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Chapter 2018 Raw 2114 : Departure

Chapter 2018 (Raw 2114): Departure

At the Profound Dragon Platform, Heavenly Dragon Platform:

The Heavenly Dragon Palace heaven-class core disciples had assembled. There was a total of thirty-one people, with Li Luo, Lu Feng, Bai Yunfeng, and Xiao Jinyu standing in front.

These four were the ones who participated in the gathering between three outer palaces with Xiao Chen. The Heavenly Dragon Palace heavily nurtured these people in the last month, giving them hope.

However, the many Heavenly Dragon Palace heaven-class core disciples soon noticed something strange.

Xiao Chen did not appear.

At this point, the White Robed Xiao Chen was the spiritual leader of the Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples. Yet, he did not appear.

These heaven-class core disciples started showing anxious expressions.

“Where’s Junior Brother Xiao Chen? Why do I not see him?”

“That’s right. It is strange. We are about to depart, so why haven’t we seen him?”

“Could it be that he is giving up on this opportunity?”

“Then, we are screwed. Without him, there is no leader!”

The heaven-class core disciples of every outer palace would have their spiritual leader.

The existence of a leader did not just serve to boost morale. During the test, these leaders could help them out. The Elders of the various outer palaces would instruct the strongest disciples to look after the rest.

Otherwise, what was the point of the sect giving them so many resources?

With a somewhat grave expression, Xiao Jinyu turned to Li Luo, beside him, and whispered, “Senior Sister Li, have you seen Xiao Chen lately?”

“No. Three days ago, I went to look for him once. However, he was not at Cold Moon Cave. I heard from my master that he went out on experiential training.”

“Ah…then why is he not back yet? There are only ten days left. We are about to depart already. Why has he not shown up yet?”

The others found this somewhat strange. At the same time, they felt slightly worried. Could something unexpected have happened to Xiao Chen?


On the top of the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s main peak, First Palace Master Yi Yun gestured for silence. The noisy chatter stopped.

The First Palace Master sighed softly. Up until now, there had been no news of Xiao Chen.

The First Palace Master did not know what Xiao Chen encountered in the fight for the Five Element Divine Lightning.

However, the life jade strip that Xiao Chen left in the Heavenly Dragon Palace had not shattered. He also had not used the Heavenly Dragon Talisman that the First Palace Master gave him.

This proved that Xiao Chen did not run into danger. Since he had not returned for such a long time, it should mean that the Five Element Divine Lightning had appeared.

Otherwise, Xiao Chen would not be this tardy. However, the state of these disciples showed that Xiao Chen’s absence significantly undermined their morale.

Although the First Palace Master expected this, he still felt somewhat worried.

Feeling the need to say something, the First Palace Master continued after a pause, “I know what you are all thinking. First, let me assure you that Xiao Chen is fine. However, I cannot verify whether he can rush back in time or not. Nevertheless, the competition between the seven outer palaces is your matter in the end. It does not depend on whether others are present or not.

“Bai Yunfeng, Lu Feng!”

“Present!” the two answered with cupped-fist salutes as they stepped forward.

“Since Xiao Chen is not here, the two of you will take up the responsibility of taking care of your juniors. Can you do it?”

Bai Yunfeng and Lu Feng showed serious expressions as they shouted together, “Disciple will definitely do my best!”

“Good! I will not bother with unnecessary words. I do not know the details of the rules for this competition between the seven outer palaces. We will only know after reaching the capital, Divine Dragon City. No matter what, I do not want to put too much pressure on you. Even if you do not enter Ancestor Dragon City, there are many other options. The Heavenly Dragon Palace invites you to remain and will always welcome you here,” the First Palace Master said sincerely. He was very clear on what Ancestor Dragon Palace meant to these mixed-blood dragon bloodline cultivators.

As long as they could enter Ancestor Dragon City, their descendants could remain there.

Their status in the Divine Dragon Empire would increase significantly. The Heavenly Dragon Palace also needed a sufficient number of disciples to enter Ancestor Dragon City. That was where the Dragon Race’s ancestral shrine was, the core of the entire Dragon Race.

The more Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples there were in Ancestor Dragon City, the more benefits the mixed-blood dragon cultivators would receive in the empire.

Should they fail to do so, their originally low position would decline further.

From certain points of view, the Dragon Race cultivators could not resist the will of Ancestor Dragon City.

“Let’s depart.”

A 4-Star Heaven Suspending Warship bearing the symbol of the Heavenly Dragon Palace appeared. Everyone poured in, entering the warship one after another.

The First Palace Master whispered, “The two of you should remain here. I will lead the group this time.”

