Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2025 Raw 2121 : Never Giving Up

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Chapter 2025 Raw 2121 : Never Giving Up

Chapter 2025 (Raw 2121): Never Giving Up

After quickly killing the Snake-Tailed Tiger, Xiao Chen advanced to the next step uninjured.

The others were not as fortunate.

The Hou was the nemesis of the Dragon Race. Their fear of it stemmed from their bloodline, innate and unchangeable.

Many of the mutated beasts with the Dragon Race bloodline that could suppress the world felt helpless against the Hou.

The Silver Dragon Palace’s Yuan Xi immediately paled when he sensed the Snake-Tailed Tiger in the pillar.

Yuan Xi had not expected Ancestor Dragon City’s people to be so cruel. To think that they set such a difficult test in the first stage.

Fortunately, those taking the test were the strongest disciples of the seven outer palaces. Even if they could not defeat the Snake-Tailed Tiger, they could still survive. An ordinary heaven-class core disciple would not be able to resist the Snake-Tailed Tiger, which possessed the Hou bloodline. The Snake-Tailed Tiger would eat them up in mere moments.

Yuan Xi did his best to remain calm, hoping he could resist the Hou bloodline in the Snake-Tailed Tiger’s body.

Unfortunately, fear still came. No matter how calm Yuan Xi remained, he could bring out only seventy percent of his strength.

Being able to bring out seventy percent was already outstanding. Some of the other outer palace disciples could bring out only fifty percent.

At least, with seventy percent of Yuan Xi’s strength, killing this Snake-Tailed Tiger was possible. At fifty percent, that would be hard to say.

The only one in a better situation was Qin Mu.

While Qin Mu was also affected, he had a Grade 7 Golden Dragon bloodline. Moreover, the current Dragon Emperor was from the Golden Dragon bloodline, making it the noblest Dragon Race bloodline.

Qin Mu could use royal Dragon Might, bringing out eighty percent of his strength.

Barring any surprises, Qin Mu should be the first to kill the Snake-Tailed Tiger after Xiao Chen.


On the light steps in the sky, the leaders of the various outer palaces did not know what their disciples were doing in the formation.

There were only the three large bronze doors, waiting to be opened, on the formation plate.

“Lord Feng, what trials are there in the first stage?” the Green Dragon Palace’s Palace Master asked out of curiosity as he looked at the white-bearded old man from Ancestor Dragon City.

The white-bearded old man replied casually, “The first stage is nothing special. Aside from increased gravity, malicious environments, and the attacks from the other outer palaces, only the Snake-Tailed Tiger is difficult to deal with.”


The moment Lord Feng spoke, the expressions of all the Palace Masters changed drastically.

Elder Tian Yun was in an even worse state. His legs softened, wobbling beneath him. He looked at the First Palace Master and said in a fluster, “First Palace Master, Xiao Chen, he…”

Everyone knew that the bloodline power of the mixed-blood dragons was the weakest.

The resistance of mixed-blood dragons to the Snake-Tailed Tiger, which had the Hou bloodline, would be the weakest.

However, the expressions of the Palace Masters from the other outer palaces were unsightly, as well. Clearly, they also worried about their disciples facing the Snake-Tailed Tiger.

Only the Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master showed confidence. He said, “It looks like the first to open a bronze door will be my Golden Dragon Palace’s Qin Mu. He should be the one to finish off the Snake-Tailed Tiger the fastest. Aside from Qin Mu, I can’t think of any other.”

The other Palace Masters knew that the Golden Dragon Palace’s Palace Master was right.

The Golden Dragon’s bloodline was the noblest in the first place. Furthermore, Qin Mu possessed a Grade 7 bloodline. He held too many advantages in this stage.

The Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master glanced at First Palace Master Yi Yun and smiled. He said softly, “However, Brother Yi Yun still needs to worry. While it is dangerous for the Divine Dragon outer palace disciples to face a Snake-Tailed Tiger, they are not in danger of dying. However, your outer palace’s Xiao Chen probably cannot even last a few moments. After all, there is the bloodline factor. Lord Feng, perhaps you should give him a chance to give up at this stage.”

The outer Palace Masters welcomed this thought, finding it interesting.

Before the competition between the seven outer palaces, Xiao Chen became famous and enjoyed great popularity in the Heavenly Dragon Palace.

This was especially so when Xiao Chen simultaneously defeated two Divine Dragon outer palace heaven-class core disciples during a gathering of three outer palaces.

Perhaps Xiao Chen might be somewhat weaker than the strongest heaven-class core disciples of the other outer palaces. However, such a heaven-defying mixed-blood dragon cultivator had not appeared in centuries.

Who could have expected that the horrifying Snake-Tailed Tiger would appear in the first stage?

This was simply a fatal blow to the mixed-blood dragon cultivators.

As the adage went, Fate is unfavorable. This was probably what it meant.

The white-bearded old man pondered. He did not concern himself with the grudge between the Golden Dragon Palace and the Heavenly Dragon Palace. After rationally thinking this through, he looked at the First Palace Master Yi Yun and asked, “Yi Yun, what do you think? Going by the usual rules, one cannot give up. However, this year’s test is indeed special. I do not know what is happening inside, but I can sense that Xiao Chen is still alive. If you want me to, I can bring him out.”

“Haha! Brother Yi Yun, stop holding on so stubbornly. Lord Feng already made his stance known, what are you persisting for?” the Silver Dragon Palace’s Palace Master asked casually with soft laughter.

