Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2019 Raw 2115 : Chance Encounter

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Chapter 2019 Raw 2115 : Chance Encounter

Chapter 2019 (Raw 2115): Chance Encounter

The Demon Blood Vulture flew Xiao Chen as fast as possible to Thundercloud City and arrived two days later.

Although time was tight, Xiao Chen still needed to observe the basic etiquette. He had managed to obtain the Five Element Divine Lightning due to various coincidences and chances. However, no matter what, the Nine Cauldron Pavilion’s Master Bai and Li Xiuhai helped out.

Before leaving, Xiao Chen needed to go and thank them.

“Sir Xiao, you have not left yet?”

When the Nine Cauldron Pavilion’s Li Xiuhai saw Xiao Chen, he felt quite startled. Word of the commotion that the Propping Mulberry Tree caused in Thundercloud Ancient Marsh had spread far and wide. However, outsiders did not know the exact details.

Li Xiuhai thought that Xiao Chen had already rushed back to participate in the competition between the seven outer palaces. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen had not left yet.

“I am about to leave. This time, I am here to say goodbye to the two of you.”

Liu Xiuhai revealed a smile. He liked hearing this. At the very least, Xiao Chen treated the two of them as friends.

However, it was hard for Li Xiuhai to change his businessman nature. He tried asking indirectly, “Sir Xiao, what exactly happened in Thundercloud Ancient Marsh? Some time ago, several Sovereign Emperors in Thundercloud City went over. However, they did not discover anything aside from rubble. Did the Five Element Divine Lightning really appear?”

Xiao Chen did not answer, only saying, “News from the White Marsh Beast Empire will arrive within the next few days. Just pay attention to it, and you will know. This time, I reaped a big harvest in Thundercloud Ancient Marsh. Many thanks to the two of you.”

Master Bai smiled and said, “It’s not a problem, not at all. For the foreseeable future, when Young Master Xiao travels around the northern region, you probably will see a lot of the Nine Cauldron Pavilion. There is no need to thank us. Young Master Xiao, say no more; quickly get on your way. I heard that the heaven-class core disciples of the various Dragon’s Gate outer palaces reached Divine Dragon City three days ago. I’m afraid that the competition between the seven palaces will begin at any moment.”


Xiao Chen’s heart sank. Time was tighter than he had thought.

As Li Xiuhai watched Xiao Chen leave, he pondered, “What did Sir Xiao’s words mean? Did the Five Element Divine Lightning appear or not?”

Master Bai admonished somewhat helplessly, “Young Master Xiao already made himself very clear. He did not deny information about the Five Element Divine Lightning but said he reaped a great harvest. Then, he even specially came to thank the two of us. Is there even a need to think further?”

Li Xiuhai cried out, “Sir Xiao really obtained the Five Element Divine Lightning!”

The shocked Li Xiuhai muttered, “This…this is something that even Sovereign Emperors desire. This is unimaginable. Soon, his name will shake the entire northern region!”

At this moment, Li Xiuhai startled awake, finally understanding Master Bai’s words.

In the future, Xiao Chen would continue to interact with the Nine Cauldron Pavilion while in the northern region. Master Bai’s judgment was much better than Li Xiuhai’s; he already looked that far.


Divine Dragon Empire capital, Divine Dragon City:

The Heavenly Dragon Palace’s group arrived three days ago. After that, the contingents from the other palaces arrived at this ancient dragon city, which was second only to Ancestor Dragon City, one after another.

However, there was still some time until the start of the competition between the seven palaces.

After the long journey, the disciples of the seven outer palaces needed to rest for some time.

As the capital, Divine Dragon City naturally bustled with noise and excitement.

Furthermore, Ancestor Dragon City was not open to the public. Divine Dragon City could be seen as the center of the Divine Dragon Empire, gathering the various large clans of the empire.

Aside from this, the other factions of the northern region, even those of the three dynasties, had branches here—both overt and covert.

Even against the backdrop of the entire northern region, Divine Dragon City was considered one of the few large cities.

After reaching Divine Dragon City, the First Palace Master and Elder Tian Yun split up and went about seeking news about the competition between the seven outer palaces.

The competition between the seven outer palaces differed every time.

If the First Palace Master and Elder Tian Yun could obtain information in advance, they could make preparations, perhaps enough to influence the result significantly.

As for Bai Yunfeng, Xiao Jinyu, and the other heaven-class core disciples, they grouped up and wandered this Divine Dragon City.

They naturally could not miss out on this opportunity after making a rare trip to Divine Dragon City.

The competition between the seven outer palaces would begin soon. Entering closed-door cultivation at this moment would not show much effect, so they might as well walk around and explore, see the world and widen their horizon.

