chen and Feng Wuheng saw the big bronze door, the two’s shock calmed down.

With their intelligence, they both could guess that this was the last trial.

After pushing the big, bronze door open, one would be among the top three at least. If one failed to open the bronze door, one would rank at the bottom.

Their meeting here meant that only one could go out. This was the very cruel reality.

Feng Wuheng circled the place, gaining some understanding of this trial.

Two people needed to arrive at this hall before the bronze door would appear. The first to appear got to rest and recover his Veritable Essence Energy, allowing him to face his opponent while in his peak state.

After all, no matter who it was, everyone would expend some energy. They would not be at their very peak.

Due to his wind attribute, Feng Wuheng had rushed over at the fastest speed, delayed by only the Snake-Tailed Tiger. He had not expected Xiao Chen to arrive before him.

Feng Wuheng’s shock when he first saw Xiao Chen was not feigned.

Xiao Chen did not overthink. He shifted his gaze from the bronze door to Feng Wuheng.

“It looks like only one of us can go out.”

Feng Wuheng’s eyes flickered; he did not answer that. “I wonder how long Brother Xiao has been here.”

Feng Wuheng was probing Xiao Chen. If Xiao Chen had arrived much earlier, that meant that Xiao Chen had recovered to his peak state.

Fighting Xiao Chen like that would put Feng Wuheng at a considerable disadvantage.

Feng Wuheng had rushed all the way. He had even used a Secret Technique and drained himself significantly.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. Naturally, he knew what the other party was thinking. He did not hide anything, saying straightforwardly, “If you need time to recover, I can give you fifteen minutes. During this time, I will not attack.”

This offer shocked Feng Wuheng. Xiao Chen’s attitude completely surpassed his expectations. “Many thanks. I once heard about you from Situ Changfeng. His words for you were filled with admiration. Previously, I did not believe him. Now that I have seen you myself, I believe that even Qin Mu cannot match you in confidence and breadth of heart.”

These words were true. Although Feng Wuheng was not like those who discriminated against mixed-blood dragons, he did feel some disdain when he heard Situ Changfeng talking about Xiao Chen.

Feng Wuheng did not feel that a mixed-blood dragon bloodline cultivator could really be that strong. Today, he finally saw it for himself.

“However, I’ll say this first. I will not show you mercy,” Feng Wuheng said seriously as a brilliant light flashed in his eyes.

Feng Wuheng felt that he had a chance with Xiao Chen. If he had run into another person for this last trial, he might not be able to fight for the first rank.

However, against Xiao Chen, Feng Wuheng stood a big chance.

“It’s fine,” Xiao Chen said softly, not feeling surprised.

Xiao Chen had his considerations. Since this was a Blue Dragon Palace disciple, there was no need to take this too seriously, on account of Situ Changfeng.

There was no need to make too many enemies. Doing the other party a favor was not a bad thing.

Furthermore, Xiao Chen felt confident of defeating him even if the other party had fully recovered.

As long as Xiao Chen pushed the bronze door open, he would rank in the top three. That was entirely acceptable for the Heavenly Dragon Palace.

The Heavenly Dragon Palace had fewer heaven-class core disciples. Just the third rank alone would be sufficient for everyone to enter the second stage.

Fifteen minutes soon passed.

Feng Wuheng opened his eyes and stood up, facing Xiao Chen once more.

“No matter who wins, I owe Brother Xiao a favor this time. Do give me your guidance!”

Feng Wuheng was also a rather straightforward person. Without speaking any nonsense, he immediately shifted to a combat posture.


The two’s gazes met in the air as they sought openings in each other’s aura.

Electricity crackled behind Xiao Chen while he stored up power for his Thunder Great Dao.

Soft breezes blew around Feng Wuheng, slowly strengthening.

Holy Venerate Will!

Seeing Xiao Chen’s weaker cultivation, Feng Wuheng decisively infused his will of soul into his aura.

Immediately, the strong, invisible wind seemed to come to life.

With the support of the will of soul, the wind howled towards Xiao Chen, radiating vast might and pressure like a Divine Dragon.

The dragon hid in the wind, and the dragon moved with the wind. The Dragon Might spread out, present everywhere.

In that instant, Xiao Chen felt the other party’s might and pressure spread out throughout this space, which put immense pressure on him.

Feng Wuheng clearly put some effort into his will of soul. The might and pressure it displayed rivaled that of a Small Perfection Sovereign Personage.

Sun and Moon Shining Together!

Xiao Chen did not get flustered. He waved his hand, and a sun and a moon rose from behind him.

The suppressive aura immediately rebounded.

While Xiao Chen’s cultivation was not comparable, he had a will of soul mysterious phenomenon. Once it appeared, it not only resolved the danger before him but even repelled the threat.

When Feng Wuheng saw the situation, he was shocked. He knew he had to attack now.

If Feng Wuheng did not attack, he would be utterly disadvantaged in aura.

“Rage of Wind, Apocalyptic Storm!

Feng Wuheng showed a ferocious and furious expression. As he roared, he threw a palm strike.

What kind of scene would an apocalyptic storm be?

Xiao Chen had never seen such a scene before. However, he believed that it might genuinely bring about the apocalypse if it were outside the Central Great Realm.

Every inch of space in the entire hall went berserk under Feng Wuheng’s palm strike.