“That’s right. What is there to think about? In any case, all the outer palaces will come out last together, aside from the top three. Just give up. The impact is insignificant. In any case, the Heavenly Dragon Palace ranks last every year. This time, there are others to rank last together with you. That’s pretty good.”

With the Heavenly Dragon Palace around, the anxious emotions of the other Palace Masters eased up, and they started mocking the Heavenly Dragon Palace.

The hearts of men were rather strange. Many times, even if one could not obtain the first place, they would be satisfied with not being last.

With the Heavenly Dragon Palace around, everyone felt better. As long as First Palace Master Yi Yun gave up, everyone would be at the bottom together. Furthermore, they could claim to be better than the Heavenly Dragon Palace and not truly be considered last.

First Palace Master Yi Yun fought an intense internal battle, feeling tortured. He had never found making a choice so difficult before.

On one hand, there were the leaders of the various Divine Dragon outer palaces mocking the Heavenly Dragon Palace. On the other hand, there was Xiao Chen’s safety to consider, so he felt conflicted about whether to give up or not.

No matter what, First Palace Master Yi Yun should put Xiao Chen’s safety first.

However, First Palace Master Yi Yun felt reluctant. This was the best chance for the Heavenly Dragon Palace to obtain a good rank. Heaven already blessed the Heavenly Dragon Palace with Xiao Chen.

First Palace Master Yi Yun recalled a proud youth declaring to Tian Yun that Tian Yun would regret it on that youth’s entry to the Heavenly Dragon Palace.

He also remembered the shock he felt when he received news of that youth chopping down Rakshasa Tian’s clone in the Abyssal Underworld’s first layer.

Then, there was the memory of that youth practicing the Supreme Dragon Fist on top of the Heavenly Dragon statue, shocking those around and displaying his pride.

The First Palace Master reminisced about the joy that he, his second brother, and his third brother experienced when they came to know that Xiao Chen simultaneously defeated two Divine Dragon outer palace heaven-class core disciples during the gathering of three outer palaces.

He remembered the promise Xiao Chen made before he left for Thundercloud Ancient Marsh, as well as Xiao Chen’s blazing fighting spirit and resolute expression.

The First Palace Master Yi Yun thought of many things. However, his thoughts of letting Xiao Chen survive won.

No matter what, one had hope only while one was alive. Living was the most important.

However, just as First Palace Master Yi Yun was about to say something, Elder Tian Yun suddenly tugged on his sleeve and said, “First Palace Master, trust him. I understand Xiao Chen. If we make him give up like this, he might never forgive us—even if it was for his good.”


Elder Tian Yun persisted, saying, “First Palace Master, have you forgotten what he said to me when he first came to the Heavenly Dragon Palace? Have you forgotten the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries that he comprehended at the top of the Heavenly Dragon statue? Have you forgotten how he rode that momentum and successfully practiced the Supreme Dragon Fist? First Palace Master, believe me; do not give up. Otherwise, Xiao Chen will never forgive us. He is someone who does not give up easily. Even he has not given up. What would he think if we give up?!”

These words struck First Palace Master Yi Yun like a bolt of lightning.

That’s right. Even Xiao Chen has not given up. Yet, we want to give up on him. What will he think?

This is a Dragon Race cultivator who dared to take the risk to chop down Rakshasa Tian’s clone. How could he abandon his resolve before a Snake-Tailed Tiger?

A brilliant light flashed in First Palace Master Yi Yun’s eyes. He no longer wavered as he said, “Many thanks, Lord Feng. The Heavenly Dragon Palace will not give up. We will not give up on our disciple.”

There was also something in First Palace Master Yi Yun’s heart that he did not say.

The Heavenly Dragon Palace cannot possibly come last forever!

Lord Feng found this slightly strange, but since First Palace Master Yi Yun had made his choice, Lord Feng did not say much.

However, this decision shocked the Palace Masters of the Divine Dragon outer palaces.

The face of the Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master sank. He showed a cold smile and said, “Brother Yi Yun, you are really pushing this hard. For the sake of getting a good rank, you can ignore the death of your disciple. However, this makes sense as well… After all, he is just a mixed-blood dragon. Even if he died, Brother Yi Yun would not care.”

First Palace Master Yi Yun’s face sank when he heard these words. A cold murderous intent filled his voice, prompting others to tremble in fear.

“Do you seek death?”

This stunned the others.

Everyone thought, Oh no! The Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master has gone somewhat overboard.

He forgot how terrifying the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s First Palace Master is!

While First Palace Master Yi Yun’s bloodline was not strong, he showed startling comprehension ability. When he was young, he was also an unruly person. Back then, the Divine Dragon Empire was at war.

This man before them had climbed up to the position of the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s First Palace Master step by step with his military merits.

He was not like the rest. While the rest were strong, they mostly relied on the power of their clans.

The White Dragon Palace’s Palace Master tried to smooth things over. “Brother Qin, your words are somewhat overboard. We are all members of the Dragon Race. How can we have such division? No matter who it is, life and death are major matters!”

“Right, right, right. Brother Qin, just apologize and stop speaking.”

Fortunately, the other Palace Masters gave the Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master a way out. Recognizing his error and fearing Yi Yun’s strength somewhat, the Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master said casually, “Sorry, Brother Yi Yun, I said the wrong things earlier. I apologize to you.”

First Palace Master Yi Yun wanted to act on his rage, but Ancestor Dragon City’s Lord Feng was here. Thus, he could not say much, only leave things be.

On seeing this scene, the Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master smiled coldly to himself. A mixed-blood dragon is just a mixed-blood dragon. Do you think you can change anything?!