Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2017 Raw 2113 : Conflict Arises

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Chapter 2017 Raw 2113 : Conflict Arises

Chapter 2017 (Raw 2113): Conflict Arises

Xiao Chen rested for a while on the boulder floating in the air to recover some of his Vital Qi and Veritable Essence Energy.

As he and Sang spoke in soft voices, he looked at the countless other boulders around them and entered deep thought.

After the Five Element Divine Lightning successfully formed, it was incredibly mighty.

However, after being drained twice, it would have difficulty displaying such horrifying power again.

However, that was not the problem Xiao Chen considered. Right now, he did not even know where the Five Element Divine Lightning was. It might already have dispersed.

“Where do you plan to go next?” Xiao Chen asked softly as he looked at Sang.

The Propping Mulberry Tree had successfully undergone Nirvanic Rebirth, leaving a young sapling. Who knew where Sang would go?

Sang shook his head and said, “I do not know. I just want to find a place to continue pursuing the Martial Dao and take care of the little tree at the same time.”

Xiao Chen thought for a while before saying, “Come with me to the Divine Dragon Empire. If you do not wish to be interrupted, you can come in here.”

When Xiao Chen took out a stone stele, Sang’s eyes lit up. He exclaimed with some shock, “A Divine Universe Stele!”

“You know about the Divine Universe Stele?”

“Naturally, I do. It is in the Propping Mulberry Tree’s memories. Several powerhouses possessed Divine Universe Steles during the Great Desolate Eon. It was said that when the Primal Chaos broke and separated, it birthed many strange divine items. Among them was a Cosmos Divine Stone. Due to intense competition, the Cosmos Divine Stone broke into Divine Universe Steles and Divine Eternity Steles. The Divine Universe Steles were perfectly preserved. As for the Divine Eternity Steles, they shattered into several pieces after more intense competition.”

Sang felt astonished as he looked at the Divine Universe Stele. Clearly, he felt extremely shocked at seeing this ancient item resurface in the Martial Epoch despite countless changes in epochs after the Great Desolate Continent broke apart.

“Are you saying that there are more things like the Divine Universe Stele in the world?” Xiao Chen asked with some shock. It looked like Sang knew even more than the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor, and even in greater detail.

Sang denied, “There should not be. For a Divine Universe Stele to last until now is already a miracle of miracles. I do not believe that there are other divine items forged from the Cosmos Divine Stone that have lasted until now. You have no idea how terrifying the disaster the destruction of an epoch brings. Man and heaven enter a decline, order crumbles…”

Although Xiao Chen felt interested as this involved the origins of the universe, he did not wish to discuss this in detail now.

Just as Xiao Chen started to feel bored, five weak different-colored lights suddenly appeared in the surroundings. His eyes lit up as he cried out softly, “The Five Element Divine Lightning.”

Xiao Chen felt somewhat surprised. He had already given up on obtaining the Five Element Divine Lightning.

Who knew, the rescattered Five Element Divine Lightning took the initiative to come back.

Xiao Chen felt stunned for a moment, not knowing what to do.

Sang laughed softly, “These natural spiritual items are rather pure. It looks like they acknowledged you. Congratulations.”

Recovering his wits, Xiao Chen quickly executed Firmament’s Rage and pulled the five lights into his hand.

Then, the five lights slowly merged into his palm.

At the same time, Xiao Chen sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. Without further thought, he quickly circulated his energy for Firmament’s Rage’s third layer.

The Five Element Divine Lightning was incredibly weak. If Xiao Chen did not merge it quickly, he might fail.

This opportunity could not be lost; if lost, it would not come again.

Sang looked at the Propping Mulberry Tree sapling with a relaxed expression. He did not have any parents. No matter what, it was the Propping Mulberry Tree that birthed him.

Even if he separated from the Propping Mulberry Tree and lived an independent life, there would still be some connection.

No matter how indifferent he appeared to be, it would be hard to truly forget this connection.

However, Sang found the current situation acceptable. By preserving the sapling, he gained the hope of the inheritance continuing.

With Xiao Chen’s efforts, the Five Element Divine Lightning was lost and came back, so Xiao Chen managed to get something out of this in the end.

As for the Bloodsucking Vines, there was no need to care about it for now.

The Bloodsucking Vines would not pose a problem within a thousand years.

Right now, Xiao Chen needed to not only subdue the Five Element Divine Lightning but also infuse it into his palms in order to practice the Firmament’s Rage’s third layer successfully.

Doing this took quite some time.

After two days, Xiao Chen slowly opened his eyes and looked around. Scattered rocks and deep pits filled his surroundings. The Five Element Divine Lightning’s strike had thoroughly destroyed the desolate plains.

I succeeded!

With help from the Five Element Divine Lightning, Xiao Chen finally managed to attain the Firmament’s Rage’s third layer.

In the process of refining the Five Element Divine Lightning, Xiao Chen’s Thunder Dao seemed to be about to make a breakthrough.

Xiao Chen could surpass Great Perfection at any moment, reaching peak Consummation.

He sighed. His Saber Dao was still stuck at Great Perfection. However, his Thunder Dao was about to surpass Great Perfection.

Let’s try out the might of the Five Element Divine Lightning’s third layer first.

Xiao Chen got up and looked around. Then, he landed on a gigantic rock the size of a mountain peak.

He shouted, “Firmament’s Rage!”

The rage that came from a Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon materialized, spreading out in the world.

Firmament’s Rage’s third layer brought out a Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon’s rage completely.

Xiao Chen’s control of the rage had already reached the point of showing might without rage, hiding the might, and controlling it as he pleased.

With a thought, the overwhelming rage scattered in the nine heavens gathered in Xiao Chen’s palm.