Strong winds blew in every corner. The hall shook, looking like it could collapse at any moment. There was no place to hide.

The power of the storm appeared everywhere.

Xiao Chen felt like there were millions of invisible hands trying to tear him to pieces.

Indeed, none of the four outer palace great expert disciples were weak.

The moment they attacked, they caught others off guard and threw them off balance.

Fortunately, Xiao Chen boasted a strong physical body. Otherwise, he could not resist this pull and would fall immediately.

“Set!” Xiao Chen shouted. He moved his left leg back one step, grasped the Tyrant Saber with his right hand, and ferociously smashed it down.


The tip of the scabbard sank two centimeters into the ground. The Thunder Dao’s and the Saber Dao’s Dao Might layered over each other.

The combined Dao Might, together with Xiao Chen’s Veritable Essence Energy, skyrocketed, becoming like a powerful pillar anchored there.

No matter how strongly the winds howl, I will not budge.

“Rage of Wind, Heartless and Hateless!”

A desolate intent leaked out from Feng Wuheng. This move, which used the desolate autumn wind sweeping through the world, surged towards Xiao Chen.

The berserk wind gained a destructive will. The two merged, forming the perfect desolate autumn wind.

This wind swept everything before it.


Xiao Chen remained expressionless. He silently formed the Buddhist’s Seven Kill Seal, then unsheathed his saber, bringing out an eternal and inextinguishable saber light.

It was the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique’s Resolving the Mundane.

Was the autumn wind more merciless, or was the Lord Buddha, who resolved the mundane, more merciless? It was mercilessness against mercilessness.

In the time it took to breathe, the desolate palm wind clashed with the inextinguishable saber light.

The autumn wind scattered, and the resplendent saber light shattered. The scattered autumn wind and the shattered saber light flew about, filling the entire space.

In a flash, lights and shadows formed a grand spectacle.

The two could not spare any attention to appreciate it. Their figures flickered as they quickly made their moves, not giving way.

Just as the fight intoxicated the two, people finally arrived at the other two halls.


Inside one of the halls:

The Golden Dragon Palace’s Qin Mu quite easily broke through the blockade of the two White Dragon Palace experts attacking him. Then, he looked around the place curiously.

Just as Qin Mu was pondering the situation, a figure flickered. Closely after that, a huge, bronze door appeared.

“Ding Jun!”

This stunned Qin Mu. Unexpectedly, he faced Ding Jun in the last trial.

If it were anyone else from the outer palaces, Qin Mu would have been confident of convincing the other party to give up without a fight.

However, the Red Dragon Palace’s Ding Jun was somewhat troublesome. Even so, Qin Mu still tried. “Ding Jun, this should be the last trial. We have fought many times before, and you have not won even once. How about you do me a favor and let me push that door open without a fight?”

Ding Jun withdrew his wandering gaze and chuckled. “Qin Mu, since when have you seen my Red Dragon Palace’s disciples negotiating with another? Stop being wishy-washy like a woman. If we need to fight, then just fight. Be more straightforward.”

Qin Mu’s face sank. He said coldly, “You bunch of Red Dragon Palace bastards are all like the latrine pit’s stones. Since you don’t appreciate my kindness, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

“Many thanks for your praise. Come, come, come. Show me how ruthless you can be. Hahaha!” Ding Jun showed no worry, guffawing.

The two quickly started fighting, with nothing held back. The moment they attacked, they used their most ferocious moves.


In the final hall, the White Dragon Palace’s Ling Xiao, who had arrived very late, was sizing up his surroundings when a sorry figure appeared in front of him.

“Yuan Xi!”

Ling Xiao was stunned to see Yuan Xi riddled with wounds, blood flowing all over his body. They were all sword wounds.

The lingering sword intents in the wounds had yet to scatter. Clearly, it would take a long time to recover from the injuries.

Yuan Xi’s Sword Dao was publicly acknowledged as the strongest in the outer palace. Yet, such a person ended up covered in sword wounds.

“Yuan Xi, which outer palace attacked you?” Ling Xiao asked interestedly.


The moment Ling Xiao spoke, an ancient, bronze door suddenly appeared at the end of the hall.

This startled the two. After the shock, they showed different expressions.

Yuan Xi’s face sank as he said, “Ling Xiao, we have some friendship between us. Will you let me rest for a while before fighting?”

Ling Xiao smiled and retorted, “I’m not a fool. If you recovered, how could I be a match for you? Friendship is friendship. If your luck is bad, you can’t blame me for it.”

Yuan Xi was incensed. Ling Xiao usually seemed like a righteous person. However, at the crucial moment, Ling Xiao did not even give him a single chance.

“This great me admits to that bad luck. However, defeating me won’t be as easy as you think!”


With this, fights started in all three halls.

The Green Dragon Palace’s strongest disciple was unfortunately laggard, losing the right to take the last trial.


On the light steps spreading across the sky outside the formation plate, Lord Feng raised his eyebrows slightly. Then, he murmured, “The people who are qualified have reached the last trial. Soon, the first rank will be revealed.”

The moment Lord Feng spoke, the many Palace Masters on the steps grew somewhat anxious.

The Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master also showed a tense expression. He was waiting for Qin Mu to be the first out so that he could vent his frustrations.