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Chapter 2020 Raw 2116 : Never-ending

Chapter 2020 (Raw 2116): Never-ending

The person above was Xiao Chen!

How did Xiao Chen suddenly appear in Divine Dragon City?

While this looked sudden, in reality, it was not.

When Xiao Chen learned that the various outer palace heaven-class core disciples had already arrived at Divine Dragon City, he realized he could not travel normally and get to Divine Dragon City in time for the competition between the seven outer palaces, no matter how fast he moved.

Thus, he had to spend a large sum to use the trans-realm transportation formation in Thundercloud City and teleport straight to Divine Dragon City.

When Xiao Chen arrived at Divine Dragon City, he asked around and heaved a sigh of relief.

Although the various outer palaces had already arrived, the details of the competition between the seven outer palaces were still pending, so it had not begun yet.

After traveling day and night, rushing from Thundercloud Ancient Marsh to Divine Dragon City in one breath, Xiao Chen found a restaurant and rested for now when he found out that he still had time.

He planned to head to the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s residence after finishing his drink and meal.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen heard some familiar voices on the streets. When he took a look, he discovered the scene before him.

Since the time at the Silver Dragon Palace, Qin Aotian had become much more arrogant, after arriving at Divine Dragon City.

To think that the Qin Clan’s men dared to seize people on the streets; they were truly lawless.

“Xiao Chen!”

When Qin Aotian saw Xiao Chen, he first felt shock, then joy. He smiled and said, “Good timing. I thought you were a cowardly tortoise, hiding in the Heavenly Dragon Palace and not coming out.”


Xiao Chen spread his arms and jumped off. Then, he firmly landed on the ground, beside Bai Yunfeng and the others.

“Junior Brother Xiao Chen, you finally showed up!” Bai Yunfeng and the others rejoiced on seeing Xiao Chen appear.

Li Luo’s eyes turned slightly wet as she looked at Xiao Chen, “Junior Brother Xiao Chen, where did you go? Why did you not tell us? The Elders also did not tell us where you went. Everyone was worried about you.”

After Li Luo saw Xiao Chen, all the unhappiness she felt at meeting Qin Aotian eased.

Xiao Chen saw the concern in the Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples’ eyes, which surprised him. He had not expected his disappearance to worry everyone.

“Sorry, I should have told you all before I left. The First Palace Master informed me of a fortuitous encounter, so I went to Thundercloud Ancient Marsh,” Xiao Chen replied softly, feeling apologetic.

Xiao Chen did need to apologize. No matter what, he should have informed his friends before he left.

If he were in their place and his friends vanished silently before the competition between the seven palaces started, he would feel extremely worried as well.

Bai Yunfeng smiled and said, “It’s fine. Your return makes everything fine. Come back with us. The First Palace Master will be elated to see you.”

“Stop right there!”

Behind them, Qin Aotian was so angered that his face was livid. His eyes looked like they would spew fire. To think that these people ignored me, not caring about me at all!

Who do they think I, Qin Aotian, am?!

Who dares to be so rude to me in Divine Dragon City? This Xiao Chen is really bold.

Qin Aotian’s suppressed anger at Xiao Chen instantly burst out. He said coldly, “Xiao Chen, are you meeting my big brother or not? Come with me now, and there will be a chance to resolve this peacefully. If my big brother comes to find you, you definitely will regret it.”

“This is never-ending!”

Xiao Chen turned around and glanced expressionlessly at Qin Aotian. He held back an overwhelming rage, containing it and not unleashing it, showing might without anger.

This one glance made Qin Aotian’s heart sink. Horror spread in his heart as he retreated hastily. “Protect me! Protect me!”

The Qin Clan experts surrounding Xiao Chen and the others were stunned. What’s going on with Second Young Master?

Xiao Chen did not leak any killing intent at all, but why is Qin Aotian so terrified?

Just as the Qin Clan experts froze in confusion, Xiao Chen made his move at lightning speed, grabbing with his hand.

The sky seemed to tremble. When these experts recovered their wits, Xiao Chen was already grasping Qin Aotian by the neck. He eyed Qin Aotian expressionlessly, and the group of Qin Clan experts immediately panicked.

“Xiao Chen, quickly let go of Second Young Master!”

“Do you know who you are holding? He is the Qin Clan’s Second Young Master. He possesses the royal bloodline of the Golden Dragons. How dare you offend the Qin Clan in Divine Dragon City? You must be tired of living!”

Bai Yunfeng also felt startled. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen attacked all of a sudden.

“Junior Brother Xiao Chen…”


Xiao Chen flung Qin Aotian to the ground with one hand. Then, he kicked him unconscious and slung him over his shoulder.

It is time to end this. Otherwise, this will be never-ending. This is pointless.

“If Qin Mu wants his younger brother back, get him to come and look for me at the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s residence. Don’t move any closer. I won’t be able to guarantee his survival if I make a move.”

The Qin Clan experts immediately panicked, not knowing what to do.

After all, the Qin Clan experts had not experienced anything like this before. Unexpectedly, someone dared to offend the Qin Clan while in Divine Dragon City.