The Third Palace Master said seriously, “First Brother, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Sending Xiao Chen to search for the Five Element Divine Lightning was for his own good, as well. Since he is late, it means that he made a huge discovery. Even if he misses this chance, he can still enter next year. No one can stop his rise in the Dragon Race.”

Second Palace Master Jue Yang sighed, “Third Brother, First Brother is not worried about Xiao Chen. He is worried about this batch of heaven-class core disciples, feeling that he let them down.”

The Third Palace Master pondered this in silence.

Despite knowing that the competition between the seven outer palaces was at hand, the First Palace Master had still sent Xiao Chen out. It was indeed unfair to the disciples who anticipated Xiao Chen leading them in the competition.

“Xiao Chen promised me that he would rush back. I believe him,” the First Palace Master said before turning to board the warship.

The Second Palace Master and the Third Palace Master sent off the warship with their eyes and heavy hearts.

At the same time, the heaven-class core disciples of the Red Dragon Palace, the Blue Dragon Palace, the White Dragon Palace, the Green Dragon Palace, the Silver Dragon Palace, and the Golden Dragon Palace likewise assembled and headed for the capital, Divine Dragon City.

To the various outer palaces, the annual competition between the seven outer palaces was a major matter.

How many disciples could the outer palaces send to Ancestor Dragon City? Who could take the lead? Whose disciple would enter Ancestor Dragon City as the strongest in the competition between the seven outer palaces?

For the Six Colored Divine Dragons, this involved resources and practical benefits—both overt and covert.

The Six Colored Divine Dragons appeared harmonious. However, in reality, the rivalry happening in secret already reached an extremely terrifying level.

This was especially so when the selection for the next Dragon Emperor was imminent.

Which of the Divine Dragons did not covet the position of Dragon Emperor?

With such a setting, this year’s competition between the seven outer palaces became exceptionally important.

The Golden Dragon Race needed to maintain the top position to ensure the continuation of its hegemony.

Failure would not be a good sign.

Worse, it might even impact the Golden Dragon Race’s Luck.

As for the other Divine Dragons, be it for their benefits or for the competition to be the next Dragon Emperor, they needed to do their best to oust the Golden Dragon Race in the competition between the seven outer palaces.


On a mountain peak surrounded by thunderclouds and endlessly flashing lightning in Thundercloud Ancient Marsh:

Xiao Chen opened his eyes, and a Dao disk appeared slowly behind him as a brilliant light flashed in his eyes.

With a thought, the Dao disk condensed into a spot and continuously elongated until it reached about twenty-nine meters long.


When this happened, the surrounding, endlessly flashing lightning stopped.

Xiao Chen became like the sovereign who commanded the lightning in this area, able to control lightning as he pleased.

He ferociously waved his hand, and under his control, all the lightning in the surroundings coalesced into one terrifying lightning bolt. The thunderclouds for fifty kilometers around churned like a vast army charging behind him.

Xiao Chen’s Thunder Dao had surpassed Great Perfection and reached peak Consummation!

“This feeling is truly intoxicating,” Xiao Chen murmured. After breaking past Great Perfection, his Thunder Dao experienced an earth-shattering change.

His grasp of lightning had undergone a metamorphosis that even he could not have imagined.

Everything was thanks to the Five Element Divine Lightning. Otherwise, who knew when Xiao Chen could have made such a breakthrough?

“It’s time to go. I hope I can make it in time for the competition between the seven outer palaces.”

Strong confidence flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. He now felt confident of defeating any disciple in the outer palaces—no matter who it was—without using the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art.

Are we leaving? Sang asked from the Divine Universe Stele. He was currently in closed-door cultivation.

Sang had never left Thundercloud Ancient Marsh before, so he felt quite curious about the Divine Dragon Empire.

“Yes, we are leaving.”

The Demon Blood Vulture flew over from the thunderclouds. Then, Xiao Chen gently leaped up and landed on its back.

When Xiao Chen left Thundercloud Ancient Marsh, Bloodsucking Vines flickering with electric light silently came out from the pile of rubble that was the desolate plains.

The Bloodsucking Vines tangled with each other and formed a strange physical body. The rocklike physical body flickered with crackling electric light.

“Not bad. Although it is not a physical body materialized by the Five Element Divine Lightning, it is acceptable. I am skilled at the Thunder Dao. Merging the Bloodsucking Vines’ body with the Thunder Dao is perfect.”

This person was the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows that Xiao Chen had smashed into the ground. He had possessed the Bloodsucking Vines’ main body and formed his own physical body.

Just at this moment, a scarlet beam of light streaked through the sky.

The mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows did not have good vision. However, he sensed who that scarlet beam of light was.

“Xiao Chen, we will meet again!”

Intense hatred flashed in the eyes of the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows. As the scarlet light disappeared, he too left Thundercloud Ancient Marsh with his new physical body.