Xiao Chen raised his hand, and the sky trembled. Dragon roars echoed in the clouds.


Xiao Chen soared into the air and grabbed with his hand. Then, something strange happened. The gigantic rock, which was the same size as a mountain peak, entered Xiao Chen’s palm.

Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth already formed a rudimentary small world.

Right now, Xiao Chen’s palm was a lightning-attributed small world. Despite it being small, it contained incredibly vast space.

Xiao Chen’s eyes appeared spirited, reflecting his excitement. Although he did not comprehend the state of space, he used another method to do the same thing as the state of space.

He clenched his hand tight. Lightning and saber Qi pulverized the gigantic rock.

When Xiao Chen opened his hand again, countless pieces of rubble spilled out from his palm.

The rockfall ended only after a long time.

Xiao Chen pondered before saying, “The Five Element Divine Lightning’s might is still too weak. If it had just one percent of its initial state, it would be powder flying out and not crushed rock.”

Aside from Firmament’s Rage, there were other uses for the Five Element Divine Lightning as well.

For example, Xiao Chen could infuse his Thunder Dao’s Great Dao Energy into the Five Element Divine Lightning and use it as a medium of attack.

It would be much stronger than Xiao Chen’s previous methods of attacking with the Thunder Dao.

With a thought, Xiao Chen continuously infused his Thunder Dao’s Great Dao Energy into the Five Element Divine Lightning.

With the infusion of Great Dao Energy into the Five Element Divine Lightning, his palm shone with a bright light, looking like a divine weapon.


As he continuously infused the Great Dao Energy, thunderclouds spread in the sky, and terrifying lightning mysterious phenomena appeared.

Strong winds blew and lightning flashed.

When the Five Element Divine Lightning reached nearly two meters long from the infusion of the Thunder Dao’s Great Dao Energy, Xiao Chen stopped.

After some thought, he shaped this somewhat blurry Five Element Divine Lightning into a spear flashing with electricity.

Then, Xiao Chen infused his will of soul into the spear, instantly shooting the Five Element Divine Lightning spear. Countless lightning bolts spread out in the surrounding space, like beasts baring claws and fangs.


With a casual toss, the spear moved at an unperceivable speed and landed on a shattered rock.

Resplendent and dazzling electric light suddenly exploded. In the next moment, the rock turned into dust and powder that shot into the air and swelled out, forming a majestic mushroom cloud.

“I’ll call you Thunder Monarch Spear, then.”

Xiao Chen felt satisfied with his new method of attacking using the Thunder Dao. He casually pulled his hand back, and the Five Element Divine Lightning returned to his hand.

The Five Element Divine Lightning was truly wondrously useful.

“Whoosh!” A wind whistled from behind.

“How is it?” Sang asked after rushing over to the awakened Xiao Chen’s side when he heard the commotion.

Xiao Chen nodded and spread his palm open. A strand of complete Five Element Divine Lightning flickering with five-colored electric light appeared, looking exceptionally pretty.

However, the Five Element Divine Lightning’s aura was weak. Its might was already far from what it was initially.

Xiao Chen said seriously, “I estimate that it can recover to one percent of its original might in three months.”

This was a remarkably optimistic estimate. One percent of the Five Element Divine Lightning’s initial might was already extremely terrifying.

Furthermore, if Xiao Chen used the Five Element Divine Lightning to bring out the final form of Firmament’s Rage, its might would increase by multiple folds.

“You don’t need that long.”

Sang smiled mysteriously, then took out several lightning-attributed mutated fruits. Although they were inferior to the previously obtained Thundercloud Fruit, there were many of them. Their total value surpassed the Thundercloud Fruit’s.

Xiao Chen showed joy on his face as he asked, “Where did you find them?”

Right after Xiao Chen spoke, he realized that it was a stupid question.

Given Sang’s understanding of Thundercloud Ancient Marsh, he could easily find these mutated fruits.

Sang smiled and replied, “I know the locations of most of the mutated fruits in Thundercloud Ancient Marsh. I’ll get all those that you can refine. For the rest, the ferocious beasts guarding them are too horrifying. You can’t refine them for now.”---

Xiao Chen carefully put away these mutated fruits. A bright light flashed in his eyes as he said, “It is enough. These ten-thousand-year-old mutated fruits are sufficient for me to cultivate the Five Element Divine Lightning quickly.”

With Sang’s guidance, Xiao Chen found a treasure land filled with extremely dense lightning-attributed energy in Thundercloud Ancient Marsh.

Then, he entered closed-door cultivation.

Sang did not remain idle. He borrowed Xiao Chen’s Divine Universe Stele and collected all the natural treasures that he could find in Thundercloud Ancient Marsh.

Sang had already decided to stay in the Divine Universe Stele for now and head to the Divine Dragon Empire with Xiao Chen.

The Spiritual Energy in the Divine Universe Stele was lush, and no one would interrupt him there. It was the best place for the Propping Mulberry Tree sapling to grow.

Sang could make further plans after the Propping Mulberry Tree’s lifeforce stabilized.


Time passed day by day. Since Xiao Chen’s departure from the Heavenly Dragon Palace, twenty days had already elapsed.

At this moment, the Heavenly Dragon Palace heaven-class core disciples gathered on the Profound Dragon Platform.

The atmosphere felt tense and serious.

Everyone knew that this was their last gathering. Their target naturally was the competition between the seven outer palaces.

After the competition between seven outer palaces, some would get lucky and go to Ancestor Dragon City. The unfortunate ones would remain and continue to work hard. Some would even leave the Heavenly Dragon Palace due to their limited talent.

These people might wander the world or join the empire’s army to carve out a future.

The three Palace Masters, who rarely appeared, showed up at this rare event at this moment.