“You are bold, even daring to offend the Qin Clan. Let’s go.” The leader of this group of Qin Clan experts glanced at Xiao Chen before turning around to bring the other experts away.

“Junior Brother Xiao Chen, is this fine?” Bai Yunfeng asked nervously. The Qin Clan was the Golden Dragons’ royal clan. Qin Aotian’s father seemed to be the younger brother of the current Dragon Emperor.

The Qin Clan’s faction was the strongest in Divine Dragon City without a doubt.

Xiao Chen countered softly, “Brother Bai, if there is a person with a powerful background and horrifying supporters—someone you cannot offend, no matter what—who chooses to rely on their supporters to seek out trouble for you over and over again, moreover, this person even targets your friends, what do you think should be done?”

This question stunned Bai Yunfeng and the others. They recalled that Qin Aotian did indeed target them so that he could use them to threaten Xiao Chen.

“However, the Qin Clan…” Bai Yunfeng said uncertainly.

“Ignore the Qin Clan, just answer what I just asked. If it were you, what would you do?” Xiao Chen did not let Bai Yunfeng change the topic, continuing to press him.

Bai Yunfeng immediately felt dejected. Aside from enduring, there did not seem to be any other option.

However, the situation Xiao Chen presented was already unbearable.

“Since it is no longer bearable, there is no need to continue enduring,” the previously silent Lu Feng suddenly said before Bai Yunfeng could speak.

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “That’s right. Furthermore, this Divine Dragon City is not fully controlled by the Qin Clan. Right and wrong are very clear. Since that is so, why fear so much? Whether you fear it or not, what will come, will come. If we do not give him a harsh lesson, he will never realize his mistake.”

Bai Yunfeng’s eyelid twitched. Although he saw a calm, unchanging expression on Xiao Chen, he also noticed an extremely terrifying rage in Xiao Chen’s eyes. Clearly, Xiao Chen’s patience had reached its limit.

Li Luo said softly, “Junior Brother Xiao Chen, you are right in this matter. No matter what, I will always stand by your side.”

Lu Feng did not say much. “If you are pursuing this with the Qin Clan, count me in.”

Xiao Jinyu hesitated for a moment before saying resolutely, “Count me in. None of us were wrong in this matter.

“Count me in as well.”

The passersby witnessed an inconceivable scene: a group of Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples dragging Qin Aotian away before everyone on the street.

Everyone regained their senses only after being shocked for a long time.

Something major was going to happen.

“Damn! It has been so many years since someone dared to offend the Qin Clan’s people!”

“I can’t tell that they are people from the Heavenly Dragon Palace.”

“Interesting. To think that we can see such a scene right before the competition between the seven outer palaces!”

“Go! Go! Follow them!”

The news of Qin Aotian being brought away spread like wildfire throughout Divine Dragon City and caused a commotion.


At a bustling, magnificent restaurant on the shore of Emperor Dragon Lake:

Qin Mu and disciples of the other five Divine Dragon bloodlines drank and chatted merrily in a private room on the top floor of the restaurant.

Those present were the strongest heaven-class core disciples of the various Divine Dragon outer palaces. They had gathered here at Qin Mu’s invitation.

They did not meet today to test one another before the competition between the seven outer palaces.

Everyone present definitely could enter Ancestor Dragon City.

These peoples’ target was not as simple as entering Ancestor Dragon City.

In the past year, these people had obtained all sorts of fortuitous encounters. They wanted to see if they could enter Ancestor Dragon City with the top rank.

Several ambitious people occasionally glanced at Qin Mu.

Everyone knew that Qin Mu, the strongest person of the Golden Dragon Palace, was an insurmountable hurdle to the top rank.

There were several people familiar to Xiao Chen at this table.

The Red Dragon Palace’s Murong Yan, the Golden Dragon Palace’s Wei Hongfei, the Silver Dragon Palace’s Yuan Xi, and the Blue Dragon Palace’s Situ Changfeng were among them.

“Brother Qin, after not seeing you for one year, I find your strength increasingly unfathomable. I wonder if you would give me face and share a few pointers?”

The one who spoke was the Red Dragon Palace’s Ding Jun. The people of the Red Dragon Palace were always straightforward, not hiding anything.

Ding Jun was the strongest of the Red Dragon Palace. Like the Silver Dragon Palace’s Yuan Xi, he was also one of the four outer palace great expert disciples.

If someone else could take the top rank, the Red Dragon Palace’s Ding Jun would be one of them.

Qin Mu held up his wine cup but smiled coldly in his heart. He was about to answer when a manservant pushed open the doors and entered in a fluster.

“Entering helter-skelter, how ridiculous! Is the sky falling?” Qin Mu scolded, immediately displeased when he saw the servant in such a state.

That manservant knelt quickly upon hearing that. He did not dare raise his head as he reported, “Young Master Qin, Second Young Master…someone kidnapped Second Young Master on the street!”


The wine cup in Qin Mu’s hand instantly shattered.