Compared to Heavenly Dragon City, the bustle of the capital was on a completely different level.

Aside from Bai Yunfeng, who had come a few times before, Xiao Jinyu, Li Luo, Lu Feng, and the others were all unfamiliar with the place.

So, they let Bai Yunfeng lead them around, leisurely wandering Divine Dragon City.

“This is the largest market of Divine Dragon City. There are all sorts of people there, and all kinds of strange things are available. It is a test of one’s eyes and ken. Although it is not as reputable as a large shop, you frequently hear of people buying strange treasures at low prices. So, it has always been popular.

“That lake is Emperor Dragon Lake. Do you see the statues there? They are the statues of the Sovereign Emperors of the various clans that contributed to the empire. Only those with outstanding military merits can have their statues erected at Emperor Dragon Lake and have the empire’s Luck protect their descendants.

“This street is filled with large shops selling Dao Tools. If you all need any, you can go take a look.”

Bai Yunfeng clearly was very familiar with the capital. As he walked, he introduced places to the others one after another.

Just at this moment, a group of happily chatting cultivators walked out of a shop.

The two groups happened to encounter each other on the street.

When the two groups raised their heads and saw each other, they showed stunned expressions at first, feeling surprised.

“Haha! What a coincidence! Divine Dragon City is so big, but unexpectedly, we met a group of mixed-blood dragons when we came out for a walk.”

The leader of the other group was the Golden Dragon Palace’s Qin Aotian.

The cultivators around Qin Aotian did not seem to be Golden Dragon Palace disciples. They were older and had auras as steady as a mountain. Their cultivations were quite high, as well. They had to be cultivators from the Qin Clan.

The Divine Dragon bloodline of these people made them extremely eye-catching on the streets.

The Golden Dragon aura that they exuded attracted attention all the time. Everyone knew that the Golden Dragons ruled the empire during this period.

The Golden Dragon bloodline’s faction was also the largest in Divine Dragon City.

Bai Yunfeng’s expression flickered as he turned and said, “Let’s go.”

It was better to avoid unnecessary trouble. The Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples could only curse their luck for meeting this Qin Aotian.

The competition between the seven outer palaces was about to begin. There was no need to bicker with the Golden Dragons.

“Block them!”

Qin Aotian’s face sank. He waved his hand, and the cultivators by his side surrounded Bai Yunfeng and the others.

Lu Feng immediately showed an impatient expression. Bai Yunfeng surreptitiously stopped him. The other party’s faction was much stronger than the Heavenly Dragon Palace in Divine Dragon City.

Acting hastily here would disadvantage them too much.

Bai Yunfeng said, “Qin Aotian, what are you trying to do? This is Divine Dragon City. Even the royal clan disciples of your Golden Dragon bloodline do not have the right to attack here!”

The frustrated Qin Aotian countered sullenly, “It is not your place to lecture me. I am more familiar with Divine Dragon City’s rules than you mixed-blood dragons. Don’t worry. I’m not that stupid. Even if we did not meet here, I would visit the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s lodging. Since we met each other, then I will say it in advance. My big brother wants to meet Xiao Chen.”

Qin Mu!

Qin Aotian’s big brother was the strongest person of the Golden Dragon Palace, Qin Mu, the publicly recognized strongest person of the outer palaces. He was stronger than the other three great expert disciples. He was mysterious and rarely showed himself.

Bai Yunfeng said calmly, “I will pass on the message. However, it is up to Junior Brother Xiao Chen whether he is willing to meet your first brother or not.”

“Sorry, please come back with me. I believe the news will spread, so there is no need for you to send a message. Xiao Chen naturally will come,” Qin Aotian said with a somewhat sinister smile, thinking that his scheme was extremely exquisite.

Right now, all the Palace Masters were seeking news of the competition between the seven outer palaces. How could they be bothered with this minor matter?

Qin Aotian would forcibly bring these people away.

As long as Qin Aotian did not harm the other group, even if the Palace Master came seeking an explanation, the Palace Master would not be able to do anything.

Given Xiao Chen’s character, as long as he received the news, he would worry about these people’s safety and rush over without another thought.

However, the hearts of Bai Yunfeng and the others sank.

Xiao Chen did not come this time. If the Qin Clan experts forcibly brought them away, the consequences would be dire.

Just as Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples sent voice projections to each other, preparing a preemptive attack so that they could leave, a person suddenly walked out on a third-floor balcony of a restaurant.

That person looked down and said, “If Qin Mu wants to see me, just get him to come over. Why go to all this trouble?”

Bai Yunfeng and the others felt startled. They raised their heads and saw Xiao Chen.

They immediately rejoiced. At the same time, they felt it was strange. How did Junior Brother Xiao Chen come to Divine Dragon City?